Legend of Korra Column: Waiting for Book 2, Free Version of The Last Airbender’s Soundtrack and General Sophomoric Banter

We haven’t really gotten much of anything Legend of Korra related for some time now. Sure, we received some hints about potential news in the future, but how many times has that type of news actually panned out in our favor? I’m still remaining optimistic, but my expectations are set very low. If your expectations are currently bursting through the ceiling, my suggestion would be to bring it down several hundred notches just so you don’t blow your top if the news turns out to be an announcement for a Bolin & Mako duel costume pack.

Not that I wouldn’t love to go trick-or-treating this year as Mako for Halloween, but it’s fairly obvious that the only thing this fandom cares about is Book 2 news. Sure, an announcement for The Last Airbender’s soundtrack would be phenomenal, but let me remind you that the soundtrack has been available for download for some time now.

Piracy is inevitable; I’ve had this download link in my arsenal for some time now, and I always thought it would be unethical to just release it to the entire fandom. But I was doing some thinking today and I realized that I had already released all of Book 1 on this blog for free; releasing a soundtrack that’s about 5 years old wouldn’t hurt, right?

That being said, I give you the download to the unofficial, pirated, and illegally obtained version of the Avatar: The Last Airbender soundtrack.

I understand that doing illegal things can be fun stuff, but supporting this television show is more important than you think. The reason why The Legend of Korra was picked up in the first place is because Avatar: The Last Airbender was so unbelievably successful in all areas. Avatar proved to be a gold mine for Nickelodeon; so naturally, they wanted to run with it a little longer. Fortunately for us, we have Mike and Bryan working on The Legend of Korra – not some idiotic movie studio that’s only goal is to make sixteen parts to a movie and watch the dolla’ bills roll.

Like honestly, Kung Fu Panda SIX? How to Train a Dragon THREE? It’s a bit sickening to see what these studios do to genuinely good movies. But like I said before, as long as the interest is there and the dolla’ bills keep rolling, there’s nothing stopping these studios from making Pirates of the Caribbean 12. Forget the fact that the series has turned into the very definition of garbage – it makes money and that’s all the matters in today’s world.

We should just feel fortunate that Mike and Bryan are working on The Legend of Korra because one thing we can guarantee is that the series will not be milked. It will be of good quality, which is a huge reason why Book 2 is taking so long to come out. But some people just can’t seem to wrap their heads around the “good-quality” concept of Book 2.

Every day, I go on The Last Airbender Subreddit just to see the b*tch fest that is the Reddit Community, and there’s always someone who goes on some apocalyptic rant about why he or she is so pissed off that Book 2 hasn’t come out yet.

Mike and Bryan should honestly just release an unfinished episode just to show the fandom why they can’t release Book 2 yet. I can already imagine the opening scene from the episode:

The camera pans onto a tent and everything is shaking violently. All of a sudden, Bolin and Eska poke their heads out of the tent in a suspicious manner. Your first reaction is Oh damn, Bolin pulled a Suki and had a quickie with Eska!


Actually, Tenzin’s Bison landed and it caused the ground the shake. Too bad the sound effects weren’t implemented yet so you couldn’t tell the difference between a quickie and the landing of a Bison. Tisk, Tisk!

I think you understand the general idea – Mike and Bryan can’t just release Book 2 tomorrow because the entire fandom wants it. They have to finish it, and then they have to market it. Marketing will start promptly after the Book is finished, and the Book won’t be released until all phases of it are completed. So please, enough with the hate on Mike and Bryan. There’s literally nothing they can do because animation takes time. It’s not like they’re filming some stupid reality television show – creating a show like The Legend of Korra is a rigorous process that takes time.

Speaking of reality television, the stupidity behind most of it is entertaining as hell. Shows like the Bachelor and the Bachelorette are fun to watch for the sole reason of their stupidity. Yes, I’m a guy and yes I do check out those two shows occasionally, but not for the reason you may think. I could care less who the guy or girl picks – that kind of stuff is irrelevant to me. I do, however, enjoy all the drama that is so obviously cooked up by the producers. The one thing that should be taken from most (not all) reality television is that it’s not quality entertainment.

The Bachelor and the Bachelorette are watched by many people who simply find it amusing to make fun of the show. Then there are the viewers who actually get suckered in by the producers to believe every single thing that happens on the show. Half of it is fake, guys. Remember what I said about the dolla’ bills rolling in? Television producers have to make it rain too.

The Legend of Korra is the type of quality show that is not watched to be made fun of. It’s watched because it’s a genuinely good show. It’s not like some stupid reality TV show that takes a few months to film, edit and advertise. The Legend of Korra is the very definition of quality, and that’s why everyone needs to stop complaining about the wait for Book 2.

Waiting sucks, but what will complaining accomplish? Nothing. The only thing Legend of Korra fans should be complaining about is the fact that they’ve been left in the dark for so long. Nickelodeon certainly showed some major douchery in that department, but I’m fairly sure that they’ll pull the fandom back into the light during Comic-Con.

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  • http://mundoavatar.com.br/ Eduardo Guerra

    actually its not illegal once they have never released an official version and the one available for download is the audio cuted from the series… but anyway, i still believe they will release this in a couple of years :S

  • turtle death

    I have a much more complete version of the soundtrack then this one

  • Jim

    I will download this now but if the soundtrack releases I’ll buy that to support the show.

  • Filmeditor16

    Oh dear I Groan every time I see a Bachelor commercial. ABC has run that fucking river dry haven’t they?
    Btw I don’t usually pirate things I suck it up and buy it on iTunes but I have a policy, if its not released legally then I’ll get it online. But I’ll still buy it when and if nickelodeon releases a soundtrack. I know Book 2 takes a long time, and at this point I do not expect an announcement from Nick till maybe beginning of July about Bryke going to SDCC, if they are or not anyway. I just have little self control and I enjoy taking stabs a Nickelodeon. :)

  • avatat

    can you put a link to that subreddit pls

    • http://avatarthelegendofkorraonline.com/ Keval

      The link has been added in the post.

  • Quac

    ”If you’re expectations are currently bursting through the ceiling, my suggestion would be to bring it down several hundred notches just so you don’t blow your top if the news turns out to be an announcement for a Bolin & Mako duel costume pack. ” Gotta be a grammar bitch here, *your.

    • http://avatarthelegendofkorraonline.com/ Keval

      Thank you, it’s been fixed! Sorry I wrote this at 2 in the morning when I was all jacked up on Red Bull.

      • Quac

        Haha np, it’s amazing you wrote this blog post that early!

        • Katie

          It’s amazing you wrote it while “jacked up”

  • HaZardous

    There’s a sequel to How To Train Your Dragon?

    • http://avatarthelegendofkorraonline.com/ Keval

      Yes, it’s coming.

  • HaZardous

    Just something I’ve been wondering, couldn’t they start marketing a while before the show has finished production? Like air small teasers initially and gradually air trailers comprised of clips of completed episodes and once it’s finished, air the final trailers and start the show soon.

    That way, you don’t need the extra 1-2 months after it’s completed to market it. Saves a lot of time that way.

    • http://avatarthelegendofkorraonline.com/ Keval

      Yeah that part I don’t understand. Doesn’t make much sense.

  • MitchGunner

    I can’t stand reality TV shows. Like you said, they are simply in for the money. I see commercials for shows whose names are so limiting that you can tell there just going to be milked until people find out how dumb they are. C’mon, “Swamp Murders!” There can only be so many murders in a swamp, and I don’t possibly see how the show can avoid being extremely competitive. The Legend of Korra is just one of those shows where you watch it and think, “This show completely deserves to be on TV.”

  • Razzy

    Hey man I love you and your blogs. And I completely agree with everything you say. Yeah we’re all pissed that Nickelodeon loves our insanity and keeping us in the dark and this is very much on a tangent, but don’t hate on How to Train Your Dragon. I love the movie. I love the TV series and definitely anticipating the sequel next year. Yeah they’re making a third one too but hey, we haven’t seen the second movie and the franchise is enjoyable. It has as much quality as ATLA and LOK. The writers, producers, creators, the entire team know what they are doing. But if you don’t like it, okay, it’s your opinion. Lol you weren’t exactly bashing the franchise but that wasn’t a good example of what you were pointing out. Yes, it’s a sad truth that everything revolves around money but that’s our society everywhere. We resent it and we all rather be living in fictional worlds bending and travel, but welcome to reality. 😛 And coming from a girl who’s in a million fandoms and ships, I know the pain and madness of waiting for the next season of anything. But as we’ve all heard, patience is worth it. Like many of us, I wish they gave us a set release date instead of having us all go batsh*t crazy. Anyway, all we can do it be patient. I loved Avatar and Legend of Korra is amazing and when we get Book 2, all of it is gonna pay off! :)

    • http://avatarthelegendofkorraonline.com/ Keval

      Hey Razzy, thanks for reading. I didn’t mean to bash How to Train a Dragon, I was just bashing the general idea of these studios churning out sequels for the sole purpose of money and forgetting about the entertainment value. Sorry if it offended you. If it means anything, I too enjoyed the movie. I just hope they don’t ruin it with a bad sequel like they did with Pirates of the Caribbean.

      • Razzy

        No worries! Yeah I know what you mean. And yeah I hate when shows or movies are butchered but you weren’t clear in your post so I just wanted to make sure haha. I enjoy your blogs though and thanks for keeping us fans sane :)

  • Boomerang_Guy

    That’s one of the things Bryke is getting right. LOK wasn’t some rushed rehash of ATLA and they understand that its not all about the money. I really do appreciate them for all the storytelling they’ve created and managed to give us fans.

    I know I’m just as frustrated that we haven’t had any news for the longest time, but you just know that it’s going to be good. But I do agree with you, the first How to Train your Dragon was a good movie (I was surprised at how good it was). But you can clearly see the money in the studio execs eyes when they release some lame sequel when the movie clearly didn’t need one.

    P.S this isn’t LOK related it’s just a thought, but I think we should fire all studio execs and hire newer younger ones, most movies nowadays are just sequels. Plus it’s never original anymore (always a remake, from a book, or some other idea that supposed filmmakers make original)…But I digress.

    • Katie

      Love that word… Rehash….

  • Kyle Edgecomb

    I know….I just started watching Avatar all the way from Book 1: Water again and I’m hoping to let me watch the full series up to the (american) release of the korra dvd and I’ll pre order it from UK and just watch it on my multi-region player, but how long until Book 2 comes on after? Cause of course I’m gonna illegally watch it on a steaming site cause it will be like….a year for it to come on in UK (Korra isnt even on in UK yet at all) but I just really want it to come on soon :-/

  • logic

    Wait…Suki pulled a “quickie” with Sokka? How could Toph not feel that?

    • http://avatarthelegendofkorraonline.com/ Keval

      AHAHA! Best comment I’ve read in a while. Toph’s lips are sealing.

  • daniel yefru

    nickelodeon decides to be dickelodeon and not realse no shit in the comic con then im going to hacth Operation :F.U.C.K.E.L.O.D.E.O.N

  • Katie

    XD clicked the download link and I was all- “So this is what piracy looks like. Just like Disney Channel.com.”

  • Raven

    i mean what your saying makes a lot of sense but its still really frustrating i mean how hard is it to say hey we are still working on book 2 we havent forgotten and we arent trying to make the whole fandom crazy… i mean yeah it takes time but that doesnt mean they have to keep us 100% in the dark for months…

  • Korra-Korra

    I need some book 2 info it is terrible waiting for book two..i know they are they are working hard on it to make book 2 good, but can they give us some clips of book 2

  • Sam

    Hi! Just wanted to let you and everyone know that IGN has officially released Book 2 footage!

    EXCLUSIVE! http://www.ign.com/videos/2013/06/10/the-legend-of-korra-first-book-2-footage?utm_campaign=ign+main+twitter&utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social

  • Khwartz

    Hi! I have thanks you because of your page I could know there was a sound track available on web I could pay all the nice individuals having worked hard to create and produce it. So I am proud to have the CD fully legally today. So very thanks :)