New Book 2 Image of Asami and Bolin in Front of the Pro-bending Arena

Bryan Konietzko has been publishing quite a few cosplay pictures from Comic-Con lately, but it looks like he’s ready to take a break from that. In place of cosplay pictures, Bryan has posted an image from Book 2 – this one depicting Bolin and Asami in front of the Pro-bending Arena at some point during the night. In the scene, both characters look very down and depressed. It’s a bit odd to see Bolin this way unless he’s heartbroken. There’s no clues hinting at a potential reasoning for the mood, but it’s quite clear that something regretful has happened.

Perhaps something has happened to Korra or Mako? It’s all baseless speculation at this point – it can’t be proven right or wrong since the scene is still very much a mystery. Be sure to check out the image below and leave your thoughts on what could’ve happened:

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  • DunbansBiggestFanForever

    Any Borrasami shippers here?

    • Muggle

      I wasn’t, but I’m starting to warm up to it. I’ll wait until I see where Bolin/Eska goes.

      • DunbansBiggestFanForever

        wait a doggone pickin’ minute. BORRASAMI??? WTF I should’ve said Bolami.. or Bosami… not Borrasami I just combined Bolin, Korra and Asami as one couple… gross lol

        • Muggle

          Yeah, I totally mis-read that as Bosami, then after I replied, realized you said “Brroasami” and then I was all… “uh… DELETEDELETEDELETE”

          • Steven Lee


          • Muggle


            Because Desna needs to get laid.

          • Tenmashi

            Ship ALL the characters! xD

    • Nicholas Bloom

      i am

  • Nicholas Bloom

    who needs borra we got bosami yeah!! :)

  • AwSam Weston

    I read somewhere (from an interview, I think) that Bolin’s gonna have to deal with not having the old team (with Korra and Mako) and finding his place in the world, or something like that.
    Maybe he’s more contemplative, rather than sad?

    • Nicholas Bloom

      maybe asami will help bolin on his quest

    • MG

      I have to agree with the Pro-bending thing which you theorized. Bolin appears to be wearing his Pro-bending uniform underneath, so it seems fitting that he’s talking to Asami immediately after the match, or that it’s very important/urgent that Bolin didn’t even bother to change.

      Asami, on the other hand, appears to be dress rather extravagantly. It appears that she is going for some important meeting, perhaps something concerning Future Industries.

      • Matius

        No, Bolin has a tuxedo. Asami has an evening gown. From the position would say that both are having a unpleasant shared memory.

        We can speculate whatever, but both seem to be alone, maybe they are remembering his failed love interests.

        It could be a moment before Asami cry, because both images are on the night.

        • Kotoi


          • SovietSpartan

            Both are having memories of the ones they loved. Asami remembers Mako, and Bolin could probably be remembering Korra, or he could be upset because Eska rejected him.

            Who knows, there’s a big chance Bolin and Asami could end up togheter.

          • Matius

            I think something like that will happen, but not this season, are building a strong bond between the two.

        • AwSam Weston

          I sure hope that wasn’t a spoiler, right there.

          • Matius

            Nothing we didn’t know.

      • AwSam Weston

        There was another interview I remember (maybe the same one) where they mentioned Asami was going to talk to a business friend. Maybe she’s on her way there?

        • Zach

          She already forms the deal in ep1.
          This photo is later in Book 2.

  • Cindy

    I just can’t wait till season 2 is here in September !!!!!! Who agrees with me :)

  • chewgum

    Maybe asami and bolin will kiss. That is the same place where korra and mako kissed…

  • PerformerFX

    Basami or Borrasami… Everything seems possible. I would be suprised if there’s no shipping. It’s kinda interessting :)

    • Kotoi

      Are you aware Borrasami is Bolin X Korra X Asami?

      • PerformerFX

        You saw to much hentai 😀

        • Kotoi

          What’s does this have to do with hentai? I had to lookup hentai on wikipedia FYI.

  • Official soul the weapon

    I think its supposed to be them uppset abiut makoora mako+korra you know they kiss again and bolin and asami are upseset

  • Jason

    I get the feeling they both just watched Varrick do something stupid.

  • chewgum

    Hey hi, i released a new video of korra. Watch it;)

    (when there will be some new episodes of korra i’m going to make a video with the new episodes)

  • Masnadetizitori

    This imagine much hot!But i think Bolin and Asami fall in love with Korra’s twin cousins!Asami-Desna and Bolin-Eska!

  • Masnadetizitori

    New tournament in season 2?But i saw only Bolin parteciped with another partners and not very good at beginning!I really hope his brother and Korra arrive and save the situation and maybe win the tournament this time!Too bad for limitated part for Lin Beifong in this season!And i really hope also new flashbacks with Aang and your friends,especially Katara woman and not only old,if she return in this return!Ciao!

  • Just a Thinker

    Okay, curveball here. Bolin and Asami went on a double date with Desna and Eska, and it ended badly. OR something happened with Varrick and they’re both distressed.

    • Pokefan9150

      I’d go with the idea that ssome meeting with Varrick went completely wrong.

  • Aang

    Well in that clip that was released the Fire Ferrets were failing ridiculously hard without Korra and Mako. I would assume that’s the cause of this depression?

    • Professor Farnsworth

      That was my first thought, too. Bolin coming from the match and Asami coming from the news she got getting out of her plane…

  • Kyle Edgecomb

    Both alone, the KISSING

  • Michelle M.

    I think it has something to do with Varrick :

  • daniel yefru

    on the recap i only saw 1 minute of it cuz i got sooooooooooooooo fucked about the cameraman so ive decided to wait till september…..even thought its going to be hell long time……

  • daniel yefru

    ultimate satisfaction would of been august

  • Poet Tree

    if we look correctly to their outfit it looks very fancy for both of them and imo they miss korra and mako something like that…DRAMA!!!

  • m

    It might be that something happened to the arena (again) or maybe Bolin’s leaving Republic City with Asami? We saw that most of Book 2 will be outside of the City, so he might be sad to leave or saying goodbye to the arena and his new team/friends.

  • m

    Keval, can you please tell people to put a spoiler warning at the beginning of their comments? I want to read people’s speculations, but not what occurs in the first episode. Thankfully the only spoiler I saw was in the trailer itself, but still. Thanks!

    • Matius

      It would be better than those who don’t want to know the spoilers don’t read the comments.

      You are visiting a place filled with spoilers. Your request makes no sense.

      The image itself is a spoiler.

      • m

        Except it’s not, because there’s no context for it. Spoilers give away actual parts of the story, not images. If I was upset over images, then I wouldn’t have watched the trailer, or reading the updates, or following them on tumblr. In fact, I wouldn’t even be watching the show because it might spoil the show when it premieres. In fact, I have spoiled it for myself by watching ATLA. Unlike you, I’m not so impatient that I’m going to waste my time watching a shit quality video, just so nothing’s ruined for me on the internet. So no, asking people to alert that there’s spoilers doesn’t make any sense, since the people who write this blog also say in the title if there’s spoilers or not. You obviously did not think this through before commenting.

        • Matius

          “Unlike you, I’m not so impatient…”

          So here there is no point of agreement, what you think is your problem, even if the mod makes a “recommendation” it wouldn’t be an obligation, but in deference to readers.

          I will add the spoilers that I want to add. Of course, unlike you, I am impatient.

          • Sheldon

            Dobby dies in Book 7!

          • Keval

            WHAT THE FUCK??!?!?

          • Sheldon

            Snape is actually a good guy! Lupin, Tonks, and Fred Weasley die in the end!

          • Matius

            Spoiler!!! Spoilers!!! Ha.

          • Jason

            lol Harry Potter trolls

          • Jason

            Oh snapp

          • Matius

            Off course, I die of madness and you carry my coffin.

  • masnadetizitori

    Asamisna and Bolska!

    • ship

      Desami and Boska

      • Masnadetizitori

        That’s more better!But in any case,twin cousins fall in love with Asami and Bolin!

  • LuciferHynix

    I think that he misses the old days just as Asami does.

  • mel

    maybe theyre sad because korra stayed behind to train with unalaq and mako stayed with her but everyone else returned to republic city. theyre also wearing fancy clothes but i have no idea what that could mean

  • Jose Luis Saez Jr

    Bolami ship!

  • Sibis

    They could be thinking back to about how bad they had it in Book of Air.

    Bolin is in love with Eska but she’ll likely stay in NWT or SWT. Bolin is like the best thing that happened in Asami’s life since the past 9 months. Yet, he hasn’t shown any sort of attraction towards her.

    It could be about the Pro-bending team and Asami having to pull the funds. Bolin disbands the team and is trying to decide on what to do next. Asami feels responsible for ending Bolin’s Pro-bending run. Maybe Bolin will admit that their team was never really good and most of their victories were flukes.

  • daniel yefru

    keval does this mean marketing will start soon in august possibly showing more frequent book 1 episodes as the countdown contuines

  • MitchGunner

    I think that Bolin is sad because of his Probending failures and Asami is upset with her troubles with future industries. I predict that they are both recognizing their issues in the image and their realization of their shared problems will strengthen their relationship. I’m not saying they’ll become a couple, but I do think we’re gonna be seeing a lot more Bolin and Asami scenes this season.

  • Swaroopa

    I totally thought it was like a Bosami moment, which can’t happen!! cuz Irosami is my OTP!!! hehehe :)

  • Sibis

    Asami: Bolin, you are the best friend in my life ever since things went downhill for me.

    Bolin: Asami, you’ve been an amazing friend for sticking by me in support of my final pro-bending run.

    Asami: I love you.

    Bolin: I love you, also. However, it’s not fair to Eska. I just don’t want to…..

    Asami: Put all of us through that kind of pain, torment, and betrayal. I do not ever want to live through that again.

    Bolin: Me, neither.

    *Bolin and Asami hug.*

    Varrick: Cut! Oh my, Koh! That was superb acting. You two are the best.

    Bolin: We have first hand experience.

    Asami: We practiced this for hours.

    Varrick: Great. Now remember when I said my motion pictures will be revolutionary.

    Bolin/Asami: *Nod.*

    Varrick: The next scene will be so revolutionary that it will turn the world upside down. Behold. *Holds up a script detailing several explicit scenes.*

    Asami/Bolin: O_O!

    Varrick: Now let’s go setup in the Sato mansion. I want to use every location and every angle for these scenes.

    • Sibis

      Book of Spirit

      Asami: Bolin please don’t go to the Spirit World and fight Koh.

      Bolin: I gotta do what I gotta do.

      Asami: But there’s no bending on the Spirit World

      Bolin: Yeah? that means there’s no bending for him either, if that spirit wants a fight he’ll get a fight!

      Asami: You can’t win Bolin! You’re 16 years old who gets drunk off of noodles!

      Meelo on a segway: Hey look what Bolin bought me with his money! (crashes into the river)

      • MitchGunner

        Best comment yet!

  • sarai brooks

    Maybe their on a date I mean u never know what if it didn’t work out with korra’s cousin I hope their on a date

  • Lily

    I’m wondering if maybe something didn’t go right with the business deal. It would explain why they would be sad and dressed up.

    • Sibis

      Well the initial way for Asami to have Varrick sign up on the deal in the first place was though Bolin’s help. So Asami might be required to keep Bolin close around in order for Varrick to stay on their business in deal. In order to do that, Bolin might have to decide on giving up doing his on thing to keep helping Asami.

  • Sunny

    Y’know instead of all the shipping and love triangle and other love related problems, I think this has something to do with the Future Industries… Maybe Varrick and these two, or maybe these two on their own, had some meeting or something, with some other industry owner, maybe, and it didn’t go well. Something disappointed might have happened related to the future of the Future Industries! :p They’re dressed up formally, so that might be the reason….who knows. Can only guess for now…

  • Sibis

    Book of Spirit is starting off by doing the Book of Earth success which is to have two seperate stories with different characters. Book of Earth had Aang and Zuko. Spirit is doing Korra and Bolin/Asami.

  • Zach

    I’m getting the vibe here that another love triangle is gonna form…..for example

    Book 1: Mako with Korra/Asami
    Now it seems like
    Book 2: Bolin with Eska/Asami

    God I feel bad for Asami