Nickelodeon Animation Press Event Releases Clip of Book 2 of The Legend of Korra, Confirms it for “Later this Year”

Earlier today, the Nickelodeon Animation Press Event took place and according to sources who attended the event, Nickelodeon discussed Book 2 of The Legend of Korra. Nickelodeon started off by explaining that there was still no release date/month planned for Book 2, but they did have a clip to share with the attendees.

According to Eric Goldman of IGN, Nickelodeon showed off a pretty awesome action scene from Book 2 and then confirmed Book 2 for “later this year.”

Thought we still don’t have a solid release date for Book 2, the news about the clip should be very exciting for a fandom that has been left in the dark. Even though Nickelodeon hasn’t released the trailer to the general public, they essentially released it to the media.

And what does the media do?

Keep in mind that this is a press event. This is where Nickelodeon reveals information so that the press or the media can release it to the public. It’s like a press conference. The only solid information the media received from this event was a clip of Book 2, so what do you think IGN’s next article about The Legend of Korra will be about?

I’m not saying that we’ll definitely get to see the clip that was released, but things are starting to move in the right direction. Book 2 of The Legend of Korra is starting to get exposure. And if I have anything to do about it, I’m sure I’ll be able to bug some people on Twitter enough to get them to release some early information about the clip they saw.

I can be annoying that way.

Besides the clip, we now know that Book 2 will come out “later this year.”

Put your money on Fall, folks.

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  • MitchGunner

    That sucks, I’m still hoping for Summer, but I am pretty sure it’ll be Fall now too… :(

    • Kotoi

      Yeah, I would definitely prefer Summer too. Not because it earlier, but also because I have more time during Summer (pretty much everyone does).

      But if it going to air on Fall, then Fall it is.

      Though it’s not confirmed it is not going to air on Winter, right? They just said “later this year”. But I don’t think Nick wants a riot in front of their HQ XD.

      • Anime_Fr34k

        we should make that happen…. lol

      • crystalline

        Yea i agree with you completely.

  • David Tichy


    • monstumn

      “That’s what,”

      • Avatar/KorraFan9150

        I see what you did there… Clever girl

  • Cat

    I believe that nickelodeon is holding book 2 so that a little more of book 3 could finish so that we don’t have to wait another year for book 3. So I think it’s a good thing that we haven’t gotten any release date. Cuz we don’t want to wait another year right.

  • Karuk

    I had a feeling that they would wait until fall. Book 1 was released during the fall as well, and I don’t see why they wouldn’t do the same for Book 2. But, I have been wrong before!

    • ColdBlitz

      I’m pretty sure Book 1 was aired in the Spring…remember, the Legend of Korra fandom has been left in the dark for about a year now…

      • Kotoi

        The 1st episode of Book 1 aired 12th April 2012.

  • Raiden

    Seriously? Why does Nick keep mistreating Korra? It has the potential to be the biggest moneymaker since Star Wars, yet they keep treating it like dirt. Give us some publicity dang it! A Sneak Peek, a Commercial saying its coming soon, SOMETHING!

    • mixedfiction

      Hello, RaidenRadio.

    • john

      “It has the potential to be the biggest moneymaker since Star Wars”


      oh, you were serious… =0

  • Erin

    Is the trailer on youtube? PLEASE can you tell us if and or when the clip is on youtube. A trailer would be perfect right now seeing as I’m starting to go crazy.

    • Keval

      Oh yeah, I’ll have it posted on here if it hits the internet.

  • Filmeditor16

    HALLELUJAH Some public mention of book 2 holy crap with an action sequence that may or may not be released Hallel-freaking-lujah

  • Kaya

    I’m happy this rules out the April 2014 possibility

  • Mac

    I really hate how Nick keeps everything about TLoK such a big secret. If they want to build up hype don’t you think they would at least help by releasing a trailer??? Come on Nick. Get real!

  • Filmeditor16

    UPDATE: Nickelodeon is not releasing the clip at the time but you can go to IGN to find out what happened in the scene, it’s sounds awesome!

  • bob515
    • crystalline

      Thanks for posting that it gave us a lot of detail on that clip. Its getting a lot more exciting now.

    • MitchGunner

      i thought the animation was finished

    • Amonster

      Interesting what he said about the clip and his description of a part of the plot. So I see the lines between the spirit world and real world are collapsing. Who’s doing this and why or is this happening on its own? What are the dark spirits that are seeping through and why are they so pissed? So many questions this sounds like a pretty interesting story can’t wait.

  • daniel yefru

    btw wheres the clip?

  • daniel yefru

    -_- i acutaly thougth they relased it on pubilc my hopes just now fell down

  • Odair

    According to bob515’s IGN link down below, in Book 2, the divide between the human world and the spirit world was collapsing and Korra finds, “the dark spirits are seeping into her world. The clip the media was shown was apparently a fight scene between Korra and a “tentacle spirit” where Korra asks what they did to offend the spirit. Go to the link if you want more details.

  • Anime_Fr34k

    Dont get blocked by anyone Keval. thats the last thing we want. dont pull the wrong strings. Korra4Life!!!!

    • Keval

      Haha no worries. My Twitter account is still intact besides a few obscene tweets from me that have resulted in TONS of lost followers.

  • Lawerence21

    Calm the freak down guys. You fanbrats are the worse cartoon fabases out there. They are not going to release trailers and clips until comic con in july so you should expect this and they are not down with animation which is no surprise since takes animation a reallllly long time. I would say a late fall to winter release at earliest or early next year at the latest. Give Nick some time and the creators to make the best show possible because we all know as soon as season 2 is done you people will clamoring for a book 3 release. Just be happy Nick released something about book 2 and you ungrateful brats should soak it in until we get some real news on book 2.

    • Morgan Bannon

      That is the thing Nick DID NOT release any information here, Eric Goldman from IGN did. If this event was meant for the press to relay the info to the public we would have seen the clip.
      For me that has always been the problem, not the lack of a trailer or a release date, but the lack of Nick mentioning anything about Korra. Not on Twitter, Facebook or their own Korra information system Korra Nation. I think the whole fandom understands that animation takes a very long time, who has not seen the ATLA documentary that explains that it takes at least 9 months to animate 1 episode and they work on many at once. What most people cannot comprehend and is baffling from pretty much every possible perspective is why Nick fail to talk at all about their best rated show in years.
      There is so much they could say that would not spoil anything or require animation to be finished. Confirm some other Voice Actors, tell us the title of episode 1, update us on production more specifically than “Not done yet”.
      In my experience I have seen very few fans actually want the show rushed out at the expense of quality. Most would just like to be updated in some way, which right now Nick is not doing.

      • Keval

        Well said, Morgan. Nickelodeon is garbage.

        • Guest

          Would you rather they never give us the show at all?

          This was supposed to be only 13 episodes, but Nick saw fit to give it a full run. You should be thanking them.

  • Avatar/KorraFan9150

    I’m going to be honest with something, I was so excited for Book 2 at the beginning of the year but then many disappointing news followed. Honestly I have now started to forget about The Legend of Korra. I re-watched Avatar the last Airbender twice since the beginning of the year and I’m fully satisfied with the old Gaang. I’m tired of being disappointed by Nick.

  • Kyle Edgecomb

    Well at least its something, but I still dont think we will learn anything until comic con, in the meantime, I just order the full last airbender boxset and predordered korra book 1, so ive got some watching to do :-)

  • andrew

    i understand animation takes a while and everything etc..
    but from the time of atla till now, technology has improved dramatically, we’ve got so much more power now, and it has been over a year i think since the first release, if the animation is not done, an estimation for the release date would be great, or some sort of trailer, Nickelodeon has to understand that this is probably their best product, and i know the quality should be good because its taking ages, but theirs a point where its taking to long

    • Keval

      Yeah I agree. This is starting to slowly move its way into the “Taking WAY too long” category.

      • andrew

        exactly my point,
        i actually think tmnt the new season is coming out a month after the first season? correct me if im wrong, but anyway, the tmnt animation is much more harder since its in 3D, i dont understand what nicks problem is :(

        • Mina Miro

          3d animation uses models, its a bit easier actually, many of the scenes in korra are hand drawn.

      • Michael Azura Garutti

        The last thing we want is for these guys to rush themselves. If they want to work at their own pace, then let them. But don’t pressure them into working too fast on it. The last time I remember that happening to something I liked was in 2006 with what was supposed to be Sonic Adventure 3, but wound up being the worst video game since Atari’s ET.
        We don’t want a repeat of that, Do we?

      • Michael Azura Garutti

        The last thing we want is for these guys to rush themselves. If they want to work at their own pace, then let them. But don’t pressure them into working too fast on it. The last time I remember that happening to something I liked was in 2006 with what was supposed to be Sonic Adventure 3, but wound up being the worst video game since Atari’s ET.
        We don’t want a repeat of that, Do we?

  • josh

    That is so good to hear about that scene. In fact even a little refreshing. but somehow, I get the sense that we would understand a little more about what was going on in the scene if they didn’t have a non korra/atla fan covering it. Did you actually read what he said? something to the effect of ‘It knocked aside Tenzin, an adult member of the WATER TRIBE of whom I didn’t immediatley recognize’. I am afraid Nick is still treating the fandom like shit, I mean what the fuck is that? They decide that releasing it to the press is a better idea, so that they can drip a few words about the scene? don’t they realize that if they would have released it to the public that it would have exploded? if they would have given it to keval, we would have all freaked out and I think we would have all been very thankful to have actually seen the scene. But I think it does give better insight as to what the whole spirits thing is about. I figure that somehow even if this book is turns out to not be the best avatar accomplishment, it will still be a very important book to the avatar story.

    • Matt Doak

      “including Tenzin AND an adult, male Water Tribe member I didn’t recognize at a glance.”

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  • Joseph C. Pasco

    I am still waiting for the book 2 to berelease!

  • Joseph C. Pasco

    My friends and I keep looking for the Book2 of Korra but all of the sudden this is what happening..

    so sad

    we Really have fun watching Korra if only Book 2 will be release then it will be more fun..:)


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