Book 2: Spirits Panel Poster Released – What Questions do you have for Mike and Bryan?

For the duration of this week and next week, expect to see many posts dealing with the Book 2: Spirits panel that will be held at Comic-Con this coming Friday. Every few days it seems as though more details in regards to the convention are released. One day we learn that art work from Book 2 will be shown, the next day we’re told to expect an entire trailer.

Today’s news isn’t exactly on par with the news released over the past few days, but it’s certainly something to pump you up for Comic-Con as if the convention hasn’t already been hyped up enough.

Bryan Konietzko used Tumblr (but honestly, what would we do without Tumblr?) to release the official Book 2: Spirits panel poster. The art work looks phenomenal – it almost gives Korra a majestic look. According to Bryan, the poster will be passed out at Comic-Con and attendees will be able to get it signed between 12:45-2:15pm on July 19th. The poster can be seen below:

Lastly, as I’ve mentioned before, a Twitter Follower/Reader by the name of Emma will be updating me about Comic-Con this year, as she will be in attendance. Emma messaged me yesterday asking if I had any questions she should ask Mike and Bryan at Comic-Con. I didn’t really have much input, but I’m sure many of you do.

Please leave any questions you have for Mike and Bryan in the comments below and I’ll direct Emma to this page so she can pick and chose which questions to ask. I doubt Emma will have the opportunity to ask every question asked, but I’m sure we’ll be able to get a couple of the major ones answered.

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  • Jim

    How did you think of the Puppetbender extra?

  • Bella

    Will we ever get to know who Toph, zuko, and sokka married? Do we get to see sokka’s descendants?

    • Kotoi

      When asked if we would see who Lin’s father was, one of the creators said he thought that wasn’t important, or something like that.

    • Kyle Edgecomb

      I dont think we will find out about toph, but sokka most likely married suki, whil zuko most likely married mai

      • Korrafan81516

        Maybe but in the promise, Mai and Zuko broke up and Sukie and Zuko had a thing. Sukie said I care for you while Zuko held her hands.

        • TophLeeZula

          but in the free-comic-book-day Mai comic called “Rebound” she shows that she wants to get Zuko back :) and Sokka and Suki are clearly still together in The Search

  • Mikey

    Is it true that you will be making an animated movie with the old “gaang” right after the events of book 3? Someone told me at anime expo that it was being made.

    • Kyle Edgecomb

      He might of thought about The Promise….cause it was originally going to be an animated film, but was dropped in favor of Korra, and they just turned it into a comic

  • Chris

    With all these new subsets of regular bending now being used by the general population, will Korra and other future avatars need to learn them as well? ex:lightning, metalbending, bloodbending, etc?

    • water30

      great question that I am very curious about, would love to see it answered

    • Kyle Edgecomb

      I always thought that toph would taught a bit of metalbending to aang, especially when aang once said in book 2: earth, “id give anything to be a metalbender”

  • Pokefan9150

    Am I the only one who thinks Korra looks like Frodo in this poster?

    • Kotoi


      • Pokefan9150

        The resemblance is striking.

    • Korrafan81516

      IKR I don’t like it!!!!!!!!!

    • George

      Wow, now that you mention it…

    • Muggle

      No. That’s the first thing I noticed when I saw it! I don’t feel crazy anymore, lol.

    • Fring

      It’s the eyes, man. THE EYESSSSS!!!!!!!!

    • Professor Farnsworth

      My first thought on seeing that poster image was “who’s the Greek chick?”

  • daniel yefru

    wtf is she doing ?

    • Korrafan81516

      I think she’s bending the spirits because if you look in the yellow whip thing you can see little shapes . The clip we got from nickelodeon showing us a clip from book 2 shows us different spirits. The shapes look like those spirits we saw on the clip!!!

      • daniel yefru

        bending spirits? that seems impossible

        • Korrafan81516

          You can bend humans with BloodBending. Maybe the Avatar can bend the spirits.

          • daniel yefru

            impossible SPIRITS HAVE NO BLOOD!!!!!!!!!

          • Korrafan81516

            OK well Aang was the first avatar to energybend, you can’t bend in the spirit world, and maybe korra can bend spirits in the human world!

          • daniel yefru

            -_- trust me kid YOU CANT BEND SPIRITS

          • Meila

            Its a possibility! you don’t have to be so mad. It’s just a thought.

          • daniel yefru

            god damn sorry its just no offense but its dumb to bend a spirit its like bending a human

          • meila

            She might be the only one who can. It might be the only way to stop them besides going into the spirit world.

          • daniel yefru

            i hope this spirit thing does not go out of hand and ok ok i get it

          • daniel yefru

            then why cant other avatars do it to other evil spirits like the face stealer spirit but instead they get there face stealed

          • Lauren

            because you can’t bend in the spirit world

        • Jason

          maybe she could use the new form of airbending

          • daniel yefru

            we shall see i guees

  • Laxxmiddie

    When will the first episode of Book 2: Spirits premier?

  • Korrafan81516

    I wanted to know if you could ask this:

    • Kyle Edgecomb

      Didnt Koh say to aang that they will meet again? Well…..its possibly he meant in another lifetime?

      • Korrafan81516

        I remember hearing him say that one of your recantations tried to kill me. He said he wouldn’t hurt Aang or any other avatar, but he wanted to steel Aang’s face.

        • Tom

          Doesn’t mean he won’t meet Korra. I think the writers know how popular he was with the fans. If they bring him back then they could make some sweet references to Aang

          • Korrafan81516


  • avatar love

    Are we going to see more of the avatar as adults and toph child or them both!?!

    • Korrafan81516

      Mike and Bryan said that we will.

  • avatar love

    Im so excited, will we see more of aang and katara and the crew love also??

  • Immallama22

    What is Korra bending? Some kind of magical spirit juices?

    • Korrafan81516

      My was that she was controlling the spirits some how.
      But it’s just an idea.

  • Ange Longo

    Will we found out if Rohan is an Airbender or non bender like pema in book 2?

    • Po

      It’s already confirmed that Rihan is an airbender. At the first episode, Katara touches Pema’s belly and senses, using waterbending, that Rohan is an airbender.

      • Po


      • Kyle Edgecomb

        That doesnt confirm anything….she just ‘sensed’ that it could be another airbender….its never been properly clarified

  • Ty payne

    Will korra find a way to take other peple to the spirit world

  • Melanie R.

    In the Book 1 finale, was Korra really considering ending her life as many fans have speculated?

    • Kyle Edgecomb

      Possibly…….but lets not think that, she’s alive, got her bending back, and now we can look forward to a hopeful bright future for Korra

    • MitchGunner

      Logically speaking, absolutely not. I remember when I first heard of that theory and I was like, “WTF.” I don’t think Mike and Bryan would hint at that sort of think, and I realize that there was a murder-suicide scene prior to Korra’s scene. Just because she hits her lowest point doesn’t mean she would contemplate killing herself. I’m not trying to sound like a dick, I just believe that part of the fandom blew that part of the finale WAY out of proportion.

  • Why?

    Why isn’t this post in the home page?

    • Keval

      I think it should be fixed now.

      • Why?


      • Korrafan81516


  • chewgum

    hey keval, i’ve ot a question:

    there will be some intimate moment between korra and mako?

    • Keval

      Probably. It’ll make me throw up. but yeah, probably.

    • Michelle M.

      What do you mean “intimate moment”??

      • Keval


        • Naga


          • Fabulous Hairbender

            Ewww. Mako and Korra are gross.

        • Michelle M.

          Keval!! That was inappropriate :(

          • Korafan81516

            That might never happen( atleast I hope)

  • SpiritsofOld

    Will the mysterious concept of energybending play a bigger role in upcoming books? And consequently, will we dive into its history?

  • Jeff

    Will the soundtrack from Avatar The Last Airbender be released?

    • Keval

      Only if the LOK Book 1 Sountrack sells well – which it is. So most likely, yes.

  • Jason

    Are we gonna see any new past avatars?

    • Olpe

      The First One: 9th Episode!

      • Ge9lbrocj


        • Olpe

          Bryke. I don’t exactly know when, but they said Episode 9 was going to b a real “treat” because it showed us how the avatar cycle began, presumably sowing the first Avatar. Anyone correct me if I’m wrong.

  • Swaroopa

    Is Kya married? Does she have kids of her own? I don’t think Bumi is married because he doesn’t look like the type to settle down lol.

  • Sibis

    I have Sato questions.

    Since it has been mention that Asami could have been a villain in Book of Air. How would the story play out differently if her role was a villain?

    Are there any future plans of Hiroshi like using his engineering genius or making up with Asami?

    Will Asami’s mother appear in the show?

    Did the effect of Hiroshi and Mako lying to Asami have any negative impact on her?

    Does Asami harbor any negative feelings like towards Mako or Korra?

    When Asami is running the company, what kind of CEO behavior type is she going to aim for?

    Will there be a clash between Korra and Asami in the future?

  • mastermike890

    When will Avatar: The Last Airbender the complete series come out on Blu-ray?

  • Theo

    Will Korra’s skill in fighting seem to have improved (and the same for other characters) in this season?

  • Lauren

    I really wish the show could be bumped up in rating. I feel as if the fanbase has gotten older and matured (I’m 23) and that lok’s potential is being held back by Nick’s Y-7 rating. Dont get me wrong, I love lok and everything it brings, but I still think it should have more freedom and not have to worry about making sure every plane that was destroyed in the finale had a guy with a parachute. Anyone else feel this way or just me?

    • Michelle M.

      I don’t think so because not every good show has to be violent and have curse words and all that other stuff to be good. Not saying that you said it does, but that’s what I love about LoK: It’s a kids show but at the same time it’s very mature compared to most shows. Right now I think they have the perfect balance. In a world of many inappropriate and violent things, this show is something that is the perfect thing for pretty much everyone.

      • Lauren

        Nicely put. Lol but I don’t mean cursing or more violence :P. It’s just death is kind of never addressed. For example, guys falling out of planes had to have that shot where you see they have a parachute; never saying “kill”; even Jet’s death was unclear. I do agree the show balances it well, and lok is much more mature than atla, in my opinion. There’s just always something that seems like the creators are all “oh yea, Y-7, gotta make this adjustment…” I will say the homicide/suicide that was the finale blew my mind though, I was surprised it was in there. I appreciate your input :)

        • No.

          “Did Jet just… die?” “You know it was very unclear” Lol.

          • Lauren

            That’s EXACTLY what I thought about while I was typing that out lol

        • Michelle M.

          On that I agree with you :) I just assumed you were another one of those blood thirsty fans that wants to see more heads blown off or something 😛 Or a pervert who wants to see Mako and Korra “get it on” >.< You can't trust anyone on the internet these days ;__;

        • jeffq

          What about the boat suicide scene?
          just saying..

    • Sami

      I totally agree. Im 22 and I loved the darker side of Korra. Though they do mute over and suggest rather then out right show some of the gorier parts, I really felt like they took into consideration that fans of the original were kids at the time and are now young adults

  • Nico

    Jeremy Zuckerman hosting an AMA on Tuesday


    What’s the name of the Unnamed fire Avatar? Who was the first avatar? How could Yakone’s family capable of bloodbending without full moon? Will Korra ever use bloodbending? How could Korra nullify the effects of bloodbending in “Endgame” when she fought against Amon with airbending? (her connection with the other 3 elements was seperated! I thought only a very strong waterbender or an Avatar in the Avatar State could get out themselves out of the grip of a bloodbender?! Was Yakone a stronger waterbender than Aang was? (Aang wasn’t able to nullify the effects of bloodbending without entering the Avatar state (as shown). Is Azula still alive? Can energybending make a non-bender a bender? Will Korra learn metalbending? Will Lin become police chief again?
    Are satomobiles working with petrol? What is the power source of the electric gloves? Will Korra talk to Avatar Roku or other previous Avatars except from Aang? Will Korra ever learn lightning generation or redirection? Did Amon kill Lieutnant?

    I know that’s a bunch of questions – I don’t expect you to send them all to Emma 😀 so pick up a few of them

  • OneBoot

    Are Mako and Bolin going to get good character development? Is Tahno going to come back? Also–this is a high hope because no one has given a hint–are we going to see a new generation of freedom fighters because that would be awesome!

  • Michelle M.

    I want to know if we’ll find out how exactly Amon took people’s bending. I know it had something to do with blood-bending but I want to know how!! Also, how is it that he dodged the bender’s attacks with his mind? o.O That’s odd because wouldn’t that mean that he can sort of bend them? Idk…. Oh and my brother told me to ask where will Mako take Korra out on dates xD

    • Stephen

      The question about how Amon took people’s bending away was answered in the Book 1 Blu Ray Commentary. Bryan described it as “The chi flowing through her body…you can use waterbending where
      they make it glow and they’re clearing out those pathways, they can
      open it up so the chi flows better. What Amon did is that he took that
      technique and he used it to hurt people, he used it to block those
      pathways…That’s a philosophy Mike and I believe in, anything can be
      used for good or bad. Any philosophy or any ideology, it’s really in
      the person’s intentions in how it manifests. These things aren’t good or
      bad, it’s just there…So she hadn’t opened up that particular chi path,
      being the avatar she has crazy chi energy flowing, so he was able to
      close the ones he could detect, not the one she hadn’t opened up yet. He
      couldn’t feel it.”

      • Michelle M.

        Ughh thanks your a life saver! That’s a question I’ve had since the finale!! But what do you mean “waterbending where they make it glow”? Healing waterbending??

        • Stephen

          I would assume so..As shown in Episode 18 of Book 1 of A:TLA when Katara attends her first healing lesson, Yugoda has a mannequin that has lines all over the whole body. The lines are the chis in the body. The image of the chis in the body can be seen at the top of the page at

          Also, as Avatar Wiki states, “Bloodbending can be used to sever the connection between a bender and their bending abilities, achieving the same effect as enerygbending. This technique has only been demonstrated by Amon and requires direct physical contact between the user’s hand and the victim’s forehead. According to Katara, the technique “severs” an individual from his or her bending through blocking active chi pathways,
          making it impervious to all methods of healing and its effects far more
          long-standing than chi blocking. Even so, only active chi pathways can
          be severed; Korra was able to use airbending because the pathways
          involved with the art were still closed when her other bending abilities
          were removed, and thus undetectable to Amon. However, the severed
          bending can be restored through the use of energybending, as shown by
          Aang and Korra.”

          • Michelle M.

            Ok thanks you guys <3 :)

          • ?

            Ya thanks

        • Stephen

          Also, Bryan had explained it in an interview as, “We have often shown the healing side of the waterbending arts, where a
          practitioner helps the chi to flow more vigorously through the meridians
          in the body. Bending occurs when a person has the ability to extend the
          influence of one’s chi past the limits of one’s physical body and into a
          particular element. Amon used bloodbending, the act of bending the
          fluid inside one’s body, to break these meridians in key places,
          severely disturbing or blocking the chi’s flow and impairing one’s
          ability to bend.”

  • Alex

    Will every Book have a self-contained story or will a new overarching series goal be introduced? (AKA beat the Fire Lord before the comet comes.)

    • Lauren

      I was wondering the same thing

      • HaZardous

        Self-contained stories. That’s been confirmed by the creators long before.

  • Katie

    Will Bolin be learning metalbending? :/

  • Poet Tree

    HEY I’M BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK…so keval …we gotta talk about those epic games …you and me…alone…XD

    • Keval

      What epic games?

  • seleste

    will there be more korra and mako relationship in book 2,3,4 or will there be a problem in their relationship in any of the book season

  • mara

    in book 2 will there ever be a problem with korra in the past

  • Alex Šidélka


  • Mike

    How did you guys come up with the Avatar: The Last Airbender series in the first place? How did you guys come up with The Legend of Korra?

    • Spirit

      How they came up with ATLA is told in this documentary: I HIGHLY recommend you watch it.

      • Mike

        I mean how they got the idea. Does it say in there? That’s all I care about. What inspired them to come up with this idea?

        • HaZardous

          It’s mentioned in the Avatar art book in detail.

      • Lauren

        That was really cool! :)

  • AvatarRishi

    are you really posting live stuff?

    • Keval


      • AvatarRishi

        Yay!!! Thank You!!

  • ColdBlitz

    Will we get to see Zuko’s daughter…whom I heard was the Fire Lord !? Also, will we get to see more scenes and character development on General Iroh !? Keval, I know I’m a little late with this question but I hope you and Emma see this !!!

    • Jason

      thats a good one

  • Lauren

    Was that annoying assistant of Tarlok a boy or a girl, I have to know!

  • daniel yefru

    im going crazy so to all the pepole who think korra is going to bend spirits il be laughing after book 2 is finished
    plz do not reply or dont hate im just nvm

    • Korrafan81516

      Sorry dude but I just gave a thought and everything got out of hand.

  • daniel yefru


    • who54

      It was just an idea!

  • HaZardous

    Would we get to see the rest of the Gaang’s descendants anytime in LoK, even if we don’t see the Gaang themselves?

  • Cassie C.

    How about the question that they have been dodging since it was first introduced at the end of ATLA: What happened to Zuko’s mother???

    • MitchGunner

      That’s what The Search comic trilogy is for my friend… Though I too am waiting for that to be answered.

  • Piandao


  • Coleman

    Does anyone on here know where I could find some legit Storyboard Art from ATLA or Korra, I would love to have a framed picture or a concept design for a character. I’ve looked on Ebay and Amazon and a few other sites but couldn’t find anything. Anybody have any ideas?

    • meila has a video of concept art from season 1

      • Coleman

        I was hoping for something I could buy and frame. I would love to have a piece of the show, even if it was only a small piece.

  • Fabulous Hairbender

    Any idea if Tahno will be making any appearances in upcoming books?

  • Gil Santos

    Aang was an airbender by birth and throughout the series we see him as a representative of the Air Nomads and their culture. Korra’s a waterbender and from the Water Tribes but seems to have a lot of fire and earthbending traces unlike Aang who even when he learned the rest of the elements chose airbending above the others. How do you do you fit culture or the element’s philosophy on the character development?

  • Ariss Trake

    The title and sneek peeks have shown us that this book will deal, obviously, with Spirit. Does this mean that Korra will enter the spirit realm as Aang did several times, or will the spirit realm leak out into the mortal world? Also, is there any chance that Korra will learn how to bend Spirit as she does the other four elements? ie similar to the way that Spirit is used in weaves in the Wheel of Time series, if anyone knows that, for healing and dream-walking.

  • Poet Tree

    I say make it like game of thrones and everyone will be happy…LOL XD

  • Jason

    lol so many comments

  • Orange9746

    If you were to make the earth and fire books, would you have the main setting and theme based off more Asian cultures like Japanese, Korean, or South-east Asian other than Chinese?

    I know the series is mainly based off Chinese culture since it seems to be the oldest, but having other Asian elements as a minor theme seem to be unusual for me. But I still love the series anyways. :)

  • Keval

    This is a lot of questions.

  • DeeS03

    So I just watched a clip from season 2, and Korra is fighting spirit creatures….but you can’t bend in the spirit world…? Extremely excited and can’t wait for the new season, but a tad confused about that clip….

  • Jonas

    In book one of atla, when Aang goes on his first journey to the spirit world, Iroh is captured. Aang flies over him and Iroh senses him and watches Aang fly by, even though only the Avatar is supposed to be able to see spirits. What happened to Iroh since he is able to interact with the spirit world and will team avatar help Korra in the spirit world through the same means?

  • Sibis

    Here are some Republic City questions.

    Will there be more of Republic City shown in the show that wasn’t seen in Book of Air?

    Are there places in Republic City where Korra, Mako, Bolin, and Asami could hangout together like a night club or something to have fun?

    What are the kinds of crimes have the Bender Criminals did to the Non-benders to have them join up with the Equalist?

    Was Amon able to get the people to side with him because the Republic City Government and Police have been ineffective?

    Tenzin mentions that Republic City has been going down since Aang passed. Are there any specifics on what went down or what exactly Aang did to keep the city “balanced?”

    What is the demographic of the Equalist? Are they mostly middle class to rich non benders for example.

    Does animosity from the 100 year Fire Nation war still exist? Did it play a part in Amon getting those people to join him?

    So what happen to the Equalist after Korra exposed Amon? Did it completely disband or split into other groups with new leaders?

    Were any of the Equalist arrested and prosecuted? A few key players that were arrested or was it a majority of the members arrested.

    Is the Republic City Government under new management or has all the old ones minus Tarrlok returned to power?

    Was there an investigation into the failings of the police handling the Equalist, like being able to move about under the nose of the police?

    Besides having Aang tell Korra about Yakone’s identity, could she or someone else investigate records, articles, or any kind of information about Yakone’s trial/past?

    Could the media like the newspaper and radio play a bigger role in Book of Air to gauge how the public feels about the Equalist and Korra?

  • Sibis

    Will there be an article to note which questions were asked and the answers?