New Image from Book 2 of The Legend of Korra Shows Korra and Mako in the Southern Water Tribe

We typically rely on Bryan Konietzko and his Tumblr posts for Book 2 screen shots, but today is a little bit different. The American voice actors may have moved on to voicing Book 4 of The Legend of Korra, but that doesn’t mean other foreign voice actors working on the series are that far along. Other countries that plan on airing Book 2 will premiere it in their native language – not English. Foreign voice actors are currently recording the show for their respective language, and it looks like they have each corresponding episode running in the process.

Oscar Olivares, voice actor for Mako in Latin America, was doing some voice work for Book 2 when someone snapped a picture of him. Fortunately for us, the picture also captured a scene of the Book 2 episode running in the background.

We’ve received several of these types of images in the past, so we know they’re not of the best quality, but they’re still worth a look:

book 2

Korra and Mako look to be in the Southern Water Tribe, engaged in some sort of conversation. From my perspective, the two seem to be searching for something. I don’t recognize this scene from ‘Rebel Spirit’ so it must be a later episode in the series. This doesn’t seem like it would be the ideal environment for a ‘Makorra Moment’ so I think they’re discussing something in regards to the spirits.

What are your thoughts on this new image?

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  • Michelle M.

    Yeah I think it looks like they are having some sort of conversation. What they’re talking about could be anything. Ughh I just want to know when they’re going to give the exact date and time of the premiere already so I can mark my calandar!! Lol but I think Sept 7th or 14th. Hopefully the 7th ;)

    • Keval

      I just hope we don’t get it late September. That would suck.

  • Tenmashi

    Are you sure it’s at the Southern Water Tribe and not the Northern?

    • Keval

      I remember reading that a lot of Book 2 takes place in Southern so that’s what I’m assuming.

      • Tenmashi

        Ah ok, I really have no idea. :p Just figured that because Unalaq is going to train Korra they might go to the Northern Tribe, though it makes sense to stay in the south where the spirits are angry.

      • Katie

        We’re not confirmed this is even Book 2 yet. I mean, it could be anything unless we have a source that confirms they’re currently recording Book 2 overseas.

        • Keval

          They are. The voice actor for Korra in Latin America contacted me on Twitter and told me they stayed recording a month ago. Besides, the image is clearly of Book 2.

  • PerformerFX

    As I mentioned in the corresponding video: Its seems to be the same episode, as in the preview we saw from nick. You know? With the retarded kids and such..

  • Makorra Mahdia

    I love Makorra.

    • Bonebender

      Good for you.

  • DunbansBiggestFanForever

    I think Koh might’ve taken Korra’s face… O_o

    • Pokefan9150

      Hahaha, nice one xD

    • PerformerFX

      I laughed so hard… xDD

    • Naruto

      That could very well be a possibility….

  • Pokefan9150

    It’s just a normal pic that is taken out of any normal talking scene. I don’t think there’s much to speculate on this pic. It’s just the voice actor wanting to tell the Latino fans that they’ll also get Book 2 soon.

  • Sibis

    Korra: Mako, we need to have a long talk about us.
    Mako: You know I’ve never been that kind of guy. I just look amazing with my bending and we lip lock. End of discussion.
    Korra: I know about that girl in the Police Force.
    Mako: Let me guess, Lin told you.
    Korra: Uh…..?
    Mako: Oh look a Dark Spirit, let me go fight it and amaze you. Then we can make out afterwards.
    Korra: Are….are we really going to do this?

  • late september? :(


  • Aang

    Not that I don’t appreciate it or anything but it seems kind of pointless to go watch a video on the exact same thing I just read with no more information.

    • Keval

      It’s mainly just to promote our new YouTube channel.

  • Bonebender

    I’m tired of the series revolving around “Korra and Mako” and their romance.