Legend of Korra Book 2: Episode 2 ‘The Southern Lights’ Recap

Episode 2 ‘The Southern Lights’ starts off with a scene of a Spirit overlooking the Southern Watertribe Festival. Korra visits Unalaq so she can begin her training on how to defeat Spirits – or so she thinks. Unalaq informs Korra that he has no plans of teaching her to fight Spirits; rather he will help her with her spiritual training. Unalaq tells Korra that they will be journeying to the spiritual center of her tribe: The South Pole. He also informs her that the South brought darkness upon themselves when they cut of their connection to Spirits.

Meanwhile, Tenzin, his family and siblings take a journey of their own to the Southern Air Temple. The monks present them with peculiar gifts and Meelo finds a Lemur who he names Poky. Back in the Southern Watertribe, Mako is helping Korra pack for her journey to the South Pole.

Things begin to get a bit dicey when Korra’s father, Tonraq, makes an unexpected visit.

Tonraq demands to come with Korra to the South Pole but Unalaq rejects the idea and says that he’d be a distraction to Korra and a hindrance for what needs to be done. Tonraq begins to retaliate, but Korra comes in and asks her father why he keeps interfering.

Unalaq tells Korra that her father is misguided and that men like him are the reason the Spirit World is so out of balance. Tonraq makes a reference to the ‘Everstorm’ which is a massive storm that has battered the South Pole for decades. He then forces himself into coming along and Unalaq can’t do anything about it.

Bolin makes his grand arrival and ultimately takes Eska and Desna with him on the journey to the South Pole.

Korra asks Unalaq what will happen when she reaches the South Pole and Unalaq responds by saying that she’ll open an ancient spirit portal. The spirit portal is a portal in the South Pole that connects the Spirit World and the Material World.

Unalaq then explains that there are no evil Spirits. There is Light and Dark in them all and when they are unbalanced, the darkness takes over. Unalaq tells Korra that balance will be restored when she opens the portal.

The team has a small run in with Dark Spirits and decides to stop and set up camp in order to avoid them.

At camp, Unalaq forces Tonraq to spill the beans and reveal that he was banished from the Northern Water Tribe. The gist of the story was that Tonraq destroyed a sacred forest in the process of capturing bandits. This disrupted the balance of the Tribe and ultimately ended in Spirits attacking the North.

Unalaq moved to the South to live a normal life while his brother, Unalaq, took over a leadership role over both Tribes. Korra is visibly upset that her father keeps hiding things from her and then storms off.

Back at the Southern Air Temples, Tenzin and Jinora visit the statues of past Avatars. When Tenzin goes to look after Meelo, Jinora confronts the statue of Aang and stares at it.

Back at the South Pole, Unalaq begins to talk about the Southern Lights. He says that the Northern Lights have always been visible, but the Southern Lights disappeared when the Southern Watertribe lost balance. Spirits now dance in the ‘Everstorm’ rather than the skies of the South.

When the gang officially reaches the South Pole, Spirits begin to attack them. Unalaq ultimately saves the day and makes them all disappear. Tonraq suggests that they all leave, but Korra asks him to leave.

Korra ventures off to open the portal on her own even though Mako suggests that someone accompany her. Korra is quickly attacked by a multitude of Spirits. After a bit of trouble, Korra enters the Avatar State and opens the portal. Spirits begin to dance in the sky and Avatar Wan’s statue at the Southern Air Temple begins to glow.

Korra gains a lot of trust in Unalaq and then apologizes for being rude on so many occasions. The episode ends with Northern Troops making its way to the Southern Watertribe. Unalaq suggests that the deed is not yet complete.

What are your thoughts on episode 2 ‘The Southern Lights’?

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  • http://youtube.com/rulerofyourface Bradley Kroehling

    I thought this episode was awesome. Bolin and that one girl are really gonna have some funny moments down the line.

    • Michelle M.

      Her name is Eska and she’s Korra’s cousin 😉

  • CheesyParody

    Next episode:

    “They’re Northerners! Northerners!
    Barely even human
    Northerners! Northerners!
    Drive them from our shore!
    They’re not like you and me Which means they must be evil
    We must sound the drums of war!
    They’re savages! Savages!
    Dirty shrieking devils!
    Now we sound the drums of war!”

    • Derrick

      Wow. Though somehow befitting. Tonraq does have the build and stubborness, to be Governor Ratcliffe

      • CheesyParody

        I was thinking more of Tonraq being the Native chief, while Unalaq being the Governor, and political control being the gold. Perhaps Korra being Pocahontas..?

        • CheesyParody

          Ooh! Ooh! and Katara’s Grandmother Willow!

        • Derrick

          I can agree with Korra being Pocahontas because she’s caught in the middle of it. I guess I feel that Unalaq is the native american chief because of his belief and knowldege in the old ways. Even him taking action by sending in an army seems similar to when the native americans finally had enough and went on the offensive to kill the white settlers. That’s my opinion anyways. I think I’m taking this way too literally. lol

  • MG

    I know this comment may end up with another debate on Unalaq’s alignment, but I’m here to say, I take a neutral stand: Unalaq is a frenemy.

    I believe he is genuine in getting Korra to open the portal to restore balance. I too believe that he is genuine in fixing the South’s spiritual decay. However, he appears to be rather scheming: he sent in troops while Korra was opening the portal. This in UN standards, is an act of war as there was no prior notice/warning.

    Unalaq, while polar (figuratively and literally) opposites with his brother, seems to be similar too. For example, like Tonraq who hid the fact that he was banished and that it was his idea and not Aang to train her in isolation, Unalaq seems to be hiding something, including him amassing troops to the South, only telling Korra when the troops were noticed.

    In conclusion, I believe Unalaq is genuine in asssisting Korra in restoring spiritual balance, but that his methods seem to be rather extreme. Perhaps this was what made Korra leave Unalaq and return back to Tenzin for spiritual trainings.

    • BaCoN

      Yeah, I think Unalaq will only be evil in the sense that he poured Northern troops into the SWT. In the trailer, Unalaq is shown to be battling a firebender. If I remember correctly, Dante Basco once revealed his voice (Iroh 2) will be in the third episode. So logically, the person battling Unalaq would either of these three people: Korra, Mako, or Iroh. Personally, I think all three are fair game. Korra could be fighting him because she’s infuriated at him and his troops commanding control over her home. Mako could either be helping Korra fight Unalaq, or trying to impress her father. Iroh (the one I think is the least likely person) could be fighting him because Unalaq refused to make his troops leave the SWT, and got into an agreement.

      But who knows? Maybe he’s working with the Dark Spirit, and will cause more trouble later on..

  • http://www.korranewstoday.blogspot.com/ Filmeditor16

    I cannot even comprehend my thoughts right now in just thrilled and overwhelmed. I’m gonna need to watch it a few more times and eat some snacks before I try to collect my thoughts. I’m also still basking int he glory that Korra IS BACK BITCHES

    • Drums

      Do you know where to re-watch the episodes?

      • Manny Villasenor

        both episodes are at videobull.com for free in HD

  • daniel yefru


  • Katie

    “The Northerners are coming! The Northerners are coming!!!”

  • Kailee

    HELL YEAH!!! This is what I’ve been waiting for!! I honestly LOVE Kya and Bumi there both so hilarious and lovable! Eska and Desna on the other hand.. not so much. Haha. But i gotta admit korra improved on her airbending. I really enjoyed seeing the Southern air temple looking so lively and colorful. The statue room looked amazing as well. I wish they showed more of the air temple bcuz to me that’s the most interesting. The spirits looked awesome! The colorful animation was beautiful.. so different from atla and lok book 1. Im so happy that lok has FINALLY started! Now we have to wait another week for the next episode. But overall I rate LOK so far a 5/5!!! 😀

    • Ross

      I wanna know if Kya and Bumi are benders!!!!! and if so what element and why didn’t they train Korra????

      • Killaarrr gotti

        Kya is a waterbender and bumi has no bending abilities

        • Boom

          And Kya specializes in healing techniques. Katara probably taught her regular bending, while Kya trained her in healing. Korra does have exceptional healing powers (as shown when she completely healed Iroh 2 of his burns)

      • Kailee

        Yea kya is a waterbender and bumi is a nonbender. Um…. I think that it makes more sense that katara taught korra waterbending because she is a waterbending master. Kya is a great bender no doubt about it.. but katara was probably more knowledgable and experienced.

  • Kristina Heman-Ackah

    Awesome start for the second season and I can’t wait for the rest of it. But all things concerning Unalaq, I don’t believe that he’s evil but that his passion for what he believes in will make him seem that way. But this is just my opinion, because he could still be evil. He could be totally lying to Korra and be in cahoots with some kind of dark spirit. Though I highly doubt it, it would be a nice twist.

    • Ako Si David

      remember the dark spirit that Azula will be voicing, that could be the one

  • Katie

    Awesome tonight! Just awesome! I was blown away by everything.

    Are we getting both Civil Wars episodes next week? It’s a two parter, and we usually get them both.

    • Kailee

      I think there premiering them separately.
      9/20: civil wars part 1
      9/27: civil wars part 2

      • John

        Yes, they are priemering separately on September 20, and September 27

  • Sescja

    I love the various “family” moments we didn’t often see in book one. The airbending kids snipping and arguing, teasing between Tenzin and his siblings.I loved the whole welcoming scene at the Souther Air Temple.

  • Ako Si David

    remember the scene where Jinora suddenly looks back & looked shocked… i wonder what she saw… & what statue was that that she saw that was glowing at the end???

    • julia

      that was the first ever avatar named wan.

    • Guest

      it was Avatar Wan’s statue don’t know much else besides that though

      • Ako Si David

        That was Wan? Is it confirmed? Because he doesnt look like the statue… I thought it was a girl

        • Millind

          but i dont think dat jinora was just staring the statue of aang in the southern air temple, but it seems there was someone(other than tenzin and his family) who was staring jinora and hid behind a avatar statue after jinora checked it.
          who could be that?????

  • james

    Those Northen water tribe troops cannot fight and win against Korra in avatar state. Korra can defeat the whole army in seconds while in avatar state !!!

    • Kailee

      I agree 😀

  • chewgum

    Keval can you put them on youtube, because i can’t watch them, please

    • chewgum

      Please someone can ask me

  • chewgum

    PerformerX, Can you download the episodes from the website of Nickelodeon and put them on youtube please,

  • letizia982011@libero.it

    Keval can you put the episodes on youtube, please ask me!

    • Evi
      • chewgum

        i can’t watch it i’m in italy

        • Jonas

          I just replied to another person. Download this addon for Chrome called hola unblocker. It makes you watch websites as if you were from i.e. USA. I’m from Denmark and can watch all of Nick’s stuff.

  • cavalier ava

    I’m a huge Avatar fan, but Legend of Korra has been brutal. The writing has just been so bad. The characters, story and dialog feel so forced and contrived. Just comparing all the emotional/spirtual hurdles Aang had to transcend to control the Avatar state, compared to Korra essentially being gifted with the Avatar state like its some Super Saiyan powers is the most stark contrast between the care, and careful pacing of the original and the rushed mess the Korra has turned out to be.

    • Aeri

      I agree @ the avatar state part. It seems she can’t fight anything without going into it….And leave it to Korra to try to open the bloody portal by blasting it with fire.

      • Hi

        Well Aang was 12 and had been stuck in a block of ice for 100 years and had no idea about anything Avatar related until he connected with Roku, Korra had known she was the Avatar since a young age and when she Connected with her past life’s,was Able to go into the Avatar State. Plus she was older.

    • Kailee

      First of all the premiere just came out yesterday… you can’t judge LOK by just watching the first 2 episodes of book 2. I have to admit it was alot easier for korra to be able to go into the avatar state than aang, but you have to give korra time to be able to transform herself throughout book 2. Plus, every avatar is different. They each have there own problems and way of dealing with things. You can’t compare korra and aang because they are two totally different avatars.

      • LOKlover

        Well said.

    • Nico

      I wouldn’t say Korra has a easier time with the Avatar State, Aang was going into the Avatar State when he was like 12. Korra didn’t until she was 17. It looks like she doesn’t even fully control it (i.e.. her eyes stay white and don’t blink white like what happens to avatars that can fully control the avatar state). As for the writing, the premiere was written by veteran ATLA writers so.. Not to mention the only person she has connected with is Aang and thats when she was on the side of cliff with all her powers gone. The pacing can’t be helped, you rolling with 14 episodes, not 20. You just got to roll with the punches on that one.

  • Michelle M.

    Keval, I have a question that’s not so Avatar related. Where did you learn to write so well? I really admire how you’re able to express your thoughts so clearly and so organized. I want to learn how to write like that! School hasn’t done a very good job of doing that : So far all my Language Arts teachers have been idiots :( So what should I do to learn?

    • http://avatarthelegendofkorraonline.com/ Keval

      School teaches you very little. You have to go out and learn for yourself. I’ve been blogging since 7th grade, actually. I was terrible in the beginning, but I kept at it. You can read my old blog and see how bad of a writer I used to be.


      It was a blog about the video game Halo. It was highly unsuccessful, but it was my first start.

      • Michelle M.

        Ok thanks, I’ll read it :) But besides that where should I go to look for info on how to write better? I mean, I have a book report due Tuesday and I don’t even know where to start :( Should I google it or go to the library or…. I really don’t know, you’re the expert writer here 😛

  • pabloi

    Korra’s uncle is an ass. Jinora is Korra’s real spiritual teacher 😀

    • LOKlover

      Right on!!

  • Kyle Edgecomb

    Gah! Cant wait for next week!

  • John

    So i was thinking like you know how most shows like Law and Order, and others on like NBC and CBS, they open up with a suspenseful scene and then show the theme song credits, well I liked how they kinda did that with Rebel Spirit, showing a spirit attack before putting up the title card and I hope to see that in future episodes

  • Req

    I have the episode, but where would I put youtube would take it down..?

  • Bizz

    Nick has uploaded both episodes in it’s website.


  • MayNotWorkForNon-Americans


    Civil war Part 1 trailer (first scene is from The Soouthern Lights, but the rest are from ‘Civil War':


    Rebel Spirit:


    The Southern Lights:


    Like this comment so everyone can see,

    • Req

      Some (like me) aren’t able to see it because we’re outside the U.S

      • Jonas

        You do know there are means to avoid this? I’m from Denmark and found an addon for chrome which lets me bypass those.
        If the link doesn’t work, it’s called !hola unblocker.

      • MayNotWorkForNon-Americans

        You obviously didn’t read ‘moi nombre’.

        • MayNotWorkForNon-Americans

          AvatarRishi uploaded the trailer on youtube:

      • daniel yefru

        korra spirt,a youtuber, uploaded a video how to view nick internationaly so u can see nick jsut like americans do

  • Jonas

    To ALL non US people. If you are using chrome (stupid firefox!), download the addon called “hola unblocker”. It makes you watch sites as if you were from another country. I am from Denmark (a small country in Europe) and I have been able to watch everything Nick has released from their own website.

  • crystalline

    I am very upset that I cant watch the Southern Lights episode anywhere!!!!! Ugh i cant believe i missed it! :( Does anyone know if its up anywhere!?!?!

    • HowCast

      1) go to videobull.com
      2) Type Legend of Korra in the search bar
      3)Click on “Season 2 Episode 1 and 3-TBA”
      4)Scroll down and clink on putlocker.com
      5) Wait 5 seconds and click on “Skip this ad”
      6) Enjoy the video!

      • HowCast

        Or you could ask Jonas, the guy below you, how to download the “hola unblocker” that will make you able to directly go to nick’s website and watch every episodes from now on.

        • crystalline

          I was finally able to view on nick.com Thanks so much though! It was definitely worth the wait. 😀

  • Kailee

    The southern air temple really changed! Especially the statue room! It looks awesome!! 😀

  • Sibis

    Eska is a Water Bender Dominatrix. Just look how kinky Eska bends on Bolin.

    Asami absent because Korra hates being lied too and kept in the dark. It would have been both awkward and hypocritical if she was there.

  • DunbansBiggestFanForever

    Keval please you have to help me. I’m gonna lose my marbles if I don’t find out what the heck’s going on. I live in Vancouver Canada and yesterday, I was checking the Nickelodeon and YTV channel guides, the Legend of Korra Book 2 was nowhere, I repeat, NOWHERE to be found. Is there a delay for Canada or something?

    • http://avatarthelegendofkorraonline.com/ Keval

      Book 2 won’t air in Canada for some time. It’ll be in the Fall, but no exact date is known. Just wait for me to post the episodes here, or Google them. There are a lot of good streams available.

      • DunbansBiggestFanForever

        ok thank you

    • daniel yefru

      korraspirt uplaoded a video how to watch nick internationaly like americans do so you can watch LOK book 2 on it

  • KorraFan

    That was absolutely amazing! 😀 Very epic, intense episode. It was so beautiful when the sky lit up after Korra opened the portal. The animation really is phenomenal in this Book. The storyline is shaping up nicely as well. I loved seeing the Southern Air Temple. It looks so much nicer than in A:TLA. I’m very excited to find out what happens next. And we’rs only two episodes in, imagine how much more epic it’s going to get! Wow, I’m getting psyched just thinking about it. I can’t wait for next week’s episode, which will air on my birthday! 😀

  • Cecile

    What I want to know if Tahno will be in any future episodes xD

  • Rachy-poo

    Hey guys if you go to kick ass torrents and type in legend of korra it will be there to download. By the way that was a totally awesome episode! Love bolin haha I really do think unalaque is evil!

  • daniel yefru

    pepole who live outside america korra spirt uplaoded a video how to watch nick internationaly so u can watch it on nick like americans do

  • tortugato

    I’ve always had a doubt about the air temple and the statues. The center of the spiral isnt the first avatar. At some point there is not going to be room for the future avatars. Do you think the avatar will disapear eventually?

  • Millind

    but i dont think dat jinora was just staring the statue of aang in the southern air temple, but it seems there was someone(other than tenzin and his family) who was staring jinora and hid behind a avatar statue after jinora checked it.
    who could be that??????????