Podcast (Keval & Morgan): Book 2 Discussion and Book 3 Predictions

Earlier today, I joined Morgan Bannon (whew – he’s been busy) of ATLA Online.com to discuss my final thoughts on Book 2 as well as my predictions for Book 3.

It felt a bit odd talking about Book 2 after such a long time, since I’ve focused much of my attention on the Book 3 offseason as of late. But nonetheless, I enjoyed talking about both the highs and lows of Book 2.

Most of the lows of Book 2 centered around the initial half of the season as well as the romantic arcs. The highs were anything to do with the Spirit World, which were essentially the last seven episodes. As you can probably tell, I highlighted A New Spiritual Age and both Beginnings episodes extensively.

After some Book 2 discussion, we dove right into Book 3 talk. I didn’t notice how little we knew about Book 3 until we quickly exhausted ourselves of material. It literally went trailer expectations, leaked clip and – poof. It’s sort of amazing that we as a community have been able to discuss Book 3 as much as we have considering that we truly don’t have much information. Hopefully that will change in the coming weeks or – the coming months? You never really know when Nickelodeon is involved.

The Podcast is just over an hour and I’d really appreciate it if you left your feedback – both good and bad. Chose a link option below (first one is preferable) and enjoy:

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Avatar Online Podcast – Admin Talk Episode 4

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  • XIronWolfX

    Thanks for the updates!

  • Cast Bender Podcast

    Great job guys, nice to sit back and hear others insight!

  • Sibis

    Plot B would have worked better if Asami in anger blames Mako for the botched Sting Operation and hiring of his old gang causing her to lose all her wares. She points out Mako’s weak capability and rookiness of being a detective. Then she talks about thinking of quitting and goes home.

    Push the idea that Mako is right, but he’s creating the obstacles that makes it hard for anyone to believe him.

    Mako’s plot is more like “Nightmare at 20,000 Feet” with romance and happy ending for him