Bryan Konietzko: Book 2’s Release Date will be Announced “Soon”

Mike and Bryan recently held an interview with the long running Avatar Fansite known as Avatar Spirits. In the interview, they discussed the many aspects of Book 1 and Book 2. It was towards the end, however, when things started to get interesting. After gently touching upon Book 2 and discussing Book 1, they eventually got into a more detailed discussion of Book 2 and the comics. The creators were cautious of not spoiling anything major, but they were eventually hit with the million dollar question. Like so many times before, they were asked about Book 2’s release date.

ASN: Finally, the question everyone wants to know: Any guess to when the second book will air?

Bryan Konietzko stepped in to answer the question and he responded with the simplest of words, “Soon.” I guess that’s better than later, right? This was Bryan’s exact response to the question was:

BK: Ha, the million dollar question. We will be announcing it soon. I know “soon” is the fans’ least favorite word, but it is better than “later.” The good news is we are getting very close to finally being able to share Book 2 with the fans and we are excited and relieved to do so.”

I suppose you could consider this Friday soon, right? Comic-Con 2013 is right around the corner and you can bet we’ll be receiving tons of information on the new season. But will the so called “million dollar question” be answered?

We can only hope.

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  • DunbansBiggestFanForever

    normally i’d be reluctant to get my hopes up but with Bryan himself saying we’ll get information “soon” that makes me a little more hopeful.

  • Kai

    I hope we see a date on Friday,fingers crossed. I really think we won’t be seeing book 2 until winter time though like around November or December.

  • Guest

    I’m still hooping for Aug/Sep

  • Felicia C

    I’m still hoping for Aug/Sep.

  • Aang

    This is the thing.. the release date is ‘soon’. The chances of Book 2 actually coming out ‘soon’? Very slim. At this point my earliest guess for the actual RELEASE is September.

    • Jason

      I don’t get why everyone thinks book 2 will come out so late. Book 2 is done already, all they have to do now is advertise it, and I know nickelodeon doesn’t take too long to advertise. Remember the Fairly Odd Parents season 9, I think they took 2 weeks max to advertise that and that’s one of nick’s favorite shows. I don’t think tlok is one of nick’s favorite because most of its viewers aren’t their general audience. Most of its viewers are gonna be waiting on comic con for content anyways, they only really need to advertise korra for a week leading to the release. Anything later than this they’re wasting their own time. Like if you agree.

      • Katie

        Season fucking 9? That show is crap.

    • Michelle M.

      I’m betting October.

  • Jonas

    In the interview, Bryan says he is “not taking the bait on this one”. Does anyone have any idea about what he has said already?

    • Katie

      Or what the hell he means…

  • Jason

    Well they also said that details of a flashback would be revealed at comic con, and they probably would’ve told us if they planned to reveal the release date. Besides, nickelodeon would be the first to tell the fandom about the release date. We’ll probably get it within the next two weeks and book 2 will start mid or late august.

    • Filmeditor16

      I don’t know about the August premiere date, August seems too soon, if you can believe it. Plus it seems August is a bad month for it to release, I’m thinking September or October,or at the very least December. At this point I’m dying just for a trailer. And a release date is a really really awesome bonus. Oh who am I kidding, I NEED A KORRA BOOK 2 RELEASE DATE!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Nightlock

        I still support Book 2 will premiering on mid/late August. At the maximum, it’d be early September. I think we’ll find out the release during Comic Con since he said “We’ll be announcing it soon”, and seeing as how there aren’t any major events after Comic Con during which to release the release date in.

        • Filmeditor16

          Alright, August would be an awesome month for a release, because its soon, next month. Cant wait for friday!

  • Pokefan9150

    At least Brian and Mike are aware that the fans are suffering for the release date, I’m sure they’ll announce it at San Diego’s Comic Con

  • Brendan

    I really hate how Nickelodeon never put on the re-runs of Book One… NEVER. They just put each episode on once. It’s one of their highest rated shows and they can’t even bother to put re-runs on? And yet they show idiotic twenty-three year-olds acting like five year toddlers (know what show I’m talking about?) over and over again (re-runs). Hopefully they’ll actually show re-runs for Book Two of the LOK, as half the time I was always too busy or forgot to watch Book One. I always had to buy them on iTunes to watch them. Anyway, hopefully we’ll get an ACTUAL release date, not a release date for the release date, or a month, etc.

    • Stephen

      Nicktoons does replay Book 1, but they only play one episode per night. Also, Dubhappy has every episode of both A:TLA and TLoK online for free.

      • Katie

        So does Keval I think. Somewhere on this site. But only LOK

    • Nefertirix

      Really? You PAID to watch the missed episodes? You can’t be serious… Can you…? You’re saying that you never ever heard of torrent? :DD Where do you come from? A cave?

      • Brendan

        I tried, but I could never find a torrent that actually loaded the video correctly. I had a slow internet connection then… I couldn’t really load long videos across the internet. I can watch them now on a torrent, but it’s not like I can get my money back from Apple.

        • Nefertirix

          It is not long, not even big. And you can always find the right one at TPB. It’s just weird that you wasted your money on something what can be get absolutely free. It’s like buying some sand in the desert. 😀 Foolish.

          • Dude

            Don’t pick on the guy. At least he gave Bryke some money, you don’t they wouldn’t make this show if they did it for free

          • Nefertirix

            You’re right, I shouldn’t pick on him, it’s not a nice thing to do. But you’re wrong if you think that if he pays on iTunes to watch the episodes his money actually goes to the creators. Oh, you’re so naive and you’re not alone unfortunately… But it’s another topic, so I stop right here and now.

  • Joshua

    I hope Mike and Bryan can comprehend the Hell that will insue if they don’t have a release date at Comic-Con

    • Keval

      Hell may be an understatement.

  • Swais

    In the first sentence, when Bryan says, ” We will be announcing it soon”, he means the release date. But later, when he says, “The good news is we are getting very close to finally being able to share Book 2 with the fans and we are excited and relieved to do so.” he means that Book 2 is going to be released SOON, not the release date. I’d say “soon” would be somewhere near August, NOT December.

  • Greenfire32

    I’m still holding out hope that the long wait for book 2 means the wait for book 3 will be super short/non-existent (optimistic I know)

  • Filmeditor16

    Can’t wait for Comic Con! I’m going to see a movie that day so I don’t go insane waiting for the news to leak between 11:15 and 12:15. And them when I get home, total freak out of joy and excitement that I will be sure to get on camera.

    • Katie

      And I will watch that freak attack and eat popcorn. I’m spending the whole day at an archery tournament- So I think i’m gonna be okay.

  • Falco

    I like this post; very concise and informative!

  • gil

    i love the legend of korra i wacht avery ipisode

  • Michelle M.

    Mike DiMartino: “I think seeing a teenage Tenzin and Beifong would be fun.” 😮

    • :(

      Yes, but sadly the question was about there being a possibility of TLOK comic books. And unfortunately, before that, Mike said that no TLOK comic books are in production, as of yet. It would be cool to see teenage tenzin and lin, even if it is a comic book and not an episode. It’s definitely a possibility-as Mike mentioned it- but probably won’t come out anytime soon…

      • Kai

        Yeah ,we might see that in book3 or book4

      • Michelle M.

        I know but it’s still cool to think about 😛

  • Korrafan81516

    OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!! I CAN”T WAIT!!!!!!

    • Katie

      “OH MY GOOSNESS!!!!!!!” What are you, Shirly Temple?

  • Linzin

    Details about signing at Comic Con release on Bryan’s tumblr, if anyone’s going.

  • Jason

    “MD: We have one major flashback planned for Book 2, the details of which which will be revealed at Comic-Con!”
    That’s also something to look forward to.

    • Katie

      Well, Soon technically IS comic con

  • MitchGunner

    The only thing that makes me think we may not get a release date at comic con, which would be ridiculous, is that Bryan said we’ll be seeing one “soon,” rather than saying we’ll be getting a release date at comic con. I mean, it was confirmed that there will be a trailer at comic con, so the fact that Bryan doesn’t say there will be a release date specifically at comic con is what is making me skeptical.

    • HaZardous

      Yeah, they even talked about the flashback details they’ll announce at the panel but the release date announcement is only “soon”…

  • Jackimus

    They were saying ‘soon’ ages ago.

  • Korra1225

    uh huh thats what they said 1 million times before this and what was our result… NOTHING, but this time i have a different feeling about announcements of book 2, cuz it’s at comic-con 😀

  • daniel yefru

    is the the korra panel saturday or friday? im confused

  • Poet Tree

    if only there was a censored and uncensored version of this show it would be amazing but…i can use my imagination i guess…LOL XD

  • DF


  • Swaroopa

    So I heard that they are going to be airing the first episode of Book 2 at Comic con on Friday! For those of us who can’t go there, that is so not fair!

  • joe

    GOD O_O I just saw a post that they would screen season 2 first episode at comic con!!!

    • Performer


      • joe

        I knoowww!!!! 😀 too bad I live far away from comic-con. oh well, in season 1 the released the first to episodes before, maybe they’ll release these as well 😀

  • Cecile

    They are screening the entire first episode at Comic-Con they revealed it on their facebook page

  • abrightgrayworld


    They’re screening the entire first episode at Comic-con!
    Holy cow!!!!!!!

  • cindy

    I cant wait no more so excited for what’s to come!!!!!!!!! LEGEND OF KORRA SEASON 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nicole Gilskilz

    Cansomeone there just record the first episode and put it on youtube or something?