EXCLUSIVE Interview with Jeremy Zuckerman: Production, Soundtrack Status and Book 3

Our exclusive interview with Jeremy Zuckerman has finally been edited, and is ready for exposure. I’d like to take this time to thank Jeremy once again for agreeing to do this interview, as well as Avatar Legend’s Madeleine, who took the time to edit the interview to perfection.

For this particular interview, I teamed up Avatar Legend’s Andrew Martin and Korra Cast’s Sean Davis. Together, we used our respective communities to formulate questions for Jeremy.

Using Jeremy’s response to all of your questions, the three of us asked a number of sub-questions to which Jeremy also answered. Topics ranged from questions pertaining to the creative process behind creating scores to questions regarding the ATLA and Book 2 OST.

Throughout the interview are also scattered details about Book 3 that are certainly worth the listen – particularly at the end of the interview when Jeremy mentions something interesting about Bolin’s character in Book 3.

Later in the week, I’ll have write-ups covering all of the Korra news mentioned in this interview. For now, however, enjoy our first interview with an individual involved in production.

Questions we Asked Jeremy Zuckerman in our Interview Today

I just finished up interviewing Jeremy Zuckerman with Avatar Legend’s Andrew Martin and Korra Cast’s Sean Davis – and what can I say?

It was a phenomenal interview with a genuinely nice, down-to-earth individual. Jeremy’s great sense of humor was immediately felt upon his entry into the Skype chat, and the interview started off on a high note because of that.

The interview is currently in the process of being edited by Avatar Legend’s Madeleine, so expect that to be released sometime tomorrow at the earliest. Madeleine will work on synchronizing the sound, adding in a few question re-takes and adding in some intro music to give the interview a nice starting vibe.

While the interview isn’t currently available, I’d still like to share the questions we asked so you’ll know what’s in store for you tomorrow.

1. “You’ve stated that you compose the music after the animation is more or less complete, therefore relatively late in the production of the season. Because of this what sort of preparations do you do before hand? Can you do? Do you have access to storyboards? Are you in the writers’ room to know the season arcs?” – Steve Davis, Facebook.

2. “Are the images influenced by the sound of the music? One specific example would be the agni-kai track. Was the music based off the fight, or did the artists draw ideas from the style of the music?” – Space-Rock-Bending, Avatar: The Legend of Korra Online.

Why I’m so Unbelievably Excited for Book 3 of The Legend of Korra

It’s sort of interesting to read the flow of discussion as this offseason continues. There were spurts of time in which discussion was quite fun to get involved in for the mere fact that there were topics to discuss. Then there were spurts of time in which discussion revolved around merely finding topics to discuss.

Such is the flow of discussion in a community eagerly awaiting the return of their show.

The return of a show, might I add, that I’m beginning to feel an unusual amount of excitement for. That unusual amount of excitement has always resided in me, but I didn’t take notice of it until very recently.

It’s currently Thursday late-morning in my time zone, and upon waking up today, I found myself thinking a great deal about Book 3. I thought about possible release dates and marketing schemes. I thought about expectations. And once I took notice of my unusual excitement and expectations, I made it a point to understand why I felt that way.

Why was I feeling so good about Book 3 all of a sudden?

I soon realized that it was because I began to notice the excitement and importance of all the details we’ve been told about Book 3 thus far. Since the very beginning, we’ve only been told good things about Book 3 – things that did justice in sparking excitement and optimism for a short while. But why didn’t that excitement and optimism carry on to spark endless discussion?