Nickelodeon Upfront 2013 Primer: Time, Location and Details for Legend of Korra Fans

We’re almost there: the Nickelodeon Upfront 2013 begins tomorrow. I just hope we’re not all getting excited for something that doesn’t even happen. But I see no reason for Nickelodeon not to announce Book 2 of The Legend of Korra’s release date. It would literally make zero sense. Nickelodeon can’t possibly be that dumb; surly they would want to make money off of The Legend of Korra – right?

After all, the Nickelodeon Upfront is all about communicating the Network’s yearly line-up to potential advertisers. If they skip out on mentioning The Legend of Korra, advertisers won’t even consider promoting their product during the airing of Book 2.

That would defeat the purpose of making the show in the first place. Even I understand that. I’m sure a television network does too. On that note, here is your essential reading on what is expected to be the Event all ‘Korra’ fans have been waiting for.

Event: Nickelodeon Upfront 2013

Location: New York

Time: Evening (super specific, right?)

Please keep in mind that this event is not centralized around The Legend of Korra. The Upfront will bring up information on the new seasons for series’ such as Spongebob Squarepants and Fairly Odd Parents as well as information on new series’ such as Sam and Cat and Gibby. I am not confirming anything about these series’; they are merely points of example.

Nickelodeon might even piss off some people off by canceling a series or two, just like Cartoon Network did with Young Justice.

Like I said earlier, the event will not be televised. There probably won’t even be a live stream, so if you’re looking to catch the latest news, just be patient and wait for it to hit the internet.

“Evening” is all we know when it comes to the Upfront’s time. There is no allotted slot for a possible Legend of Korra announcement so if it does come, it could come at any time.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop them in the comments down below.

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  • Ashes

    …oh well! But at least were almost there!

    Tomorrow well be far away tomorrow is the judgement day!

    One more dawn!
    One more day!

    Were almost there guys!

    • Keval


  • JB

    I just found some reassuring information on Nick's Twitter. On February 24th they responded to someone's question asking, "@NickelodeonTV Will you guys be at the upfront or…." They responded with: "@McCosTorian We're looking to Tweet out info from the Upfront :)" Looks like this means that there definitely is an upfront tomorrow, if there was any uncertainty, and that they will be tweeting any info from their Twitter.

    • Kotoi

      Thanks JB!

    • Keval

      It looks like we'll get out info on Korra's possible release date there if it's announced.

  • Kotoi

    "Nickelodeon can’t possibly be that dumb; surly they would want to make money off of The Legend of Korra – right?"

    I guess that "surly" is not supposed to be there. Right?

    • Keval

      Why shouldn't it be there?

      • Kotoi

        Shouldn't it be "surely"?

  • Diana

    Are you gonna be at it?

    • Keval

      Unfortunately no. Nickelodeon needs to send me an invite next year. I'll threaten to rage on them if they don't! Haha :)

  • Sabrina

    Okay, guys. This is it. The moment we've all been waiting for. (You know, besides the actual series.) Take a deep breath. Now take another. And another. Face turning purple yet? Good. Now sit calmly and wait.


    And then do some more breathing excersises. Too much freaking out is bad for your health.

    • Keval

      If we don't get a release date, I'm going to rage so hard on Nickelodeon it'll be unreal.

      • Ashes

        Wars will break out across the globe…

        • Keval

          We'll have riots breaking out in front of Nick Headquarters lol.

      • Sabrina

        We'll have equalist-style rallies.

      • Sunny

        We'll all turn into the Fire Nation and.. "Then, everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked."


  • Filmeditor16

    I can barely sit still with the excitement of what tomorrow's Upfront could bring! I don't care if its in the evening, I'm checking my phone all day! Even in school! I live in the Pacific Northwest so the time zone is like 3 or 4 hours ahead of me! So I might be able to get news by late afternoon! After the let down with The Last Airbender, I have faith that some tidbit of Korra info will be released. Worst case scenario, they just say, "Oh KORRAS gonna be in late fall blah blah blah" best case scenario (the one I'm hoping for) is a firm release date and a trailer. I'm not greedy, but the least they could do is give us that. Am I right? I mean they have been pretty quite for months, but to be fair, the episodes were in production. The only reason we have any info at all was by the grace of Bryke. All right, I'm done rambling. I'm hoping with all my being that by this time tomorrow, the fandom will be alive with excitement again. Because right now, on a scale of one to jet, the Korra fandom is kinda dead, but ya know, it's still a little unclear. (Btw I can't take credit for that joke I heard it on tumblr)

  • Betty

    Does anyone know where the nick upfronts is located or hosted?

    • Keval

      It says in the post: New York. So expect and announcement in the evening east coast time.

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  • Sunny

    Omg! Is it true that LoK's going to continue on 23rd March?!?! O_O

    • Mehraj

      that's just a rumor

  • Kristina

    This sucks! No information was released at the Upfront! What kinda stupid game is Nickelodeon playing?

  • Kyle Whisper

    God makes me wonder which shows they are likely going to cancel (please don't cancel the Turtles)

  • Azulas Insanity

    No information released at the upfront. Seriously Nick WTF!?! I guess they don't want to make money from advertisers. It's official, Nick has gone full retard.

  • James Philip Jurovic

    How could you forget the announcement for the Book 2 of The Legend of Korra? I spend months studying your plans for Book 2 and you just forgot the the release date for that season. Just think about the release date for Book 2 of the Legend of Korra just for the Kids and Nick fans.