Book 2’s Release Date Likely to be Announced this Thursday on Nickelodeon

It’s been well noted that Nickelodeon plans on announcing Book 2’s release date at some point this week. I assumed that Mike and Bryan would probably end up posting it on their Tumblr to break the news, but it looks like Nickelodeon will get a little creative this time around. I was able to get some more news out of Nickelodeon by assigning one of my followers (@AvatarKanol) the task of asking the network about the release date once again. I would’ve asked Nickelodeon myself, but they tend to ignore my tweets – no surprise there.

Nickelodeon responded with yet another cryptic tweet that wasn’t very difficult to decipher. They asked if there was any Avatar event on TV that could possibly announce a release date for the new season. They ended the tweet with their typical winky face that signals a hint.

I browsed through the Nickelodeon schedule for the week and found the Avatar event Nickelodeon is probably alluding to. The event takes place Thursday night at 7 pm, but I don’t think anyone will be particularly fond of it.

It’s practically déjà vu.

Thursday night at 7 pm, Nickelodeon is airing The Last Airbender movie. Many months ago, Nickelodeon premiered The Last Airbender movie and a lot of fans assumed the network would air some sort of Book 2 teaser during the premiere. The reasoning behind this assumption was that even though The Last Airbender sucked, it would do a better job of rounding up the Avatar fandom as opposed to some other animated series that no one cares about.

If Nickelodeon is going to make some sort of Legend of Korra-related announcement, it would be wise to do so to the Avatar fandom rather than the TMNT fandom. Airing The Last Airbender is just one of the numerous ways to round up the Avatar fandom during the off-season.

Nickelodeon is likely using the same logic now that we thought they’d be using many months back.

Long-story-short, if you want to be the first to hear about Book 2’s release date, you’ll likely have to sit through The Last Airbender.

Trust me – I wasn’t excited about coming to this conclusion. I didn’t want to have to report this, but there was nothing else on Nickelodeon or Nicktoons that struck me as an “Avatar event.” Nicktoons is airing 4 episode of Avatar: The Last Airbender on Saturday, but they’re doing that on Sunday as well, so it’s nothing special.

I’ll keep digging to see if there was something else I missed that could be categorized as an “Avatar event”, but this is the best we have so far.

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  • Noel

    It’ll be slow, agonising pain…but it’ll be worth it!

    Unless they don’t air a trailer or use the same Book 2 trailer…then I think I might just go a little mad.

  • Cindy

    Don’t worry everyone legend of korra season 2 is almost here!

  • Filmeditor16

    Son of a fucking bitch mother fucker. Excuse my profanity, I don’t like swearing but really, Nick, really. I mean it is a logical way to round us up, like you said. But if they really want our attention they should show Sozins comet on Thursday night, on the main channel. That would be fantastic. Like any sane avatar fan I despise that so called “blockbuster” that story line and logic is enough to make my head explode. To put it kindly I would rather gouge out my eyeballs and then fill the empty sockets with fire crackers and go run around a match factory. But, you know what. I will watch it anyway. Only for a hopeful Korra date. That’s the only reason. That hour and a half will probably consist of me screaming at my television and then hopefully be Fangirling and happy screaming by then end. You know what, I think I’m just going to mute it and do something else until the commercial break. Thanks for updating! :D

    • Keval

      The Last Airbender is Nickelodeon’s movie, so they’ll shove it down our throats as much as they can.

      • Filmeditor16

        Seriously. They’re like, “I spent 150 million on that damn movie and I’m going to get my fucking money out it whether they like it or not.”

        • Professor Farnsworth

          It probably went something like this:

          Nick Exec 1: We’re going to show the crappy movie, and our advertisers know it’s crappy and don’t want to buy spots during the broadcast.

          Nick Exec 2: I know, tell them that there will be a captive Korra audience waiting for an announcement during the movie. They hate the movie, but want to find out about Korra, and there’s tons of them, and [get this] they won’t be Muting/Fast-Forwarding through the ads!! We’ll make a mint!

          • watchingall

            Going by this logic, I feel that the news will be during the last commercial break.

          • Filmeditor16

            You are probably 100% right.

    • MitchGunner

      Why not just look it up online afterwards. I’m sure it’ll show up. Also, I completely agree about airing Sozin’s Comet instead. Nickelodeon has got to understand by now that we all hate M. Night Shamaladsdnjfhefheuifh’s garbage movie, so why would they try to rally fans together with it. If anything, it seems like it would keep fans away. I just don’t get it…

      • Filmeditor16

        I know, but I want to be a first responder. I want to watch it real time so I can possibly write something about it quickly. Although looking it up online afterwords is an alternative :)

    • Jason

      The movie is a good way to get people that haven’t seen any of the series.

      • Michelle M.

        Dude, if it wasn’t for the movie I would have NEVER been in this fandom! It came out in theaters and I went to see it and I really liked it and I faintly remembered watching a few reruns of the cartoon by the same name. I googled the first episode and I was hooked! And then one day I remember I was on google and I typed in Avatar and then a suggestion came up for “Avatar The Last Airbender” and another for “Avatar The Legend of Korra” and I was curious and clicked the Korra one and that’s when I found out about Korra back in like July 2010 :D

  • Korratastic45

    I’ll just mute it while the movies on, once the commercials come on, I’ll put the volume on high. Then I shall fangirl like crazy when we see it. :D

    So excited, we finally get to have the release date! :D

  • Ace

    @Keval-”Nickelodeon responded with yet another cryptic tweet that wasn’t very difficult to despiser”; I think you meant decipher?

    • Keval

      Fixed, thanks.

  • Ace

    I’m on vacation with no television set so I won’t be able to catch the release date. Please post it on here the moment it is shown; I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

    • Keval

      Of course.

  • Jim

    I have avoided the movie so far, and i must continue the streak. I will fanboy while I wait for it to be posted. Since everyone thinks it will be that day, what will happen if they don’t tell us the date 0.0

    • Keval

      Just watch it. It’s sort of amusing.

      • MitchGunner

        I think any Avatar fan should watch it just so they realize what a load of crap it is and, I agree, it is amusing.

  • Aangfan61

    My nick account is aangfan61 and I posted on the message boards on Friday. I figured it out easily. It took you a while. I have it posted as VERY IMPORTANT!!!!!!.

  • Aangfan61

    Oh and by the way Keval, I love your website. I check it everyday on info about LOK and ATLA. Where do you get all the information.

    • Michelle M.

      Well i get my info from following the voice actors on twitter, YouTube channels like KorraSpirit, Keval’s blog, and Tumblr xP

    • Keval

      Tumblr and Twitter. A lot of time I make my own news, though.

  • Aangfan61

    And also, I don’t get why everyone hates the movie. I mean it is not that bad. Maybe ok. I don’t mind watching it. I would watch it anyways. Also I’m gonna post it on the Avatar nick message boards literally the second the trailer is on.

    • Sibis

      There are parts in the movie where the entire concept of certain scenes are just simply stupid. Like the Earth Bender Camp.

      • Keval

        Lol, 5 guys basically do entire dance sequence and a single rock flies across the screen.

        • Hi

          When you say the last airbender sucks you mean the movie right I’m like 99.99 percent sure you mean the movie but just to be sure if you mean the movie it is a discrace to Avatar and your 110 percent right

          • Keval

            Yes, the movie.

        • Hi

          Never mind saw your other comment I should have known I freak’n hate that movie

        • Katie

          Just picture Quest Crew doing some weird dance thing, then someone chucks a rock across the stage. That is a PERFECT example of that.

          Also, that kid’s acting is CRAP. He can’t say a single sentence without stuttering.

          The monks. Named me. ONG.

    • Why We Hate The Last Airbender

      Katara and Sokka are white.

      Aang’s tattoos are blue.
      Zuko is Indian.
      Zuko’s scar isn’t properly visible (because he’s Indian);
      Zuko isn’t bald.
      Iroh isn’t fat and has hair-loopies.
      Zhao is Indian.
      Iroh is Indian.
      Azula is Indian.
      The earthbenders are imprisoned in an area that’s COVERED with earth.
      Momo barely makes an appearence.
      Gyatso is Indian.
      No Koizilla.
      Aaand…The back of Yue’s head looks like a penis.

      • Why We Hate The Last Airbender

        Aang’s tattoos *aren’t* blue.

      • Keval

        The back of Yue’s hair looks like a dick. Amazing job as always, M. Night.

      • Hi


      • The Gotham Ninja

        Also it seemed they tried to make Zuko’s scar more natural. Lots of idiotic mistakes, but its bearable, somewhat anyways.

        • Muggle

          Yeah, I’ve got to agree with you on Zuko’s scar. Having him played by a lighter-skinned guy would not have made the scar much more visible, and imo it’s one of the things that works great in the cartoon but would fall flat even in the best live-action adaptations. Like Aang’s tattoos. A giant blue arrow would have looked silly… but still the tattoos still should have been blue in the movie, even with the added detail. I did actually like the detail.

          Also, casting Jackson Rathbone was a bad idea. My sister and I saw Eclipse the night before we went to see The Last Airbender and we were weirded out seeing the same guy in two totally different (yet equally shitty) movies.

    • The Gotham Ninja

      Seriously, it wasnt overly horrible or anything. I had some probs with it but they were only minor ones. At least they stuck to the story unlike that garbage called Dragonball Evolution. And I believe some things had to be changed in order not to tick people off, specifically anything involving racism or sexism as we know is shown throughout book 1. I myself hated the way they pronounced Aang. Its Aang, not Ong! And its SOKKA! NOT SOAKA! And I agree, the earthbending camp bit was ridiculous. Overall it was okay but could have been much better.

  • Aangfan61

    I can’t wait for your next post!!!!!!

  • Melanie R.

    I just tweeted to @NickelodeonTV, telling them that the least they could do was to also tweet about it when it’s announced, adding that most of us Avatar/Korra fans don’t like the movie version.

  • ChoOhana

    I hope they announce it then, even though it’s sounds very unlikely though. I always hope that it’ll come soon:)

  • Alli P

    That movie was god-awful, especially when compared to Avatar: The Last Airbender. BUT at least for me it’s surprisingly not terrible to sit through when A) anticipating the Legend of Korra promo and B) not thinking about all the movie’s horrible mistakes.

    • The Gotham Ninja

      I’m not even gonna watch the movie, just the commercials :P

  • Ozai World

    I will be making Episode Reviews and Episode Predictions of LOK. Check out my YouTube Channel (OzaiWorld).

  • SIbis

    There is no need to watch the movie. I’m sure someone will watch it, record the Nick commercial and post it.

  • chocho

    Thanks Phoenix king keval for always giving us the updates

  • sammiroo

    I’ll just let my little brother sit through the movie and call me into the room if anything important happens :3 That way I won’t have to have my eyes melt out of my face. By the way, thanks for the info Keval!

    • Michelle M.

      Haha that’s what I did back in January xP When I went to go to the bathroom or make a sandwich I told him to call me if something comes up :)

      • sammiroo

        Haha this is a time when having a little brother is helpful

  • Michelle M.

    I loved that movie so I don’t care (please don’t kill me >.<) I just reallyyyyyy want that date! I feel like yesterday was Comic Con and now we're less than a month away from September!! I can't wait until that morning when it finally comes back after 15 long excrusiating long months. It's gonna be the highlight of my year ;D

  • Amonster

    Oh just you guys wait Nostalgia Critic’s next big review is going to be The Last Airbender movie. It will be glorious to watch him rip that movie a new one considering Avatar the Last Airbender is now his all time favorite show and now that he’s starting Korra.

    • Keval

      I never heard of him until he started reviewing ATLA.

  • Sibis

    Instead of showing some animation commercial, they should do a cheesy live commercial to promote Legend of Korra.

    I would have it based around the kiss scene of Episode 5.

  • Hasdi Bravo

    @Keval, this may be hard for you to accept but the movie fandom is BIGGER than the Korra fandom and growing FASTER than ATLA fandom. You can estimate this from the facebook likes and charts.

    The point of airing a Korra commercial during the movie is to promote Korra to the movie fans. Showing a Korra commercial to Korra fans may “feel good” but you’ll only end up preaching to the choir and does little to grow Korra fanbase.

    • Professor Farnsworth

      LOL!! So much trolling in one post, it’s hard to know where to begin!

      “You can estimate this from the facebook likes and charts”


      • Keval

        It’s not even worth arguing.

        • Hasdi Bravo

          Oh, well. I tried. ._______.

          What you see tomorrow night may make even less sense…

          • Keval

            What do you mean by that?

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  • Sibis

    This movie doesn’t represent the Airbender story. It’s just M. Night Sham’s own demented twisted version of the story. He goes to circumvent the established rules of the world which is a slap in the face of Mike and Bryan.

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