Mike DiMartino: Last Few Episodes of Legend of Korra Book 3 Being Animated

Mike DiMartino used Tumblr earlier this morning to release an interesting bit of news pertaining to the production of Book 3. According to his latest post, Studio Mir is currently “hard at work animating the last few episodes of Book 3.” Bryan Konietzko and Mike DiMartino have been in South Korea over the past few days, meeting up with Studio Mir and checking in on their progress with Book 3’s animation. The fact that they’re already finishing up on the last few episodes hints that things are most likely moving along smoothly – unlike last year.

If you recall last year’s debacle involving Book 2’s animation process, you’ll be happy to know that Studio Mir is flying solo with Book 3’s animation. Studio Pierrot didn’t make the cut this time around which bodes well for the visual aspect of The Legend of Korra. Hence, the animation process is going smoothly this time around.

Since the animation process for Book 3 is nearing conclusion, it’s safe to say that a surplus of Book 3 related content is on the horizon. It’s only a matter of time before Nickelodeon releases a trailer and – perhaps – a release date, too.

Studio Mir Executive with Mike and Bryan.

Because we have confirmation that animation is almost complete, I think it’s safe to assume that we’ll get some sort of Book 3 trailer at the Nickelodeon Upfront which will be held on March 13th. By then, the animation will obviously be much further along than it currently is, so I see no reason for Nickelodeon to neglect possible advertisers the opportunity to get a look at The Legend of Korra.

It just wouldn’t be smart from a business perspective. But then again, this is Nickelodeon we’re talking about. You know – the ones who neglected mentioning that The Legend of Korra would return with a second Book for 16 months?

In terms of a release date, I think a Fall release date is completely out of the question at this point. Book 3 will most likely either premiere during the Spring or the Summer. The only way I see the release date getting pushed out to Fall is if Studio Mir decides to go on strike, forcing Studio Pierrot to fill the void.

Possible, but highly unlikely.

I personally think Book 3 will premiere sometime in April. I can definitely see the Nickelodeon Upfront revealing a trailer and release date this March. This idea seemed a bit far-fetched several days ago, but with the announcement of this news, it now seems likely.

Keep in mind that the Book does not need to be 100% complete for Nickelodeon to premiere it. Mike and Bryan finished the finale of Book 2 nearly a week before Nickelodeon aired it.

How has this news impacted your expectations for the coming months?

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  • http://www.performerfx.de/ PerformerFX

    I disagree. Music and Colorcorrection isn’t done from what we know.This process takes a long time.

    I think Comic Con is again the place where everything will be revealed and an actual release is again: Fall.

    It makes also more sense because it would shorten the time till book 4.

    I go with SDCC and fall. I won’t be dissapointed by then. Of course it would be nice to have it in april. But it’s too early from my standpoint.

    • Josh

      Look at it this way, Last year when Bryan released the first screenshot of book 2 it took about six months for book 2 to air. We know that sometime back in November Bryke received the first four episodes of Book 3. Although Bryan didn’t give a specific date as to when he received the episodes, I think it was probably within the first week of November. Since studio Mir is animating Book 3 in it’s entirety, It’s safe to say that Bryan and his crew won’t be doing that many retakes or having much difficulty with color correction. As for music Jeremy and Ben have already stated that 6 (Probably more by now) episodes have been fully completed. If six episodes have been fully completed in the span of 2 1/2 months then I doubt it takes that long to do sound.

      Ever since Book 2 ended my guess was an April/May release. It would be ridiculous for Nick to release Korra in the Fall. By that point Book 3 would have already been done for at least 4 months. Mike and Bryan always say that they like to release their content as soon as possible. A fall release would also be a bad move marketing wise for Nick. I know Nick is very Naive and incompetent, but by now they should know that fans don’t like to wait. ATLA’s seasons always aired within an average of 5-6 months between one another. That way people didn’t forget about it and it’s ratings stayed within the 3 millions. Comic Con is a very big deal, but Bryke can always go during the seasons run. They did it with Book 2 of ATLA and it worked out perfectly fine.

      I think an April/May release is the most realistic it gives time for Nick Upfront, the KCA’s, and commercial marketing. This way fan’s won’t forget or get angry. If Book 3 does Air in April we should start seeing commercials for it as early as mid March.Cant wait for Book 3! It promises to be AMAZING!

      • Laneskeeper

        Josh I agree with you 100%. I think a late April release would be ideal for the release of book 3. It just makes the most sense from every aspect in my opinion.

        Have you heard any rumors about what happens after the conclusion of book 4 with the Avatar universe? I read an article a few months back that there were no official future plans, but the door was left open for future development.

    • Greenfire32

      Are you kidding? A fall (September) release is way too far away for this stage of development. Sure, color correction takes time, but it shouldn’t take 7 MONTHS time….plus, the Book 2 finale was still being ANIMATED two weeks before it premiered on TV…

      Fall release? Hell no.

      This is very easily an April/May release with a small possibility of August since summer (June, July, and to some extent August) is a bad time to premier a show.

      Animation is steps away from being completed, which means all the dialogue is done since you typically draw the animation to fit the voice acting. Music is probably close to being finished as well since they start work on that once most of the dialogue is recorded.

      Color Correction is the only thing left at this point (mostly). And remember how those pictures we’ve been shown have seemed off? That’s what they’re doing right now: color correcting.

      Book 3 is an EASY April/May release, barring Nickelodeon’s asinine tendencies of course.

  • razorstar90

    I think you’re right dude. LOK will probably be back in April. Especially considering Nick Upfront and the Kid’s Choice Awards are in March. Those are two opportunities to really push Book 3 of the show.

  • Legama

    Gooood, the horizon looks clear for a sooner release. I will put my money on a May-June Release. However Nick does whatever they want to do. They may release the book as soon as April, as they can release it as late as August. But then, everything looks good, the animation is almost ready, the story lines looks good, the character development seems to be there, we have been greeted by weekly screenshots and everything is running flawlessly.
    The only thing to do is to wait for the Upfront and the KCAs and see what do the Nick trolls have to offer.

    Hey, hasn’t Bryan released any more pictures?

  • James

    You retards need to know how television works. There not going air the new episodes of korra as soon as their done with animating episodes. They have to fit in the schedule of their shows on TV. Its all up to Nick when their going to air them so you guys might be waiting a while another year. Look at what happened with book 1, they had done the episodes already and it took almost a whole year before they started airing them.

    • razorstar90

      It’s not that hard to add a recurring show into the schedule. Networks do it all the time. Book 1 took a while because it was a New Show and they needed to market it as a new show (at SDCC comic con, NYCC etc etc). Returning shows happen a lot sooner. Except with book 2 because there was production problems and studio issues. That’s clearly not the case with Book 3 so we should expect Book 3 a lot sooner than you think.

      • Josh

        I agree! And if Nick decides to move the time slot back to Saturday mornings there shouldn’t be much of a problem. Although to be honest i’m not really sure what airs on Saturday mornings. I know that TNT comes on, but that’s about it. Nick shouldn’t have much of a problem finding a place for Korra.

        • Legama

          They will probably go with the Friday Night premieres.

    • Greenfire32

      You don’t understand how deadlines work, bud. If Nick has ordered more episodes (which they have), then that means they’ve got a “projected premiere date.” Now we don’t know that date, but they do and it can of course change if the show’s development isn’t on schedule, but the whole point of a deadline is the “do or die” mentality.

      Book 2 finale was still being animated 2 weeks before it premiered. This means that a deadline was set, and it damn near wasn’t met.

      So, no. You’re wrong. Once the shows are completed, they’ll be aired. They’ve already got a time slot, date, lead-in and lead-out shows lined up and ready to go.

      I work in the ad business, so I know how “the game” is played. And it doesn’t matter what ball your court is in (TV, webisodes, etc), it bounces off the deadline just the same.

      • Ian Almeida

        It’s cool if you are in the business, but you should be mindful of how you present your argument. No one likes an ass who’s snobby about what they know.

        Anyway, as much as a Spring Premiere is likely and really hoped for, nothing is set in stone yet. Book 3 will get here when it gets here. New episodes of the Legend of Korra are definitely something to look forward to especially when life is full of crazy things.

        • Greenfire32

          James opened with, “You retards need to know how television works,” so I feel my….abrasiveness was warranted.

          • Ian Almeida

            Ahh I see my bad! I’m almost positive we won’t wait till fall James I’m sure doesn’t work for Nick anyway

  • Loklover

    April/May?!! That would be perfect!

  • Orange9746

    This is great! I think why book 2 was released later was because StudionMir was still animating the new season of Adult’s Swim’s show: The Boondocks, which is to air this April, and had to take a break from LoK, since it has a lot more action scenes, but they had needed some help from Studio Pierrot (Yuck!)

    I wonder if ttheywould’ve had a different set of animators to have help from Mir’s short break, maybe book 2’s art and animation wouldn’t have been so half-assed, because I remember a lot of impatient people flaming KorraSpirit for not uploading the leaked book 2 trailer and some of the hate comments towards her were appalling! I can understand working on an animated tv show can be hard work and the fans being upset for waiting so long…but some of the fans…*slowly shakes my head*

    On the other note, though, I’m really excited that book 3 is almost done! I can hardly even believe we’re in February already!!!

  • Korrava

    This is really awesome news! I can’t believe how smoothly and fast everything is going. Book 3 promises to be truly amazing and I can’t wait for it!! Also, Keval, I did notice something interesting, when I flipped the channel to Nick for a few minutes i noticed they were advertising new episode of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and new episodes usually air on Saturday Mornings at 11 A.M which was Book 1’s time slot, but during the ad they said they are airing new episodes on Sunday at 11 A.M! Is this a plan from Nick to move Korra back to 11 A.M on Saturdays by, so the ratings and viewership goes up? I think so! That’s great, a perfect time slot for what seems to be an amazing season from what we know! 😀

    • Link9150

      While we’re on the subject of TMNT. This Sunday I was at Walmart and I passed in front of some posters. Interested, I started to check the different posters and I found a TMNT one but no Korra…. This goes to show how Nick has some serious issues with marketing. I know that everyone who knows me knows that I despise Book 2, but let’s be honest even Book 2 obliterates the TMNT series on Nick.

      • Legama

        Yeah i’ve also noticed that. All other Nick’s shows have descent marketing campaigns, no talk about Spongebob, but both ATLA and Korra have one the most mediocre marketing campaigns. My mortal eyes have never seen any Avatar merchandise in my life, in any store. The publicity time that Nick gives to Korra on tv is ridiculous, even in nick.com the only thing you see is Spongebob and Sam & Kat. I have always wondered why this happens, why there’s not an important Avatar videogame, shirts, posters or something, that makes kids watch the series. It would be fine to at least see an Avatar poster on sale, and not Honey Boo Boo and Duck Dinasty crappy merchandise everywhere.

        • Defensive

          That’s not true. There were and are a lot Avatar merchandise items on the market. They sold action figures, toys, posters, DVD’s, a trading card game, a FREAKIN lego set and more stuff from The Legend of Aang in stores. We even have the comic series. And Avatar has 4 videogames. One of them with a complete different story about a lunatic who wanted to replace benders with machines and Aang and his friends need to defeat her. The action figures are out of store now because of a weird reason, boys won’t boy female action figures and Avatar has a lot of girl maincaracters. But even on Nick.com a lot of Avatar games. They are still selling the games, DVD’s and comics.

    • merrychristmas`



  • Chelsea

    this is great news! I really do hope it comes back soon

  • Ifreke Umana

    Great news! Now we wait for March…

  • Link9150

    God, I can’t wait anymore. This hiatus is killing me. I’ve been waiting for at least one, just one episode to save the series for me, when is it going to happen T.T

    But in all seriousness, a Spring release is very, very likely. What’s “confirmed” for me now is the fact we’re receiving a trailer or sneak peek this Upfront for sure.

  • Seany

    Okay just saying nickelodeon has finally started to relase korra book 2 to international nickelodeon channels, starting soon as nick aus&nz has released a trailer for book 2 with scenes from all episodes and a good narrator (just saying) so finally people not in the US can soon watch korra on Nickelodeon