Why I’m so Unbelievably Excited for Book 3 of The Legend of Korra

It’s sort of interesting to read the flow of discussion as this offseason continues. There were spurts of time in which discussion was quite fun to get involved in for the mere fact that there were topics to discuss. Then there were spurts of time in which discussion revolved around merely finding topics to discuss.

Such is the flow of discussion in a community eagerly awaiting the return of their show.

The return of a show, might I add, that I’m beginning to feel an unusual amount of excitement for. That unusual amount of excitement has always resided in me, but I didn’t take notice of it until very recently.

It’s currently Thursday late-morning in my time zone, and upon waking up today, I found myself thinking a great deal about Book 3. I thought about possible release dates and marketing schemes. I thought about expectations. And once I took notice of my unusual excitement and expectations, I made it a point to understand why I felt that way.

Why was I feeling so good about Book 3 all of a sudden?

I soon realized that it was because I began to notice the excitement and importance of all the details we’ve been told about Book 3 thus far. Since the very beginning, we’ve only been told good things about Book 3 – things that did justice in sparking excitement and optimism for a short while. But why didn’t that excitement and optimism carry on to spark endless discussion?

Legend of Korra 2 Year Anniversary, Book 3 Release Date Re-Prediction, Book 2 Source

Two years ago today, Nickelodeon premiered the first season of The Legend of Korra, titled Book 1: Air. I was a junior in High School and it’s simply amazing to look back and see how times have changed. One thing that has not changed, however, is my love for the Avatar series.

Even at age 18, I’m still in love with a series that was technically meant for children. However, as a college student, I’ve finally been exposed to a better sample of the world who share the same love as well. There are students – both younger and older than me – who share an equal passion for the series.

It’s simply remarkable to meet people around campus and hear about how they, or their best friend, are in love with Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra. I should remind you that all of these people are in their late teens, early twenties.

Remarkable for a “cartoon” that’s on Nickelodeon.

While today is the 2 year anniversary of The Legend of Korra, it was also the day I expected Korra Nation to return. Unless Nickelodeon decides to initiate a new phase later today, it appears as though my prediction for Book 3’s premiere will get pushed out some more.

The fact of the matter is that Nickelodeon will spend about two months advertising The Legend of Korra. As of today, we’re looking at an early-mid June release date. Just to keep the record straight, I expected an April – May release date mostly because I thought Book 3 was coming “soon.”

Image of Legend of Korra Book 3 Villain Released

So we get a news hiatus for about a month, and Bryan decides to break it when I’m at my friend’s lake house – without a computer.

I’ll be posting from my phone today, so please excuse the lack of content for this post. Bryan released an image from a color correcting session that happens to depict Book 3′s villain.

The image is sort of blurry and, to be honest, I can’t really make out much of it. The villain appears to be a male and perhaps an Earthbender, too.

One thing we do know, however, is that the Earth Queen likely isn’t the enemy – as I predicted. The fact that a villain has been publicly released is fantastic because it means this particular character will be developed as a villain from the beginning – much like Amon as opposed to Unalaq.

As far as the writing is concerned this makes me extremely happy. Based on the image, the villain looks frightening, which is almost the opposite of Unalaq because, frankly, he didn’t scare me.

I’ll have more analysis on the villain when I get home. Feel free to speculate for yourself.