First Four Episode Titles of Book 2 Supposedly Discovered According to NickandMore

The first four episode titles of Book 2 have supposedly been confirmed, according to NickandMore. Their twitter account states that the episodes will be titled: Rebel Spirit, The Southern Lights, and Civil Wars (Part 1& 2). NickandMore has not cited any source yet, so it’s still yet to be determined if this information is trustworthy. From what I’ve seen so far, NickandMore has been a fairly reliable source for all things Nickelodeon thus far so I’d be surprised if they’re making this up.

This information will never truly be official until it’s confirmed by a credible source such as Mike, Bryan or Nickelodeon. Until then, we’ll simply have to wait. Numerous people have reached out to NickandMore asking for their source, so we’re still waiting on a response from them.

While we wait for official confirmation, we can always question the validity of these titles for ourselves:

It didn’t take a genius to figure out that episode 1 is titled Rebel Spirit so I’m not even going to get into that. But the title for the second episode, The Southern Lights, makes a lot of sense to me.

The image above was a screen shot released at Comic-Con last year. This scene never showed up in Rebel Spirit, so it must be a future scene from one of the Water Tribes. Could this be the Southern Lights the episode title is referring too?

The next two episodes are titled Civil Wars Part 1 and Civil Wars Part 2, respectively. This actually makes a lot of sense considering the Enhanced Experience iBook confirmed that Tronaq and Unalaq would go to war at some point. Maybe this two-part episode will be the time frame in which that war takes place?

This is just food for thought, I suppose. I’ll update this post when we get more information on the news. Until then, what are your thoughts on these possible episode titles?

Update: NickandMore used Twitter to announce that they will not be revealing their source. They essentially said that people need to learn to trust them since they’ve been around since 2006. Yeah – I really hope they’re wrong.

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  • Katie

    Sounds like it. I was wondering about that image, and it popped into my head as soon as I read The Southern Lights. I wouldn’t be surprised if The Southern Lights possibly was a pre-war ritual of the people of SWT, giving off bright lights to signify some sort of spiritual belief or something. Giving that the next two are entitled The Civil Wars, I’m willing to bet that it is in fact a pre-war ritual of the Southern Water Tribe. I rest my case.

    • Narb

      Doubt it

      • Katie

        This coming from a guy named Narb?

        • Req

          Who cares what his username is?

  • Michelle M.

    I just saw this on IG and I immediately checked here :P Anyway, I think they seem reliable… But you can’t trust anyone these days >:(

    • ChoOhana

      Yes I argee with you! But let’s keep our fingers crossed:)

  • hmmm

    A part 1 and 2 of something definitely sounds like a finale title…that’s what they did in the first season of ATLA, which does relate to the Water Tribe and a war…

  • interesting

    This could well be a possibility to the names although i think a civil war would be a good season finale…

    • John

      You could be right… Just think about it: Korra fought Amon in Book 1 and the season finale had her defeat him, he was the main villian, but in book 2, all the spirits are the villains, so it would be a good season finale

  • MitchGunner

    Sounds credible to me. I’m truly excited!

  • MitchGunner

    This would explain why Iroh would be in the 3rd and 4th episodes!!! The United Forces would definitely be involved if such a conflict was aroused.

    • Bella

      Is iroh supposed to be in episodes 3 & 4?

      • Keval

        Yes. One of the two.

        • ahmed omer

          man thats wesome

  • ChoOhana

    Man now I’m even more excited!!! I wonder if they’ll post a trailer or not. Makes me wonder!^_^

  • daniel yefru

    there cant be a major episode just 3 episodes after book 2 started

    • Fire Fairy

      It was like that with Book 1. Episode 3 was “The Revelation,” when Bolin gets kidnapped and Korra first meets Amon. LoK has been much more condensed than AtlA, so they don’t waste any time getting to the main plot.

      • HaZardous

        But seriously, there’s not even time for a buildup to this. We know the first episode has nothing big foreshadowing this, so it’s basically just the 2nd episode for a buildup for something this big.

        Either the Civil War is not that groundbreaking a thing so it could be fitted in the 3rd episode itself, or the titles are off.

      • daniel yefru

        yea but how bout a episode that has 2 parts …… and a civil war just 3 fucking episodes

  • Sibis

    It sounds like there are going to be time skips again.

    A Civil War, it’s going to be bad for Bolin. Does he stay loyal to Eska or not? He should stay with Eska.

    • MitchGunner

      But if he stayed with Eska, he would likely be on the opposite side of the war as his friends. Unless Eska turns out to be truly worth it, I think they will be separated by the conflict.

      • Sibis

        If Bolin should side with Eska. It’ll add a better level to the story by having one of their own switching sides on the conflict.

        It would also show how far Bolin would go for Eska.

  • Hi

    This whole water tribe civil war thing is somthing I would like to see because water bending duels always are awesome like the one between katara and paku. I decided to wait to watch rebel spirit on the premier day so I don’t now Much about the photos and stuff

  • Filmeditor16

    It sounds very intriguing, I am falling more and more in love with The Legend of Korra even if the whole thing has not aired yet. I am just excited at this point.

    • J05hJ40

      im with you on that

      • ahmed omer

        me too they always have a great story

  • Erin

    Hey is it true that in season 2 that a group called the dragon men which consist of yakon’s old gang are going to be trying to assassinate korra? I read it on avatar wiki and I have no idea if its right

    • Joe

      Probably not seeing as yakon’s men would most likely be too old to even consider bending against the avatar, plus there’s been no mention on this as far as I’m aware

    • Keval

      You probably read a fan-fic.

    • MitchGunner

      I ran into that a while back… it’s fan-fic for sure. It was kind of a silly concept anyways.

    • Erin

      Thanks for clarifying!

  • John

    Hey did anybody realize that the majority of episode titles for Avatar: The Last Airbender began with the word “The”….. Like for intense: The Western Air Temple, The Firebending Masters, The Boiling Rock, The Southern Raiders, The Ember Island Players, The Pheonix King, The Old Masters, etc.

    • MitchGunner

      Yeah, there was a lot of that in season 3, but there weren’t as many in seasons 1 and 2.

  • Allen

    but why would something like that happen so quickly though? even book 1 had a long buildup to the war in Republic City.

    or maybe the civil war is just a small part of the book- or a backdrop or something. maybe its consequences drive the rest of the book

    • Derrick

      That’s what I was thinking too. If the civil war epsiodes came so early, it must be because the reactions and the aftermath will have consequences on the other characters and advance the plot more and then maybe get solved toward the end of the book.

      • MitchGunner

        That would be interesting. Having the Civil Wars episodes are toward the beginning of the season could be a way of opening up the rest of the season for the aftermath. There may not even be as large of a confrontation for the rest of the season. The creators have used this format before in individual episodes and it has paid off in spades. For example, the episode “The Southern Raiders” has it’s big action sequence in the opening minutes, which is a good action sequence, and the rest of the episode takes on a much more subtle approach with Katara’s struggle, which is actually the much more interesting and dramatic portion of the episode. Rather than having the action in the end, they put in the beginning and let the truly character-driven conflicts take over. We could either being seeing this with Book 2′s structure, or it could be like Book 3 of ATLA, in which “The Day of Black Sun,” was placed in the middle of the season and, then, was outdone by “Sozin’s Comet.” Unless “Civil Wars Part 1 and 2″ are actually the finale episodes and the information is wrong, then I think the other two options I mentioned are the most plausible. What do you guys think?

        • Derrick

          I wouldn’t mind the season being like that and yeah The Southern Raiders is one of my top 5 favorite episodes so if season 2 can resemble that episode in structure is always a plus. Getting the action out of the way so that the characters can shine outside the fighting ring is something I love. I’ve always loved ATLA for its action but its those character moments that get you attached to a show. I feel like while Korra has succeeded in the action area, it faltered a little bit in character development so the more of that in Book 2 the better.

  • Muggle

    Southern Lights? Does that mean… auroras in Legend of Korra? Oh my god, my head will explode. I can’t handle that level of beauty, you should have seen me when I saw the auroras in Skyrim!

  • Muggle

    Wait. Are these the titles of the first four episodes, or just the first four titles that have been revealed? Confusing grammar is confusing. Civil Wars sounds like it should come later. We got the titles of a few episodes pretty early before book 1, including “Skeletons in the Closet.”

    I wouldn’t worry too much about the episode titles giving anything away. After all, everyone thought “Skeletons in the Closet” was going to reveal something about Ursa and Azula, but neither one was even mentioned. Instead, we got GENERAL MOTHERFUCKING IROH.

    • Keval

      These are the titles of the first four episodes.

      • Muggle

        Okay then. It was late when I first saw this article, and I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t getting everything wrong.

        • ahmed omer

          but i think now civil war will begin between the spirits and humans and will happen between book 2 very early

  • Muggle

    Someone’s already updated the TV Tropes episode recaps page for LOK. Here’s hoping that information is accurate.

  • chewgum
  • Ace

    If memory serves, in “Rebel Spirit” Unalaq asks Korra if she has ever seen the southern lights. He says it’s a shame she hasn’t, and that it’s because the Southern Water Tribe has become separated from the spirits or something like that. Maybe the second episode he will do something that will bring the southern lights back, like in some way he will appease the spirits. I think that these really may be the names of the titles of the first four episodes.

    As for why the civil war will come so early in Book 2, I don’t think Tonraq is one to wait around and work things out diplomatically. I think he might get fed up with Unalaq being in the Southern Water Tribe and feel like his leadership is being threatened. Half the season is supposed to take place in Republic City, so I think it is also to move things along that the civil war will come so early. I hope it isn’t rushed too much, but I think it will bring a lot of interesting conflicts between Korra, her father Tonraq, and her new teacher, Unalaq, and that’ll be interesting to see. Also, as someone has already mentioned, what will happen between Bolin and Eska?

  • YaaaayBook2

    As for “Civil War” being the finale episodes, I think this is unlikely. It reveals WAY too much about the end of the show.

    It’s quite obviously between the Southern and Northern tribes, that much is certain. We know Tonraq os displeased due to their lack of spirituality, and Unalaq is resentful toward his brother for being too controlling.

    To know already (before the show even starts) what the climax will be at the end is boring. Civil War 1 & 2 would be in the middle of Book 2.

    • Ace

      You got the names backwards. Unalaq is displeased due to their lack of spirituality, and Tonraq is resentful towards his brother for being too controlling.

      • YaaaayBook2

        *Facepalm* thanks lol, nice catch.

        • Ace

          No problem, just happy to help. ;)

  • sammiroo

    What if the civil war episodes aren’t about the two water tribes at all? Maybe they’re not about a full blown, cannons ablaze war? I think that there is a high chance that something will happen between the north and the south, causing a major rift, but I get the feeling that these episode titles could possibly have a deeper meaning.

    • ahmed omer

      do you have read marvel civil war it can be just like this fuck every one about i have red it and that happened bacause of a event in which about 900 childerns were blown up not only them the others to i wish the same could happen in north and south

  • Sibis

    Civil War looking at a war of ideals and beliefs. Would not be surprised that it’s the Spirits pushing for the war. Maybe, Amon wasn’t lying about the Spirits giving him their blessing. He’s from the NWT which is very highly religious. Way out there, Unalaq might have had a hand in the events of Book of Air.

    • ahmed omer

      very true but amon lied you knew it and he is dead too

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