Avatar Wan Looks to have played the Role of a Masked Vigilante in Book 2

One of my favorite parts of the Book 2 trailer was the scene that depicted Wan, the first Avatar, in an animal mask fighting off guards with a spear. At first it seemed as though Wan was taking on the role of some sort of masked vigilante. While this could still be true, this scene struck a cord of familiarity. I felt like I had seen something similar to this in the past. After some recollection, I realized that Wan’s role as masked vigilante was very similar to Zuko’s role as the Blue Spirit in The Last Airbender.

We don’t know too much about Avatar Wan, but we do know that he was tasked with the journey of bringing balance between mankind and spirits. Upon the completion of his journey, the Spirits gave him the ability to bend all four elements, thus creating the cycle of the Avatar.

But what does Wan’s so called masked vigilante role have to do with him creating balance between Spirits and mankind?

wanThe one thing we know about Mike and Bryan’s storytelling when it comes to The Legend of Korra is that they don’t like to stray away from the core story that’s meant to be told. The only reason they’re including the origin story of the first Avatar is because is supposedly fits into Book 2’s overall theme.

That said, I would assume that this masked vigilante role Wan is taking on is a part of his origin story. Perhaps he was acting on the Spirits’ orders? We didn’t get much detail on the scene, but I the similarity between Wan as a masked vigilante and Zuko as the Blue Spirit was worth noting.

The reason for Wan’s and Zuko’s disguise is probably different, but their roles are face value seem to be similar.

The fact that Wan is concealing his face suggests that this is some sort of stealth operation. Perhaps he is stealing sometime or attempting a break-in? Either way, it is more than likely that his actions in this specific scene are done in order to complete his journey of creating balance between Spirits and mankind.

Clearly there is some sort of rift between the two as we did see a war-like scene were Spirits and humans are about to charge at one another. Wan’s role as a masked vigilante is likely meant to ease the tension that’s proven to be the vocal point of his story.

What are your thoughts on Wan’s role as a masked vigilante?

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  • daniel yefru


  • Hi


  • Katie

    Well we know for a fact that bending predated the Avatar, so there were obviously disputes before Wan was even born. Depends on how long it took for the humans to learn from the animals, think of Oma and Shu. According to the story, they learned pretty quickly. I would think that the Waterbenders would take the longest being that it’s just the moon.
    Also, take a look at the mask. What spirit does that remind you of? It’s kind of far off from her actual design, but it ever so slightly resembles Lupa. I can’t see what he’d be trying to accomplish since most spirits are against violence anyways if he was told to do so by the spirits. I’m going to say that it’s a similar case to the Blue Spirit.

  • Wut

    The fat guy behind Wan was described in Comic Con to be a leader and someone “you don’t want to mess with”, or something like that. The guy probably wants to wage war against the Spirits. Wan, seeing good/light spirits in hi adventures probably wants to stop him. The spirits give him some extra bending power, and Wan wears a mask and confronts the guy.

    The reason I think that the guy wants to wage war against the spirits is because if you look closely in the picture I attached below, you see that the person Wan is fighting, is wearing a kind of a uniform, much like a soldier would. Also, in the end of the Book 2 trailer, Wan goes all AVATAR STATE, and on one side are humans, while on the other are the Spirits. The bridge between the Spirit and Physical world was created, and the threat of war disappeared.

    Below are some pictures. The first shows Wan fighting someone who looks like a soldier. The second shows Wan either getting either attacked, or given powers, by the Spirits. The third shows wan doing the thing Aang did to fight Ozai, and separating the Spirits and the humans.

    This is just speculation. Reply with your responses

    • Wut

      *Third Picture*:

  • Admiral Lorenzo

    3rd…Officially !!

  • Ace

    I don’t know. It’s obvious he doesn’t want to hurt them too badly because he appears to toss the spear away. This seems to be before he becomes the Avatar, because he isn’t bending. Then again, he may just not be bendig to hide his identity, and the mask is there to serve the same purpose. I don’t think so, but it is a posibility.The only thing I’m wondering is that why aren’t they bending? Either they are nonbenders, or this may be before bending existed. The lion turtle told us in ATLA that before bending there was energybending. Could we be in that time, or could the two other people be nonbenders or just not utilizing their bending?

  • MitchGunner

    You know, I never really though about that sort of connection. It’s very interesting… My guess would be what Keval was getting at about performing a duty to the Spirits. I wouldn’t be surprised if Wan’s role, at least based on the image from the trailer, is similar to Katara’s role in the episode “The Painted Lady.” Wan could have been inspired to take action on the behalf of the spirits after they enlighten (for lack of a better word) him.

  • Aangfan61

    Maybe that was before Wan contacted the Spirits. It could be that those guys were terrorizing people in the village so maybe so that he wouldn’t get in trouble, he put on a mask. It is just a theory but that is what I think.

  • Aangfan61

    Either that or it isn’t even Wan. Did you think of that?

  • Root

    I think Asami is the granddaughter of June (ATLA). She certainly looks like the bounty hunter. It’d be ironic if Iroh II crushed on Asami, because Iroh I crushed on June.

    • Aeri

      Highly doubt it.

    • Ace

      That’s literally one of the most far fetched ideas I’ve ever heard, but anything is possible. June was really awesome, but I doubt Asami is her descendant. However, Asami and Iroh II would make a cute couple. I kinda hope it happens, since Korra + Iroh never happened.

      • Root

        lol, you’re right. I just mentioned the possibilty because Asami looks so much like her.

        • Ace

          I don’t really think they look that much alike. The hair color is the same, but the shape of their faces is very different. I mean, they’re both women, but otherwise they look pretty different. The skin tones are similar, but the eye position and shape, eyebrows, and nose are all different. The lips are similar somehow, but the size and shape are different. Just my opinion, but who knows; you could be right.

  • Juan, The Mexican Wan

    Every season of ATLA begins on a boat…

    • Derrick

      What are you talking about? That can’t be true. In book 1 it was sokka and katara on a water tribe boat and in book 2 it was….aang… katara, sokka, and watertribesman…on a..boat. BUT in Book 3 it was…Aang… and his friends and allies…on a fire nation…ship… My mind just got blown! I never noticed.

    • Jason

      In legend of korra, korra took a boat the republic city, and book 2 she took a boat to southern water tribe.

      • Ace

        What does that have to do with anything?

        • Jason

          The legend of korra books also began on a boat, just pointing out its not only the last airbender, I think I made a few spelling errors that’s probably why it sounded weird.

          • Ace

            Not really. We have a scene of Korra’s childhood and then some of her life at the White Lotus compound before the boat, and the first episode of Book 2 “Rebel Spirit” doesn’t show Korra on a boat; the only boat is the (SPOILER ALERT) one that was sunk by the dark spirit.

  • AirMonkAang

    How do we know this is actually Wan?

    • Derrick

      I think everyone is assuming it’s him because the masked man’s clothes, hair, and even skin complexion looks VERY similar to Wan’s. Also, the style is the ink wash and blocking that Bryke said they would be using for the story of Wan so I guess everyone is putting together that since the scene is using that ink wash technique then it must be Wan. These are the reasons I think its wan too.

      • AirMonkAANG

        His hair? I don’t think we can see his hair, if you look closely he has a piece of clothing over it. We know it’s in the story of Wan but we can’t be 100% sure it’s him.

        • Derrick

          Huh. Well after closer inspection it actually doesn’t look like hair at all. Sort of like a do-rag honestly. Lol I guess I’ll just wait until the episode to see.

  • Jason

    I think Jin could be Bolin and Mako’s grandmother, she looks and acts similarly to bolin not really Mako.

    • Ace

      Hope this comment doesn’t sound mean, but that’s about as far fetched as Root’s idea.
      1. Personality isn’t genetic.
      2. She has the same skin tone as Bolin, but I don’t really see any other similarities except for possibly their noses.
      So yeah, sorry for bursting your bubble, but I just don’t think so. You could be right though; just letting you know what I think.

      • Jason

        I’m not offended, but personality is mostly genetic in the avatar world, like Lin Beifong is tough like Toph, and Azula was evil like Ozai, Also Jin and Bolin have the same eye color and their hair color are black.

        • Jason

          It’s still just a theory though.

        • Ace

          No, it’s still not genetics; they just grew up seeing that and so they learned from the example. It’s the environment around you that determines personality. On that note, green is a common eye color for Earth Nation people, and the hair colors are actually not the same. Jin has a lightish black, while Bolin looks like he has a dark brown.

          I know it’s only a theory; I’m just saying the opposing side to get you to think why your theory is right; I’m not saying your theory is absolutely wrong.

        • Fire Fairy

          Lin’s attitude could be explained by her upbringing, not her genetics. And if the whole “personality is genetic” thing is true, then why wasn’t Zuko like Azula?

          • Ace

            SPOILER ALERT:
            Zuko isn’t Ozai’s birth son. If you didn’t read the Search, then there you go; that’s the major reveal.

            Otherwise, you’re right. It isn’t genetics, it’s upbringing.

          • Hi

            I really want to read that series but I just don’t feel like paying all that money on them, they’re preety expensive but they’re nice. And another thing is that they take me like 30 minutes to read. I have the promise and I really liked it but it cost me a lot of money.

          • Ace

            I just go to Barnes and Noble and sit down to read them. I get what you’re saying; I don’t have the money to buy them, but I still want to read them, so that’s what I do. Hope I could help.

          • Hi

            Yeah I was thinking about that but my sister is a book nut and whenever I go there she always wants to show me books and she follows me around, but I’ll try. Or maybe I’ll ask for them for Christmas or save up some money.

          • Tomaato

            You could just type The Search on Youtube, and read all three parts for free.

          • Hi

            Oh, thanks

          • Aeri

            They have people on YouTube who post videos of it for free.

          • Me

            But how did he become fire lord then

          • Dec

            because no one else knew he wasn’t Ozai’s son.

          • Ace

            Ursa made Ozai promise not to tell anyone; only Ozai and Azula knew.

          • Fire Fairy

            Ah. I haven’t read the Search yet. That makes sense. Still, I have a hard time believing that personality is genetic.

      • tsteven321

        Ace…yes, personality can be genetic. It is, in total, a combination of factors but genetics is definitely one of them.

        Family situations and life conditions affect and mold one personality but the basic disposition and tendency are set in your genes.

        Anyone who has been around large families will tell you that some of the kids favor one parent or the other in looks, actions or both.

        • Ace

          I think that genetics plays little to no part in personality.
          1. Disposition and tendency are acquired. Just because your parents might like this or that doesn’t mean you ever will. Some things that you like are based on society’s standards.
          2. First off, looks is obviously genetic, and that isn’t the subject. Anyways, children develop personalities by watching others around them. If they see their parents walking, they take on the same walking style. Same thing with accent; you can’t be born with a British accent just because your parents are British. You hear them, and so you take on their accent. That was just an example, but personality develops because of what is around you; not because you took some set of genes from one parent or another.

    • Sozin

      I don’t think so: Jin lived in Ba Sing Se, while Bolin and Mako’s parents and grandparents probably lived in the Fire Nation Colonies- hence one being an earhtbender, and the another being a firebender.

      Of Course, you could be right. As the Fire Nation soldiers were exited Ba Sing Se, Jin and her family might’ve joined them and stayed in the colonies.

  • Tahno

    you right I think

  • MG

    Since Avatar Wan’s lifetime will be included, and that much of the Avatar world is East Asian (mainly Chinese) themed, I really do hope to see the creators draw parallels to ancient East Asian mythology.

    PS: Yue as the Moon Spirit is based on Chang’e, the Moon Maiden.

  • KorraFan

    This is a bit off topic, but something just now crossed my mind… A few months ago I was watching this Korra video on YouTube. I forget exactly what it was about, but I think it had to do with either the Book 2 storyboards that were revealed at SDCC 2012 or the first Book 2 color correction image that was posted in February.

    Anyway, I remember this one comment on the video where the commenter said he or she knew three Book 2 episode titles. They are: “Breaking The Ice”, “Family Matters”, and “Pabu Lost”. The commenter didn’t say what number episodes these titles are for, nor did he or she provide a source for them, so I don’t think they’re real. What do you guys think? :)

  • Hec

    Hi everyone,

    I’m very excited about the release of the two first chapters of Book 2, and I’m looking forward to the 13th of September. However, as I live in Europe, and I do not have any kind of cable TV service, I won’t be able to watch it through regular TV for sure. So it seems I will have to wait for someone in USA with Nickelodeon to upload it, unless there’s another way to do it *cough* internet streaming *cough*.

    So here’s the question: Obviously for “research purposes”, (not that I want to watch it there), does anybody know about a site where I can see the chapters in Nick in streaming? I’ve used some known websites but just for sports and also aired on public TV.

    Is there any kind soul who could be willing to help me?

    Thank you.

    • blade

      Nick uploads the episodes in their website the morning after the episodes are aired.

      • Hec

        Thanks for the answer, but I can’t watch them from Nick as I don’t live in the USA… And also it would be nicer to watch it when it’s aired, rather than wait until someone uploads it to youtube from Nick.

        Thank you anyway.