The Legend of Korra Season 4, Episode 7 ‘Reunion’ Review

Why is Varrick so amazing this season?!

I’m getting my general praise for Varrick out of the way early, even prior to my regular introduction, because I don’t want to repeat what I’ve already complimented last week and the week before. This week’s episode and the two before it, together, have been Varrick’s best episodes, and while I’ll be discussing some of the character’s specific contributions to the latest episode, readers will have to assume Varrick’s greatness to be concrete, or a constant if you will.

‘Reunion’ is, approximately, the halfway point of Book 4, being the 7th episode of the total 13, and it certainly feels that way while watching. Taking a break from Kuvira, the writers, instead, reunite Korra, Asami, and Mako (and yes, Wu too) for a fun action-adventure set in Republic City, while Varrick and Bolin attempt to traverse an Earth Empire blockade along with a group of water and fire bending fugitives. Also, like Book 3′s own 7th episode ‘Original Airbenders,’ ‘Reunion’ consists primarily of filler material, a feat which seems, naturally, to result in a hit-or-miss scenario.

On the plus side, and it’s a major plus, Team Avatar is back in action, minus Bolin unfortunately, but still alive and well. I had actually forgotten how great it is to see Asami and Mako fighting alongside the Avatar, probably because they’ve taken a backseat to most of the action for about a season and a half now. Both Mako and Asami are awesome, particularly Asami with her impeccable hand-to-hand combat skills and electric glove, but they also function as intelligent, reliable companions to Korra who certainly can’t take credit for what was ultimately a team effort. And that’s what’s satisfying about watching Team Avatar pursue Wu’s captives as a unit this installment. Each member can hold their own in a fight, and yet, there are a lot of challenging situations which require Korra, Mako, and Asami to work together. The best moments of the episode involve the trio fending off expendable foes with methods harkening back to the best of Team Avatar, such as in a thrilling fight sequence in and on top of a train.

Watch The Legend of Korra Book 4: Episode 7 ‘The Reunion’

Episode 7, ‘The Reunion’ has finally made its way online, and it marks the midway point of Book 4. Book 4 – like Book 3 – contains just 13 episodes, so we’re essentially hitting the final stretch of this series. It’s certainly disappointing to think about, but all good things must come to an end at some point. The official episode description for ‘The Reunion’ is as followed: “Korra returns to Republic City and Team Avatar faces their first mission together in three years when Prince Wu goes missing; Bolin and Varrick are on the lam.” was having some issues uploading ‘The Reunion’ to their official website earlier, so don’t be discouraged if the link doesn’t immediately work for you; it’s an issue on their end. If you want to support this series, I’ll leave Amazon/Google Play links to the episode so you can purchase it. Google Play is a bit cheaper than Amazon, but they take longer to get the episode uploaded.

Enjoy the episode, and I’ll have my Recap & Thoughts on the episode later in the day. Over the course of next week, Wyatt’s review will be posted and we’ll begin analysis on Episode 8. The hope is that this blog ends on a high note. Thanks for sticking around, everyone. Streaming links can be found below:

The Legend of Korra Season 4, Episode 6 ‘The Battle of Zaofu’ Review

Korra faces Kuvira in a one-on-one duel to determine the fate of Zaofu, while Varrick plots his greatest escape yet. Or is it? All of this and more culminates in Book 4’s sixth episode for an overall entertaining, if slightly flawed, installment of The Legend of Korra.

First of all, Varrick for the win, again! Last week’s ‘Enemy at the Gates’ was a fantastic edition for Varrick, who headed one of his most interesting subplots to date, and this week marks another exemplary outing for the eccentric inventor. Now “Zhu Li-less,” Varrick recruits Bolin to assist him in developing the spirit vine super weapon under Baatar’s watch. However, while Baatar believes he maintains utter control over the situation, Varrick modifies the project to be a ticking time bomb for which he holds the detonator. Wait? Why does he need the detonator if the bombs is already set to explode? Oh, whatever!

Varrick is a blast, and when he’s paired with Bolin it’s guaranteed comedy gold, but I consider ‘The Battle of Zaofu’ one of Varrick’s best episodes because the writers adhere to his cunning and ingenuity. Even though Varrick’s plan to evacuate Kuvira’s train with the bomb turns out to be no elaborate bluff, it’s cool to see him play Bataar and build the bomb in secrecy with Bolin as his not-so-helpful assistant (“Bolin do the thing!”). A great episode for a great character who’s absolutely eating up this season.

Back at Zaofu, the rest of the Earth Empire is prepped to invade, since Su’s reckless decision to capture Kuvira, expectedly, ended with her and her two sons in Kuvira’s custody. This puts Avatar Korra in an awkward position which requires her to pick a side, and pick one fast. Negotiations with Kuvira is out of the question and the two agree to a sparring match with a goal of determining whether Zaofu will be claimed by the Earth Empire, or if Kuvira’s troops will pull out.