Legend of Korra Season Finale Title, Air Date and Trailer

Because the first season of The Legend of Korra is almost over, the air date and title of the last 2 remaining episodes have been revealed.

  • Episode 11 will be titled ‘Skeleton in the Closet’
  • Episode 12 will be titled ‘End Game’

Just to clarify, even though the season finale of The Legend of Korra will air in two weeks, Episode 10 will still air next week. For some reason, there was some confusion about that, but hopefully this clears everything up.

We don’t have a clip of Episode 10 just yet, but we do have a short trailer of the season finale. The season finale will be a one hour special that will air both Episode 11 ‘Skeleton in the Closet’ and Episode 12 ‘End Game’ together.

Episode 10 will air on Saturday, June 16th while the season finale will air on Saturday, June 23rd.

We’re almost half way done The Legend of Korra, folks. That was way too fast.

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  • http://fortresstakes.wordpress.com The Fortress Guys

    It is not easy trying to follow up such a successful and unique series as the original Avatar was.

    Here is our take on it with lots o pics if you are interested:

  • Dalu

    When is season 2?

  • corra

    my name is corra ^-^ but you must speek it like korra xD