Nickelodeon Upfront 2013 Begins February 26th – Announcement for Book 2 of The Legend of Korra’s Release Date Seems Likely

Note: Big thanks to the commentor by the alias of JB for notifying me about the Upfront’s release date.

Every year, Nickelodeon holds an event called an “Upfront”, which is essentially the Comic-Con equivalent for Television Networks. During these Upfronts, Networks talk about their upcoming television schedule for the year. They discuss shows that will be returning to the network and talk about what fans should expect during the new seasons.

During March of last year, Nickelodeon held their 2012 Upfront and basically gave a rundown of their 2012 Television Schedule. They discussed the newly planned seasons for Spongebob Squarepants, Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness and many other popular Nickelodeon shows. More importantly, they discussed Book 1 of The Legend of Korra. Nickelodeon’s 2012 Upfront gave us the release date for Book 1 as well as a new trailer for the series.

Throughout this current off-season, Nickelodeon has failed to even mention Book 2’s existence. For any Legend of Korra fan that hasn’t done his or her homework, Book 2 doesn’t even exist. I was a little disappointed in the network for not capitalizing on apparent opportunities, but another opportunity has arisen: the Nickelodeon 2013 Upfront is scheduled for February 26th where the Network is expected to talk about their entire 2013 television schedule.

Based on passed history, it’s practically confirmed that Nickelodeon will at least mention Book 2 since it will be a part of their 2013 schedule, but I think we’ll get more than a simple mention.

This is mere speculation of course, but it seems like the signs are pointing to an announcement for Book 2’s release date.

Last year’s Upfront did well in giving us a release date for Book 1, so I see no reason for Nickelodeon to keep the release date a secret when the perfect medium for releasing such information is upon them.

Based on what I’ve seen in the past from Nickelodeon, I actually expect the Network to announce Book 2’s release date on the 26th, but I’ve been wrong in the past. Dead wrong. So I suggest keeping your expectations low in case disappointment strikes, but I think it’s safe to keep a small sliver of hope on your side because everything just seems to fit.

What do you think? Will we receive an announcement for Book 2’s Release Date at this year’s Nickelodeon Upfront? What about a trailer?

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  • BBking

    I really hope we get something, it's been too damn long!

    • Keval

      Not sure why someone would dislike this comment, but yeah. If we don't get a hint of Book 2 talk during this Front, I'll probably write another Nickelodeon hating rant that will be much harsher. Should be fun if nothing Korra Related comes up.

  • Elena

    I really hope for at least a little sneak peek or SOMETHING, I reeeaaally wanna see more of this (most probably) awesome next season!!

    • Keval

      Getting a trailer would be sweet. The cool thing is that this isn't complete guesswork either. This actually happened before last year. We actually did get a trailer. Hopefully Nickelodeon keeps the script the same.

  • Obamaniqua

    Hmmmm…Now I'm not so optimistic anymore as in the beginning! When that stupid SHITTY movie of ShahmalalkakaDINGDONG was airing everyone was talkin' about a promo..Blablablabla..I really hoped for it,but nothing happened! Now that upfront,I don't really think that tehre is going to be an announcement or something. Maybe some information,but nothing more. BUT…I still think (0,001%) that there is going to be release date…Small chance. (Sorry for being confusing!)

    • Keval

      Yeah the Samaladingdongditch was annoying. But I really think we'll get something here. Stay Optimistic! We'll get it sooner or later!

  • http://twitter Joey

    Well I am forever an optimist but! This is promising.
    I had no idea in the past that Nick held such an event or that they gave a trailer and release date for Book 1 at it.
    Ergo, I must withdraw my statement about saying the TLA premier on Nick was a golden opportunity. This seems like a far more likely place that they would announce their biggest money makers current condition and future plans for the show. THIS SEEMS VERY VERY PROMISING!

    • Keval

      I agree, this does seem very promising.

  • cement

    I hope korra come out in early april… also jope nick announces some good shows cuz atla ans alok are the only bearable shows they got. I hope nick gets some thing awsome like hamtaro…jk. no but really nick needs some better sh ows

    • Keval

      Nick will have two good shows coming. They're called Gibby and Sam and Cat. They're spin offs of iCarly if you liked that show. I'm hoping for some news on that too.

      • cement

        Awsome!!! I'm not a fan of icarly but I hope they say something about digimon. There was also a rumor of sailor moon 2013. But I doubt that one

  • Jeremy

    As long as this brings good things I'm excited. I will be disappointed though if they don't give us much information on dates or anything. All we really want is a date for our beloved season 2! But nick is lame and releases those kind of things last minute.

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  • Kelly

    Reblogged this on Good News for Geeks and commented:
    Suh-weeeeet! Do you think it'll actually happen?

    • Kelly

      By the way, that comment was for my blog…just to clear up any possible confusion. 😉

  • Kelly

    I bet it'll happen. That's awesome!

  • laurencoll27175101

    February 26th is my birthday! If the give the release date that would be the best present ever!

    • Keval

      That would be a SWEET birthday gift.

      • laurencoll27

        Is it going to be televised?

  • Lauren

    Can someone tell me where I can watch the upfront from home I can't seem to find out the channel or something

  • Lauren

    Can someone tell me where I can watch the upfront from home


      You can't watch it probably. There is no stream or TV show planned. But after the event we will know pretty much anything.

      • Keval

        Don't worry, I'll have all of you covered.

  • Hannah

    I'm new to this upfront stuff do don't make fun of me. Question one. Is it like a live comic con type thing where you have to be ther or is it televised? If so what time is it on? Thanks! Please reply quickly

    • Keval

      Yes, it's like comic con, but it's not televised. Not sure what time either. I'll be looking for these details as the date comes closer and ill post any live Internet streams that may become available.

  • Autumn

    Is the Upfront something people can attend? I can't find any details of a where.

    • Keval

      I'll find out and post about it shortly.

      • chris

        no it's invite only for advertisers

  • john

    where is the up fronts going to be in nyc? anyone know

    • chris

      time warner center

  • makeupbender

    So excited!!! Hopefully they will announce the date of Book 2… we can only hope! Check out my blog I have a Avatar/LOK inspired makeup series going on :)

  • davetichy


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