The Legend of Korra Book 4 Opening Sequence, Episode 1 Title

With Book 4 right around the corner (this Friday), IGN has released some exclusive footage of the season’s opening episode – which is appropriately titled ‘After All These Years’. The clip is just over two minutes and really highlights all the changes around the Avatar World. As we learned in Book 4’s official trailer (more on that later), the season takes place a lengthy three years after the conclusion of Book 3. In that span of time, Republic City specifically has changed a great deal.

Air Temple Island has been appointed the hub for all Air Benders, as they travel the world helping others. The greenery in front of the city has been titled ‘Avatar Korra Park’ and houses a statue of Korra in her honor. It’s mentioned that Korra has been absent during the three year break, so I assume Tenzin kept his promise when he told Korra the Air Nation would help to maintain balance. How cool is that? Seriously, I’m so glad the Air Nation was reborn.

In a surprising turn of events, the Spirit Wilds still inhabit Republic City, but the citizens seem to embrace it. Humans and Spirits live harmoniously together in the city, which is obviously great to see. Asami managed to bring Republic City’s old central terminal into the modern era so the city is more a part of the Earth Kingdom than ever before.

In the words of President Raiko, “Ladies and gentleman, the world is entering a new age of peace and prosperity.” It certainly looks that way with all of the changes, but how long can the world possibly sustain this way of living without their Avatar? Well, they can’t.

The Legend of Korra Book 4: Balance Premieres October 3rd 2014

And just like that, the final offseason of The Legend of Korra is coming to a close. Earlier yesterday, Nickelodeon released a video of Mike and Bryan announcing that Book 4 – officially titled Balance – will premiere on October 3rd 2014. As expected, the episodes will be released online, and they’ll be available for free over at But of course, if you want access to the latest episode about 8 hours ahead of time, you can purchase it on for a few dollars. Or you could torrent it. Do you.

So, I’ve kind of been “gone” for quite some time, but I can assure you that I heard about IGN’s “breaking news” article that Book 4 would premiere in January. If I believed there was any merit to it, I would’ve surely ended my vacation from the Korra fandom and posted the news. But, I didn’t believe the news for a second. Unfortunately, a lot of people did despite the fact that the IGN article was clearly Australian-based. Outside of the United States, other countries are very backed up when it comes to Korra. The UK just received Book 2 this past July. When I heard Australia was getting Book 4 in January, I new our chances for a short offseason would be good – and they were.

In the video in which Mike and Bryan announced Book 4’s release date, they also gave away the title of the season’s fourth episode, which is officially titled The Calling. I’m sure we’ll start receiving episode titles of Book 4’s other episodes very soon. If past history serves as any indication, the 13th and final episodes of The Legend of Korra will be titled Avatar Korra.

The Legend of Korra Book 3: Change – Full Season Review

The third season of The Legend of Korra came to a close recently after a short and rocky season of scheduling, and now that it’s over we can recount it in all its glory. I’d like to begin by asserting my general stance on the season early on, such as to provide my review with a continuous theme, so allow me to announce that Book 3 is definitely my favorite season of The Legend of Korra but not by a large margin. That being noted, let’s jump into the nitty-gritty!

Every season of The Legend of Korra presents us, the audience, with an engrossing story, but it’s the quality by which the storytelling is executed in Book 3 that makes it the crème de la crème. Narrative focus was a definite strength in Book 1, and it’s once again a critical component of season three, although put to better use since Book 3′s story is so well told. As one may recall, seasons one and two were practically split down the middle as far as plots are concerned. Book 1 featured pro-bending in the first half and the Equalist revolution in the second. Similarly, Book 2 was composed of a Civil War storyline and a spiritual one. Book 3, on the other hand, combines its two central plots (the Red Lotus and the rebuilding of the Air Nation) for a more “equal” experience (Amon would be proud).

With the Red Lotus uprising as the season’s backbone, the attention shifts primarily to story arcs contained within the main plot. What begins in Republic City moves to Ba Sing Se, then to Zaofu, and eventually to the Misty Palms Oasis. The last four episodes have a distinct continuity to them that resembles an individual story arc as well. Functioning in arcs allows the season to showcase a variety of settings and characters that contribute to the story both in their respective side stories and to the primary plot, all at a solid pace. This makes possible one of the season’s greatest strengths and most flawed attributes.