Dragons are Back in Legend of Korra Book 3, but where did they Come From?

In the recently released Book 3 clip, we witnessed a red Dragon soaring through the skies of the Avatar World.

Aside from the fact that it could be Zuko who is riding on the neck of the Dragon, that particular scene was a huge reveal because it confirmed that Dragons have made their way back into the public eye.

After years of secrecy, mostly due to precaution, Dragons will once again make their presence notable in Book 3. The original practicers of firebending will now have the ability to show all firebenders the true meaning of firebending.

As you may recall, it was Uncle Iroh who allowed Dragons to live in peace and secrecy. During the Avatar: The Last Airbender episode, titled The Firebending Masters, Zuko informed Aang that his Uncle had killed off the last Dragon. It wasn’t until the two met the Sun Warriors when they were informed that Uncle Iroh was telling a lie. Iroh publicized the lie that he had killed the last Dragon in order to ensure that no one would hunt and kill them anymore.

Since that shocking reveal, Dragons had lived in secrecy – until now. In the Book 3 clip, a character resembling an aged Zuko is seen riding a Dragon. But where did the Dragon come from? From what I can tell, there are two places where the red Dragon could have come from. The first one should be a familiar sight to Avatar fans.

Sun Stone that Zuko picks up.

Sun Stone that Zuko picks up.

The Sun Stone that Zuko stole was considered a treasure, but it wasn’t necessarily a jewel like it was made out to be. When Zuko grabbed ahold of the Sun Stone, he said that it felt alive. Let’s see: strange gold object shaped like an egg, feels alive, and resides in an area where Ran and Shaw live – it must be a Dragon egg!

My theory is that the red Dragon depicted in the Book 3 clip came from the Dragon egg that Zuko picked up. And, thus, it would make complete sense that Zuko is riding the Dragon that he picked up in egg-form.

For all we know, the Dragon could have chosen Zuko solely because it was familiar with his touch.

The second way this red Dragon could have entered the Avatar World is through the Spirit Portal. Perhaps the Dragon is actually a Spirit? If you ask me, it’s not a likely possibility but it’s still a possibility nonetheless. Just as Book 2 had ties to the Spirit World, Book 3 will also be heavily tied to the Spirit World. Spirits will roam the Physical World, so we as viewers need to get used to the idea that many of Book 3’s characters will be Spirits.

Out of both of these options, I’m fairly certain that the red Dragon from the Book 3 clip came from the Sun Stone that Zuko picked up. It all makes sense since the potential of Zuko riding that particular Dragon is there.

I suppose the Dragon could have come from an ordinary Dragon’s egg that wasn’t a Sun Stone, but that would be a bit anti-climactic in my opinion. Tying the origin story of the red Dragon to Avatar: The Last Airbender would be far more captivating. And if there’s one thing we’ve learned about the writers, it’s that they love making Avatar: The Last Airbender references.

Where do you think the red Dragon came from?

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  • DigitalBlawks

    I just want Zuko back. That’s all. 😀

    • http://avatarthelegendofkorraonline.com/ Keval

      I feel ya. I’m almost positive he’s coming back.

      • Naruto

        When I looked at the dragon in the end REALLY slowly (space-space to pause frame by frame), I saw someone riding it who looked like the bearded man in the picture we saw- who we speculate to be Zuko.

        • Loklover

          These are some screenshots from Tumblr of Zuko. I believe the man on top of the dragon is Zuko 😀

      • Legama

        Hey Keval, if Zuko is going to be back, why do you think he will make his appearance? Could it have something to do with the Earth Queen?

    • mastermike890

      exactly! Plus I’d like to know more about Zuko’s daughter the Fire Lady.

      • Kai

        Yes i want to know how the fire nation and earth kingdom has changed over time and if Mai and Ty Lee are still alive

  • Kai

    This season looks like it will the best yet already,I can’t wait.

  • Eliminator

    That’s my prediction as well. I even rewatched the ATLA episode after seeing the trailer. Very happy about the return of dragons, I always have admired these creatures!

  • Quac

    The eggsplanation (seewhatIdidthere?) is a good one, but I think Iroh (Uncle, not Zuko’s son) might be involved too. From ATLA, we know he was called Dragon of the West because he defeated the last dragon (which was confirmed to be a lie, as explained in the post). But we also know that Iroh had a link with the Spirit World. Maybe his return to the Spirit World as we’ve seen in Book 2 of TLOK may have resulted in him communicating with the Dragons, and telling them that it was a safe time to reveal themselves to humans again, because there is finally someone who understands them and the real way of Firebending (that ”someone” being Zuko).

  • lilar

    We shouldn’t presume that the dragons are back since we only saw ONE (i think)

    • http://avatarthelegendofkorraonline.com/ Keval

      I’m saying that Dragons are back in the public eye. There’s no secrecy with them anymore.

      • lilar


  • Legama

    Well, there were two dragons when Zuko and Aang met the Sun Warriors, maybe they just “did the thing” and ta da more dragons.

    • https://www.fanfiction.net/u/4497804/ TheGeekyWriter

      HAH funny lol but maybe you might have a point on that, or maybe they found other dragons like they found the heard of sky bison like Aang did… idk it’s actually hard to accept my theory

    • Link9150

      Dragons lay eggs.

      • umm

        You do realize that creatures that ‘lay eggs’ still have to sexually reproduce to fertilize those eggs, right?

        • Link9150

          Ok then.

  • numnum

    If Zuko IS in Book 3 and becomes Korra’s friend of sorts, then the phrase, “Some friendships are so strong, they can even transcend lifetimes” would be even more true. Roku-Gyatso-Aang-Zuko-Korra.

    Also, Tenzin and Zuko (and his daughter, the “firelady”) should be MAJOR friends because Aang probably raised Tenzin, Kya, and Bumi with Zuko’s daughter.

    • WaterTribeGuy

      What about Katara?

    • numnum

      See what I mean?

  • Link9150

    There were still two dragons back in ATLA. They could have laid eggs during those 70 years and who knows? Maybe these dragons are still alive as well.

  • Link9150

    Does anyone here also thinks that we might get a cameo from the Sun Warriors? Could they still be in touch with Zuko? Could they have integrated the Fire Nation since it is now a peaceful nation that has forgot its power-hungry ways? And are they tied with the White Lotus?

  • Cookie

    Well the Sky Bison were also thought to be extinct…..

  • m

    If zuko comes back, and is the same voice..I’m going to kill someone.
    Hated Iroh this season, sounded like a 14 year old boy.. didn’t fit for captain of the republic guard and if its now going to be the same voice as an 80 year old Nan. Pls

    • Quac

      I’m pretty sure they won’t do that, Katara’s and Aang’s voiceactors aren’t the same ones as in ATLA.