Janet Varney Wouldn’t Tell Me Whether or Not Tahno is in Book 2 of The Legend of Korra

For some reason that I am currently unaware of, the Avatar Fandom is in love with Tahno. The bender that was a jerk to Korra and the Fire Ferrets during the championship round is now one of the most loved characters on the show. And now, one of the main questions people are asking on the web is: Will Tahno be in Book 2 of The Legend of Korra?

To be quit honest, I could care less if Tahno is in Book 2 or not, but that’s just me. However, the fact of the matter is that the fandom really wants to know if they’ll see Tahno’s face again in The Legend of Korra. So I contacted The Legend of Korra staff the only way I new – Twitter, and to my surprise, Janet Varney, the voice actress of Avatar Korra, actually responded. Unfortunately, the response wasn’t exactly what I hoped for.

Here is an embedded version of our conversation:

[tweet https://twitter.com/janetvarney/status/228615127761575938 align='center']

Quick Note: Rami Malek is the voice actor of Tahno, so if he’s involved in Book 2, so is Tahno.

Obviously, you can’t blame Janet for this. Book 2 is tightly under wraps, and we won’t be getting any Book 2 information unless Mike, Bryan and Nickelodeon approve.

But at least I can say that I tried to find the answer to this popular question. Because everyone working on The Legend of Korra seems to be extremely tight-lipped about Book 2, it seems that the only way we’ll get information on the next book is through leaks.

And I can assure you that we’ll be getting some leaks pretty soon.

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  • peep


  • silvia

    can he please replace mako?

  • Torey L.

    I'd rather have this guy end up with Korra istead of Mako. Mako is too boring of a character. Not to mention Korra has had much more of a chemistry with Tahno than she ever did with Mako.

    • J.A

      Its funny he didn't have a whole bunch of face time in the show of Korra, but for those times when he did he became extrememly popular!
      I would like him to join the group with Korra in Book 2 and maybe become a love intrest for her also 😉 !

  • Torey L.

    I really wish that Bryke would have made him good :(

  • Korra'sbff

    Where did you get the fact that Tahno is "one of the most loved characters on the show". A large majority of the fans hate him and think he's a jerk.

    • http://avatarthelegendofkorra.wordpress.com AdminAvatar

      That's what you would assume, wouldn't you? Just look at some fan forums and comment boards. Fans go crazy for him.

      • Unknown contributor

        Actually, if you look on websites like avatarwikia or nick.com, Tahno has very few comments compared to the other characters. Not to mention the people that claim to "love him" are being sarcastic most of the time. And most "Tah(n)orra" shippers shipped him and Korra only because they were displeased with how badly Mako and Korra's romance was executed. But then after the series finale, unfortunately, Makorra became the most popular ship again. Therefore, Tahno again has much more haters than lovers. I could care less about Tahno but it is still pretty illogical for someone to assume that he's one of the most loved characters on the show just because he has some fans when a more massive amount of fans think he should just kill himself.

        • Sophie

          Are you kidding? Check Tumblr, Tahno is LOVED and became more loved when Mako was revealed to be a cheating jerk.

  • Unknown contributor

    Does Tahno die in Book 2 Spirits? Please, Bryke kill him off. He is such a big waste, even as a villian. If he was killed off it would most certainly please a much larger amount of people in the LoK fandom. 😀

    …Seriously I hate the guy. He is so creepy and overrated and he is not and never will be worthy enough to join Team Avatar.

    • chinaboytag

      I would rather just see Korra with that jerk Maako! Oh wait, that happened… Anyway, couldn't Korra just not give him back his bending? That would fix her probs with him.

    • Cae

      Sorry hun, but as Keval previously stated, a huge part of the fans do adore Tahno. He isn’t my favorite, but I do really like him. I know all about the free speech crap, but it kind of ticks me off when people say that one character should just be killed off because he is “such a big waste”. You might be happy with that, but please think about the fans that would sob all night if Tahno died just because he was a waste of space on the show. Next time you post, mind being a little more considerate?

  • icadet.aimless15

    I think hes a character that could be express more if he is going to be in book 2/join team Korra, after his bending was taking away, I'm guessing that right there was like a fresh start, people hated/hate him because of the way he acted before he lost his bending. So people really need to pay more attention to the new Tahno, he seems more mellow.

    • somerandomdude

      I agree. Yes, he acted like a jerk before he lost his bending but does that necessarily mean that he fits in the evil category along with Ozai and Yakone? No, it doesn’t. Tahno was never evil he just wasn’t perfect, none of the characters are perfect.