Four new Book 2 Episode Titles Released; Beginnings Part 1 & 2 to be 1 Hour Special

Earlier today, the titles for episodes 9-12 of Book 2 were finally released. We also received some information regarding Book 2’s episode scheduling. First off, episodes 9-12 of Book 2 are titled as followed: The Guide, A New Spiritual Age, Night of a Thousand Stars and Harmonic Convergence. Just to recap, next week’s episode is titled Peacekeepers and then we have The Sting, Beginnings – Part 1 and Beginnings Part 2. The scheduling up until The Sting will be normal, but after that, things get a bit wonky.

Nickelodeon will be airing Beginnings – Part 1 & 2 together on October 18th as a 1 hour marathon. To compensate for premiering two episodes in one day, there will be a break between Beginnings – Part 2 and The Guide, so The Guide will premiere on November 1st.

With Beginnings – Part 1 premiering early at New York Comic Con 2013, I’d say this is a good move for Nickelodeon who is clearly worried about the series’ ratings.

Assuming Beginnings – Part 1 leaks (it probably will), fans will likely tune in a watch the episode on its actual premiere anyways just because it’s a two part episode. Leaks don’t usually affect ratings too much, but with Book 2 down over 1 million viewers, Nickelodeon won’t take any chances.

Aside from defending against possible leaks, airing Beginnings – Part 1 & 2 together is sort of expected just because it’s a two part episode. Two part episodes generally air together so it was a bit curious when the initial schedule showed these two episodes premiering separately.

I wonder of these episodes will have a Halloween feel to it? ‘The Puppetmaster’ from Avatar: The Last Airbender was a genius episode, in my opinion, and I’d love to see another episode similar to that one.

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  • Aeri

    The puppetmaster was a halloween episode? It certainly fit the role, but I doubt they calculated it to air that specific time range, near the end of oct.
    At the episode names, whoo! I’m glad they’re released + extra happy that we’re getting so many 2 part episodes.

    • Wyatt

      I believe “The Swamp” was also a Halloween themed episode.

    • Kyle Edgecomb

      Well actually, they probably just decided to air it on halloween because of its creepy plot

  • Muggle

    I saw the new episode titles on TV Tropes! I really can’t wait to see what’s in store for the rest of book 2.

  • Hi

    Yes! I love 1 hour specials!

  • Hi

    Wait I thought they were showing part 1 at NYCC, you said part 2 was probably going to leak.

    • Keval

      Typo. Fixed.

      • Hi

        Do you think The Legend of Korra will be put on Netflix? I don’t know if you know anything about how Netflix works and stuff but I remember a long time ago how you posted about Avatar The Last Airbender was going to be taken of Netflix(which I literally almost cried) so I would just like your opinion it thought on when and if it will be put on.

        • Kyle Edgecomb

          Its wierd, cause i still have avatar on netflix

          • Hi

            Is it on instant

        • Keval

          Netflix’s contract ran out with Nickelodeon so until they renew it, LoK won’t come to Netflix. I don’t think there are any plans to renew it because they just let it run out a few months ago. I think LoK will come to Amazon Instant, though, if it isn’t already on it.

          • Aangfan61

            It was already on Amazon Prime last time I checked but you have to pay up to $3 for every individual episode.

  • Nico

    A new spiritual age sounds epic

  • Aangfan61

    The Sting is airing on Nicktoons on Oct. 9! That’s what it said on my DIRECTV guide. I thought you said they weren’t gonna put it on Nicktoons. I can’t watch it on Nicktoons since I don’t have it. I hope this is a mistake.

  • Ace

    While I am very glad that Beginnings Part 1 and 2 will be airing together, I wish they wouldn’t skip a week. I need my Korra, but I understand why it is happening.

    The episode names are interesting. The ones that I really want to see are “A New Spiritual Age” and “Harmonic Convergence”. All of the new episode titles sound like they will have a spiritual theme, but those two really strike me as different. I simply cannot wait to find out what will happen in those episodes.

    • Kyle Edgecomb

      If you recall in book one, there was a break between episode 7 and 8

  • Dawn

    The Sting and Night of a Thousand Stars sound really interesting to me. I hope some of these episodes have a Halloween feel to it. I love Halloween feeling episodes in shows. So glad beginnings part 1 and 2 are airing together. Cant wait for all these new episodes :)

    • Muggle

      Night of a Thousand Stars sounds like it will have some gorgeous scenery. I really want to see that episode too.

  • Pokefan9150

    Couldn’t be happier T.T

  • MG

    While all of you are excited about Book 2. Let’s not forget about Aang.

    “The Search Part 3″ is coming on 30 Oct.

    • Pokefan9150

      The ending will be disappointing. Trust me. KorraSpirit told the ending… and it wasn’t good. Won’t spoil though.

      • Kailee

        Why is it disappointing? Is it that bad?

        • Pokefan9150

          I won’t tell you publicly in order not to spoil the ending for the other readers. KorraSpirit deleted most of her/his videos, so i can’t show you how it ends. If there’s anyway I can PM you to tell you how it ends tell me.

  • Katie

    Night of a Thousand Stars sounds really interesting.

    • chewgum


      • LOKlover

        Hell yea….. 😀

      • Katie

        Makorra went splat :(

        New favorite quote:

        “This is nothing. You should have seen Air Temple Island when Tenzin broke up with me.”


    The Search Part 3:


    • daniel yefru

      this guy is acutally right acording to info from korraspirt but dude not cool from spoiling it

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