‘Zaheer for the People’ Drops Book 3 Finale Spoilers, Early Finale Review Tweeted

I’m convinced that ‘Zaheer for the People’ has the Book 3 finale in his or her possession. I don’t know how it was obtained, or whether or not it’ll be leaked – but it’s pretty clear that the Book 3 finale is in the hands of this individual. ‘Zaheer for the People’ recently posted an excerpt from the final episode of Book 3: “Venom of the Red Lotus”. The excerpt is derived from ‘The Journals of Xai Bau’ and sheds some light on what the “venom” – as depicted in the episode’s title – represents:

“The nature of my work has involved many journeys into the spirit world. According to tradition I have always left my physical body guarded by a close friend in the Order. This ancient tradition – spiritual journeyer paired with physical observer – is as old as the age of the Avatar. It is ostensibly to ensure my body’s physical safety. The true purpose of the practice is to guard against a much more sinister threat. While my spirit is on its journey, an ambitious spirit may seek habitation within my body.

A rogue spirit moves through unwilling flesh like venom. Ancient records show that victims of possession exhibit signs of delirium when they awaken, as the foreign spirit attempts to assert control over the body. My guardian in the physical world watches for these signs. In the event of my possession, I must be prevented from deceiving my fellows within the Order, or all we are working for might be lost. My physical body must be destroyed. It is critical, therefore, that my guardians be chosen such that they know me personally, yet would have no compunctions against ending me for the greater good. Only the most fanatical members of the Order are entrusted with such a task. A young acolyte from the north with an interest in airbender philosophy is proving to be a promising candidate.

—The Journals of Xai Bau”

The Legend of Korra Season 3, Episode 11 ‘The Ultimatum’ Review

Book 3 has been a bit of a waiting game for me. There were plenty of great episodes, but none that delivered quite on the level I believed the season’s ambitious story deserved. That is until now. We’ve reached the point in any season of The Legend of Korra in which the show is dominated by eventful action sequences and plot twists that are used to raise the stakes before the finale. Book 1′s ‘Turning the Tides’ involved a full-fledged assault on Republic City, Book 2′s ‘Harmonic Convergence’ featured Team Avatar’s battle to close the Southern portal, and now Book 3′s ‘The Ultimatum’ concludes with the Red Lotus’s invasion of the Northern Airtemple.

The pre-finale episodes mentioned are all excellent, however, there is one quality of ‘The Ultimatum’ that sets it above the rest in my eyes and that’s its ability to convey impactful character emotion within the hectic plot.

I’m usually skeptical of episodes that focus more on action set pieces than the story because I feel like you lose a sense of character somewhere in the fighting. There’s no time between punches for intimate character moments because it’s more about familiar faces beating the life out of one another. I put more faith into these kinds of installments in the Avatar franchise for a particular reason, and that is how well the writers maintain that sense of personal struggle undergone by the characters at hand.

The Legend of Korra Season 3, Episode 12 ‘Enter the Void’ Clip

The season finale of Book 3 is just days away! And how will Nickelodeon curb our hunger? By releasing a clip, of course! Yesterday morning, the network released a clip from the first episode of this week’s finale, “Enter the Void”. “The Ultimatum” heavily focused on Tenzin and the Air Nation’s attempt to escape the Red Lotus. Unfortunately, the attempted escape failed miserably as Tenzin was eventually captured. Will Korra finally make her way out to the Northern Air Temple to save him?

The clip from “Enter the Void” shows Team Avatar – including Lin and Suyin – making their way to the Northern Air Temple via air ship. The group discusses ways of getting around the Red Lotus and saving the Airbenders of the Air Nation. Even Bolin gets in on the planning, but his idea is utterly ridiculous. Come on, Bolin! Eventually, Korra notifies the group that the only way to save the Airbenders is if she gives herself up. “Help me save the Airbenders, then you can worry about saving me.”

The clip is just 90 seconds long, and it’s embedded via YouTube so international readers should have no trouble viewing it. Book 3 concludes online this Friday at 12:00 pm EST – unless Zaheer for the People leaks it.