Episode 1 and 2 of Book 2 will Premiere Together on September 13th

According to the trusted fan site NickandMore, Nickelodeon will premiere the first two episodes of Book 2 together on September 13th. The network did the same thing during the premiere of Book 1 last year, so it seems to be a trend that Nickelodeon plans on continuing. As noted some time ago, the first two episodes will be titled ‘Rebel Spirit’ and ‘The Southern Lights’. Nickelodeon will return to airing single episodes of the Legend of Korra the following Friday at 7 pm EST – the new time slot for the series.

Even though this information could still be categorized as unconfirmed, there’s a high probability that it’s accurate for the sole reason that NickandMore is a credible source. They’ve been reporting news through an anonymous source since 2006 and have gained credibility over the years.

The owner of the site may have come across as a bit arrogant last week on Twitter, but there is no doubt in my mind that he or she is trustworthy when it comes to information like this.

I’d hate to be on the wrong side of the backlash if this information turns out to be incorrect, but I don’t think NickandMore will have anything to worry about.

On a side note, as you may have noticed, I changed the theme of this blog. Please comment any bugs or changes you’d like to see. We’re still working out the kinks, but we launched it early so we could get some reader input.

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  • 2147

    Awesome! Can’t wait!

  • Joshua

    Only the premiere and the finale should premiere together. Think about it: Episode 1 & 2 and 13 & 14 in one week along with both parts of Civil Wars premiering in 1 week and Beginnings premiering in one week. The Book would only be roughly 2 1/2 months long!

    • MitchGunner

      I was thinking about that as well. If Nick plans on airing all the 2-parters together, then there will be a lot of hour long days of Korra. It sort of makes me think that they’ll only air the premiere and finale together and we’ll have to watch Civil Wars Part 1 and 2 (if it isn’t the finale) and Beginning 1 and 2 on separate days.

      • Jason

        That’d suck waiting for part 2 of civil wars or beginning over a week.

        • Michelle M.

          Yeah but I would rather wait one week than one year! Even though the wait for book 3 won’t be as long I still want it to be as short as possible.

    • Aeri

      True, but look at it from this perspective: If Korra finishes faster, that means that we’ll have more time to oogle over the new episodes + old episodes until book 3 comes out, and more time to get the third book news. If I had all of Season 2 to watch 20 times over, then the next few months will go by a lot faster, along with the anticipation of getting a stalker’s point of view into the Beifong family/earthbending in book 3!

  • Korra1225

    oh yehhh can’t wait to see some action!!!!, whooooo 😀

  • Req

    Wow, it’s awesome to be bombarded with news all of a sudden. I think this does kind of make up for the the year or so we spent in the dark.
    Is it possible to just skip the remaining days of august? September needs to hurry up and get here.
    Also, thanks to Keval for keeping us up to date on Korra news. It’s always awesome to see this Site at the top of the Google search.

    • http://avatarthelegendofkorraonline.com/ Keval

      No problem, Req. If only it would stay at the top of the Google search engine results! Lots of fluctuations in Google lately.

      • MightyMatt

        Its not at the top for me, but it used to be ,and this is the only site I visit. :s

        • http://avatarthelegendofkorraonline.com/ Keval

          Yeah I’m being outranked by bigger sites like IGN. They’re writing about Korra now too so I have a lot bigger competition now.

          • Ace

            As long as it stays on the first page I think we can all be happy. One day this site moved to page 2. I’m not sure I’ve ever gone beyond the first page of Google results ever before in my life.

          • MitchGunner

            When it comes to Korra news and updates, this sight is unmatched. IGN only does reviews of the episodes and the occasional BIG news. This sight will have it’s own episode reviews soon, along with recaps, and any news on the current or upcoming season. You will not only match IGN in content, you will greatly exceed them. IMO, you’ve got all the completion already beat, so don’t get so down on yourself Keval… you’re doing an excellent job! :)

  • Ace

    I just hope they’re right, and it would make sense for the first two episodes to air together. In my mind, more Korra=perfection.

  • Jim

    I misread this as “Book 2 and Book 3 will premier together”. The actual news makes more sense.

    • http://avatarthelegendofkorraonline.com/ Keval

      I would expect Book 3 to air about 6 months after Book 2, but more on that in the next offseason.

  • chewgum

    I like the theme of your blog and good wacthing for the episodes! i have to wait to see them in italian!

    • http://avatarthelegendofkorraonline.com/ Keval

      Thanks! Glad you like it.

      • chewgum

        An advice to make your blog at top?
        you could enter the scan of the comics of avatar for example the search ecc…

        • http://www.performerfx.de/ PerformerFX

          Actually we don’t care about the comics. We’re LegendOfKorra only. So changing the header and integrating comics won’t make sense!

  • Pokefan9150

    It would be awesome, since everyone already saw the first episode, even though not everyone went to Comic Con.

  • Derrick

    I have to say, Nick is surprising me more and more. I have to go back and apologize to a member of this community because I literally told her not to get her hopes up because the chances of nickelodeon doing this was VERY unlikely. I would never have thought they would do this twice. The more I try to not get my hopes up, nick amazingly proves me wrong countless of times. I hate to get my hopes up, but Nick is literally making me excited for Book 2 more and more. Now, I honestly can’t wait to see this book. I still don’t know if it will be the greatest book of them all, but after the breathtaking trailer and nick continuously surprising me with news like this, I have a feeling book 2 might be amazing.

  • Katie

    Sounds awesome! I can’t wait to… Oh crap, I have to record the second episode. Oh well, I’ll be able to watch it when I get home. I’m so excited!!!!!!!!!!

    Btw, LOVE the theme.

  • Emily

    Sweet! 😀 Last year, I couldn’t tune in to watch LOK because the Sat. morning time slot interfered with my dance schedule. My Fridays are completely empty, though, so this time slot is perfect! Thank you, Nickelodeon! (Wow, never thought I’d say that last year!)

    • http://www.performerfx.de/ PerformerFX

      It’s a NIGHTMARE for me. The morning timeslot at 11 was 5 pm in Germany. Perfect for the european people. Now it’s at 7/8C which means Midnight/1 AM in europe. I have to make a video every friday at 2 AM. Yeah.. Thanks Nickelodeon… ~.~

      • Hi

        That stinks! My friend was just on vacation in Germany.

  • http://www.performerfx.de/ PerformerFX

    DUDES AND DULADIES. There is our new Livechat —>
    You have the right to actually USE IT 😀

    If you don’t see any chat right there press F5 or reload the page.

    Thanks :)

  • Coleman

    I much prefer your site Keval, you’ve been the only source of information the entire wait. So I will continue to only use your site.
    IGN can suck it

  • korra81516

    Love the new site look!!! I can’t wait till the 2 new episodes!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kyle Edgecomb

    Oh good, i hope this does happen, cause for an opening premiere to last 20 minutes is not enough for a season opener

  • FAS

    I think this very well to convey two chapters, so we will have a full hour of Korra after a year of waiting. And I would ask you a question you guys who think they will be the antagonist of this book 2? because they think they are the cousins ​​of Korra and her uncle, not the dark spirit that appears in chapter one as he was defeated in a short time to play the role of the main antagonist. I think it may possibly be other spirits more evil or creepy person who drives the spirits or not, you say.

    Sorry for my terrible English, what happens is that I’m from
    El Salvador and I used the Google translator … Greetings.

    • Kataangshipper

      The antagonist? I’ll put money on the dark spirit. I mean, the season is called “Book 2: Spirits”

  • Melanie R.

    Talk about a GREAT birthday present for me! 😀

    • No.

      Me too. 😮

  • Me

    Do you know how things change from first to 6th on a Google search?

    • http://avatarthelegendofkorraonline.com/ Keval

      I’m being outranked by YouTube videos, IGN and Yahoo articles. Before I was the only person writing about the Legend of Korra. Now I have competition because lots of entertainment sites are writing about Korra.

      I went from about 15,000 views a day to 11,000-12,000 views a day. So, yeah, it’s been pretty bad.

  • Hi

    Hey Keval, I one thing I’m having trouble with is that it doesn’t show the new posts the only reason I found this post is beacause I opened a new page on my phone.

    • http://avatarthelegendofkorraonline.com/ Keval

      I’m a little confused as to what your issue is. Are you saying that the site home page isn’t showing the latest post?

      • Hi

        Yeah it only says popular posts and one was all the way from September 2012

      • Hi

        And it doesn’t come up when I refresh the page,maybe I’m missing somthing but I looked everywhere

  • daniel yefru

    25 days left ^^

  • daniel yefru

    god the thing i hated about the trailer is……STUDIO PIRREOT SUCKS DICK!…..its my opinion jsut sayin

    • daniel yefru

      its just pir makes the trailer allitle bit wierd kinda naruto part….im just glad we wont be getting this bs from pir in book 3 :)

  • Me

    Do any of you have any idea what book 3 and 4 will be called?

    • Clara

      I heard book 3 would be called “Metal” some time ago, but that was just a rumor. However, it was revealed not long ago that book 3 would heavily feature Lin and her family and focus on earthbending, so it definitely seems like a possibility :)

  • Me

    Do any of you have any idea of what book three and four will be called? Please reply

  • Segfault

    I like the new theme. It’s much more readable.

  • Clara

    I heard a rumor that half of book 2 would air in 2013 while the other half would air in 2014. Does anyone know if that’s true? If it is, could someone post a source?