Legend of Korra Book 2: Episode 3 ‘Civil War – Part 1′ Recap

‘Civil War – Part 1’ starts with the Northern Water Tribe soldiers coming ashore and telling the citizens of the Southern Water Tribe to clear to streets and go back to their homes. Korra asks Unalaq why he brought his troops from the North to the South. Unalaq responds by saying that he needs them to protect the Southern Portal from people who would do the Spirits harm. Korra insists on doing the job herself, but Unlaq explains that he has other plans for her. Unalaq tells Korra that he needs her to open the Northern Portal so Spirits can move freely between the North and South.

Back in the Southern Air Temple, Tenzin has a conversation with Kya and Bumi. The three begin to discuss their childhood and conclude that their father, Aang, spent much more time with Tenzin than any of his other children. Pema later discovers that Ikki ran away after being teased by Meelo and Jinora.

Tenzin, Kya and Bumi decide to look for Ikki together. Back at the Southern Water Tribe, Tonraq has gathered a group of Southern Water Tribe civilians to discuss the recent events.

Korra defends Unalaq’s intentions stating that he’s just trying to reunite the tribes, but Varrick ultimately reassures everyone that Unalaq’s intentions are bad. Korra becomes upset and explains that starting a war is crazy. Tonraq jumps in and states that the war is Unalaq’s doing, but asks Korra to speak with Unalaq and try to get through to him. When Korra leaves, Varrick suggests that they begin preparations for war.

The next scene shows Bolin wheeling Eska and Desna around the city. Bolin catches up with Mako when the twins leave and asks for advice on how to get out of the relationship. Mako tells Bolin to break up with her, and Bolin is astonished to learn that this is even possible.

Korra meets up with Unalaq and expresses her concerns. Unalaq tells Korra that it is up to her to prevent any possible war that could involve the humans and Spirits.

After the commercial break, Northern soldiers get into a fight with Southern civilians. Korra tries to break it up, but her father eventually gets into the mix and sends the Southern civilians back to their homes in order to keep them out of trouble.

Back at the Southern Air Temple, Tenzin, Kya and Bumi begin their search of Ikki. Tenzin blames Ikki’s disappearance on himself and says that he wasn’t always there for his kids. The discussion eventually segways into talking about Avatar Aang and how he and Tenzin are so similar. The three get into an argument and talk about how Aang always had time for “his precious airbender” despite the amount of pressure he want constantly under.

Korra eventually goes to meet up with Unalaq and finds a group of Southern Water Tribe civilians taking him hostage. Korra thinks that one of them is her father and immediately attempts to thwart their plan. Once Korra stops the kidnapping, she finds that her father was not involved.

Unalaq thanks Korra for saving him and asks for Varrick’s arrest when he finds out that he was involved. Korra convinces Unalaq to allow everyone involved to stand trial and he agrees.

Korra goes back home and apologizes to her parents for being so rude to them. The episode ends when Unalaq comes into the house and arrests Tonraq and Senna for conspiracy. Episode 4 ‘Civil War – Part 2′ will premiere next Friday at 7:00 pm EST and should bring General Iroh II back into the mix.

What were your thoughts on this episode?

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  • abrightgreyworld

    The ending scene with Korra and her parents was so emotional. Janet Varney’s voice acting was so perfect. I also loved how they gave so much more focus on Senna; I was always eager to hear more from her from the very first episode. She has a gorgeous voice, her actor, I mean.

  • Miles

    Did ANYONE hear the twins’ duck laugh?

    • Aeri

      Yeah, that was really freaking creepy.

      • Professor Farnsworth

        Finally the brother and sister from “EuroTrip” have some competition for “Worst Twins Ever.”
        You know this is only going to get worse for Bolin before it ever gets better.

  • Aeri

    A little typo. In the last few paragraphs, it says Tonraq a few times instead of Unalaq. Also, it’s not letting me post on my regular Aeri account. Why D:

    • Aeri

      And another typo, it says Pema at the way bottom instead of Senna.

      • http://avatarthelegendofkorraonline.com/ Keval

        Ugh. That’s terrible. Thanks, it’s all been fixed. I always get the two confused when writing. I know who they are, I just switch their names a lot for some reason.

        • Fantasia

          Also the episode is called Civil Wars, with an “s.” This is probably referring to the conflict between the two water tribes, and the conflict between Aang’s children.

  • MG

    I would have to say, Part 1 deals not with a diplomatic conflict, but more on familial conflicts.

    Bumi, Kya, and Tenzin
    Tenzin is Avatar Aang’s favourite child, largely because of his responsibilities to continue the Air Nomad culture. Because of the large amount of time Tenzin spends with his father, he ended up resembling Aang: a person that spend too much time on responsibilities, at the expense of family time. This resulted in jealousy amongst his two other siblings. In his perspective, he felt the trio had an enjoyable childhood, even though he was the only one present in those happy memories.
    Kya apparently has some problems finding her true identity, which was why she travelled the world. However, following the passing of Aang, she returned to the South to accompany her mother. In her perspective, she’s the most filial.
    Bumi is adventurous and overconfident. Despite the fact that he’s a non-bender, he believes he is equally capable as his bender siblings. He seems to be the able to take things to his stride.
    However, each has their different perspective. When the sibling rivalry escalated, each of them shot out their perspective, thinking that the other two should well be aware of, which they don’t. This resulted in the trio ending into their separate ways.

    Korra’s immediate family
    Tonraq’s banishment led to him finding a simpler and quieter life. This resulted in him keeping the truth from Korra so as to prevent her from being affected. However, from Korra’s perspective, her father is keeping more secrets from her. When Korra learnt about the truth, she simply broke down.

    I’m sure Part 2 will settle the conflict the protagonists have with their respective family.

    PS: Why is Shiro still narrating Book 2? I mean, he’s from Republic City. I think Varrick’s a much better narrator for Southern Tribe events.

  • Foxtrot

    Is anyone else disappointed at the lack of Asami these past couple of episodes? >:|

    • http://avatarthelegendofkorraonline.com/ Keval

      Yes. Very.

    • Kailee

      Yea it’s kinda like the book 1. Asami didn’t come into the show until the fourth episode. And in episode four of book 2 asami will probably play a big role.

      • Foxtrot

        Yeah it seems as if she’s always getting the short end of the stick. Which is a shame because she has so much potential to be an amazing character given some of the details on her backstory, along with the situatuon she’s facing with Future Industries.

  • crystalline

    I wish there was more Asami and I kinda miss Tahno.

    • Ako Si David

      i know… Asami… what was she doing the whole time in the SouthPole?

      • Professor Farnsworth

        Maybe she had to go back to Republic City to make arrangements after Varrick greenlighted her proposal.
        If she did that right after we last saw her, she would have gotten out right before the invasion/blockade.

  • pacachomp

    Did anyone else notice the Equalist-style techniques Korra used to disable four of the kidnappers? Especially the running style with both arms trailing behind her – I don’t remember seeing her do that at all last season, but it was one of the trademarks of Amon’s training. It’s odd to see her take it on board but it makes sense given how effective it was against benders in the first season.

    • Professor Farnsworth

      Yes. It was so reminiscent of the Equalist styl, I was waiting for her to chi-block one of those guys. :-)

  • VO

    I can’t imagine how can you live through the fact that you’re the avatar’s child and you have 0 element bending.. that’s why I admire Bumi the most.
    Still don’t know if Unalaq is the bad guy or not, he has some “remorse” kind of feeling but I still can’t classsify him into anything.
    Korra is starting to get me on my nerves while she’s being a dickhead to her dad and mom , and Mako!! how can she be so mean to him, He should have broken up with her a couple of times so she can start realizing what she’s doing.
    Hoping they can show us on the next couple of episodes more of Tenzin, Bumi and Kya when they where kids, I think they have some very interesting stories to tell…

  • Allen

    O M F G

    My hope has been restored. This episode was so fun and amazing and even though it started off a bit shaky, 99% of the episode was amazing!!!!! Better than anything Book 1 has done- I’d even say it’s on par with ATLA!!!!!!

    omggg i cant wait for part 2

  • Rachie-Poo

    Did anyone notice that all of the scenes from the civil war part 1 trailer were not in the actual episode? I find that a little odd…anyway I thought that episode was awesome! love bolin and I laughed so hard at the twins so called LAUGH haha how hilarious! I love how korra is so much more emotional in this series, its really good to see her vulnerable side:)

  • george

    Oh my gosh. I love how confusing the situation is. This is the kind of complex storytelling that I missed from Avatar (although in Avatar, we almost always knew who the good guys were).

  • Matt

    I really like how Unalaq wasn’t portrayed as a one-dimensional villain here–he really wants to help and is willing to listen! How many other “villains” can you say that about?

    The whole situation is wonderfully complex. Awesome stuff.

  • Felicia C

    Seriously is anyone experiencing lip-sync/audio hickups with the web-dl versions (i.e itunes etc)? I assume the TV version didn’t suffer from this?… They better fix this once the BD is out….

    • Daniel Cohen

      Yeah, and it’s so distracting! It drives me crazy cause after the first commercial break, the audio is ahead of the animation by nearly a full second? What should we do?

  • idstealer000

    A dictator is a dictator no matter the reasoning. Unalaq for all intents and purposes just stole control of the southern water tribe and the Avatar is standing around with her thumb …. well you know. But then again the fact that the Korra can not make a decision by herself is kind of her fathers fault along with the White Lotus, Katara and whoever else kept her from the world while she learned to be the Avatar. But Korra should be smart enough to think when someone tells her (the Avatar) that he has another task for her to perform, that’s not guidance. Korra has to learn to make her own decisions as the Avatar.

  • pablone

    Good episode. I’m sure Asami will come next episode with a lot of guns 😀 She’s a badass and will be the one who helps Korra to do the right thing