Korra will Develop into a “Spiritual Being” Upon the Conclusion of The Legend of Korra

Korra’s character throughout the course of Book 1 was very much the opposite of Aang’s character. She was very physical and warrior-like for the most part, and this was displayed by her aggressiveness and readiness to fight when necessary. But will Korra always be known as this brute-forced Avatar who’s known for her physicality?

Spoiler alert: No.

Characters change over the course of a series. Korra is no exception; her character will be much different in the end than it was in the beginning. Just look at any of the characters from The Last Airbender. All of them were developed into more dynamic characters and that was one of the reasons why The Last Airbender has been praised as such a great series.

Generally, the end result of a character is supposed to be a surprise. No one was supposed to know that Zuko would end up joining Team Avatar upon the conclusion of The Last Airbender. The same goes for the characters in The Legend of Korra. No one knows what type of character Mako, Bolin and Asami will develop into once Book 4 ends.

Korra’s end character development, on the other hand, sort of slipped out.

Mike DiMartino likes to drop some information about Avatar every now and then in his blog posts and his latest post sort of spoiled Korra’s end character development:

Same goes with Korra. Bryan and I knew we wanted to take Korra from brash warrior to a spiritual being over the course of her story, but we didn’t know if that would be one season or more. Unlike The Last Airbender, we wanted to make the seasons (or books) more standalone, with one main threat per book. However, we don’t just hit the reset button with each book. Everything Korra does and learns in one book definitely carries over to the next and ties into her overall spiritual path. It’s great to have multiple books to tell her story, as we can dig deeper into the spiritual side of the Avatar and the world.

What Mike is basically saying here is that the end result of Korra’s character will be a “spiritual being.” It is well known that Korra has mastered the physical side of being the Avatar, but her spiritual side needs work. The next three Books will show Korra’s journey as she tries to master the spiritual side of being the Avatar, and in the end, she’ll succeed.

She’ll end up being a Spiritual Being, a lot like Aang.

Please leave your thoughts about this in the comments below. Are you excited to see this new version of Korra in Book 4?

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  • Bla

    Way too early to talk about book 4…

    I’m even statisfied if book 2 will be annouched next week or the week after that… :)

    • http://avatarthelegendofkorraonline.com/ Keval

      If Book 2 is announced next week I will be so happy :)

      • ahmed omer

        but it wont happen

  • Lauren

    I think ultimately all avatars are just as spiritual as their predecessor (after all, they’re the same spirit reincarnated). However, we see personality influences in spirituality as well. Aang was so spiritual he would not take a life. I think that, while Korra will be just as spiritual, her headstrong personality will still be intac, thus making her both like her predecessor and different.

    Side note, I’m just excited to see Korra in book TWO lol :(
    Hoping for a relase date and/or trailer soon 😀

    • Kotoi

      I agree with you, Korra will maintain her headstrong personality.

      • ahmedumer

        like kyoshi

  • James Philip Jurovich

    I would like to see the new Korra in Book 4 and maybe she’ll be a good member of Team Super Ghost Rider along with her friends.

  • Korra1225

    i cannot imagine korra being all spiritual

  • Connor

    Uhhhh…. I cant wait any longer for Book 2!!! Even more than Korra’s spiritual development I really want to see these individual threats per book! It’s going to be hard to top the mystery behind Amon. Personally I’d rather have one big threat that takes its course over the remaining books, not individual ones…

  • DunbansBiggestFanForever

    Um BRYAN????? Why would you release Book 4 information when we haven’t even seen Book 2?

  • Erin

    I agree Korra should have some development during the course of the series but I hope she keeps her headstrong personality. If she loses that and goes all spiritual I will be very disappointed. PS: If they are so close to finishing season 2 how hard is it to release a trailer or at least an official release date? Seriously. When they do though I will be sssooo happy…. : )

  • josh

    I don’t think he really gave away her end character, all he said was that she will be more of a spiritual being. That really is a given. 1. she is the avatar, 2. the second book is called spirits. 3. she was already able to talk to aang t end of book 1. i still consider korra’s end character unspoiled.

  • Bailey

    Saying that Korra will become a more “spiritual being” doesn’t spoil the character development, much like saying that Aang will become a more responsible person doesn’t spoil his character development. Korra’s spirituality is something that has been worked on since the beginning of the series and by saying that yes she will become more spiritual, DiMartino just gives one trait that the main character will have by the end of the series. We still don’t know the multitude of traits that Korra will posses by the series finale, we only know one.

  • ahmedumer

    i think you are right cause aang was also introduced as a goof but in the end he was gone serious now korra can also go like a spirtual being and i think asami would end like an enemy cause of her relation ships so its good that they are creating the serie like this

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