Podcast: Development of Korra, Usage of Filler Episodes and Community Corner

Cast Bender is back with another podcast on this fine, snowy, Wednesday morning. On this week’s episodes, Tyrell, AJ and Teagan expand on the topic of Korra’s developmental growth as a character. AJ was ragged on last week for criticizing the development of Korra and he’s back this week to clear things up and hopefully win all of your hearts. The show also includes an in-depth discussion on filler episodes, similar to the article I posted in regards to that topic several days ago. Just to recap, I thought filler episodes helped The Legend of Korra as a series.

To close out the show, Cast Bender focuses on all of you: the Community. In their new segment titled Community Corner, Tyrell, AJ and Teagan take a look at what’s been talked about within The Last Airbender and ‘Korra’ community. The show is just over an hour long (66:23 minutes), so be sure to check it out in its entirety when have the free time. Don’t forget to leave some feedback, too.

If you live on the northern half of the East Coast, free time shouldn’t be an issue as you’re probably off from school thanks to Winter Storm Janus. If you’re not, you have my condolences.The podcast can be viewed in a YouTube video format below:

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  • Greenfire32

    Winter Storm Janus?

    Being from Montana, it’s really hard for me to picture just how bad it’s gotta be before we start naming winter storms.

    Average temp here is -40F.

    Anyway, I’ll check this out after I get off from work. Seems like it would be an interesting discussion.

    • Guest

      I heard about the storm, stay warm!

    • http://avatarthelegendofkorraonline.com/ Keval

      I personally think naming Winter Storms is pointless, but that’s just what they do now.

      • nyla

        They should name hurricanes, tornadoes, and snowstorms over politicians that deny global warming. lol

        • Wyatt

          Haha, they should just name them after politicians.

  • Aeri

    I feel bad for y’all now cowering in the snow. I live in the caribbean and here we’re so spoiled by constant 75 degree (F) temperatures, 60 degrees (F) seems cold and some of the locals even get out parkas since our bodies aren’t used to cool weather. :< Stay warm guys.

  • Wyatt

    It’s great to see your site growing in creative staff, Keval. It’s got to be pretty cool looking back at when you were flying solo and comparing it to now, where you have a collaborative Youtube channel, podcast, and extra writers. It didn’t really hit me until I saw this post, so I decided to throw it out there. Congrats man!

    • Cast Bender Podcast

      It is a fantastic thing Keval has fostered. On top, all the people who have come and helped since. A great thing to see!

  • Greenfire32

    I’m about half way through the podcast right now and I must say that the guy arguing that Korra is frighteningly under-developed is 100% correct.

    I agree with literally everything you’re saying, man.

    • Cast Bender Podcast

      That is A.J. We tried to look at both perspectives for the sake of both sides of the fandom! Hope you enjoy!

  • Spencer

    I feel like many of these people don’t want Korra to develop as a character, they just want a new character completely. Korra will always be brash to a degree, and will always be a fighter. That IS KORRA, Development does not mean making Korra into Aang, or turning her into a calm headed sage like spiritual guru. That is not her, it will never be her. On the flip side, learning not to be a rude, and brash individual is character development. I would say that she is a very different character after the season 2 finale. To say that she has not changed at all from the first episode is just completely false. At the end of season 1, Korra just had to cry and have Aang come give her bending back. She also would not date Mako because she thought she was not the avatar anymore. Korra only viewed herself as the Avatar, and when that is taken away from her, she is not sure who Korra is, or why Korra even matters. The season 2 ending is the exact opposite of this, it is all about Korra finding herself apart from being the Avatar, and coming to terms with who “Korra” is. Tenzin makes it a point to say that the “ancients” used to meditate under the Tree of Time to do the very same thing that Korra did in the finale. It was an action completely separate from being an Avatar, anyone could do what Korra did in theory, and that was the point. There was no magical Avatar state to kick in and help her, KORRA defeated Unalaq, not Ravaa or the past Avatars. If that isn’t development, than I don’t know what is.

    Simiarily, the season ended with Korra fully understanding (with her Avatar powers) that her relationship with Mako was not going to work, and ending it. Reversely echoing the end of season one, where she would not be with Mako unless she got her powers back. That is character development

    Finally, Korra gave a speech to the citizens of Republic city at the end of the very first episode of the show about being the Avatar. During this speech she was extremely shy and unsure of what to say. Again in a great echoing scene at the end of season 2, Korra delivers a confident, powerful, and wise speech about learning from the past, but not letting it hinder future progression. That is character development.

    All through-out book 1, Korra seems as if she would kill someone if it came down to it, or at least hurt them badly. In the beginning of season 2, she even goes as far as to threaten to kill a judge. What is the first thing she does after defeating Unalaq though? Apologies to Desna and Eska for having basically killed their father. That is character development… ect..

    Wow! That was long, sorry about that. I do agree that she sort of had most of her development slammed on her all at once, but to say that after the end of season 2 she hadn’t moved at all, is just plain false. Anyone else agree or disagree?

    • Cast Bender Podcast

      Wow! Thanks Spencer for putting all that work into a response. I for sure agree with you that she for sure was slammed with the development and I think they need to find new ways to explain new development opportunities to foster many different sides of her. Again, thanks for the response we will go over it in next weeks episode for sure!

      – Tyrell

      • Spencer

        Thank you for all the amazing podcasts that I get to listen to about one of my favorite shows. Keep up the good work guys. I can’t wait for next weeks episode. It’s great to discuss with other people who are as passionate as you are :)

        • Cast Bender Podcast

          It is our pleasure. This is what our goal was when A.J. and myself created this podcast! Have a great evening.

          – Tyrell

    • melon lord

      Great analysis, completely agree! Korra has for sure had development. She’s grown and learned from her mistakes. You provide many great examples of this. Does she still have a long way to go? Absolutely, we are only half way through the series and she has a lot more to learn/grow.

  • Legama

    Stay safe on storm, it seems like it has been a snowy winter up there. Over here the only thing we have had is sun and more sun, plus cold air and more cold air. :l .
    Good episode, but if i may, i recomend you to do the episodes a little bit shorter please. Otherwise, great work, and continue like that. Expecting you guys a bit more around here and the forum

    • Cast Bender Podcast

      Hey, thanks for listening. We ran a little over this week. We usually keep every episode around 45 minutes to 60 minutes in length. We had a ton to talk about his week! Minus music, intros and all that jazz we sat at round 55 minutes! Next week I’ll try my best to keep it around 50 minutes!

      – Tyrell

  • ajames123

    Is this available in Any audio formats like .mp3?

    • Cast Bender Podcast

      Indeed, go to the ‘Podcast’ tab at the top of the website and you’ll see a post about each episode and you can stream, download (MP3), subscribe on iTunes and more.

  • Aang

    Another Amazing Podcast now i cant wait for the next one! Guys great job!But i still dont think tht Korra is under-developed! Nvm great job!
    Avatar:Aang on the Forum :)

    • Cast Bender Podcast

      Thanks Avatar: Aang! Glad you enjoyed the show! We’ll be back next week!

      – Tyrell

  • Samantha Dehart

    Dear Keval,

    I just wanted you to know I had to write an English paper about you.