Korra Links – 8/25: The Last Airbender 2 has NOT been Confirmed

Gene Yang isn’t done with Avatar comics and M. Night Shyamalan is supposedly back for another Avatar movie – or is he?

Gene Yang will do another trilogy of Avatar comics after Smoke and Shadow

With the announcement of Korra comics back in July, it was uncertain how much longer Dark Horse Comics would publish Avatar comics. Would Smoke and Shadow be the last time we saw the original Team Avatar in comic form? According Gene Yang, he will work on another trilogy of Avatar comics after Smoke and Shadow. After that… well… more uncertainty.

No, The Last Airbender 2 has not been confirmed

VC Post recently wrote an article claiming that The Last Airbender 2 has been confirmed. This is a prime example of click bait – which is basically writing false or exaggerated headlines to drive clicks to an article. The Last Airbender 2 has not been confirmed and it never will be as long as Shyamalan is at the head. The first movie was a disgrace to the franchise and Paramount Pictures knows that.

Legend of Korra Complete Series Blu-Ray/DVD Set Announced

Korra set

Bryan Konietzko took to Tumblr yesterday to announce that a Legend of Korra complete series Blu-Ray/DVD set will be released. The art work he shared (partly depicted above) will act as the final cover for the set.

When each season was released individually over the years, the Blu-Ray typically had far more special features than the DVD copy. I assume the case will be the same for the release of the set, so chose wisely.

Expect the Blu-Ray/DVD set to include all of the special features that its respective Book 1-4 copies included. And maybe if we’re lucky, the set will include never-before-seen special features of its own.

Podcast: Book 4 Discussion, Korra Comics & Bryke’s Projects

Earlier this afternoon, I joined Morgan Bannon (Airspeed Prime) – moderator of Avatar: The Last Airbender Online – for a podcast we’ve done over the years, dubbed Admin Talk. This was our seventh time doing the podcast and comes nearly a year after our sixth podcast.

In the podcast, we give our general thoughts on Book 4 and The Legend of Korra as a whole (including Korrasami – check this segment out as I reveal some insider information about what that final scene). We also discussed SDCC 2015 and the Korra comics in detail. To end it all, we discussed Mike and Bryan’s upcoming projects, answered a listener question and talked about what television/video games we’ve used to fill the Korra void.

As this was an Admin Talk podcast, Morgan and I discussed our websites and hinted at what we have planned for the future in terms of content.