Podcast: New Book 3 Trailer, Characters, Zuko and Dragons

Back this week with Cast Bender Episode #63 – Trailer Madness, you are joined by Tyrell, Teagan and Max, Teagan’s brother for a jam packed episode.

With fine detail, they go over the new trailer that was released in the Netherlands. First by picking part the validity of the trailer and confirming to those naysayers that indeed, the trailer is the real deal.

With so many competing theories about who the antagonist of season 3 will be, the Cast Bender Team takes a look at the compelling points behind the White Lotus, the Earth Queen and maybe even a bit of Varrick to try and fit together the plot of next season and understand who will cause the main conflict.

With so much shown within the quick thirteen second trailer, Cast Bender talks about the Spirit Wilds taking over Republic City, why the White Lotus are involved this season and if they could be the major antagonists for season 3, Zuko’s potential return and how he fits in and moreover, how the now known return of dragons will effect everything else. Oh, do not forget a little room in carved out for talking about shirtless Tenzin.

Like always you can view the episode via their webpage through iTunes Stitcher Download and Stream or you can watch the YouTube version below.

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  • Kai

    When do you think we will get an official trailer and release date

    • Aeri

      We guess we’ll get something at Nick Upfront, which is in the middle of march.

      • Cast Bender Podcast

        Upfront will most likely have a trailer as for the release date we think it is plausible since we are rooting for that April release.

  • Legama

    Thanks for this great Chapter Castbender.
    Its hard to believe that today February 21st, is the 9th anniversary since the premiere of the pilot episode of The Last Airbender at Nick. Beginning this great adventure that today, 9 years later, continues, with our wild speculations of the future of the series and a community bigger that ever, and we are glad to see, that the series haven’t died, and that Korra continues in giving life to this series.

    • Cast Bender Podcast

      Hey Legama, it is truly amazing!

  • Nico

    Since the trailer any and all news has stopped. Nick probably went into lockdown mode. Bryan hasn’t even posted anything since the 14th.

  • Sicftermo

    Hey about azula, in the comic when they show zhao in the water tribe(after the spirit thing), he is approached by a group that believes that azula is the rightful firelord and are plotting to take down zuko.

    So after running away after finding ursa i always thought that she tries to usurp the throne eventually.

    But with that whole theory of azula losing her memories and being the old woman on the second season of LOK makes the group that contacted zhao pointless.

    • Cast Bender Podcast

      Great insight, I’ll try to remember to bring it up in this weeks episode! Thank you for listening!

  • Lance

    Both Book 3 & 4 are said to consist of 26 eps each, so hopefully more time will go into character development, and some more time into plot development too. Book 3 is also said to be void of relatiobship and romance stuff.