How Will Comic Con 2014 Market Book 3 of The Legend of Korra?

When it comes to determining a plausible premiere date for Book 3 of The Legend of Korra, the San Diego Comic Con is a major event that must be factored in. Throughout the past two seasons of the series, Comic Con has been instrumental in the department of marketing. The convention has been responsible for unveiling trailers, clips and even information pertaining to the release date. Book 2 had the luxury of having two Comic Cons worth of promotion over the course of the past few years. Now that Book 3 is supposedly right around the corner, fans are expecting Comic Con to unveil a similar arsenal of information: trailers, clips, release date etc.

While the Book 2 offseason was difficult to deal with, we had an entire Comic Con’s worth of information to speculate and/or debate about until the following year’s convention. For Book 3, however, we’ve had scraps of information to go on for several months now. Thus, it should be no surprise that many fans are anxious to know what will be revealed at The Legend of Korra’s Comic Con panel this year.

At the same time, fans must ask themselves whether or not Nickelodeon will even wait until after Comic Con to premiere Book 3. That’s the million dollar question at this point. Word from multiple sources involved in production is that Book 3 will premiere “soon.” This has been stated repeatedly since March of this year, so it’s still a valid claim.

If Book 3 truly is coming soon (with respect to the month of March), it would be no surprise if the new season premiered before Comic Con – which begins on July 24th. Still, no season of The Legend of Korra has premiered before being advertised at Comic Con. Will Book 3 be any different, or will Nickelodeon stick to their roots?

My gut tells me that Book 3 will premiere before Comic Con, but my head tells me that it will premiere after Comic Con. In most cases, it almost seems heroic to go with the gut instinct and be different. In this scenario, going with my gut is – quite frankly – a bit stupid. While I know I said I was expecting a June release date in my last post, I have decided to let logic sway my opinion. A June release date seems nearly impossible at this point if you think about it. May is nearly over and Nickelodeon hasn’t even started marketing yet. Even if Book 3 is complete and ready for viewing, it’s ultimately up to Nickelodeon to decide when to premiere it. By the looks of the lack of marketing, it truly looks like Book 3 will end up premiering after Comic Con.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean we’re looking at a fall release date. The optimistic in me still believes Book 3 will premiere in summer. I obviously have no evidence to support my claim as it is an opinion, but hear me out anyways.

During the New York Comic Con last year, Beginnings – part 1 was premiered a week in advance. The early screening prompted those intrigued to tune in the following week to see the second part of the episode. It was a great way to market the season and it kept disappointed fans in the loop one extra week, which ultimately paid huge dividends. After Beginnings, the season really took off and was more equally enjoyed.

My theory is that Nickelodeon will use Comic Con in a similar manner, but with different intentions. There could be a descent amount of marketing leading up to Comic Con, and the panel might ultimately include an early screening of Book 3 – which would be episode one, A Breath of Fresh Air. Those intrigued would have to watch the official one-hour premiere – which would likely only be weeks after – to find out what happens in the second episode, Rebirth.

Of course, Nickelodeon could junk this idea completely and follow the same script they’ve been using for years: act like the season doesn’t exist until Comic Con, then market it like hell. The kicker in this scenario is that so many people have claimed that Book 3 is coming soon.

By factoring in all of the information we’ve received about Book 3’s release date thus far, this is the best scenario I was able to come up with. It could be completely right, or totally wrong. This is Nickelodeon we’re dealing with, and I haven’t had much success reading them.

We’ll see what happens in a couple months, but for the time being the floor is yours. How do you think Comic Con will be used to market Book 3?

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  • 23129

    I think Book 3 its for september like the past year…

    • Wyatt

      I agree, and I think it’ll be close to the same date in September as well.

  • Monk Giyatso

    I agree with you keval, its nearly impossible for them to release in june alot of people dont know that season 3 is coming so i predict in june they will advertise like crazy and release it in july… but that is not really soon like they claimed

  • Randomreader

    Okay not to be to pessimistic, but I am beginning to get frustrated with all their (creators mainly) talk about it being “soon”. Soon is not FALL! (I’m guessing a fall release at this point) book one was awesome, the wait for book two was very very long then the book let us down with the whole switching animation studios. As a fan I am very tired of following korra at the moment… I really hope that book three is worth it. I will be very disappointed (but not surprised) if it lets me down like book two. Okay my opinion is shared now lol.. I am thankful however for korra it is a great show, the fans are TRUE fans if they can stick with the anticipation of waiting lol.

  • Cadeyn

    I wish people wouldn’t say it coming “soon” until it actually is soon.

  • Link9150

    I also hope that Book 3 would air during the Summer. It might sound far-fetched at first because everyone says that it would hurt the ratings, well… Did Nick honestly put an effort for improving the ratings during Book 2?

    Let’s be honest with ourselves here, Nick was excited and hyped like a little kid in a candy store when Book 1 came out, but they quickly swept the show under the rug after it ended.

    A show like The Legend of Korra or Avatar the Last Airbender doesn’t fit for a network like Nick, it’s too “sophisticated” for a kid’s network and they know that, hence they don’t give it much love.

    Here’s the punchline: Since Nick gives so little care to The Legend of Korra, they can air it at any time even if it gets mediocre ratings. Or they can be lazy as f**k and just wait a year in-between each Book to air them until it’s done.

    When they wait for Comic Con to announce it, it’s similar to a student waiting for the last minute to complete an assignment, you just have to do it at some point.

    • Aang

      Thats the main problem man,they don’t care,all they care about are shows like Spongebob! X(

  • Josh

    Well since we’re in a news drought here’s some entertainment :) Game of Thrones fans should especially like this one!

    • macmile

      That trailer was awesome. It also made me remember how beautiful LoK looks.

  • Kyle Edgecomb

    Besides an obvious trailer….I think they could benefit from say, showing HALF of the first episode….then that will allow fans to tune in later to see what concludes it, plus they could also maybe show a little concept art from Book 4 (an idea but unlikely)

  • Aang

    Well,Ariana did state this before and it still is true.Whatever xD It will air when it has to,but i am surely gonna hate it,if it doesn’t even get a fall release!

  • Raavatar

    Ok! I mean, waiting is OK with me. It is alright! What I hate is the part that all those waiting wasted. Look how book 2 ended? Unsatifactory! I rewatched the season one. As well as season 2. I contrast that I feel the former better than the latter. I got more connected by book 1 than you-know-what(not that i don’t want to mention Spirits, i just don’t feel it)! I hate it when my time of waiting, longing, drowning from craving being wasted. I know I shouldn’t do this, comparing, but I will anyway: The reason we watched Korra is because of A:TLA. We want that unforgettable feeling of being so attached to the characters that we want to be with them and–not to mention–be like them. I got it from Book Air of Korra but somehow puffed away after the Spirits. But not entirely though. I just hope all our waiting will worth–no, more than worth–it. I am hoping hovering spirits over Republic city will keep me longin for Korra.

  • avatar liker

    guys honestly what do you think of the idea. to roam the world with spirits. I don’t think its rather catchy. I hope it doesn’t make it all weird and different. although I like the legend of korra and I just hope its going to be fun to watch.
    atleast there is coming a new book at the end of season 2 I taught it was over with all the dark spirits gone and a new avatar (meaning new and fresh)

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