The Legend of Korra Series Finale: Did Korrasami Really Prevail?

If you watched The Legend of Korra’s series finale the other night, the ending probably had you just about as shocked as you’ve ever been at any point in the series. Korra and Asami agreed to take a vacation – just the two of them – to the Spirit World. Upon entering the Spirit Portal, the two held hands and romantically gazed into one-another’s eyes. The scene cut out before we saw any real action, but the internet has been abuzz ever since: did Korrasami really prevail? Was that really the end of Korra’s romantic arc?

As of now, nothing has been officially confirmed. But after watching the scene several times, I can’t help but to think that the relationship is all but confirmed. Think about it: the main character in any story-centric medium generally finds happiness at the conclusion of the tale. Love is generally associated with happiness, and love is certainly something Korra has found importance in. Just look at how much time the series spent fleshing out Makorra – and Borra, to an extent. It would be cheap to end the series without giving Korra some sort of endgame love interest. And thus, we saw Korra and Asami holding hands, gazing into one-another’s eyes, and taking a private vacation to the Spirit World.

Again: “all but confirmed.” I should also note that there’s a comment, supposedly from Mike and Bryan, confirming Korrasami somewhere on the internet. The whereabouts of the comment are currently unknown, but a screenshot of it can be found below. It’s gained a lot of traction in the Twittersphere, but I’m skeptical to believe it because: 1) I don’t know the location of it on the internet (if you all could help me find it, that would be great) 2) It could easily be some moronic fan trolling to get attention. Oh, and they spelled “Asami” wrong.

The Legend of Korra Series Finale Review: Season 4, Episodes 12 ‘Day of the Colossus’ & 13 ‘The Last Stand’

The time has come fellow Korra fans, for the end is upon us,  Kuvira’s reign of terror must come to an end and there’s only one band of ragtag benders that can stop her… [drum roll]… Team Avatar! … And the Beifong sisters, and the air bender family, and Wu riding a badger-mole.  Wow.  Where do I begin?!

This finale is huge.  Like, colossus huge.  Like, wedding huge.  But enough teasing; The Legend of Korra’s final two episodes (I know!  Don’t go tearbending on me just yet) pack quite the emotional punch, but with an ever-so delicate touch of humor and a heavy punch of pure awesomeness to keep its loyal audience on the edge of their seats and to remind them of what makes this incredible series so memorable (Okay, now you can tearbend.).  All of this considered, the series finale is not without flaw, and it is my duty as a reviewer to sweep each and every aspect of it, in order to provide my wholehearted opinion for you, the reader.  Now, let’s “DO THE THING!”

Top 10 The Legend of Korra Series Finale Expectations

This Friday is a very special day for Korra fans.  Kuvira’s begun her invasion of Republic City (while commanding a rather large robot) and Team Avatar is presumably dead.  Presumably.  All this chaos can only mean one thing.  That’s right… It’s finale time!  So without further ado, here’s my list of expectations for the series’ two episode finale:
10. The animation
Readers of my reviews may have figured it out by now, but for those who aren’t aware, I’m a sucker for great animation.  Typically, animated TV finales have better animation than most episodes of the series because a chunk of the production’s budget is dedicated to ending on a high note, at least visually.  This is even more true with series finales, and based on Avatar: The Last Airbender’s visually stunning ‘Sozin’s Comet,’ The Legend of Korra will follow in its predecessor’s footsteps with an incredibly animated pair of episodes to conclude the series.  I can’t wait to see what Studio Mir has up their sleeve.