Legend of Korra Book 2: Episode 1 ‘Rebel Spirit’ Recap [Leaked Version]

I don’t think I need to emphasize that this post contains heavy spoilers if you haven’t seen the leaked video of episode 1 (Rebel Spirit). This won’t be the most accurate recap in the world just because it was fairly difficult to hear a lot of the dialogue from the leaked video, but I was able to derive a clean-cut understanding of the overall episode. The episode mainly focuses on the tension between Tonraq and Unalaq, two brothers who are very much polar opposites (yes, I used that joke again).

The episode starts off by showing two men sailing the seas on a steam boat. Out of no where, a spirit monster, looking much like an over-sized octopus, swims underneath the boat and uses its tentacles to throw both men overboard. The spirit then wraps its tentacles around the boat and the scene goes to white.

Next we see Bolin and two unfamiliar faces leading the Fire Ferrets in a Pro-Bending match. The round starts and ends almost instantly. The infamous Pro-Bending announcer calls it the fastest knock out ever.

The scene after shows Mako as a cop, chasing down some enemies in hopes of bringing them to justice. Once Mako takes care of business, we see Asami explaining her business plans to a new character. She says that she wants to put Future Industries back on top and that it can be done with the help of a potential business partner living in the Southern Water Tribe (Varrick).

Finally, we see Korra engaged in an air scooter race with Tenzin’s kids. Korra uses the Avatar State to win the race and eventually gets scolded by Tenzin for doing so. Tenzin tells Korra that she has a long way to go before she masters air bending, but Korra openly disagrees and proves it by bending some air at the near-by bushes. Bumi comes in with some comic-relief and says that Korra’s air bending looks pretty good to him.

Tenzin becomes frustrated, but Bumi tells him to get used to it because they’d be together 24/7 from here on out. Tenzin suggests that they all take a vacation to the air temples to help Korra with her air bending training, but Korra disagrees with the idea and insists that they go to the Southern Water Tribe festival instead. Bumi settles the disagreement when he notifies everyone that Katara had asked them on all to come to the festival.

The next scene shows a steam boat taking everyone over to the Southern Water Tribe. Korra and Mako are shown together on the boat and Mako looks to be telling jokes. Korra then goes off and begins complaining about her air bending training to Mako. Korra eventually leaves with a frustrated look on her face. Again, the dialogue was very difficult to decipher so I couldn’t really tell what triggered the emotion.

Once the boat arrives to the Southern Water Tribe, Korra and company meet up with Katara, Kya and Tonraq. Kya immediately begins teasing Tenzin and it becomes quite clear how different Tenzin is from his siblings. Eventually, Tonraq notices the Northern Water Tribe ship making its way to shore. Tonraq is visibly angry as he watches his brother, Unalaq, exit the ship. Behind Unalaq are Korra’s twin cousins, Desna and Eska.

Bolin makes his interest in the twins quite clear until he is notified that one of them is in fact a boy. Unalaq meets with Korra and tells her that she hasn’t been taught everything she needs to know. Tonraq ensures Tenzin that he’ll help Korra out in that area of her training.

The scene cuts to Asami and Bolin who are on their way to meet Varrick, the man who will supposedly save Future Industries. Asami and Bolin board Varrick’s yacht and meet him for the first time. From my perspective, Varrick reminds me a lot of King Bumi from The Last Airbender. He just has this insane attribute about him that really makes his character quite entertaining. I suppose that’s why he and Bolin hit it off so well.

Asami shows that she’s all about business, but Varrick is more interested in showing off the “moving picture.” Bolin eventually starts talking with his new friend, Varrick, and gets him to strike a deal with Asami in order to help put Future Industries back on top. Asami thanks Bolin and shows her appreciation.

The festival begins and Tonraq & Unalaq are sitting on opposites sides of Korra. The two begin to argue, but their conversation is tough to hear. I’d assume that they’re arguing over Korra’s teachings, but that’s just an inference. Either way, Unalaq makes it quite clear that he wants to teach Korra about the spirits. Tonraq, on the other hand, wants Tenzin to remain Korra’s teacher.

Unalaq eventually stands up and gives some sort of speech regarding the Northern and Southern Water Tribe coming together to celebrate the festival. There’s a performance after the speech and the dinner portion of the festival ends. Next we see Mako feeding Korra cotton candy and Bolin making a move on Eska. Or should I say, Bolin attempting to make a move on Eska because he fails miserably. Bolin get picked up by the ear and taken away.

Korra is torn between siding with Tenzin or Unalaq and seeks Mako for advice. Mako tells her to do what she thinks is right, thus leaving Korra with the same questions to ponder on.

It’s night time. Naga wakes up and runs out of the tent. Korra runs out as well to chase Naga down, but eventually sees the Dark Spirit running towards her. The Dark Spirit grabs Korra by the neck and holds her against a snowy cliff. It looks like Korra is about to get her head bitten off until Mako and Bolin come to the rescue and attack the Dark Spirit.

The Dark Spirit turns to Mako and Bolin and knocks them to the side. Unalaq comes out in the midst of the commotion and runs to make sure Korra is alright. After seeing that Korra is fine, Unalaq attempts to fight off the Dark Spirit but is tossed to the side as well. Tenzin runs out and asks the spirit why it is angry with them. The Dark Spirit ignores Tenzin and also tosses him to the side.

Korra enters the Avatar State and begins to attack the Dark Spirit. She puts up a much longer fight this time around, but is still eventually smashed to the ground by the spirit. The Dark Spirit appears ready to put the finishing blow on Korra until Unalaq comes to the rescue. Unalaq bends water around the Dark Spirit until it turns a shade of gold. The spirit eventually disappears and Korra questions how it was done. Unalaq explains that he’s dedicated most of his life studying the spirits’ ways and offers to teach Korra everything he knows.

Tenzin cuts in and explains that Korra must go to the air temple to master air bending. Unalaq says that doing so will do nothing for Korra – she must learn about the spirits. Tonraq comes in to object, but Korra says she’s tired of listening to Tonraq and Tenzin all the time. She wants to make her own decisions. The recording cuts off prematurely, but from what I’ve heard, Korra decides to learn from Unalaq. Unalaq then says that he has great things planned for Korra and that’s how the episode ends.

I’d assume the next episode will get more into Unalaq teaching Korra his technique of defeating spirits. What are your toughts?

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  • Kotoi

    The new firebender of the Fire Ferrets looks a lot like that girl cosplaying Korra on Book 1.

    • Iotok

      She probably is. And also, the boy cosplaying Mako is probably the firebender as well.

      • Kotoi

        You mean the waterbender?

        • Jason

          No the cosplaying girl is a waterbender and the other guy is a firebender

          • Kotoi

            Instead of assuming, you should confirm things first.

          • Guest

            Don’t assume things.

          • Kotoi

            Before assuming, check if what you’re saying is actually true.

          • Jason

            It isn’t that big of a deal sorry i guess

  • Kotoi

    And Mako wasn’t reading poetry, he’s reading jokes he’s going to say when he catches the bad guys. “You should have put more try on triad.” and “When you go to jail, tell them Mako sent ya.”

    • http://avatarthelegendofkorraonline.com/ Keval

      Gotcha. Wasn’t sure about that part, couldn’t hear it well at all. It’s been updated, thanks.

      • Kotoi

        Thank tumblr, I got the info from there.

      • Kotoi

        And on that part where Eska grabs Bolin by the ear, she said a few moments before “You amuse me. I’ll make you mine”.

  • PerformerFX

    Spiritbending.. LMAO. I love how the creators always find new ways to “bend” something.Whats next? Tree bending? Ok.. Well…

    • Kotoi

      The guys from the swamp bend vines. Just so you know.

      • Jerkbender

        The Foggy Swamp waterbenders don’t bend plants. They just bend the water in the plants…

        • poikemon

          And Unalok doesn’t bend the spirits, he just bends water around the spirits using some kind of technique(that I’m sure will be thoroughly explained in the future episode) until it turns orange and repels the spirit.

          • OneBoot

            I think it might have something to do with the way water benders manipulate qi as healers. That hasn’t been thoroughly explained yet.

        • Kotoi

          Then, bloodbenders don’t exactly bend blood, they just bend the water in our bodies, right?

  • Kotoi

    Keval, someone made a transcript, so if you want to see it: http://dongbufeng.tumblr.com/post/56105565943/book-2-episode-1-transcript

    • http://avatarthelegendofkorraonline.com/ Keval

      Awesome thanks. I’ll have a more accurate recap when the show actually premieres. This is more of a rough outline of what happened.

  • chewgum

    So che ha fare la stagione 2 hanno contibuito lo studio mir e pierrot, ma io preferisco di gran lunga lo studio mir. Basta vedere il viso di mako. Nella stagione 1 Mako era un gran figo ora però secondo me è un gran cesso. So che ho visto solo il primo episodio e si vedeva anche male tra l’altro, pero voi cosa ne pensate?? Nella stagione 3 e 4 ritornano allo studio mir, vero?

    • Kotoi

      (Scusa per l’utilizzo di Google Traduttore)
      Se Studio Mir accettano fare le stagione 3 e 4, poi vero.

  • Sibis

    Lin was like, “Dang it, Mako. I hired you be a cop, not some stunt man probender. We cannot afford to keep paying for your constant property damage and hospital injuries sustained to the criminals. You’re suspended until further notice.”

    Mako was like, “I’ll be hanging with my girl the Avatar in the Southern Water Tribe, if you need me.”

    • Linko

      And then Lin was like:

      • Sibis

        “Get over here!” while doing the Scorpion spear attack. Shao Khan’s voice reigned, “Finish Him!” So Lin hands Mako is last pay check that has been heavily cut. He faints.

      • Steven Lee

        omg that is the best meme ever

  • Steven Lee

    I think it’s a great idea for Korra to learn about the spirits, yet if Tenzin is worried about something with Unalaq, it seems there’s something fishy and weird about him.The golden bending reminds me of the poster, where korra is bending something golden.
    Speaking about golden bending, watch the trailer again and go to 0.50, and watch tenzin drifting down a waterfall, bending something ORANGE, NOT AIR.
    Air-subelement ?!!??!?!?!?

    • DWillPower

      It was a lantern of some sort

      • Steven Lee

        .. ? how can a lanturn float him down a waterfall, plus, he was barely even holding whatever it was

        • Jason

          He was using the lantern for light and his other arm to airbendfloat down

  • Daniella Barrera

    Am I the only one getting an uneasy feeling from Unalaq? I’m not saying that the spirits are unimportant but anyone who thinks not becoming a full fledged Avatar, by mastering all the elements just makes me uneasy.

    • http://avatarthelegendofkorraonline.com/ Keval

      I feel like he’ll eventually become an antagonist. Not sure if he’ll be a major one, but I’m confident that he’ll play some sort of antagonistic role.

      • Bryan

        Or maybe that’s what the creators want us to think. Like: “Oh, he’s just another Tarrlok case; he pretends he wants to help and then BAM!”. I don’t think they will pull another move like that until further into the series.

        • Kai

          What happens if they want us to think that unaloq is a future antagonist but later on its korras own father who takes on that role…………it might not happen but it’s kind of interesting

  • Midgetmerrall

    Korraspritclips on youtube has release an offical preview of rebel spirit

  • http://avatarthelegendofkorraonline.com/ Keval

    I’ll be implementing a forum into the blog soon. Just a heads up.

  • Bella

    http://www.comicbookresources.com/?page=article&id=46878…check it out, there’s going to be another avatar comic book series after the search! “The rift”

    • Tumas

      More comic book stories after ‘The Search’? Brilliant!

  • http://www.korranewstoday.blogspot.com/ Filmeditor16

    You forgot, MAKORRA at the end haha 😀
    I’m really looking forward to this season… And all the other seasons too!

  • KorraFan

    I can’t wait to see this episode on TV! :) My question, though, is this: How was Korra able to enter the Avatar State at will? Wouldn’t she have had to unblock her chakras to do this? Maybe she did that already, but I would think not since she’s not that good with meditating. What do you guys think? :)

    • http://avatarthelegendofkorraonline.com/ Keval

      I believe Aang opened them up when he restored her bending. She was able to enter the Avatar State once her bending was restored.

      • KorraFan

        Yeah, that’s what I was thinking. The only difference is that it seemed to me like she entered it involuntarily after having her bending restored (like it was the result of all the energy coursing through her body), while she did it voluntarily twice in “Rebel Spirit”. But yes, when Aang energybended her he probably opened her chakras in addition to restoring her bending. :)

      • Jason

        Remember aang had to open up all these chakras and stuff, korra just got it all handed to her

  • Sibis

    Bolin and Asami are best friends like that. So much has changed since she got him to spill it.

    Bolin is one those very very few reliable people Asami can put her faith in.

    A good change that they both have something good going for them.

    • Veritaserum

      Bolami or Boska? Hmmmmm……

      • http://avatarthelegendofkorraonline.com/ Keval

        Boska sounds like some species of Gorilla so I’d say Bolami is our best bet.

        • Greenfire32

          Bolami sounds like a sandwich meat though….

        • OAG

          You amuse me, Keval. I’ll make you mine.

        • jinoraSPIRITWORLD


      • jinoraSPIRITWORLD


    • Singe

      Don’t really have to worry about love triangle shenanigans.

      Bolin is easy to crack and will spill. Plus he already knows the pain first hand. He hasn’t even shown any attraction towards Asami and still prefers Water Tribe.

      Also since Asami and Eska come from a higher class, they would be more refined to talk the whole thing out.

      If Eska gets angry at Bolin/Asami, it could be over Asami treating Bolin so well and enjoying his company.

  • Kendra

    Around when would you expect us to get an official release date?

    • Jason

      Like early august

  • slockry

    Remember the sneak preview(with the annoying kids)?Korra used a similar waterbending technique that Unalaq used but it didn’t work for Korra.

  • MitchGunner

    I really want to see more of Varrick! He’s hilarious!

  • Sibis

    When I watch the Korra and Mako moments. Maybe Korra is starting to understand there is more to a person than looks and action.

  • Jason


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