HQ Version of First Legend of Korra Book 3 Clip Released

A YouTuber by the name of Youp was kind enough to finally upload a high quality (HQ) version of the Book 3 clip that leaked from Netherlands.

I saw the news about the upload on my Twitter feed during my Calculus lecture and genuinely thought about getting up and leaving the lecture hall to see the clip (I wanted to hear the sound, too).

I ended up deciding to stick around and take notes, but I just got out of class several minutes ago and watched it – it was fantastic. It really cleared up a lot of scenes – especially the ones including that Dragon resembling Fang.

Yesterday, I talked about the scene that appeared to depict Zuko on the neck of a Dragon. I will be doing more breakdowns of each scene in the coming days. There were lots of interesting things in the 13 second clip that could be considered major plot reveals and I plan on covering them all soon.

For today, however, we have an HQ version of the leak released two days ago. And just an FYI for those of you who think this clip is fake, it’s been confirmed to be real by multiple Twitter followers from the Netherlands.

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  • D


  • ijonar

    Yep, that;s Zuko

    • Joe

      I wouldn’t get your hopes up too high, an old man on a dragon is not necessarily Zuko nor can we say that it is definitely him from the picture because if it isn’t which is not out of the question everyone’s gonna be disappointed! But let’s hope anyway 😀

  • Jonas

    How could this even be fake? The time it would take to make this is quite high, even just for 13 seconds.

    • http://avatarthelegendofkorraonline.com/ Keval

      Honestly, I have no idea how anyone assumed this was fake from the start.

    • Loklover

      Agreed. This isn’t fake. Why hasn’t Bryke said anything about this promo? Do they even know it aired?

      • theblower

        1) Bryke are in Korea, working in Book 3 and 4.
        2) Bryke are not in charge of advertising.
        3) This was aired on multiple European countries- the advertising there is left to the Nickelodeon’s offices there, not in the US.

        Hope that cleared it up :)

        • Loklover

          Yes! Thank you! 😀

  • Loklover

    Beautiful!! 😀

    Anyone still hoping for an April release date?

    • http://avatarthelegendofkorraonline.com/ Keval

      I’m assuming an April release date.

      • 23129

        I mean to, like book 1, but the production is doesnt finish: (missing: mastering/mixing music and color correction about episode already completed and the next episode who will be finish by Korean animator, few episode to animation….) make many time, I know, I’m studying in director movie

  • Eliminator

    I still think, the colors are sometimes messed up. Color correction is not done yet. Still hoping for an April/May release.

    • Loklover

      Yes I agree.

      So ppl are assuming that there could possibly be another airbender introduced in book 3…. what do you guys think? I personally would love to see another airbender in Lok cuhs we haven’t seen an airbender vs. another airbender. That would be epic af!!! 😀

      • Eliminator

        I strongly believe, that Tenzin’s family are the last airbenders.
        Another airbender would make them less special, it’s like adding somebody, who can bend more than one element. It would destroy the power of the avatar.

        • Loklover

          True. Hm.. this promo is killin me!! I need to know more info A$AP!! Haha

      • Gillis Haest

        At 4 seconds, you can see someone fighting the Lotus Guards using airbending. Either its a new character, or Korra in disguise and loose hair. I think it is Korra because of the long, dark hair. There is also a slight chance this can be Jinora, but my guess is Korra. Why she is attacking a Lotus Guard remains a mystery to me.

        • Loklover

          So one of the pictures is clearly Korra airbending… but who is the other one? I mean it could be Korra, like you said, but it looks like the characters dressed in brown. Thoughts?

          • Legama

            If she were to be Jinora, it would be EPIC!

          • Orange9746

            I’ve been wondering who that is too!

            If I could make it out, it seems they have dark-colored hair and a ponytail. It could possibly be Korra herselfin a disguise maybe? Since judging from the screen shot, they have blue sleeves. I may be wrong though, since in the video it looked like they were airbending first and then firebending against the Lotus members which got my assumption maybe it is Korra? (Just my two cents!)

            At first I thought it could be Mako That was firebending, but the person’s clothes seem much darker. A new character or so possibly? :O

          • Orange9746

            Edit: Oops, someone thought of the same assumptions as me already. XD

          • Brandon

            I think the one in the top picture is Asami

  • DD

    they said that the villain has is special bender and i see plants attacking a building. maybe a “plant” bender?

    • Loklover

      There are too many types of bending.. Lol. But that’s definitely a possibility 😀

    • Quac

      If I remember correctly, the plants all over the city have something to do with Korra leaving the Spirit Portals open, and the Spirits roaming around in the city. The last episode of Book 2 showed some views of the city, where there already were some plants growing in it.

    • MG

      The plants were created by UnaVaatu in the finale. According to Bryke, they’re the spirit wilds.

    • Joe

      Plant bending unless he can sprout trees is just waterbending

  • Legama

    Thanks Keval, for sharing this, lets see if some new material comes up the following days. I think Book 2 is airing this week in all non English speaking countries. Here at mine they are also publicizing book 2, but we were just greeted by a cheap tv commercial of local girl stripping with a Korra cosplay (Yeah i don’t know what the hell is Nick thinking over here).
    Thanks again and study hard for calculus.

  • Giovanne Revilla

    there are some parts of the clip that are taken from the episodes that have already been aired.

  • Wyatt

    This clip makes me very excited for what’s to come and the animation, as expected, looks great. Although, since I’m one to obsess over the insignificant details, I can’t help but notice that the animation in the opening sequence with Korra attempting to bend the spirit vines looks sort of bland… the only reason it stuck out to me is because it looked a lot like some of Studio Pierrot’s animation in Book 2. Anyone else feel the same, or am I crazy?

    • Loklover

      Dude! I thought that too. It didn’t look well animated. And Korra looks sorta fat… haha

      • Korrava

        Dude, if that’s your definition of fat, then… get out. Haha.

        Ah. there’s the Korra fandom, obsessing over insignificant details.

        • Loklover

          Well… that’s just my opinion. It’s not like you gotta agree with me. And like I said on the forum… it’s probably the way the dude or girl recorded it. They probably had a bad angle on the tv or something. And whether you are kidding with me or not, telling me to “get out” is really rude.

          • Korrava

            I’m sorry if that offended you. :)

    • zach

      maybe korra gained a little weight…she did just get out of a break up.

    • Eliminator

      Might be the lack of color correction? They are definitely not done with that yet.

  • KorraKorra

    I can’t wait for book 3, Im so excited.This trailer shows book 3 is very promising. And seeing Zuko makes it even more awesome. I hope a tailer will come out in english soon.

  • george

    Is Avatar Legends in any way associated with Nickelodeon or the Dutch channel that broadcasts Legend of Korra?

  • iemand uit nederland / big fan

    Shit the video has already been deleted

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