Image of Bolin and Pabu from The Legend of Korra Book 3 Released

Earlier yesterday, Bryan Konietzko used Tumblr to release another Book 3 image, this one being the second just this week. Whether or not the frequency of these images has any correlation with Book 3’s release date has yet to be determined, but it’s a good sign nonetheless. This particular image shows Bolin clutching the backend of a sink in a bathroom with Pabu sitting next to him. Bolin’s reflection can be seen in the mirror, but Pabu’s cannot which invoked the caption, “It appears that Pabu is a vampire.”

Bolin looks a bit disappointed in this image – as though something did not go his way. Pabu, acting as a spectator, also seems to be acknowledging the fact that Bolin is unhappy. Perhaps he made a trip to the sink to wash out his face after some sort of disappointing finish?

Before I release all of you to speculate about the picture, I must warn you to be cautious when replying to others. I’ve already banned quite a few people yesterday, and I will continue to take action as long as the environment remains as hostile as it is. Personal attacks along with being rude and disrespectful will instantly get you banned.

People are entitled to their opinions and it’s sick to see someone get bashed just because their opinions don’t align with others. I hate what’s happened to this blog’s community, and I will do my best to weed out anyone who’s ruining the experience.

It appears that Pabu is a vampire.

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  • Korrava

    I just love how frequent Bryan has been posting these images. This was the second one of the week! There’s not much to say about the image, KorraSpirit did mention that this image was very similar to Lin’s. Could both of them be having nightmares and flashbacks? I know it’s just a picture, but to me it feels like it’s screaming character development for Bolin at us. Haha

    Also, Nickelodeon’s upfront is scheduled to be on March 13th, 2014. Could they release a trailer and a release date? It’s very possible! I mean look at how many screenshots Bryan has been posting, it’s a sign. So excited though!!! 😀

    • PurplePlatypusBear

      Whoa, you’re so right! Why didn’t I realize that? I know that Lin is supposed to have a serious role in Book 3, but maybe Bolin is going to have major attention as well. He very well can be wetting his face to shock him out of something, like he had a nightmare or flashback. Maybe Bolin isn’t as oblivious to what happened to his parents as he seems. Maybe he feels just the way that Mako does about it, but keeps it under wraps. Way, waaaaay under wraps. I actually kind of hope so. He really needs to get an identity other than the “good-for-nothing comic-relief” character. Because he isn’t good for nothing, he actually has a lot of potential.

    • Loklover

      So true!! Didn’t think of that

      And can anybody else believe that it’s already February?! Lok might premiere in a few months! (:

    • Ifreke Umana

      Ugh, March. It’s ok, it’s ok. I’ll just try to keep calm and patient till then.

      • Legama

        At least we don’t have to wait a year and a half as we did on book 2 .-.

        • Loklover

          I was literally so depressed during that super long wait. And wat really angered me was that we didn’t start getting info and little short clips of book 2 until like May 2013. I remember when they released the fight between Korra and Mako vs. the spirit in the Ever storm (Southern Lights). And I was like… HOLY SHIT this is awesome!!!

          • Josh

            Lol, I kept on trying to put the fight in slow motion so I could analyze every little detail. Ahhhh, that brings me back!

            I never really watched the KCA’s but I might tune in this year. As many people believe(myself included.)we might get some Korra info, maybe a trailer? I’m looking forward to Nick Upfront more though. At Nick Upfront we would be more likely to get a release date or a general idea of when book 3 will air.

          • miklaingto

            We didn’t get any TLOK information on last year’s upfront though. Keval raged so hard, it was so funny. Hopefully, this year will be different.

        • Ifreke Umana

          True. :)

    • Legama

      I dont think they would release a trailer on the upfront, but in the KCAs which are on a similar date, with the exception of having MUCH more public than the upfronts, therefore facilitating the marketing of Book 3.

      • Korrava

        They released a trailer at the Upfront for Book 1. I don’t see why it’s not possible.

      • KorraKorra

        they should so people actually will know about book 3

    • Stetson Yarde

      Did anyone else make the connection that both Lin and Bolin are Earthbenders…

      Two protagonist earthbenders having nightmares… My question is, is this happening to the other descendants of earth kingdom people?

  • PurplePlatypusBear

    This looks like it takes place in the same (house) and scene as the picture that Bryan released with Bolin, Naga, Pabu, and Oogi with the caption “Book 3 buddies.” Maybe not, but I suspect that they are DEFINITELY in some place in the Earth Kingdom (still hoping Ba Sing Se) and are staying in some place in the Upper Ring because the Avatar is famous. They could do a lot of cool stuff with this, because this mirrors the situation that the Gaang had towards the end of Book 2. They were trying to see the Earth King, while staying in an Upper Ring estate in Ba Sing Se. Well, if the Krew was trying to see the Earth Queen, they would most likely be staying there. I hope the Dai Li is still there.

  • Legama

    Looks like Bolin is having a hard time. As some said, could be nightmares. But i think it also looks like if something/someone is stressing him to much. Bolin is an Earthbender so logically, his roots are on the Earth Kingdom, so this season we may discover more about his background and his family.
    Could it be that his past is somehow disturbing him, as in Lin, maybe a background story may come out, stressing him to the limit.
    Seems like the Earthbenders will be having a hard time this season. I think we can expect full character developments for both Lin and Bolin, and new interesting arcs.

    • Ifreke Umana

      That’s interesting. If they have time I’ll would really them to touch on Lin, Mako & Bolin’s past and how it affected them.

      • Legama

        That would be great, it would definitely have a positive impact on both Lin and Bolin characters, and even, maybe on Mako.

  • Josh

    Sorry about all the irrelevant debates that have been going on for these past couple of days. I’ll try my best to refrain from engaging in, or starting anymore of these arguments.

    Aside from that I really like this picture! It’s simple, but leaves a lot of room for speculation. I think Bolin will be getting plenty of Nightmares and Daydreams this season. It looks like he’s either recovering from a really long day or trying to shake of some of these bad memories of his past that he’s been seeing.

    I also really like how frequently Bryan has been posting these pictures. It really makes me believe that we could see Book 3 as early as April or May. I think it’s safe to assume that at LEAST four episodes have been completely finished animation wise(Then again Bryan did say that it’s never safe to assume anything lol) Out of all the pictures that he has released only three weren’t taken during a color correction session. The one of Bolin screaming and the two pictures of Asami. You can tell that they were probably taken directly from a computer as opposed to Bryan taking a picture with his phone. Being that everything looks so great in those three pictures, i’d think that for the most part those episodes are fully complete.

    2 days ago Bryan also posted a picture of executive producer Joaquim Dos Santos. He captioned the picture, “The deeper we get into the Korra production, the more horizontal Joaquim’s posture gets in animatic meetings.” This may just be Bryan trying to be funny, or it could be a hint as to how Book 3 is coming along. In the picture Joaquim looks pretty horizontal. He’s not all the way there yet but he is very close. If Bryan was trying to give us fans a hint then that would mean Book 3 is very close to being complete, but it’s not quiet there yet.

    Just a little bit of speculation. Here’s the pictures I talked about:

    • Makorrashipper

      Yeh you’ve gotten into TOO many fights Josh. You should restrain from Ariana and stuff, but i do believe that some of your points are false or irrelevant and you DO try and act like an Avatar expert, and that’s just winding people up. I think you should try and cut some of the smart ass stuff, please. This is what people are trying to tell you, although they have different ways of saying it, so I am asking you nicely. Please, Josh. For the sake of the Avatar community. Please.

  • spring rolls, yum! :3


  • melon lord

    These comments are making me excited for book 3 and Bolin’s part in it! :)

  • Korrava

    Bryan, the fandom would now like to see Korra’s face in the next screenshot. *Hint hint* 😉

    • Anonymous

      I couldn’t agree more. Imagine that he won’t show her face because she’ll have a Mike Tyson tattoo 😉 Oh God, I get frightening shivers just thinking about it haha. But in all seriousness, I think that Bryan’s simply trying to build up some hype by doing so.

  • Assami will whoop dat @$$

    I am sorry If i heated the discussion although I don’t think I said anything rude I will do my best to be as classy and as polite as the real miss sato. Also bolin is so cute with his little pabu. Sigh why couldnt asami get with the good handsome loyal brother oh well lol.

    • Anonymous

      I like your username! 😀 I really want some development for Asami so that everyone sees her awesome potential.

  • Jessica

    “Bolin looks a bit disappointed in this image – as though something did not go his way. Pabu, acting as a spectator, also seems to be acknowledging the fact that Bolin is unhappy.” In reference to this, I think Bolin was trying to ask Korra out AGAIN, and she rejected him AGAIN for who knows how many times. If what I’m saying is true, then he needs to stop chasing after Korra. She’s not interested in him, and she never will be. She loves Mako. Bolin needs to learn to accept it, and move on. I don’t know for sure why he is bent over the sink, it’s just my opinion. :)

    • Anonymous

      Bryan did say that he will leave the romance alone, so it’s really safe and accurate to assume that Book 3 will not involve any shipping related stories. Maybe when Book 4 will come out the shipping will start again (I highly doubt it’ll be a love triangle again though). Also, as for Bolin asking Korra out again I doubt it as well. I think he no longer feels anything for Korra (love related), I’m pretty sure he just sees her as a friend again and nothing more.

      • Jessica

        I hope you’re right Anonymous. Because as many times as Korra has rejected Bolin’s advances, he should realize by now that she only sees him as a friend and nothing more. I really hope Eska comes back with a different attitude towards Bolin, so THEY can be together in the end. :) I highly doubt it would happen, but I can still hope and dream for it. :)

        • Anonymous

          You never know :) Although if I were to make speculations I would say that Korra would either stay single at the end or meet a new guy. “What?!?! No Makorra?!?!?!” Well, I doubt it. They did have an official break up and Korra did say “for good this time”. So I’m taking this as a sign that the creators didn’t handle Makorra well and they decided not to hinder the show any further with it (if any Makorra fan read this, please take this with a grain of salt because I really, really don’t want to get in a shipping war). As for Eska returning, hmm… I doubt it as well. Since she really did not take any relevant role. I’d say that Bolin won’t really have any love interest this season. He’ll be used for other things, we’ll just have to wait and see.

          • Jessica

            Korra didn’t say “for good this time” she said “for real this time.” There’s a difference. Lol.

          • Anonymous

            What difference do you think it makes?

          • jessica

            The difference it makes is that a for real break-up means a real break-up for a while, but a for good break-up means a permanent break-up.

          • Anonymous

            I’m gonna be honest with you, I don’t care about the shipping anymore. I despise Makorra but if the creators get to develop Mako so that I don’t hate him anymore let him have all the Korra he wants and vice-versa. I just don’t want to get into a shipping war :) It just creates too much mess and I don’t want us to hate each other for this :)

          • Guest

            And I despise Masami and Borra. :) And that’s understandable. I don’t want to get into a shipping war either. :) So, let’s end it here. :)

          • jessica

            And I despise Masami and Borra. :) And that’s understandable. I don’t want to get into a shipping war either. :) So, I’m gonna end it here. :)

          • jessica

            I don’t want anymore Masami. I would die.

          • jessica

            Mike and Bryan would not just jump ships from Makorra to Masami and Borra. Reason? They said in the TLOK: Book 1 commentary on the TLOK: Book 1 DVD that Mako and Korra are meant for each other. These are their words (including Janet Varney’s) exactly: Bryan Konietzko: “They don’t know they’re looking at each other from a distance.” Janet Varney: “I hope it works out between those two.” Michael Dan…te DiMartino: “I’m sure it’ll be fine.” “Those kids were meant for each other.” Now, why would they say this, if they didn’t mean it and want it to happen in the end? Just because Mike and Bryan changed their minds about Zutara and went for Kataang in ATLA, does NOT mean that they’re going to do that same thing with Makorra. Besides; both of these series’ are totally different from each other. They are NOT the same in any way shape or form, just because some fans think so. Korra never said to Bolin that she liked him romantically and that they were meant for each other. She clearly said it to Mako, and she MEANT it. In Book 1, Bolin kept trying to court Korra into being with him romantically, but she just kept rejecting him every single time. It’s pretty clear that Korra has no romantic interest in Bolin in any shape or form, what so ever. Besides; why would they have Korra fall for Mako and then turn around and have her fall for Bolin? That wouldn’t make any sense at all what so ever. That would just be wasting the creators, the writers, and the fan’s time with all of the Makorra scenes, not to have them be endgame. They broke Makorra up, because they didn’t want the entire series to be cluttered with so much romance, and the fact that Mako and Korra need to grow up apart from each other, and mature, so they can run back to each other in the end with much more vigor than before. Makorra is DEFINITELY 100% Book 4 endgame. Also; the only reason that they had Mako and Asami hook back up after he and Korra broke up, is because they felt that Mako needed someone to fall back on. Break ups are hard on people, even the guys.

            Plus; Mako and Korra said to each other:

            “I’ll always love you, Korra.”
            “And I’ll always love you.”

            That^ means only one thing, they still love each other. :)

  • Aangism

    hopefully there will be a release date announcement soon.

  • Loklover

    Gosh… i can’t contain my happiness! All these new book 3 pics give me goose bumps(in a good way)! I’m hoping for a April/May or maybe even MARCH release date!! (: which is NEXT MONTH!!!! Sounds crazy right?! Even the April/may release date is only 2-3 months away!! This is crazy guys!!

    And just like some else said, reading all these comments really get me even MORE excited for book 3!!! 😀

  • Quac

    We know that Book 3 is all about Earth Bending/Benders, so I can’t wait for the story of both major Earth Benders (that being Lin and Bolin (also I never noticed, both their names have ”lin”, something to do with earth?)) to develop. They both haven’t been in a hugely interesting storyline, so I’m really looking forward to them being involved in something big. Also, looking forward to the Earth Queen. Can’t wait to see what she looks like and what role she’s gonna play.

  • SquirtleTheWaterBender

    I think he had a scary vision and is washing his face to forget it and I think the scary thing will apear again in the mirror. The sink looks to modern for Avatar to.

    • Anonymous

      Well, these types of sinks were available for the Romans so I don’t see why not in the avatar world 😉 Also, if I were to take a guess I’d say that this is the next morning right after he had that nightmare a couple of pics back,

      Last but not least, awesome username!

  • PerformerFX

    Nice article.

    Could it be that pabu is currently possesed by a dark spirit? At least this sight looks like it.

    • Josh

      Wow! I don’t think I’ve ever saw you post a comment on an article lol.