Leave your Questions for our Exclusive Interview with Jeremy Zuckerman

For about a month now, Avatar Legends, KorraCast and I have been speaking over Skype to discuss an interesting idea that we’ve dubbed KorraScope.

KorraScope represents a brand we’ve established that’s goal is to interview those involved in production of The Legend of Korra.

Our ultimate goal is interview Mike and Bryan, the co-creators of the series, but we’ve decided to work our way up to that interview as it will require a significant amount of authority.

First on our list of interviews is Jeremy Zuckerman, member of the Track Team, who is responsible for the brilliant sound and music implemented into the series. Jeremy has agreed to an interview that will take place two Saturday’s from now (April 19th).

After Jeremy’s interview, we hope to interview Janet Varney, the voice of Korra. We’re currently waiting on approval from Nickelodeon before we can interview Janet, but it sounded like Janet was on-board as long as Nickelodeon was as well.

For now, however, we’re totally focused on our interview with Jeremy. But that interview can’t take place without the community’s input.

State of the ‘Korra’ Fandom: Nothing but Chaos among the Community

I’ve been wanting to do a ‘state of the fandom’ style post for some time now simply because I think it needs addressing.

From what I’ve seen on my Twitter feed along with forum and comment posts, it appears as though this fandom has officially cracked. As strange as this may sound, things feel and appear worse than they ever did at any point during Book 2’s offseason.

Anything related to Book 3 has been under-wraps for the better part of a month now, and it appears as though fans are taking their anger and frustration out on other fans.

As someone who has thoroughly enjoyed the Avatar community over the years, it’s almost depressing to see it take a steep dive. And just for the record, I’m not the only one who has noticed the deterioration of this fandom. KorraSpirit has noticed it, Kevin has noticed and even individual commenters and forum posters who are usually active have chimed in once or twice to announce that they’re taking a break from the chaos.

This is, in fact, chaos.

From the words of an anonymous friend, “This fandom is dying.” It pains me to write this, but there’s nothing to suggest otherwise. Countless people have complained about Book 2 and that has directly resulted in unbelievable hostility between those who share different opinions.

The biggest issue with this fandom right now is no one understands how to respect one another’s opinion. Anyone who shares an opposing opinion is jumped on and attacked until their opinion is changed.

How on Earth is that community? How is that friendship? How is that fun?

Podcast: Rift-Part 3, Book 2 DVD and Stat Comparisons Between ATLA & LOK

After a one week break, Cast Bender has returned to relieve us of this ridiculous news hiatus.

The show begins with some discussion pertaining to the Rift-Part 3. Part 1 just recently made its way into the bookstores so, news pertaining to Part 3 is slowly beginning to hit the internet.

After, Cast Bender discusses the details of the Book 2 Blu-Ray DVD. Strangely enough, news about the DVD has been just about the only real Avatar-related news released over the past several weeks. That really needs to end soon because I can sense that many people in this fandom are beginning to lose their minds. Just an observation, obviously, but I’d prefer to see excitement throughout the community rather than constant rage and anger.

To close out the show, Cast Bender relays some very interesting statistics about The Legend of Korra and Avatar: The Last Airbender. Upon comparing these statistics, you may be surprised by the amount of success The Legend of Korra has had when compared to Avatar: The Last Airbender.

It’s closer than you think.

The hour-long show should curb your Korra-hunger for the time being. Be sure to leave your thoughts on the show in the comments below.