Official Legend of Korra Comic-Con Trailer Released

Nickelodeon has finally granted the Korra community their wish. After days of harassment and pleading, Nickelodeon has released the official Book 3 trailer that was played at Comic-Con this past Friday. Part of the trailer was viewable through a recording of the panel, but now we have the entire trailer in HD. Based on how Hiro Shinobi narrates the trailer, it appears to depict scenes exclusively from this week’s episode, “The Stakeout”.

The trailer confirms that Team Avatar’s tracking of Aiwei will lead them to the Misty Palms Oasis, the town Aang and the original Team Avatar visited before venturing out to Wan Shi Tong’s library. Mako and Bolin will wear some sort of disguise during the episode, which effectively makes them look like Walter White and Jesse Pinkman. After an intense Pai Sho match between Asami and Bolin, Korra is shown held captive in a very Hannibal Lector-styled manner. Don’t worry, Zaheer, she doesn’t bite!

The trailer is just over 80 seconds long, and it acts as a good preview of what’s to come this week. Per usual, I will be releasing my prediction for “The Stakeout” later today, so stay tuned for that.

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  • whaat

    When Korra supposedly finds out the secret about the Red Lotus (0:55-0:57) her face changes from anger to something else… recognition? confusion? surprise?

    Looking forward to your prediction, Keval

    • PerformerFX

      Oh boy.

    • Brian Tailor

      I know, I noticed that too. By the look on her face…it kind of looks like she kind of understands why they are after her??? If that makes sense. Dude, I am so excited. On the edge of my seat to see how this season turns out!

  • Sicftermo

    aside from all the exciting things that are coming on the next episode, seeing someone play pai sho again makes me the happiest fan ever.

  • Grape guy

    Those costumes on mako and Bolin look halarios. I can’t wait to find out the truth about the red lotus.

    • Ifreke Umana

      Same here. :)

  • Manny Villasenor

    Hey Keval I want your thoughts on the picture from comic con that shows suyin with zaheer in the circus, people are saying that suyin might be evil and working with zaheer

    • ynnam

      It’s not Zaheer

      • Simon Kari

        It totally looks like Zaheer and company.

    • Keval

      I don’t think she’s evil. It would be stupid if she was. Bryke would have wasted two episodes bringing Lin and Su together just so they can rip them apart again. It would be the ultimate waste of time with only 13 episodes available.

      • Korrava

        The flashbacks just prove how much of a rebel she was and gave us insight on her backstory. The whole point of the flashback was to tell us why Lin is holding such a huge grudge towards her. Doesn’t necessarily mean it was meant to bring them closer together. Bryan and Mike don’t make things that simple, Keval. She’s done bad things in her past and probably continued to.

        “I see right through you”
        “People change.” “You haven’t”

        Lin wasn’t saying those things for the hell of it. Hell she still doesn’t completely trust her when she asked Aiwei to question her.

        Just take a note on all of her eye movements too.

        • AnotherGuest

          I have hated this whole family bull crap. I don’t believe everything is just magically fine now between Su and Lin. I was completely pissed when Lin had Aiwei question Su. For the love of God we just were supposed to accept that everything was fine after two freaking episodes of back story.
          Nothing is ever freaking simple….

      • Sibis

        One current established point is that Su hates the Earth Queen being the one with all the power and the abuse that comes from it. She might also hate the Dai Li. So I can see some possible issues with the Avatar since Kyoshi helped the monarchy stay in power and created the Dai Li.

        On another note, the Avatar is similar to the Monarchy position which is a birth-rite with all that power and possible abuse that may come from it. She might like Korra but doesn’t agree with the idea of power handled by the Avatar.

    • crystalline

      I don’t think that was Zaheer….

      • Ozymandias13

        I think he was a bit too big to be Zaheer, look at how far up on the elephant his head goes. Zaheer is about 5’10 to 6′. Bryke said the p’li is about 6’8 so that is where the estimate comes from. However, I do believe Su was connected to the Red Lotus in the past, but left the order after she realized how dark they really were. Aiwei left with her, but he actually stayed to to the order and kept track of her movements for them. This is why she wants Awiei back so bad, if anyone finds out she was associated with these people she would lose everything. It’s one thing to be a rebel, but a cult like the Red Lotus is a step too far.

        • polloi

          And Zaheer only recently turned bald to blend in in Air Temple island. Before, he was really…hairy. Now, I don’t know if he was bald before imprisonment, but it seems really far fetched that he’d be in a circus.

  • Anne

    description from a video on Nick:

    “Zaheer thinks he can change the world for the better, but Korra knows otherwise.”

    taken from :

    • Anne

      Video won’t play though

  • Sibi

    That scene of Korra strapped down should be topped off with Mark Hamill doing his Joker voice in the next room.

  • Ozymandias13

    This is a little off topic but, does anyone think Guru Laghima may have been evil. I don’t know why,, I just get a really creepy feeling whenever anyone mentions his name and the music that’s played when people talk about him

    • Brian Tailor

      Wow…never thought of that, but I think that would be really cool.

  • whaat

    A lot of people are saying that the reason Korra being tied up is because of Asami turning evil- because of her “evil” look in these pictures: (If you can’t see them, refresh the page)

    I just think that these are screenshots of Asami before her and Bolin’s pai sho match and that her look simply says, “Bring it on”.

    • Rachel Lee

      Totally agree with you. Thats the dumbest thing I have ever heard! Why would they make Asami turn evil. Some people are stupid.

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  • Zuzu

    I have a feeling we will see Iroh again. I mean in order to resolve this conflict between the Red and White lotus it would be important for the Grand lotus to be there, Iroh knows all! But why do the red lotus want to kidnap Korra and it seems that it may be for a good reason. But Shiro Shinobi sounds like it is for a bad reason when he says “But will Korra be able to inform the world.”
    I personally don’t think Su is evil, it would be pointless for Su to have saved Korra when she threw metal knives at Zaheers glider. It just seems like Su is really angry at Aiwei for betraying her. But it brings up a lot of suspicion.
    And we know that the upcoming episode is very Red Lotus based and there is a lot of explanation. But think about it, the White lotus is philosophical and i’d expect the same with the red Lotus and is evident with Zaheers monologues. Bryke have actually confirmed the Book 3 and 4 link, so i believe that Zaheer and the gang are working for a higher power. But who is the grand lotus? Is there a grand lotus in the white lotus faction? It’s not Zuko then who?

  • Sicftermo

    I’m really enjoying this ”i don’t know who i can trust” situation.