Legend of Korra Book 2: Episode 3 ‘Civil War – Part 1’ Promo

Just like any good television series, Book 2’s second episode ended on a cliff hanger. Unalaq seemingly has Korra in his back pocket, but Korra is visibly uncomfortable with situation. A Civil War is amongst the two Water Tribes and Korra is right in the middle of it. Nickelodeon released a promo clip for episode 3 ‘Civil War – Part 1’ and it does a good job of showing what next week’s episode will entail: War. The 15 second clip is quick and concise, but gets right to the point.

We see a quick glimpse of Korra riding the wing of an airplane and then a glimpse of her falling head first into the ocean. The interesting part about the second glimpse is that Korra can be seen entering the Avatar State at the end. Needless to say, I think she’ll handle things just fine from then on out.

You can see the full 15 second clips of episode 3 ‘Civil War – Part 1’ below:

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  • chewgum

    i can’t wait a week…

  • KorraFan

    Can’t wait for this! It airs on my birthday! And it’s cool, because this is the 15th eoisode of the series and it airs on my 15th birthday. 😀

    • Mel

      turning 15 on the 15th 😉 special treatment from nick for making us wait this long 😛 btw happy birthday!

      • KorraFan

        Thanks! This episode is gonna be an awesome birthday present. You’re right, I guess this is a special treat for waiting so long. 😀 Can’t wait! :)

    • KorraKorra

      Best birthday present ever, the next episode is going to be awsome. Also happy birthday in advance :)

      • KorraFan

        Thank you! :) Yeah, this is gonna be an awesome birthday present. I’m so psyched to see the next episode. This is going to be the best birthday ever! 😀

    • Joe

      Omg, omg , omg!!!!! I’m dying with excitement 😀 Plus keval the avatar state that we see in the promo will most likely be the one from the trailer where she rises out of the water.

      • KorraFan

        Yeah, you’re right! :) And I’m dying to see that scene! This will be such a great episode, and such a great birthday for me! 😀

  • Matt

    The first two episodes did a good job of setting up a clear conflict…with no clear-cut evil villain. Unalaq is entirely justified in his reasoning, and his only flaw (so far) is his extreme methods. Very engaging.

  • Kailee

    Woow!! Can’t wait!! It was kinda obvious that korra would end up that situation. Unalaq is SHADY! Korra made a huge mistake by sending tenzin and her DAD away. I was kinda surprised at how korra was talking to her dad. He was only trying to help..and she pushed him away. Honestly if I talked to my dad that way he would whooped my ass! Haha.. Korra really needs an attitude check. But anyways… the promo looked epic and I hope we see some more BAD ASS fighting scenes!!! 😀

    • Kc

      True, but you cant blame Korra she is trying to be a great avatar and she is trying all she can. But she could be a little less harsh.

      • Kailee

        Yeah I agree that she is trying to be a great avatar. But if she keeps acting that way, no one is goin to want to help her anymore.

      • Matt

        Agreed. Korra was a bit of a jerk, and Mako was the more relatable character here. Somewhat of a reversal from last season, eh?

  • Hmm

    Didn’t the episode description say something about Korra’s parents getting wrongfully arrested? I wonder if they were arrested by the United Forces, or by the Northern Water Tribe troops.

    • chewgum

      Probrably in the next episode korra’s parents will be arrested

    • Kailee

      Or maybe even Unalaq. Unalaq is always trying to get Tonraq away from korra.. so maybe arresting Tonraq is the only way to permanently keep him away. Just a thought.. 😀

      • Hmm

        Well, yes. Unalaq is in charge of the Northern Water Tribe troops. By the way, is Tonraq the Southern Water Tribe chief?

        • Guest

          He did address the crowd as “your chief”…I’m pretty sure he considers himself their chief, but I’m not so sure the southern water tribe would agree with him…

          • jkklsa

            He’s the “unofficial leader” of the SWT.

      • Firelord

        i hope to fucking god that we see the current firelord (hope zuko is still alive) and his armies and fleets and airfleets step in and ass rape the north water tribe, they almost did i once, i am sure they can do it this time now that heydont have a retarded admiral in charge!

        • Salud

          The current firelord is Zuko’s daughter. Iroh 2 could be wither her son, or the child of another one of Zuko’s kids.

          • Salud


    • daniel yefru

      i think united forces arent going to be in civil wars
      why should they get involed

      • Hi

        It’s in the name, UNITED FORCES, it’s like th UN. They have to keep the world safe and from slipping into another war

  • Lauren

    Just downloaded my season pass for Book 2 from iTunes…. WOOT!

    • daniel yefru


  • Req

    The two episodes that aired yesterday was pretty much better than the whole first season.
    Good job Bryke.

    • ve ri tas

      Yes, but it’s still not as good as ATLA. But, by the end of this season. it will.

  • daniel yefru

    episode 1 and 2 were so good i could watch it over and over again

  • josh

    oh my fucking god, did you guys see it!!!!!!!!????? it was fucking amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! the only word to describe it is beautiful. It has been worth the wait. long live korra

  • eLON

    This is kinda sad

    • TheDarkSpirit

      You think that’s sad? You know what Toph asked Katara after she gave birth to Lin? “How does she look?”

      • TheLightSpirit


    • Jason

      Wow, I had to look at that for a minute until I understood.

    • Kyle Edgecomb

      Took me awhile to get it….lol thats even sadder for a fan of the series

  • DunbansBiggestFanForever

    AAAAAAHHH!!!! Damn it Canada and your stupid delays. :(

  • Han Stuart

    5 million ovaries melted during this scene.
    Also, Sleeping shirtless in the North Pole? Logic…

    I’m a guy, by the way.

    • Muggle

      Tonraq is one of the hottest cartoon dads EVER. I think we’re all jealous of Senna right now.

  • Turtle

    Idk if it’s just me, but korra in avatar state isn’t as epic as it should be . She gets knocked out pretty fast…

    • seabiscuit

      Yep, where’s the giant koi fish, big airball, or giant water tornado. Im a bit disapointed with korras avatar state.

      • oui

        I guess it takes practice, and depends on the urgency of your situation.

  • daniel yefru

    ik ive said this once but for those of you who are dieing to see the episodes 1 and 2 korra spirt uplaoded a video how to acces nick.com internationaly http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n-FKiXl82dQ&feature=player_detailpage

  • daniel yefru


    • Req

      lol mine too. so awesome.

  • Kyle Edgecomb

    I got the feeling Unalaq is the main antagonist of the series….and obvoiusly did something to anger the spirits, and avatar wan is trying to tell her something

    • Hi

      Unalaq is the spiritual character, he has done nothing to anger the spirits, are you thinking of Tonraq? Even if you are I don’t think Tonraq is the main antagonist however if you meant Unalaq than you might be right about him being the antagonist but not about angering the spirits.

      • Kyle Edgecomb

        No i mean unalaq has purposely done something to anger the spirits to make it seem like its the southern tribes fault, just so he has control of it, i never even mentioned tonraq

      • Never Related To Any Uncle Tom

        well…now we know he DID become the main antagonist now!

  • Justin

    The beauty of the original avatar was that they didn’t fall back on the avatar state in every single emergency. Really hope Legend of Korra does the same. But so far they’ve used it far too much.

  • madison

    i have watched 2 eps of season 2 I cant wait until I watch ep 3