Rumor: Book 2 of The Legend of Korra to Release in the Middle of April [Update: False]

The moment we’ve all been waiting for has arrived. Janet Varney has officially announced that Book 2 of The Legend of Korra will air sometime “mid-April.” This announcement was kept very private mostly because she never tweeted that, “Book 2 is coming in mid-April!” A fan actually asked her when Book 2 would be making its debut and she replied back saying “mid-April.” Since this was a mere reply, the news didn’t really take off like it should have. But that’s why I’m here. You can see the actual Twitter Feed of Janet Varney’s announcement below:


You can see the actual tweet here.

The unfortunate part of things is that we still don’t know an actual RELEASE date. But since Janet was able to make this announcement VIA Twitter, it looks like Book 2’s Release Date isn’t much of a secret anymore. In that case, we can probably expect Matsuri Con to reveal the official release date tomorrow.

But until then, we can always speculate: When I pulled up my handy-dandy April 2013 calendar it looked like the Saturday that could be considered “mid-April” is either April 13th or April 20th. Obviously nothing is confirmed in this department, but April 13th or April 20th are my best guesses for Book 2’s release date.

Unleash your excitement in the comments below.

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  • Sifu Mandy

    I really hope that we know more tomorrow! It's so great that it was wrong that it should came out in fall. I never believed it 😀 Woohooo! 😀

    Only this little information makes me really happy!! ^-^

  • TimeRider

    I don't think I've ever read a post so fast =) Can't wait for April! Whoo!!

  • Misha

    Can't wait!!! I'm so excited!!

  • Bob Sagat

    Boo to the ya!

  • Greenfire32

    Or maybe they'll just release the release date around Mid April. XD

    • kevshah95

      I'll rage of that's the case.

  • sad

    Don't wanna be the asshole here but it's highly unlikely that the actual release date will be "mid-april". No ads on the TV, not a single word in the last weeks.

    Probably we get mid-april a TRAILER That would make sense. Otherwise it don't

    • kevshah95

      I definitely see what you're saying. But it's hard to argue this when a voice actor comes out and says this publicly.

      • sad

        Yeah I don't know what Janet Varney smokes but I wan't this too 😀

        • kevshah95

          Lmao. She popped a mali.

    • supervamp78

      Umm it's still march?They could have a ad at any time between now and mid april.What are you smoking?

      • kevshah95

        Lmao. I'm not even going to waste my time here.

        • supervamp78


      • sad

        In 2-3 weeks there should be trailer all over nick and the in April the season will suddenly air? If thats really the case then Nick is probably the worst network ever. Think about it: They wanna get kids hyped before the season starts and make money out of it.
        And this wont work without advertising it at least 2 months before.

        • supervamp78

          Bah i think if they show it this upcoming week or next week that itll be something that will make most kids stay awake at night in hype of. Instead of them playing the commercial of the for the new season for 2 months and boring everyone.

      • LadyMarz

        Well seeing how disney channel/nickolodeon/ and cartoon network like to announce their extremely popular shit about a month a head of time, and april is only 3 days away. I'd say he's probably got the most sense here.

  • Megan 'Shaylex&

    I'm just glad that we finally have an estimate. I was about to lose it! lol

    • Rick Astley

      BOLIN make me lol! Lol

  • Anshuman Chakravorty

    Looks like my prediction is heading towards the right track. We might get a trailer at KCA taking place this Saturday on Nick (very very unlikely, but could happen). Or Matsuri Con, but since it isn't one of the more mainstream anime conventions, I doubt this very much. Lets keep hoping, mid-April here we come!

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  • josh

    oh this makes me so angry, i have been checking for the release date every day since february. why did she have to say "i think"?!?!?! but at the same time, it says on wikipedia that the release date for japan was april 2013, so it actually makes perfect sense it would come out around the same time in america. but every time i think we have a release date, nickelodeon keeps putting their wang in our ass, and pushing it back, why do they feel the need to screw mike d and bryan k and every atla and tlok fan. i had the misfortune of seeing that horrible shanamylanonon moive before i saw the serious. the good thing was that by the time i saw the series, they were all already done and i got to watch them back to back, and i fell in love, and just as much so with korra. i am in total avatar withdrawl and am so sad

    • jeff

      It would be released in the US before Japan being that it's a US show. Don't let the anime-like appearance fool you.

      It's more likely that the wikipedia entry is wrong.

  • josh

    oh another thing, i couldnt find that japanese date in wiki anymore, either i cant find it again, or maybe they deleted it… :-(

    • saywhat

      You do realize that this isn't anime right? So it will come out in the US first.

      • josh

        oh yeah, i know it's not an anime, that's what i mean. It's an American show, so if wikipedia says its air date was in april for japan, that would be damn scandalous if it didn't come out here in the states first. So I have had all my hopes on the fact that since the date was set for late april in japan, that it would come out earlier or at least the same time here ya know?

  • Daniel V Sherlock

    Sifu Kisu at momocon on march 10, said nothing about it. I really dont know bout mid april

    • kevshah95

      So believe Sifu Kisu for not saying anything over the voice actor of Korra for saying something?

      • Daniel V Sherlock

        Not saying that. Just saying, why he couldn't and she was able too. Why in the same month was one unable to and another one was? March 10 vs March 21th. I am not saying its untrue, just seems a little odd

        • Daniel V Sherlock


        • Keval

          Sorry, I didn't mean for that to sound so rude, I was just trying to understand your reasoning. My thought process is that JV wasn't supposed to tell us anything but she did anyways.

  • Daniel V Sherlock

    and the con that is mentioned here is In Aug??

  • Sunny

    Yay! Well…I hope it'll air on the 13th of April! :-S
    But, yes, probably like before, it'll air in mid-April, last time it was 14th, if I remember correctly, and I guess this time the Saturday's on 13th, so, probably yes. It'll hopefully air on the 13th! :)

  • Filmeditor16

    I wanna believe it but I'm still skepticle. It seemed like we would have a trailer by now, or an official word from Nick. It's kind of werid for a voice actor to reveal a much anticipated release date on Twitter. I hope we know for sure in a few days and I look forward to see what news tha Comic con in Texas brings up.

  • Mseevers95

    so what you guys DON'T want another season? Quit bitching

  • David Tichy

    F**k YEA!

  • Van Basten

    I just want a cold, hard date for the premiere. -__-

  • Slytherinhero01

    I don't know…it seems sort of 'meh' to consider season 2 coming in April. If it was we would have at LEAST gotten a teaser trailer by now, if anything. There hasn't been a real sign of anything coming soon. I mean, I'd love for it to come next month. But I have a feeling it might not air until May/June. Unless they suddenly plan on bombarding us with ads close to the last minute.

  • Shainna Alipon

    It better be April 13, because that's my birthday, and I would like something GOOD to happen that day!!

  • Mike

    This BETTER not be a lie. If it is, I will write an angry letter to Crapelodeon, telling how much crap they have on their network.

  • Korra1225

    i'm sorry but i have very high doubts about this, it's just we have been let down SO many times before about the release date, i don't even know what to believe is true about the release date for book 2 :(

  • Korra1225

    i’m sorry but i have very high doubts about this, it’s just we have been let down SO many times before about the release date, i don’t even know what to believe is true about the release date for book 2 :(

  • Sameer Moosa

    i dont think varney would be wrong…they might show a trailer this sunday when the last airbender movie comes on nick again

  • Monique Anderson


  • Robbie Mitchell

    Unless they're pulling a "Doctor Who" and announcing the air date at the absolute last second, then there is just no way that it is airing in April. I don't see Nickelodeon pulling that kind of stunt, though.

  • growlund

    everything that i have been hearing points towards april… my hopes are high for april.

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  • Jonathan Ryan Lawson

    Mid-April…. 2014? =p

  • Cheri Sriver

    If it happens to premiere on the weekend of ACEN the con is going to be depressingly empty until 10:31am Saturday morning.

  • John Larson

    Thank. You. (took long enough…It better be awesome, because I spent quite some time building up my anticipation, so there's a lot of potential for me to be disappointed)

  • Vert Flores

    Misinformation alert! Korra premiere has NOT been annc'd. Lots of rumors/miscommunication-let's wait forofficial news from @nickelodeontv— janet varney (@janetvarney) March 29, 2013

  • Rheinhard

    Um, if this were only a few weeks away, shouldn't Nick be, like, promoting the holy hell out of it by now? I mean, if this were true, I'd expect that you shouldn't be able to watch Nick for more than 30 minutes without seeing an ad "Mega hit Legend of Korra – new episodes coming April X at Y am! Don't miss it!!"

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  • PRG

    …Or it could be April 2014.

  • Corps
  • phlipmania

    Bolin makes me LOL

  • Rashaunda Spears

    Nonetheless, I happy it’s coming out soon.

  • Elizabeth Richards

    … know guys people knew about TMNT several months before hand because it was suppose to air in march and didn’t (can’t remember why) but after that there was almost NO news on Nick until like 2 weeks before it aired….then it was everywhere….so this could be a real thing……

  • Ashley Daniels

    If you go back on her Twitter you will actually find that she tweeted again a few days after, that Korra actually isn’t going to air some time in Mid-April and some changes were made to the air date.

  • Cayman Cardiff

    Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh!!!!! My life is complete!!!

  • Kozu


  • it’s going to happen

    I have to belive that season 2 is coming out soon! The reason why on teen nick they are playing legend of korra more often one before avatar the last airbender and one after.

  • :(

    Well…. mid April has passed and I still see no Korra

  • Channie

    It’s already May folks.

  • nina

    what the funk people, just tell us when is it you bitch Janet Varney

  • Eska

    “…I don’t believe it will ever premiere, ever…”

  • TheloveMMM

    That gosh dern la-er :(

  • xx-hoofprintsonmyheart-xx