Clip of Jinora in the Spirit World from Episode 10 ‘The Spiritual Age’

While we wait for episode 9 to premiere this Friday, a clip of Jinora entering the Spirit World in episode 10 ‘The Spiritual Age’ has finally surfaced. The clip was shown at NYCC 2013 several weeks ago, and Avatar Legends managed to upload it to YouTube for our viewing pleasure. Ever since the Book 2 trailer from SDCC 2013 made its way onto the internet, the fandom has been abuzz about a Spirit World journey involving both Korra and Jinora.

It took longer than I expected to get there, but we as fans will finally get to experience the journey a week from Friday. The clip is only 30 seconds long, but it’s a unique look at an episode that’s still two weeks away. It’ll be interesting to see how Jinora’s character grows as she’s thrown into the dangers of the Spirit World.

I expect Viacom to eventually take this clip down, so I recommend watching it as soon as possible:

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  • Nico

    This episode looks legit, but I need to focus on the one that comes out Friday first. Can’t get ahead of myself..

    • Makorraaa<3

      I agree. 😀 And this is kinda an old clip from like a few weeks ago

  • Kailee

    I saw this like two weeks ago

    • Trent

      Yeah me too.

    • Keval

      Yeah, it’s two weeks old but I never posted it.

  • Emily Anderson

    Can you not post these during school hours? I was in 7th period when my notifications went off, and I’m lucky I didn’t get my phone taken away! …Then again, I probably should have put it on vibrate…

    • Allen

      or turn your phone off during class.

      duh o.O

  • Kakashi

    Cant wait for this episode. Did studio MIr animated the eps.
    by the way thanks for posting the clip.

    • Spade

      No, Studio Perriot animated this episode. This is the last episode that they animated in the series.

      • Dman

        That’s not true…
        The last episode Perriot animates is episode 9 (The Guide). This is a clip from episode 10, where Mir returns to finish the series.

        • Spade

          Whoops! You’re right, I didn’t see it was an episode 10 clip. I thought it was from ep. 9. Guess I didn’t see the big title of the post titled, ” Clip of Jinora in the Spirit World from Episode 10 ‘The Spiritual Age’

          • Dman

            It’s all good :)

  • Wyatt

    Saw it weeks ago, but still nice to see again. I can’t wait for this episode.

  • daniel yefru

    the spirit world sucks the background and sky dont look that cool

    • locke

      this is a different part of the spirit world

  • Ian Almeida

    I’m sorry if it was mentioned before, but is Studio Mir also doing Book 3 or is Studio Perriot coming back to finish the series?

    • Keval

      Pierrot is history. Mir is taking over completely after Book 2.

      • Kakashi

        YES Studio Mir is back!!!! no offense to Studio Pierrot, it is just that Mir has more crisp clear animation.

        • Ian Almeida

          I agree, Thanks Keval!

  • Spade

    With Korra going back to Tenzin for help in this week’s episode, any predictions on what Unalaq’s relevance will be going forward?

  • ajames123

    At the end of Beginnings 2, By the speed korra ride that bison,i thought She will fly right into the heavily guarded Southern water tribe, and close the southern spirit portal.

    • Karlyn

      I kno right.

  • InternalMeaning

    I was hoping Korra and Jinora would explore the spirit world together, but everything I’ve seen (trailers, etc.) points to them being somehow split up, perhaps after Godzilla swallows them whole. Jinora seems to go to the library alone.

    • Kailee

      I know right. And I’m also excited to see Mako and Bolin in the Spirit World! 😀

      • mizu

        mako?! he’s there? how did that happen last i seen he didn’t even know whether korra was dead or alive cuz he was sucking face with asami

  • Petecaca

    Is’nt the episode 10, it’s the 9

  • ChoOhana

    Ah they took it down stupid Viacom!:(
    But I think I saw it in the book 2 trailer? Yeah I don’t know!XD
    I just hope it preimers this Friday since they canaclled last Friday!:(

    P.S Sorry for my crappy spelling!^.^;

    • LOKlover

      It wasn’t in the trailer.

    • redpandapuppy

      The video still works.

  • Hec

    Really, I’m fed up with waiting. Friday, Y U NO COMING!?!!

    I’m really expectant of this friday’s episode. I’ve got the feeling it will be much better than the other not Wan-related episodes (which were 10/10), making up the rather boring Peacekeepers episode.

    PD: I now this is non-related, but is it correct to say “fed up of” instead of “fed up with”? Sorry for asking it but is really bothering me xD. Sorry for my English.

    • Slingy

      hmm thats a good question, i think most of the time “fed up with” sounds better, but it doesn’t seem like there’s any reason why, in circumstances where it would make more sense to say “of” rather than “with”, that “fed up of” can’t be used. Well at least thats what I”m guessing

  • Kailee

    Are the last two episodes of LOK going to premiere together or separately?

    • Alex

      Hopefully they’ll premiere it together. I remember when ATLA’s last episodes premiered together… and it just flowed better and made everything more epic! Same with book 1 of LOK. 😀

    • AvatarVishal

      All Avatar/Korra season finales always are a 1-hour special of the last 2 episodes, except ATLA book 3 finale which was a 4-parter/2-hour special.

  • Nico

    The track team just posted that the penultimate episode for korra this book is pretty epic. I can’t wait.

  • mmlp

    How can Unalaq bend in the spirit world when in Avatar no one can bend while in the spirit world?

    • Jackimus

      Only people that entered the spirit world via the spirit portal(s) are able to bend.