Legend of Korra Book 2 OST (Official Soundtrack) Release Still Possible

Over the past several months, Legend of Korra fans have been flooding Jeremy Zuckerman’s Twitter mentions with questions pertaining to the Book 2 OST (official soundtrack). Zuckerman replied to many of those mentions, stating that it’s up to Nickelodeon to decide whether or not a Book 2 soundtrack will be released. Nickelodeon has not released an official statement confirming or rejecting the idea of a Book 2 soundtrack, so a release is still very much possible.

One way for Nickelodeon to decide whether or not a Book 2 soundtrack would be worthwhile is by monitoring the sales of the Book 1 soundtrack. Upon its release, the soundtrack was the best selling soundtrack album and #5 in the pop sales rankings on Amazon. The popularity of the Book 1 soundtrack certainly paints a bright future for the possibility of a Book 2 soundtrack, but according to Jeremy Zuckerman, there’s much more to be done.

Several days ago, Zuckerman used Twitter to announce that the Book 1 soundtrack would require more sales for a Book 2 soundtrack to be released:

Whether or not this is just another marketing ploy to sell more soundtracks has yet to be determined, but it certainly can’t hurt the cause for a Book 2 soundtrack. If you have yet to purchase the Book 1 soundtrack, I suggest placing an order on Amazon in your spare time – provided, of course, that you enjoyed the music. That would go a long way in supporting the cause for a Book 2 soundtrack.

Another way to support the cause is by signing a petition for the soundtrack created back in November of last year. I just signed it (I’m #95 of 1,000) and I suggest that you sign it too. The petition asks for some personal information, but only your name and state/country will be displayed so it’s completely safe.

We need just over 900 signatures to complete the petition, so I suggest you all get signing! Don’t forget to also purchase a copy of the Book 1 soundtrack if you haven’t already. With your help, we can push Nickelodeon to green-light a Book 2 soundtrack.

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  • Link9150

    Meh… I don’t feel like it’s necessary. Book 2 didn’t have a complete new soundtrack only a couple of new tracks were added. I’d rather have an Avatar: The Last Airbender Soundtrack release rather than a Book 2 soundtrack release.

    • InternalMeaning

      It’s worth it to get the songs written for Beginnings.

      • Link9150

        I agree. The Beginnings’ soundtrack was truly a masterpiece although some skilled fans can easily rip off the soundtrack from the show, re-create it and uploaded it to Youtube. Though, I wouldn’t be sad or disappointed if they ever release a soundtrack for Book 2 I’d be pretty happy. It’s just that I’d rather Jeremy Zuckerman to focus on releasing an ATLA soundtrack.

        • Eliminator

          Whether they release an ATLA soundtrack depends on the success of LoK soundtracks as well. He said that on Twitter.

          • Link9150

            It makes sense.

      • Wyatt

        I also think that “A New Spiritual Age” and the finale had some beautiful scores.

    • Wyatt

      I don’t know about that. I think there could be a lot more track than we all think there is for Book 2. I didn’t hear a lot of the music from Book 1, in fact, I barely ever heard Book 1 music being used.

  • KorRaava

    Oh dear god yes. I really, really want a Book 2 soundtrack. The music was best out of the whole franchise. It was beautiful.

  • Eliminator

    I doubt, that there will be a book 2 soundtrack. For all people, who don’t know, the comic for LoK book 2 has been cancelled quite secretly. This also shows, that book 2 didn’t go well, and cancelling a comic is really sad. I hope, they do the soundtrack for book 2 because if they cancel this as well, there might also be nothing for book 3.

    • Link9150

      I agree. In terms of ratings Book 2 kind of hit rock-bottom, so releasing a soundtrack for it wouldn’t be in favor of Nickelodeon.

    • Link9150

      Dumb question: What do you mean by the comic? It vaguely tells me something but I’m not sure.

      • Eliminator

        There were 2 comics for book 1. Revolution and Endgame. Both tells the story of the show, with a few more scenes, but overall quite the same. The comics were successful, and a lot of people were looking forward to book 2 comics, which were supposed to get published a few days ago. But they were cancelled :/

        • Link9150

          They would’ve simply shown more Nuktuk or something silly like that. So, it’s not that important.

          • Eliminator

            The book 1 comics didn’t contain much love drama because Asami and Mako’s relationship was almost completely ignored and only Makorra. So it was better.

          • Ariana Moreno

            it probably would’ve been harder anyway because when it comes down to it book 2 was all over the place and the plot wasn’t too centered on one thing. they probably would’ve had trouble adapting the story into a comic that made sense anyway

          • Link9150

            Couldn’t agree more.

        • Ariana Moreno

          wow. haha that says a lot :/ i can’t believe it went that far because of this whole book 2 thing. what a disappointment that it went from everything in book 1 down to this-comics being canceled.

        • Kyle Edgecomb

          Those were comics? I thought they were just stupid childrens novels

          • Eliminator

            Stupid children novels? What are you talking about? Might be a waste of money for casual LoK fans, but crazy LoK fans like Airspeed Prime bought them and he says, they are cool :)

  • Kyle Edgecomb

    They better release a soundtrack….I mean, the music was in my opinion, better than book 1’s soundtrack. Please! I want the soundtrack nick! Stop holding back!

    • Kyle Edgecomb

      why the immediate dislike?

      • http://avatarthelegendofkorraonline.com/ Keval

        You’re being trolled. Just ignore it.

        • ajames123

          The title of this post trolled me…

          Legend of Korra Book 2 OST (Official Soundtrack) Release

          ….OH YEAH !!!

          Still Possible

          ….OH NO !!!

          ??? What just happened?

          • claublog

            This website as always trolling us

    • daniel yefru

      lol i can agree the music was good

    • Mahob

      Agreed. Book 2 OST was tenfold better than the first.

  • blood red rose

    They should do a OST for book two with the horrible marketing before they aired book two the fandom deserves it

  • Legama

    It will be out sooner or later. Its is necessary and worth it, it has to be officially released. The thing is that LOK has the best soundtrack out there, it is way superior to those of other series, animes and cartoons in every sense and way.

  • Emily Anderson

    I don’t know. As much as I LOVE to buy a book 2 soundtrack, Nickelodeon might not do it, since book 2 had such bad ratings. I mean, if there are Avatar fans out there that STILL don’t know that Book 2 even aired, there’s a problem.The music was phenominal, though; my favorite out of the whole series! I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

    • ShatteredWorld

      If there’s a problem, it’s on Nick’s heads. They’re the ones that didn’t properly promote and market LOK Book 2 to the consumers.

      • Chris Pickrell

        Which is interesting. I googled season two daily. They didn’t even need to advertise to me.

  • Quinn

    If Nickelodeon won’t release it, they should at least let the creators release it for free digitally.

  • Millind varma

    i right now signed the petition for it #125
    even mentioned keval’s name .
    hope the sountrack comes.
    keval plz reply

    • http://avatarthelegendofkorraonline.com/ Keval

      Thanks for signing!

  • Chris Pickrell

    Nickelodeon. I have posted this on your FB pages more than once. If you put the Nuktuk theme song on the soundtrack, this album will go googolplex platinum.

  • cas


  • Jesse Billingsley

    Just release it for godsake! It’s some of the best music since Battlestar Galactica!

  • Антон Михайлов

    There is more than 9 hundreds of signatures! Do anything!

  • Anonther Person