Nickelodeon Confirms New Changes to Legend of Korra Book 2’s Time Slot

Just after Nickelodeon stated that The Legend of Korra would remain at its normal time slot, they decide to switch things up again and change Book 2’s time slot to Friday nights at 8:30 pm EST. Nickelodeon confirmed this change through their Twitter, so it’s official information that should remain true pending any further changes to the schedule. If anything, this change in Book 2’s time slot confirms my expectations: Nickelodeon is worried. Even though Book 2 has beaten out all other Nickelodeon shows in terms of ratings, the network expected more and rightfully so.

Book 1 averaged close to 3.5 million viewers on a weekly basis. As of now, Book 2 is averaging around 2.4 million views which is a loss in over 1 million views between both seasons. The series nearly lost 1/3 of its viewers and that has to be alarming for Nickelodeon.

As you can see, the network’s plan of action was to move the series into the 8:30 pm EST time slot, but will that do the trick?

It’s tough to determine whether or not this decision will have a positive impact on the show until we see next week’s ratings. My guess is that it’ll probably remain the same just because the time doesn’t seem to be the issue – the actual day is what’s causing problems.

But like I said – we’ll see. Does this new time slot benefit you? It doesn’t change a thing for me.

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  • Emily

    YES, FINALLY!! 7 o’clock was dinner time; now I can watch Korra without having to heat up leftovers!! 😀

    • Nathan

      I had the same problem haha I had to make a run for the kitchen during commercials and get the food back to my room in time

  • Nathan

    I’m down with this time slot, I always had to rush inside before it got dark out to make sure I could catch it in time haha

  • Katherine

    I think the new time slot is a little more appropriate but only time will tell whether that will boost ratings or not. 8:30 pm is a bit late for a teenager to be out (imo).

  • vacationtenzin

    YES!!! I can finally watch it live now!

  • Ace

    I think this time slot change will be confusing at first, but worth it. It will allow for students who watch Legend of Korra more time to finish any homework if they are also in extracurriculars and get home late. I don’t see the reason for the move, but I’m glad it isn’t moving to NickToons because that would really inconvenience a large number of people. I think the only audience that may drop is those still in Elementary/Grade school. I think most bedtimes for that age are before 9:00, which may lead to a drop in younger viewers, although I think that the show probably has more older viewers than younger ones because of its content, so that will not matter much. Otherwise, I think this time slot change will be nice because it will let people who do have things to do during the day time to get home and rest a bit before watching Korra.

    • Hi

      You make a good point, and this change is actually good for me because I’m running a 5K this Friday and will be able to get home in time to watch this weeks episode, and the new time slot won’t change anything for me! But there’s two simple reasons to why the ratings have dropped, the day and advertising, nickelodeon doesn’t get the word out!

  • Dawn

    Im good with this time slot. As of right now I have nothing to do Friday nights, so any time on Friday is good for me.

  • KorraFan

    I hate to point out the obvious, but I must clarify that SpongeBob beats out all other Nick shows in terms of rating, not Korra. I’m pretty sure Korra comes in close second, though. :)

  • Kailee

    I’m just glad that Nickelodeon FINALLY CONFIRMED when LOK is airing. I was getting really confused…. Hahaha 😀 Now let’s just hope that the ratings go up!

  • Nathan

    I hate to say it, but I think they did this to themselves. They took so long getting Book 2 out that people lost interest. A year is a long time to wait.

  • daniel yefru

    for me the change doesnt change anything i doubt it changes anything for anyone else if they were going to change the slot THEY SHOULD GOD DAMN MAKE IT SATURDAY

    • meow

      raging like your avatar *no double puns intended*

  • Paula

    My thing about all the “ratings issues” that Korra is supposed to be having is that not EVERY episode of every book of The Last Airbender was that great either – yet it managed to be just as successful – if not more. I am a faithful TLA and Korra fan and have enjoyed every episode thus far and am looking forward to the rest of the season.

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  • Michelle M.

    I think this is better. I get home from school at around 4:30 pm and by the time I eat and such and it’s around 5:30 pm. After that I’m usually tired and want to take a nap but I’m scared I’ll miss it since 2 hrs goes by really fast xP Now I can take a nap without worrying! 😀 Plus, it gives me more time to go on Instagram & Tumblr and do some pre-episode fangirling 😉

  • Michelle M.

    Btw, I really think Nickelodeon could have done a better job advertising. Only people in the online fandom like us knew when it was going to air the second they announced it. Others who aren’t as aware of things online didn’t or still don’t know. They should have put up billboards or something lol, I always drive by this “Big Bang Theory” billboard on my way home from school xP But seriously. They should’ve at least started the ads earlier. Or put commercials on another network. I see commercials for shows on different channels all the time.

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  • AwSam Weston

    In case you’d like to know (part of) Nick’s reasoning behind the switches, I just got this little bit from their Twitter. Have fun!