Grey DeLisle Hints at Treat for Legend of Korra Fans over the Summer – Will Book 2 Release by Then?

Yesterday afternoon, Grey DeLisle (voice of The Dark Spirit and an unknown Book 3 character) used Twitter to rejuvenate a fan base that has been left in the dark for almost a year now. The tweet, full of puns all referring to The Legend of Korra, was a direct message to the fan base explaining that a “treat” should be expected this Summer. Did I mention that the tweet was deleted? I love it when executives get in the way with voice actors/actresses tweeting. All it does is confirm that we’ve been exposed to some high level news. You can see a screen shot of the tweet at the bottom of the post.

By the time this news broke yesterday afternoon, I had already posted about the Book 3 storyboard art depicting Asami and I was just about on my way out the door to enjoy my Friday afternoon/night. When I got home at around midnight, I checked my phone to find numerous e-mails/tweets essentially telling me that Book 2 would air in the Summer.

And what was the basis of this “confirmation?” The tweet, of course! I wrote a post earlier talking about how The Legend of Korra fandom will pretty much take any release date they may hear about and run with itno matter how unrealistic it may seem. Though a Summer release date is realistic, this is probably just another one of those cases.

Let me bring all of you down to Earth.

Before you get the assumption that I am completely discrediting the possibility of a Summer release date, understand that I am not. Grey’s tweet could very well mean that Book 2 will release this Summer, but to assume that this tweet confirms a Summer release date is a little silly.

It’s important to look at all possibilities, just as we did with the Track Teams’ cryptic tweet about Book 2 news.

When I think “treat”, I think trailer. And when I think about the Summer in terms of The Legend of Korra, I think about Comic-Con. I think it’s fair to assume that most of the fandom is expecting some sort of trailer during Comic-Con. So could a Book 2 trailer be the “treat” that Grey is referring to?


But is that confirmed?


Interpreting this tweet is really a matter of opinion – there is no right or wrong interpretation. You could interpret it as Book 2 premiering during the Summer or you could interpret it as a possibility that we’ll receive a Book 2 trailer over the Summer.

But understand that this tweet confirms nothing; it just opens up the realm of possibilities for this Summer, which is looking to be a very exciting time for Legend of Korra fans.

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  • daniel yefru


  • daniel yefru

    if there isnt a trailer in early june then its LATE summer :( i hope the first day of june comes out we might get something

  • Chris Brauer

    Also let me point out that the official Nickelodeon twitter account responded on Grey’s tweet with, “Hmmm, what ever do you mean? ;)” But like the original it too has been deleted.

    • Keval

      Thanks for letting me know, I didn’t hear about that tweet.

      • josh

        Keval, do me a favor and delete this after you read it so i do not get a
        bunch of retarded questions asked. I had something to tell you, I was
        lookin for your email cause I didn’t want to say it where it could be
        openly seen. I am apprehensive to say anything at all in case somehow it
        turns out wrong, so i will just keep it to a really vague detail. a
        member of my extended family works for a company (one related to the
        company in question) as a distribution manager, this person recently married into my mothers side of the fam, well, i was talking to her today about plans to visit, and
        since she works for a related company i started asking her questions.
        she didnt know herself, hence she works for a company that is only
        related to “the company in question”, but she asked someone and relayed
        to me that they could not say, but they know what was being tweeted
        about, and that it is not bs or a ruse. we really are finally going to
        be brought back into the light after a year of being in the dark, and
        sooner than we might think. that is what was relayed to me. i tried and
        tried to dig out more, but i just got laughed at in my desperation and
        was told to “wait and see, it won’t be long.” anyways, i know it really isnt anything, but i am glad to know it isnt b.s. this time.

      • Katie

        It isn’t going to premiere in the Summer. Actually, I think I read one of your posts that speculated Fall. I also read another of your posts mentioning the new Nick lineup. Most of that isn’t premiering until Fall, and you also said that Korra Book 2 will probably be a spark to start that. Which means, Fall. I’ve heard of three new shows premiering in the summer, and I think along with that will come the Korra trailer

  • Erin

    When is the comic con anyway? I want to know when the suspected trailer MIGHT come out.

    • Keval

      Towards the end of July.

      • Melanie R.

        July 18th-21st, with preview night being on the 17th. 😀

  • Mac

    I don’t think it will air but I think that this “treat” could be a trailer and the release date. Its been a long time since we’ve got any news worth writing home to. We shall see.

  • Filmeditor16

    They obviously know something we have not been aware of, and what makes me think that is the fact Nickelodeon responded with that, “What ever do you mean?” And now both tweets have been deleted. It could be Grey will be on a Korra panel with the creators at SDCC and she knows what they are releasing at the panel? Idk we just won’t know until it actually happens but right now, I would bet cash that they will release a trailer and or date at SDCC.

  • Dchpavatarlocked

    Are you going to comic con?

    • Keval

      Nope. I’ll have to find someone who is and get them to Live-Tweet me.

  • Melanie R.

    When I sent Grey a tweet saying that the treat was either Book 2 airing this summer, or a Korra panel at San Diego Comic Con 2013 (SDCC), she did favorite it. I think that the latter is possible, and that Book 2 will air this Fall. :)

    • Keval

      Yeah I tweeted her saying that it was most likely a Trailer at SDCC and she favorited it. But I didn’t think too much of it because she favorites almost any tweet that she is mentioned in.

    • andrew

      she favourites every tweet

  • Jay

    Dang, this is why I try to stay ignorant of new shows for at least 3 years – by the time I start watching I can sit down and burn through a few seasons in a couple weeks :)

    Great job on the news and updates, thank you!

  • DunbansBiggestFanForever

    honestly i’m not getting my hopes up, for all we know it could be just another stupid q and a. remember anime matsuri-con? …yeah….me too….

  • Keval

    Josh, I read and deleted your comment. If you’d like to send me more detail:

    I’m interested in hearing more.

    • josh

      oh ok thanks. yeah i really didnt want anyone askin questions, not that there was really anything to ask, but you got the blog site, you know how some people are. I donthave any time at the second but ill email you tommorrow with more specifics. There really isnt too much more than what i wrote, what i wrotewas the jist of it, but i’ll tell you exactly what was said tomorrow.

  • crystalline

    Well as of now i have high hopes that book 2 will air mid to late august. There will obviously be a trailer or release date at the comic con.

  • crystalline

    Well as of now i have high hopes that book 2 will air mid to late august. There will obviously be a trailer or release date at the comic con.

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