Book 1 of The Legend of Korra’s DVD to Have Commentary from the Voice Actors

A couple of weeks ago, we found out that the DVD for Book 1 of The Legend of Korra was reportedly “coming soon”. We still don’t know exactly how “soon” it will be out by, but if you ask me, I’d expect it to hit stores just before Christmas.

Anyways, Bryan Konietzko used his Tumblr a few days ago to break some more news in regards to the DVD. According to Konietzko, the DVD will have a special commentary section in which the voice actors/actresses talk about Book 1 of The Legend of Korra.

“Just had a fun DVD commentary session for Book 1 with Janet Varney (Korra), David Faustino (Mako), and Mike (Mike).”

In this specific commentary session, it looks like the studio filmed a segment that features Janet Varney (Korra) and David Faustino (Mako) exclusively. It’s most likely a commentary in regards to the relationship between Mako and Korra or, in our terms, shipping.

Other than that, we can confirm that the Book will retail for $19.99, but you can always pre-order it off of Amazon right now for $13.99. Don’t be ashamed of buying yourself an early Christmas present, it’s well worth it!

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  • coolman229

    Arrg… I don't want to hear about Makorra. I'd rather have PJ Bryne and Seychelle Gabriel do commentary.

    • AdminAvatar

      I'm sure they will too. This is just one specific commentary segment that we know about.

    • tim

      totally agree but i bet all the fan girls will love it

      • coolman229

        It probably doesn't matter to me since I'm not buying it. I don't like Book 1 enough to purchase it.

  • Ian Almeida

    Thanks for the link on how to order off amazon, I just got done putting in my order for it!! But it'll be great to watch them on a huge tv over and over again with my younger family! Its a great connection to have with my younger family, especially because of the huge age difference. Its been an amazing bond that we've had from the beginning of ATLA till now as a a college student! My question going into this book is, what kind of challenges will Korra face as a pretty much fully realized Avatar??

    • coolman229

      Based on what I saw from the preview, she'll be dealing with learning how to properly use the Avatar State (and not abusing it), and hopefully being more spiritual since we didn't get that in Book 1.

    • AdminAvatar

      That's great! I think I'll do the same with mt younger cousins as well. They all love the show.

      I think Korra will face the challenges of living up to the expectations of a fully realized avatar. She'll need to master the spiritual side of beig the Avaar and that could be troublesome for her.

  • Ashes

    I might just order them for Shay! Thanks for the info

    • AdminAvatar

      No problem. In sure Shay will love it!

  • Obamaniqua

    So…This is what I'm thinking,if the DVD comes out, then I think that it won't take a long time that Book 2 will come out? Don't y'all think? That's just my opninion! But with 'not long anymore',I mean a month or something..2 months maybe… ;D

  • Catherine

    I would love it of Dante Basco would do some commentary…love him. :)

    • AdminAvatar

      They might actually have him since his character played an important role towards the end of the series.