Legend of Korra Book 2: Episode 5 Title Discovered by NickandMore

NickandMore and their anonymous source have provided us with yet another Legend of Korra episode title. They’ve already unofficially spoiled the titles of the first four episodes, and now they’ve spoiled the title of the fifth episode. According to them, episode five of Book 2 will be titled ‘Peacekeepers’. Again, NickandMore is not an official source so this information is not confirmed. However, NickandMore is a trusted source so this information is somewhat reliable.

Official word on these episode titles likely won’t be released until the week leading up to the respective episode. That’s how they were revealed when Nickelodeon was premiering episodes of Book 1, so I don’t expect that to change this time around. But what could ‘Peacekeepers’ be about?

The first observation I can make is that the episode title certainly seems fitting for the conclusion of a war.

Episode 3 and 4 of Book 2 will be titled ‘Civil War- Part 1’ and ‘Civil War – Part 2’ respectively. ‘Peacekeeper’ seems to suggest a resolution to the so called “Civil War” that could involve the Northern and Southern Water Tribe. Just as I speculated a few days ago, this resolution could be the calling of General Iroh II and the United Republic.

Perhaps ‘Peacekeeper’ refers to General Iroh II and the United Republic themselves?

Now for some more information pertaining to the future of this blog:

Tomorrow morning, I will be moving into my dorm at the University of Maryland. I just want to warn all of you that my postings won’t be as frequent just because college has started. I hope you can understand that.

I’ve received several emails from students attending the University of Maryland asking me if I wanted to meet up with them sometime. I’m completely open to that, so if any of you Marylanders out there want to hang out sometime soon and chat about Korra, shoot me an email. We could always meet up at the Stamp building, which is where I plan to meet up with some friends Thursday night so we can all go to a party together.

Another thing I wanted to mention is that Kevin (PerformerFX) set up a Facebook page for this blog, so please support us by Liking the page and telling all of your friends about it.

We’re about 16 days away from the premiere of Book 2, which is nothing compared to how long we’ve waited so far. That’s pretty exciting.

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  • Ace

    First off, I hope you have a great time in college. It still feels like a long way off for me, even though it’s only one year more. I think we will all completely understand. College is something you should take importantly, and even though I’ll miss the frequent posts, I’ll be happy with what you can do.

    As for the title, it sounds reasonable enough. I just think that the title might have another meaning. A whole episode with backstories on General Iroh II and how the Republic Forces were created would be great, but somehow it doesn’t seem like enough for a whole episode. I think spirits will be involved somehow or another, though I’m not sure how. Maybe the light spirits will help fend off the dark spirits in the South. Who knows? This is not to say I wouldn’t be content with an episode all about the end of the war, and while that’s plausible, I just feel like there’s more to it.
    (Oh, and first comment again.)

    • Katie

      Um… How General Iroh was created? Do we really need to go into that subject??? o.O

      • Ace

        Guess I was a tad bit unclear. I meant the backstory for General Iroh, and then the creation of Republic Forces, but I know you’re just kidding.
        (EDIT: One comma changes it all.)
        On a related sidenote, does anyone know if Zuko and Mai ever got married?

        • Aust

          It has never been confirmed, but they probably did.

          • Ace

            Yeah, I’d have guessed that they had, just wondering if there had ever been any official announcement that I had missed or something. Thanks.

  • MitchGunner

    Cool… Have fun at college Keval!

  • Katie

    Have fun in college! My brother’s had a blast the past 3 years, and I’m not looking forward to going down to the 90 degree early Summer weather of Berkeley to sit for 5 hours listening to his class talk about all the fun they’ve had, only for him to walk up on a stage, grab a piece of paper that certifies he’s gone through college and will help him get a job, and chuck a stupid looking hat into the air only never to find it again! But anyway, I’ll be proud when he does. So anyway, have tons of fun, remember that college is really frikin’ hard, and if you get a D in class, everyone else probably did too!

    PeaceKeepers. Sounds to me like it could be Iroh and The United Forces, but the first thing that popped into my head was Korra. I mean, it’s the Avatar’s job to keep peace between… Well, everything. Especially when war is the subject. I’m putting my money on Korra, and I’m willing to say that Iroh will be a part of the situation earlier in the conflict.

    • Ace

      Nope, pretty sure Republic City is sending peacekeepers to the Southern Water Tribe to demand tributes. I mean, if that is actually the episode’s name, they kinda set themselves up for all these Hunger Games jokes.
      On a more serious note, that is completely true. Korra is a prominent figure in basically every episode (shocker!), but it’d be nice to see her doing her “Avatar duties”. I just wonder who she will be on the side of while keeping the peace: the North and Unalaq, her teacher, the South and Tonraq, her father, or the United Forces and General Iroh II, her counterpart in the terms of rank in the world society?

      Oh, and by reading in between the lines of your post I will assume you are out of college?

      • Katie

        Nope, I’m in 8th grade. My brother’s a Senior in Berkeley this year, and whenever he comes home he literally tells me every. Single. Thing. It’s drilled into my head, so I can’t help but write it when we’re on this subject.

        • Ace

          You wrote as though you had already had the experience. The last sentence in your first paragraph made it seem as though you had already been through the whole ordeal. Guess now you need to clarify.

  • Hi

    Have fun at collage, just don’t do any thing to stupid, I realize collage is “the best moment of our lives” but don’t go to far :) I will miss the frequent posts but its not like I check my phone for updates every 10 minutes but keep up the awesome work:)

    • Ace

      Wait, are you saying you don’t check your phone for updates every 10 minutes?
      Just kidding, it’s at least every 15 minutes. I mean, I’m not one of those 10 minute people. They’re just over the top. 15 minutes is normal.
      (This post may or may not contain heavy sarcasm.)

  • Kaydence

    More Korra news! I’m getting more and more excited!!!!! (: Have an awesome time in college!

  • http://avatarthelegendofkorraonline.com/ Keval

    I appreciate all the kind words :)

  • Tahno

    College woohoo. Now that thats out of the way. Let me see. General Iroh of course. I remember a interview when the voice author of Iroh, Zuko, and Jake Long said Iroh is in episode 4 or 5. Plus the United Forces seem pretty powerful. I still want a Desna/Eska vs Korra full out fight.

  • Sescja

    *sigh* College … such a long time ago for me. Long nights studying, finishing projects, and watching my dorm-mates play Hearts. Have fun, study hard, and don’t forget us followers.

    If it is General Iroh in episode five … then I wonder how far tbe civil war affects things back in Republic City. Maybe an encounter with “ambassador” Zuko?

    • daniel yefru

      do u have a sister named sofia? …..random your name is familer

      • Sescja

        sorry but no

  • daniel yefru

    but keval what side would the united forces be helping would they be helping the south or north and what has made them get involed in the war

  • daniel yefru

    peacekeppers sound like the jedi knights ……jk it sounds like the avatar

  • nubee

    I hope this episode will have zuko in it. Hes supposed to be an ambassador for peace. Would be nice to see him work alongside avatar korra….iroh seems to be very close to his grandfather. He mentioned him in one of the episodes…

  • Aangfan61

    Good luck in college. I would like this page if I had facebook.