April Stewart: Legend of Korra Fans Should Still Get Excited for the Month of April

Throughout the past few months, the Legend of Korra fandom has chosen what and what not to get excited for. Many people were excited for the premiere of The Last Airbender, Nickelodeon Upfront 2013 as well as Matsuri Con. The twist was that the excitement was always a choice. Information on Book 2 was never confirmed for any of these events – they were assumed. Unfortunately all the assumption turned out to be disappointment as none of these events lived up their expectations.

But we still have one more event left – the month of April.

The twist with this event, however, is that we’ve been told to get excited. The Legend of Korra fandom was told back in September to get excited for April 2013. No one knew why, and people still don’t know. 8 months later, the month of April is finally among us. Should we still get excited even though we haven’t heard much about the events that will unfold in April?

I tweeted April Stewart about it and she replied about 24 hours. You can see the twitter feed below:

Twitter Feed

According to April Stewart, the Legend of Korra fandom should still get excited for April. So when should we expect this breakthrough of possible information? Who knows. It could be tomorrow for all we know.

Now, time to hit the beach. I leave this information with you to speculate your hearts out. What should we expect from the infamous month of April? Trailer? Release Date? News? After all, we were told to get excited.

I’m excited, are you?

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  • David Tichy

    Yes Absolutely. I think we’re gonna get a release or trailer. Not much of the actual book. Though something along those lines.

  • rajanab0621

    I hope it is a trailer or something..I need something postive here!

  • Guest

    Yeah I just hope give us something teaser. Not the Book 2 teaser from Comic Con though.

  • DunbansBiggestFanForever

    trailer or release date trailer or release date pleeeaaase!!!!! I’m begging you! But if it’s just a bit of good news I suppose that’ll be great as well.

  • Ian Almeida

    I think we can expect a release date, maybe a little longer of a wait for the trailer, but maybe both in the same month. For all we know, we might get Book 2 during the summer, maybe one of the holiday weekends could be a target due to kids being out of school. Kids out of school means more kids watching tv so maybe they’re purposely waiting so they’ll have more viewers in the summer (btw I refer Nickelodean as they). Either way it’s good to know that we will get more Korra and Avatar World in general :)

    • Ian Almeida

      Also, I’d like to take a moment to thank you, Keval, for doing so much. I appreciate everything you’re able to do for us, fellow fans and/or ATLA/LOK fanatics lol. It means alot that you take the time out of your day to keep us up to date with what’s going on and reply to us; it really feels like an Avatar family. So hats off to you good sir!

      • http://avatarthelegendofkorraonline.com/ Keval

        Thanks Ian. Running this blog doesn’t really take much time away from me surprisingly. But when I do take the time to write, I have loads of fun doing so. Thank you for reading it!

    • crystalline

      Honestly its just weird because I would expect that the new book would premiere around the same time as the first one which is now. I just dont particularly think that us waiting has anything to do SOLELY with marketing techniques. If so they wouldnt have released the premiere of the new series in april. Am i wrong? Im sure its coming this month and they know. If it doesnt come this month then they probably dont know but by the looks of it id say its coming by the end of this month. They seem to have the book finished with minor editing, i dont see why not. They just arent quite ready to tell us. Its almost here! Patience is what we need there is nothing more to say.


    LOL they play captain obvious. Obviously will get a easer in april.

    • http://avatarthelegendofkorraonline.com/ Keval

      Can’t see why that’s so obvious… but alright.

  • Lauren

    Honestly, anything we get is going to be better in comparison to the nothingness we’ve been subjected to all these months. Whatever is coming, I welcome it with open arms! 😀

  • Nico

    Well its definitely not coming out in April, Janet Varney confirmed this on her podcast. Heres the link, she says it in the opening minute of the podcast.


    • DunbansBiggestFanForever

      as long as we get something. Janet Varney is really starting to piss me off.

  • MitchGunner

    My guess is that we’ll get a trailer and release date this month and then Book 2 will debut in june… Also, I know this is off topic but I would really appreciate it if you could give me some feedback on my review for The Promise Parts 1-3. Obviously you don’t have to and I don’t expect you to… It would just be cool.

  • MitchGunner

    Avatar- The Promise Parts 1-3 Review

    The Promise is a Dark Horse comic book series set in the events following the Book 3 finale of the original television series.  I’m not a fan of comic books, though I never really gave them much of a chance, so the only reasons I decided to read The Promise was because of my love for the show and my anticipation for Book 2 of The Legend of Korra.  I was both pleasantly surprised and expectedly unimpressed with some of it’s qualities.  Hopefully, this review will help support my opinion…

    Storytelling has always been a specialty of the Avatar series, as it provides complex and meaningful themes, and captures the realities of a world at war, all while incorporating an incredibly dense mythos comparable to that of Star Wars.  Unfortunately, The Promise doesn’t always stay true to these aspects and, instead focuses on what seems like filler material that never made it into the original series.  As negative as that sounds, it’s not necessarily a bad thing.  A lot of the filler material in ATLA is used to develop characters in interesting ways, which The Promise actually takes advantage of.  Basically, there are a few different story arcs occurring: Aang and Katara attempting to enforce the “Harmony Restoration Movement,” oddly named by Sokka, then there’s Toph, with Sokka’s assistance, training a group of kids to metal-bend, and finally, Zuko struggling not to follow in his father’s footsteps as Firelord.  The greater of the three is definitely Zuko’s arc which most resembles ATLA and possesses the best dialogue and drama in The Promise.  The Aang/Katara story is primarily solid with a bright mood and some fun action sequences involving some returning characters and some new ones.  As for gripes, Katara and Aang’s romantic sides show once and a while and I agree with Sokka… It gives me the “oogies.”  Their romance is awkwardly written, as they often refer to each other as “sweetie” which feels forced at times.  Yes, we get it… We watched the show and we know they’re in love, so why must you remind us so frequently?!  A slight problem I have with the Aang/Katara arc is it’s more childlike mood.  It’s hard to take scenes seriously with the completely unserious feel to the story.  It’s limiting and detracts from the mature storytelling the show is known for.  The Toph/Sokka arc is, by far, the weakest.  It has a little humor with the addition of Sokka, but it doesn’t emanate as well as it did in ATLA.  Even Toph’s sarcasm isn’t on par with what it used to be, but the humor isn’t always failing (I found myself smiling a couple of times).  The story itself is very cliche, unlike the unique and intriguing stories told in the original show.  Of the three main arcs, the Toph/Sokka one definitely feels the most “fillery.”  Luckily, Zuko’s side story with Ozai takes the material more serious and is pretty good for the most part.  During my reading, I was usually eager to get through the other stories to the Zuko/Ozai and Aang/Roku scenes which seemed to move the story along the most, despite being separate from the central plot.  The dialogue, while not phenomenal, is superior to the rest of The Promise thus making these one-on-one character sequences the stand outs of the story.  However, the most successful part of the story is how it’s formatted.  It follows the “classic Avatar” formula of having multiple groups of characters on their own journeys that, eventually meet up in the end for one important confrontation.  It gives the separate mini-stories a purpose that would have, otherwise, left them feeling unnecessary.  The Promise manages to blend it’s 3 arcs in the conclusion and, for me, it’s the best accomplishment.  The climax and ending are fitting because of it.  Overall, when it comes to storytelling, The Promise is a mixed bag, with some solid arcs that clearly respect the original series and some less impressive ones that bog down the experience.  I liked the character interaction between Zuko and Ozai, and Aang and Roku, but, outside of that, there’s just too many fan girls and Karate Kid rip-offs (respectable coach – Toph – with unconfident students turned confident vs. overconfident students under a wild teacher – the fire-benders) for me to say the same about the rest of The Promise. 

    The characters of The Promise are also hit and miss.  Obviously, the main characters from ATLA are already established and great in their own ways, but not all of the new characters are very good.  They’re primarily straight forward and 2-dimensional.  One character named Kori is a little more complex because of her personal conflict between being an Earth bender and part of the Fire Nation.  She’s my favorite from the set of new characters and I enjoy her ignorant confidence which adds a fun quality to her personality.  On the opposite end, I don’t care for Toph’s metal-bending students at all.  Not only are they generic, they’re also very flat.  You got the immature little kid, the oversensitive larger kid, and the depressed kid with a hidden softer side.  The three are better left forgotten.  Zuko undergoes some serious change in his arc, some of which I found to be a little severe.  His psychological state shapes the premise of the story and is the most successful portion, but he seems a bit out of character at times.  I don’t think he would be willing to nearly start a war and oppose the Avatar’s judgment simply because of Ozai’s influence.  It seems more like the kind of stubborn decision making that he had grown out of in ATLA.  Another stretch is Earth King Kuei’s sudden strive to “show he’s a man.”  It’s a little goofy, but it’s not a big deal considering his absence from the majority of the narrative.  On a positive note, the most promising aspect of The Promise is revealed through how it deals with past characters: it’s ability to take them in new directions.  Yes, I think Zuko’s change to being a cold-hearted Firelord is odd, but, at the same time, it’s interesting seeing what happens to him because of it.  The same can be said for King Kuei.  In this sense filler material is useful, as it creates a blank canvas for the characters to evolve in different ways.  The Promise’s character potential is greater than what it presents in the actual story, though what it has isn’t terrible.  The return of past characters is cool, but the new characters mare the overall package.   

    I don’t read comics so I don’t really have anything to compare to The Promise presentation-wise, but I’ll try my best.  The Promise utilizes the same visual style as the TV version (clean lines, lots of colors, and vast landscapes).  The only thing that the promise fails to replicate is the character designs.  They look a little inaccurate and make the characters look younger than they are supposed to be.  Rather than having the appearance of the matured, aged heroes they became, Katara, Sokka, and Aang look like they’re from season one of the show.  Technically, that’s how they should look, since the series occurred over the course of a year, but, by Book 3, there was an obvious change to their features that made them seem more grown up.  On the other hand, the side characters like Smellerbee and Longshot are nailed in design, looking like they’re pulled straight from ATLA.  Throughout The Promise, the presentation supports the mood of each scene with a variety of colors and lighting.  There’s one moment in particular when Earth-benders and Fire-benders are battling and it’s raining which makes the situation more intense and dark.   Also, the heavier contrasts in the scenes with Zuko and Ozai, and Aang and Roku help the mood feel atmospheric and tense.  The bright, vibrant color palette is applied and it pays off in spades.  As far as I can tell, The Promise is a pleasure to the eyes.

    Apart from the flaws, there is still fun to be had with The Promise.  If you’re a fan of the original series you may enjoy the references to past events and characters, as well as the returning art style.  The side stories don’t do much to progress Aang’s journey, though the filler material approach adds some variety.  The humor is okay.  I suspect that viewers of the TV show will be a little let down by how the comedy is translated in the comic.  However, there are some nice gags from Sokka, as usual.  The action is pretty good, but it’s actually quite uncommon and most of the focus is placed on The Promise’s story.  It’s very simplistic, but it’s not bad.  Just don’t be expecting a lot of depth.  The Promise is better read as something to pass the time, in my opinion, with some mindless laughs and mild action to keep the reader occupied.  It’s an entertaining mini-story for the Avatar universe to tackle. 

    When I came across The Promise, I was expecting something worse than what I discovered.  Sure, it may not be as good as the TV version, but it’s still enjoyable and contains some nice call-backs to ATLA that will appeal to the fans.  I can’t say I would recommend The Promise to any ordinary reader.  I would recommend it mainly to fans of the original series eager to go on another journey with the old “Gaang” or to readers willing to keep an open mind.  In conclusion, The Promise is average with some obvious and frequent flaws along side some prominent strengths which is why I give it a 7/10. 

    I’m planning on reading The Search in hopes that the new series can redeem it’s broken qualities and, most importantly, to learn the truth about Zuko’s mother…

    • DunbansBiggestFanForever

      well if you want my feedback, I think your review is excellent

      • MitchGunner

        Thanks. I appreciate it… Its good to know I’m improving.

  • Kyle Edgecomb

    Most likely trailer with an estimate release date (saying maybe summer or autumn) but still, I cant wait

  • http://twitter.com/chakraanshuman Anshuman Chakravorty

    Again, thanks for continued and sustained coverage on all things LOK. I know that we haven’t been getting the most pertinent information when we want them, and despite this, you continue to provide your opinions, news, and commentaries about LOK. For this, I want to thank you Keval!

    Also, I just want to put my thoughts about LOK season 2 here. Since UK is gonna release it in May (season UK Nick’s twitter post), I believe that this wil be same time that LOK will air in the US. I don’t think they would release it earlier in UK than in the US as this will be silly. A trailer is definitely possible for mid-April for a release in May. This would make the most sense and goes along nicely with the info that we have been getting.

    What do you guys think? Am I right or wrong?

    • crystalline


    • http://avatarthelegendofkorraonline.com/ Keval

      Thanks man. It’s something I love to do so it’s no trouble at all.

    • josh

      makes sense, kind of gives me hope, which might be a bad thing seeing as how every time a voice actor or other supposed-to-be reliable source gives a date, it gets my hopes up then drops them like a rock. but it makes total sense and that is very cool they have actually given the uk a realease date. but i tell you nickelodeon america is pretty messed up it seems, it actually would not surprise me at all one bit if the show came out in may in the uk and america had to wait as long as 2014 for it.

    • http://twitter.com/AirspeedPrime Morgan Bannon

      Book 1 in the Uk in may not Book 2. They do not know when Book 2 will air, just they more than likely they will air it around the same time as USA. Not that they know when USA will get it.

  • DunbansBiggestFanForever

    Can someone please answer this question for me? If they were to show a trailer and release date, you wouldn’t call that a “Legend of Korra premier” would you?

    • MitchGunner

      No. I don’t think that there’s a special name for that… It would just be called a trailer and release date.

  • Filmeditor16

    I hope we wake up one morning and find a trailer on YouTube or Nick.com. If that doesn’t happen I hope they show us a preview on a commercial break of a new episode on one of their most popular shows.
    I honestly don’t think they will tell us ahead of time, so we will probably see an unexpected commercial about it and then they will tweet about it or release it to press.
    Can I just say, how awesome it’s going to be to get a trailer after a long 10 months. I really hope there is SOMETHING this month. Because I’m starting to get stir crazy. Totally not blaming Bryke at all, just Nickelodeon for keeping this a big freaking secret.

  • josh

    I’m not griping on anyone, but I kinda wish people would stop guessing what month it will come out. I feel like it’s exactly what nickelodeon wants and while they will keep nonchalantly playing their retarded ass shows and adds like they haven’t committed an atrocity by leaving us in the dark about book 2 and atla lok in general. they play reruns everyday of atla (which i won’t ever get tired of), but it’s apparent that nick is acting like they have completely forgetten their most popular show, and that not green lighting more avatar stuff sooner they have severely damaged their ratings and number of viewers and have just flat out made themselves look stupid. It’s almost like it’s a marriage and nickelodeon is the jealous husband trying to act like his hot ass wife isn’t way to good for him, and is trying to act like oh it doesen’t matter, I’ll just get another one. avatar could probably get way better ratings and way more viewers on a station like cartoon network. cartoon network has such a huge variety in the aim of their viewers, in both age and interest. Avatar is a show placed in a world full of culture from all over the world and deals with all kinds of problems from throughout history and that we have today. It is a very worldly, well written show on a network that plays entirely incoherent, babbling bullshit. jimmy neutron, tuff puppy, planet sheen??? wtf?!?! and why is it that if nick is this long running, supposedly great network of kids shows do I not ever see a single bit of any kind of advertisement from them where as I see all kinds of advertisement even for tired CN shows like ben 10, or pokemon. why is it their tired ass shows are still hot in the toy and videogame market (in general), nick struggles to come up with anything to compare. sorry to have a bitch session about nick, it’s just that what happened to the good cartoons like ren and stimpy, or rocko’s modern life, how the hell did they change so dramatically in their programming, and style of entertainment. don’t get me wrong, I don’t want the same old stuff, but there is not even a prick of nostalgia in anything nickelodeon, and as i was totally objective about it at first, why did it seem that every single show they have is a filler until they can play another rerun of atla. and that is really sad because I never even heard of ATLA until 2012, so by the time i started watching, avatar was out for a long time, which says something about their advertisements.

  • josh

    ooh, sorry, for that long message, didn’t seem that long when i was writing it. I can’t help it i’m fanatic with this show. I thought the cartoon was a spin off of the movie. I was objective to
    the movie as I had never seen the cartoon before, and my only thought
    afterward was that looked so much cooler on the trailer than the movie.
    until one day I was flipping through the guide and saw avatar the last
    airbender and thought “i wonder if that is some kind of crappy spin off
    cartoon from the already crappy movie. little did i know what i was
    getting myself into, i watched straight through all 3 books. It was like
    the coolest marathon of a show ever. I can’t even describe to you how
    cool that was watching every single atla episode on netflix back to back
    like they were brand spankin new.

  • sad

    Even in April we won’t get anything. It will air in fall I guess. So I’m starting to believe the first trailer will be in july!

  • JB

    Bryan just posted another screenshot on his Tumblr. It looks like Korra is in some Water Tribe building.

  • josh

    upsetting news, whoever posted that first comment about korra premiering
    in the uk in may was completely wrong, but i see how the cunfsion could
    have happened. I went and search on google for a korra release date in
    the uk, like a twitter from nick or any kind of info release, and it
    turns out that there is no date for the uk, and someone got mixed up.
    The twitter feed does say that korra will premier in the UK in may of
    2013 but they are not referring to book 2, they are referring to book
    one. turns out korra premiered in every country around the world in
    spring of 2012, but got pushed back in the uk until may 2013. just go to
    any browser, type in korra uk release, and go on to any page
    (especially the wikipedia one) and it lays out the details. thats why i
    didnt want to get excited when I read that, I knew it was too good to be
    true. just dropping the line, didn’t want people to start thinking uk
    had a premier date and that we would get one as well. I will believe it
    when I see it on nick ya know?

  • Korra1225

    this better not be another let down

  • TheloveMMM
  • DunbansBiggestFanForever

    Day 5…still no word on LoK.

  • Jason

    Maybe we’ll get the first episode and the next ones will release in may

  • http://www.facebook.com/allen.divine.7 Allen Divine

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p3Aj6CfdG9Q this is a video saying the release date is April 19. I dont know if it is legit though

    • Orange9746

      Definitely fake. The grammar and punctuation is terrible lol… “are”?

      • crystalline

        Are they dumb!! “Are” really?!?!! I have no words for this pathetic attempt to trick us all……….just plain sad

        • Lindsay

          It took me forever to figure out what it meant because of that “are”

          I was looking at it like, “what?” Then, I realized, “oh, it’s just some stupid jerk.” 😛

  • brian

    I really hope the dvdbluray release info was not what we were supposed to be excited for

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