Online TV Calendar Lists Book 2 to Premiere on September 7th [Update: 3 new Sources Added]

Several weeks back, an iPhone app suggested that Book 2’s first episode would premiere on September 7th. The reliability of the app was unknown at the time, so the information was taken as a grain of salt. However, we now have a secondary source that is also saying Book 2 will premiere on September 7th. This secondary source is an online TV Guide known as TV Calendar – a website that displays the air date for all upcoming shows in the coming months. The large time-frame the guide covers allows users to see listings through the month of September. While browsing the listings for the month, I found the Legend of Korra scheduled to premiere on September 7th.

Typically we’d be considering the reliability of this site before jumping the gun and getting excited, but things are slightly different in this case. This is the second source that has essentially confirmed the same premiere date. We need to put some sort of stock into the fact that two separate sources have found common ground with September 7th.

So should we expect Book 2 to premiere on September 7th?

At this point – yes – I really think Book 2 will premiere on September 7th. But will that definitely happen? I’m not sure. As of now, we have two sources confirming this as well as my instincts, which has had me believing this since April.

It looks like we’ll probably get a better answer this Thursday, but until then, what are your thoughts?

Update: An Australian TV guide network has Book 2 listed to premiere on September 7th and a second iPhone app listing Book 2 for the same premiere date was also discovered. That’s 4 sources.

Update 2: A 5th source (iPhone App) has been found to confirm a September 7th Book 2 premiere as well.

Update 3: People seem to think that I’m confirming a September 7th release. I am not – I am merely relaying several sources saying the same thing. It’s your choice to believe them or not. None of these sources are 100% credible, which is why nothing is confirmed.

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  • Melanie R.

    I’m DVRing the “movie” and will fast forward through it to the commercials. Nickelodeon actually thinks that many Avatar/Korra fans will watch TLA just to get the start date for Book 2……what IDIOT at Nickelodeon came up with THAT idea?! :(
    I hope that September 7th really IS the start date, if not the 14th. (*fingers crossed*) :)

    • The Gotham Ninja

      I was thinking the same thing Melanie.

  • Luna Justice

    The question is at what time?

  • Joshua

    I am never watching that…that…thing ever again. I’ll be online the whole time anxiously waiting for your confirmation post, Keval.

  • Katie

    You’ve been going with September 7th for months now, Keval. And if I’ve learned anything from reading this blog for the past few months, it’s that you’re a genius, and a crack up when you want to be. You’ve got a natural talent for speculating all things Korra, and about 90% of what you’ve said, goes. The trailer, the fact that out of 365 days, you picked the day that we now have 2 sources stating. Overall, if I didn’t read this I’d be sitting dust. You’re a mastermind, and I’ve got to go with you on that. So first of all, stop only remembering the things you got wrong, because you’ve gotten so much right. Second, if we end up getting up on September 7th (my birthday party date :D) and watching Legend of Korra to start our day, I will from then on out address you as Lord Keval. So…

    • Keval

      Thank you Katie! Much appreciated. I really hope you’ll be able to celebrate your birthday party with Book 2!

  • Tom

    Where did you find the premiere date in the Australian TV guide, because I can’t find it! I’m form Australia and I saw the ‘update’ and was like what, why would an Australian TV guide have it.

    • Keval

      A guy who run MundoAvatar (Brazilian fansite) lives in Australia and that’s what he told me. His name is Eduardo Guerra.

      • Tom

        Oh OK. I just thought it was weird that an Australian TV guide would have listed it for 7th of September, when we don’t get it mouths later..?

  • Chenrui19930

    Hello Keval, I have a question, Canada’s YTV once said that they will show the book 2 on July, but it is Augest now and we still haven’t seen anything, so, would this so called TV calender be unreliable?

    • Keval

      YTV and TV Calender are two different sources. If YTV was wrong, that doesn’t make TV Calender unreliable. Either way, YTV always said Book 2 would air in the Fall. So I’m not sure where you got the info about it airing in July.

  • Hi

    Wow I have had solid trust with Keval for a long time and September 7th seems resoniable plus 4 whole sources of course we don’t know if they are true but still I can’t wait!

    • Keval

      We’ll probably find out tomorrow.

      • Hi

        Hopefully, even though I hate the last airbender movie I will probably watch it tommarow

  • Dman
  • Aeri

    I know this is a bit off-topic, but do we know if they’re premiering just the first episode on the first airing, or the second also? I asked this a while ago and I don’t think it was answered.

    • Derrick

      I wouldn’t count on it. I mean when ATLA aired they showed the first two episodes from book 1 together but that was when the show premiered. For the rest of the books, I believe only the first episode was shown when it came out. I think showing two episodes together is a show premiere thing and not a season premiere thing, or in avatar’s case, book premiere thing. LOK aired the first two eps together, but it was the show premiere. Now that its just another book premiere, I’m pretty sure they’ll just air the first episode. But I’ve been wrong before. As of late Nick has been surprising us left and right so maybe it could happen, but I don’t think it will.

      • Aeri

        Thank you for responding. I was having pretty much your thoughts too; I wanted to ask to see if anyone knew for sure. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

  • Ace

    The earlier the better. Can’t wait for September 7th!

    • Hi

      Me too

  • Ace

    Do you know if have there been any sites that have not listed September 7th as the release date?

    • Keval

      There are none. That would throw everything for a loop.

  • Masnadetizitori

    So,the date is really September 7th?Hurray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Let’s wait,more entusiasm,no sad,more more Avatar power,with her and Avatar Glenn!See ya!P.S.Don’t do trick or other jokes about this news!Ciao!

    • Keval

      It’s not confirmed yet, but it’s looking like September 7th. I wouldn’t get too excited though, just in case.

  • LegendaryAvatar91

    So,if the date is this,broadcast is:September 7th-December 7th,safely pause or other events or festivities!Ciao!

  • Torzk

    This is looking very promising, Keval. We will just have to wait and see what happens in the future or see if something comes up tomorrow. By the way, I really like the new banner you have fixed, it is actually looking extremely professional. Did you make it yourself or did someone do it for you? =P And of course, keep up the good work!

    • Keval

      Thanks Torzk, yes this does look very promising, but please keep in mind that this isn’t 100%. As for the banner, I had PerformerFX (Kevin) make it for me. He’s the guy who runs the YouTube channel for this blog. And I agree, it looks awesome!

      • Torzk

        Yeah, I know it is not 100% accurate since it is actually not confirmed yet, but at least it is something to look forward to. Anyway, we will see what the future brings, and a thumb up for Kevin!

        • PerformerFX

          Thanks :)

  • Korratastic45

    September 7th, 2 days after my birthday! <3 So excited!!!!

  • The Gotham Ninja

    Not sure of the exact date but the official Nick website says the new season of Legend of Korra will start in September. Which I already assumed considering kids will be back in school by then. Thats what you gotta focus on: The month when kids are officially back in school. After all, these shows are supposed to target kids as the audience. Same goes for another show I’ve been waiting for: Power Rangers Megaforce.

    • daniel yefru

      yea your kinda right if u get exicted for the possiblty and we dont get anything your gonna end up like the pepole that were exicted for nick upfront 2013 i was one of them….i never forgot that day

  • Aangfan61

    I doubt it is on September 7th. I just seems too early. The longer they wait, the more people watch the commercial and watch the show. I too want it early but think about what I just said ( typed ).

    • daniel yefru

      the longer we wait the less exicted we get for book 2 so early is a good thing i kinda would have been fucking exicted for septemebr but after the last 8 months im not gonna go crazy at the possiblty of a trailer tomorow

  • DunbansBiggestFanForever

    I doubt it’ll come that early

  • daniel yefru


  • ChoOhana

    OMG my guesses I think were right!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Livid17

    You braindead morons on here deserves to be fooled by this incompetent mod if it turns out to be false. If I were you I would leave this site when you all get your hopes up on Thursday and don’t worry I will make sure this website is shut down for misleading people. TV guides have proven to give wrong dates to TV show launch because I know they did this when I was looking for season premiere of Monk saying that was a certain date and really wasn’t.

    • Amonster

      Oh look at the big internet tough guy over here. Obviously you don’t read she said at the bottom of the page that this isn’t official and she’s in no way saying any of this is true. She’s just reporting what she finds. Read next time before you go running your mouth like a dumbass.

      • Keval

        Thanks, but I’m a guy haha.

        • Tom

          Gender Bender?

        • Hi

          Ya know, I was thinking about weather you were a guy or girl but I didn’t want to offend you so I just stayed out of it I was sure you were a guy but I wast 100 percent on it

        • Michelle M.

          You should really make that clear LOL xP I’ve known you were a guy since you did that book 1 DVD contest thing. I made a twitter just for that and I started to follow your personal one and that’s when I realized you were a guy. Also I’ve heard your Admin Talk interviews and your voice is in no way girly 😀

        • Michelle M.

          You should write a post and at the end be like”Just to clear things up things up, I am a male human being! A man, a guy, a boy, whatever! AND I’M NOT A WOMAN!” See what I did there 😉

          • Icvotudiddah

            Well, Keval is more in touch with his feminine side…

    • Keval

      Hey Livid. To be honest, go ahead. Bad mouth me and rip my blog. Call me names and tell people to leave my site. I don’t care. If that’s really your opinion, then don’t be shy about. I hope I’m right this, but if I’m wrong, life still goes on. Right? I do my best for the fandom and if that’s not good enough for you, I truly am sorry.

    • Torzk

      If you would actually learn to read what people type you would not be as stupid as you look. Almost no one has said anything about “getting their hopes” up so why should they? This is just pure speculating that Keval is doing on this site, nobody has confirmed anything. He is only using facts, statements, thoughts, speculations and/or proofs (if he got any) on this website to provide people with some kind of information. Do we have to believe any of this information? The answer is NO. We decide for ourselves if we want to believe it or not. Even when Keval is wrong it does not change him in a bad way. People make mistakes everyday and that is what also makes us better. Why? Because we learn from them, except for ignorant people who can’t face the truth about things.

      Also, how would you even manage to shut this website down? You have no power here at all, unless you actually manage to find enough people who dislikes this page which I doubt you will ever do. Even though if you did, you would have to just more than complain to the host about shutting the website down. You would actually have to gather proof for why the website is misleading people and what is wrong about it. So I cannot really see that happening at all. I would not be surprised either if you are one of those type of people who actually are real assholes in real life and use the internet as an excuse to oppress people who actually do something VALUABLE on the internet. So please, sir, get the fuck out of here.

    • Hi

      This is supposed to be a blog were people can share excitement and thoughts about Avatar The Last Airbender and The Legend Of Korra, not so that people like you can mouth off at Keval and the other people who want to talk and share ideas and stuff. And you better respect Keval the most because he puts time and effort in for the fandom that is almost always true and when it might not be but nobody knows then he makes it clear to us. So please do not mouth off all the time and just have some fun.

    • Dragongirl100

      Hey dumb ass next time you want to make fun of this website READ the page it said he was not sure if this was true

    • MitchGunner


  • The Pandorica

    I’m pretty sure these sites have a motive for Sep. 7th, but who are they getting this from? for all we know, these sources could have found each others Sep. 7th posted and copied off of them without confirming it with Nick.

  • ahmedumer

    Its good to know about a release date but I think they can surprise us by releasing it in 1st just like a mako/bolin mini serie so anything can happen

  • Michelle M.

    It’s pretty much confirmed that it’s gonna be September 7th :) But I’m still pretty excited for tonight I can’t wait to hear them announce it officially and start to see the commercials finally!

  • Lex

    Yahoo! Tv has a new legend of korra book two spirits trailer and a release date along with it! It says the release is September 13th!

    • Fadi Obaya


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  • John

    KEVAL!!!!! I just saw the commercial…. Book 2 priemeres Friday September 13, 2013!!!!!

  • Madiha

    You were right though Keval. I just finished watching the new Korra teaser trailer two minutes ago. It was on during the first commercial during “The Last Airbender”