Book 3 will Include a Throwback to Wan’s time by Re-establishing the Human-Spirit Conflict

Ten thousand years ago, during Avatar Wan’s time, humans and Spirits roamed the Avatar World separately but together at the same time. They lived on the same playing field but remained separated for the well-being of each other. As displayed perfectly by Aye-aye’s initial interaction with Wan, humans and Spirits were never fond of each other and that negative relationship is what ultimately led to separation. Humans lived on Lion Turtle cities while Spirits lived in Spirit Wilds.

The separation worked out nicely for both parties until Wan showed that living in the Spirit Wilds with the powers given by the Lion Turtle (bending) was possible. As shown in Beginnings – Part 1 & 2, many humans abandoned their lives on Lion Turtles and set out to live the life that Wan was successfully living. The only issue was that not all humans had the relationship with Spirits that Wan did.

A battle between humans and Spirit commenced, worsening the relationship between the two than ever before. Avatar Wan resolved the issue by separating the Spirit World from the Physical World, which allowed Spirits and humans to live separately in peace.

Ten thousand years later, the bridge between the Spirit World and the Physical World has opened and the separation between Spirits and humans is no more. Book 3 will take a unique approach of showing us the continuity of a poor relationship between Spirits and humans that took a ten thousand year break.

Thanks to some special features showcased on the iTunes-purchasable Book 2 DVD, we know that Book 3 will deal with the aftermath of Unavaatu’s death: the Spirit Portals are open, Spirits can travel to the Physical World and Republic City has sprouted Spirit Wilds that house Spirits. The main thing we can take from all of this is that humans and Spirits are once again living on the same playing field.

That being said, Book 3 will essentially act as a throwback to Wan’s time by re-establishing the relationship between humans and Spirits as an important factor to the season’s plot.

Since that relationship was left on a fairly negative note, we can expect issues to arise from the start. In fact, we saw bits of the tension-filled relationship during the Spirit World portions of Book 2. Remember when Tenzin, Bumi and Kaya had a run in with the maroon-colored scorpion-like Spirit? When Tenzin asked for its attention, it responded by saying, “You dare disturb me human? Humans in the Spirit World belong in one place only!

The Spirit then proceeded to run the trio off of a cliff.

Next season is all about change and one thing that certainly needs to change is the relationship between Spirits and humans. For ten thousand years now, the “solution” to resolve the tension between the two parties was separation. While separation worked for an extended period of time, it’s nothing more than a temporary solution.

A permanent solution would involve finding common ground between humans and Spirits and resolving the conflict that has painted the past for so many centuries.

That’s one of the reasons why I find Book 3 so fascinating. If anything, Book 2 demonstrated how intriguing past history in the Avatar World is. Through the telling of Avatar Wan’s story, we learned about the conflicts that plagued the world ten thousand years ago.

Book 3 will look to continue the story regarding some of those past conflicts and find a permanent solution for them. The relationship between humans and Spirits is rocky – no doubt. But through the help of Avatar Korra, who is now a much more spiritually developed character, a resolution is imminent.

If you ask me, that’s very exciting. What are your thoughts?

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  • HeWhoMustNotBeNamed

    You know I think with how fascinating this sounds, each book seems to become more and more interesting. One area I’d love to see explored is the Fog of Lost Souls. It served it’s purpose in Book 2 but I think there is a lot of potential that can arise for exploring it.

    • HeWhoMustNotBeNamed

      *You know I think you hit the nail on the head with how fascinating this sounds….
      Sometime my brain works faster than my hands.

    • Keval

      I agree. The Fog of Lost Souls was an interesting concept. It would be nice if the co-creators utilized it to possibly bring Zhao back into the picture.

      • Eliminator

        It would be interesting whether Korra could have a clear mind in the Fog of Lost Souls. Tenzin proved to be a spiritual leader. Can Korra do the same?

  • Erin

    I have this theory that keeps popping into my head when I think of book three. I think Korra might go to the earth kingdom to help resolve a conflict that’s happening there with the spirits. Or maybe the world leaders r angry with korras decision keep the spirit portals open. Something along those lines would be my guess.

    • Erin

      And the leaders will want her to fix it and there will be all this pressure n korra.

      • Loklover

        Agreed. Not trying to bash on Korra, but she shouldn’t have reopened the portals. Last time I remember, the spirits almost wiped out the humans. Korra can’t keep everyone safe, and if the spirits start killing humans then the blame is on Korra for surez.

        And I’m sure a lot of nonbenders will not be happy with Korra. But we’ll see…. I hope Korra figures everything out and book 3 ends with a semi happy ending.

        • Eliminator

          Well if you say,, she shouldn’t have reopened the portals, do you mean, Mike and Bryan should have quit LoK after book 2? :)

          • Loklover

            No. I thought every book is supposed to have its own story. I mean, book 2 had nothing to do with book 1… right? I thought book 3 would do the same (:

    • Keval

      I like the idea of the world leaders angry with Korra’s decision to leave the portals open. This could create some interesting tension between the Avatar and the Avatar World.

  • Ariana Moreno

    It’s gonna be really exciting to see how she handles all of these issues in book 3. It’s also gonna be exciting to see who and how people are gonna handle her decision, because it is definitely gonna be something that is controversial for the people in republic city: some may agree, others will disagree, but it’ll be interesting to see who happens to support Korra and encourage her throughout the whole process of this decision, and who will detest her for what she has done. One thing is that Korra’s abilities as the avatar and doing things her way are definitely going to be put to the test. Especially if this is the beginning of her doing things her way, and creating her own path to follow. Since she is more mature than when we first saw her in book 1, I wonder if she’ll be able to control her distress a lot more, and be able to overcome this conflict a lot easier than maybe being able to had this issue come up for her in book 1. I’m excited to see how everything plays out. I have some good confidence that everything in book 3 will be exciting to watch.

    • Eliminator

      I agree. I expect Korra sometimes to doubt her own decisions, and that she will ask for advice (maybe Tenzin). It is also interesting, what role the rest of Team Avatar will play. While it’s nice to see, that Bolin enjoyed to be Nuktuk and Mako loves his new job as detective, they barely contributed to Team Avatar, did more harm than good things and Korra was on her own mostly. I hope, that they grow a bit closer and remind us more of the old inseparable Team Avatar of ATLA.

  • sarai brooks

    When u said “permanent solution” that made me very sceptical about the topic. I really wonder how could their possibly be a “permanent solution” but I guess we will have to see what hat trick the creators pulled

    – burning hearts forever (that’s me!)

    • Keval

      It’ll certainly be interesting to see if a permanent topic is feasible. We’ll see what the writers can do.

  • MG

    Wan didn’t resolve the human-spirit conflict by separating the two worlds. I doubt it’s on his mind. He needed to close the portals to prevent anyone from free Vaatu, but separating the realms with spirits still present in the physical realm would definitely anger them. Without Vaatu being locked away, I believe Wan would mediate between humans and spirits, and not banish the spirits and teach humans to respect spirits.

    Human actions, be it development or war, has resulted in the destruction of sacred grounds, as evidenced in “Winter Solstice Part 1″, and “The Southern Lights”, angering spirits in the way. The transition of old religious customs to frivolous festivals, has also angered them. Spirits don’t even respect the Avatar AT ALL, with the sole exception of Wan.

    The only human spirits have ever TRULY respected was Wan. Even when banished back to their realm, they held him in high regard. Humans soon left their lion turtles to inhabit the former spirit wilds. Now that the spirits have returned, they would definitely be angered by the loss of their old homes, and humans would be unaware of that as they never lived that long, or that ancestral recollections were gone.

    Korra’s role in Book 3 is playing mediator between humans and spirits. However, her biggest challenge stems from her poor spiritual connections, and thus she needs help from people with high spirituality.

  • Loklover

    So, what’s Korra going to do if people from (for example) the fire nation are being attacked by spirits? How will she deal with that? She can’t be in two places at once and firebenders(I don’t think) can cleanse spirits like waterbenders can.

    This whole Spirits living with the Humans thing is very interesting. I’m excited to see Korra dealing with problems on her own.

    • Ariana Moreno

      my point exactly X)

    • Keval

      Yup – a lot would be going on and it would be tough for Korra to deal with it, Should be interesting to see how she responds.

  • Ace

    I think only the Spirits that want to go to the human world will go to the human world. So hopefully no scorpion Spirit.

  • Sibis

    Spirits and humans have never been on level playing fields. Spirits will always be above the humans. Even during Wan’s time, the Spirits dominated the planet. Humans were driven to live on Lion Turtles through fear while Spirits enjoyed their paradise.

    This is going to be like asking humans, gods, angels, demons, and devils to all get along.

  • Charlie Cowell

    it would be a lot harder in book 3 to get a firm grasp on the ancient avatar lore now that korra isn’t connected to the avatars, therefore not being able to talk to them. I reckon there is going to be a lot less information on the past which really intrigues me in the avatar series.