Book 4 of The Legend of Korra Currently in Production Along with Book 2 and Book 3

A few weeks ago, we received an update from the voice actors confirming that voice work for The Legend of Korra was still underway. We weren’t really told whether or not they were working on Book 3 of Book 4, but I speculated that work on Book 4 could very well be underway. Of course this was just another one of my baseless assumptions, but assumptions are all we can really go off of as long as Nickelodeon decides to keep everything under wraps. Surprisingly, it turns out that my assumption was correct.

According to Bryan Konietzko’s latest Tumblr Post, Book 4 is currently in production. But that doesn’t mean Book 3 is almost complete. Mike and Bryan are currently working on Books 2, 3 and 4 simultaneously, but they are all in different stages of production.

But wait Keval, what about Book 2?

For some odd reason, I get this question in the comments pretty much every time I write about Book 3 or Book 4.

Sorry folks, nothing new. Nickelodeon really isn’t letting anything leak out these days.

But if you’re in for some humor, I did start a Book 2 release date rumor of my own. When I came home from school today, I felt a bit more destructive than usual – don’t ask why, I’m just weird that way sometimes.

When I pulled up Twitter on my phone, I found a whole bunch of tweets asking for Book 2’s release date – nothing out of the ordinary. But it gets a little old when you have to keep telling people that Book 2 doesn’t have a release date. So instead of doing that, I tweeted out confirming Book 2 for August 27th, 2015.

And for some reason, people believed me!

I was slightly dumbfounded by that, and I was a bit interested in seeing the overall reaction from my followers. I let it sit for about 30 minutes and I noticed that about half of the people were calling my bluff and the other half was essentially going ballistic, screaming: WTF, F*CK THAT SH*T, F*CK NICKELODEON GOD D*MN IT, I AIN’T WAITING FOR SH*T!

It was pretty entertaining at first, but once I saw the retweets coming in, I quickly cleared everything up. I didn’t want my little experiment to get too out of hand. Apparently people consider me “credible” – so much so that they’ll believe a 2015 release year for Book 2.

I guess I should probably stop abusing that credibility.

Just an FYI, the only reason I include this stories in my posts is because news has been really slowly these days, so when I post, I want to make them some-what entertaining.  I’ll stop including them in my posts once we start getting solid information. But let me know if you enjoy them or not.

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  • DunbansBiggestFanForever

    lol they actually believed that? people are such idiots I swear

  • oromis

    Also, Bryan seemed a bit annoyed at Nick at that post.

  • Greenfire32

    I’m just glad that books 2, 3, and 4 are being worked on at the same time. Not only does it explain the huge gap between Books 1 and 2, and the disturbingly low amount of info from Nick, but it also most likely means that the wait between books 2, 3, and 4 will be considerably shorter.

    I am annoy, but not disappoint.

  • Avatar/KorraFan9150

    To be honest, I’m happy about Bryan Konietzko’s post. It gave me the impression that we are not going to have to wait so long for Book 3 and 4 and we already know that Book 2 is coming out this year. He even said in his post that this is a good year for Korra. We just have to wait for July at Comic Con for a trailer and everything will be back to normal :). Just 2 more moths for Comic Con guys. Hang in there!!! 😀

  • Brendan

    As stupid as some people are, I think that a big percentage of those who you said believed you just went along with the joke… I think people seem so tired of Nickelodeon not announcing a release date that it has become a funny game. Although, I’m sure some of the those people did actually believe you… there are A LOT of gullible people out there.

  • Brendan

    Speaking of stupid people… Nickelodeon has a lot of STUPID shows. Am I wrong?

    • Brendan

      Legend of Korra is not one of them, of course.

    • Legama

      I come from the future, brace yourself, Nick’s stupidity is gonna get worse.

      • Brendan

        Lol I know. I’m afraid you should have come sooner, though… Nickelodeon has taken me to their underground facilities where they brainwash kids into watching their network… Help me!!!

  • Karuk

    And so the wait continues..
    *le sigh*

    btw, do you have a forum?

  • josh

    In the norm, I would not have found a Korra book rumor funny, I would have found it assholish, or assholy. But the “release date” so happens to be my birthday, so yeah its kinda funny. sad part is that due to nick’s assholikeness, August 27 could absolutely be right, but dont even have a hint to go off of.

  • Erin

    I think Nick is just going to keep us in the dark for a little more, until we’re desperate, then, out of nowhere, just drop a bomb on us. (Say a trailer or release date.) That’s my hope anyway since they keep giving us useless Book 3 and 4 info. (Not entirely useless but still). Nick can only be so cruel right? Right?