New ‘Legend of Korra’ Book 3 Episode Leak Teased

Zaheer for the People is at it again. After leaking “Long Live the Earth Queen” last week, it appears as though he or she is bracing the fandom for yet another leak – presumably “The Ultimatum”. While nothing has officially leaked yet, Zaheer for the People has teased the leak via Tumblr by quoting the wise Guru Laghima. And where was Guru Laghima’s quote found? It’s certainly not from a past episode of Book 3, so it’s assumed that the quote is from a future episode of Book 3 – thus, a leak is imminent.

“I was once asked what it means to enter the void. I will tell you. An airbender may meditate for a hundred years trying to detach herself from the world, but she cannot do it. Humans cherish human life, and by that they are bound to this world. The only way to abandon the world is to abandon one’s humanity. New growth cannot exist without first the destruction of the old. The void is found in the sowing of death. From that death springs life on the wind.”

While this quote should be from “The Ultimatum” it certainly sounds like it’s from “Enter the Void” – suggesting that Zaheer for the People could have his or her hands on the remainder of Book 3. But this is just speculation.

Book 3 Finale Praised, Possibility of more Leaks, and Final Thoughts on “Digital” Korra

Had Nickelodeon stuck to their original two-episode-a-week schedule, Book 3 would’ve concluded this past Friday. Fortunately for the sake of longevity, Nickelodeon forced Korra to go “digital”, pushing the season’s two-part finale out a few more weeks. As it stands now, Book 3 will conclude on Friday, August 22nd with two episodes titled “Enter the Void” and “Venom of the Red Lotus”. Despite the fact that we’re still two weeks away from the finale, the episodes are already being hyped by the voice actors and co-creators.

David Faustino (Mako): “The finale of this season is [high pitched voice] *ridi-culous*”. Janet Varney (Korra): “It really just keeps building.” Mike DiMartino (co-creator): “It doesn’t have quite this supernatural bang at the end [compared to last book], but it’s so cool in a different way.” Bryan Konietzko (co-creator): “You might… this finale might blow you away even more. I mean, in a way it’s – the emotional stake might be higher [than Book 2’s finale]. It’s intense. […] It’s a different scale, but it’s very intense.”

I’ve always noticed that voice actors don’t have nearly as much to offer as the creative minds behind the show, and I think the quotes from Mike, Bryan, David and Janet exemplify just that. It’s not necessarily a bad thing (it’s kind of expected); Mike and Bryan are obviously far most invested in Korra than Janet or David – but it’s just something interesting to take note of.

The Legend of Korra Season 3, Episode 10 ‘Long Live the Queen’ Review

Korra and Asami must survive a giant, man eating sand-shark, while Zaheer and the Red Lotus execute their latest political ploy in one of Book 3′s strongest installments yet: ‘Long Live the Queen.’ You can probably guess what I’m excited to talk about based on the first line of the review: What the heck happened to the airship captain’s hand?! Of course I’m kidding. What I really want to acknowledge is the freakin’ shark monster swimming around in the desert! All I can say is, “You’re going to need a bigger [sand-sailor],” Korra.

I’m not sure why I’ve been relating The Legend of Korra to popular movies lately, and whether it’s even worth dwelling on (save for the nostalgia in recounting those comparable silver screen flicks) has yet to be determined. However, I couldn’t help but notice how much the sand-shark storyline oozes “Jaws” with a little bit of “The Flight of the Phoenix” thrown in. Anyone else? No? Moving on…

Yes, an encounter with the great beast, who puts Moby-Dick to shame, is easily the craziest moment of Book 3 so far, but it’s also one of the season’s most visually arresting sequences. It’s difficult to design a creature that looks foreign enough to be considered “odd,” while also seeming believable in the bounds of the show’s universe, and I believe The Legend of Korra designers performed near-flawlessly regarding the sand-shark’s presence. The beast is impressively massive, and to see it fit an airship into its mouth is simply awe inspiring.