State of the ‘Korra’ Fandom: Nothing but Chaos among the Community

I’ve been wanting to do a ‘state of the fandom’ style post for some time now simply because I think it needs addressing.

From what I’ve seen on my Twitter feed along with forum and comment posts, it appears as though this fandom has officially cracked. As strange as this may sound, things feel and appear worse than they ever did at any point during Book 2’s offseason.

Anything related to Book 3 has been under-wraps for the better part of a month now, and it appears as though fans are taking their anger and frustration out on other fans.

As someone who has thoroughly enjoyed the Avatar community over the years, it’s almost depressing to see it take a steep dive. And just for the record, I’m not the only one who has noticed the deterioration of this fandom. KorraSpirit has noticed it, Kevin has noticed and even individual commenters and forum posters who are usually active have chimed in once or twice to announce that they’re taking a break from the chaos.

This is, in fact, chaos.

From the words of an anonymous friend, “This fandom is dying.” It pains me to write this, but there’s nothing to suggest otherwise. Countless people have complained about Book 2 and that has directly resulted in unbelievable hostility between those who share different opinions.

The biggest issue with this fandom right now is no one understands how to respect one another’s opinion. Anyone who shares an opposing opinion is jumped on and attacked until their opinion is changed.

How on Earth is that community? How is that friendship? How is that fun?

Let’s be honest, the only reason anyone joins a fandom is to communicate with fellow posters who share a common interest and passion. If you’re here to violate other’s rights to have an opinion, I will gladly show you the door. No, seriously, please leave. And don’t come back because nobody wants to communicate with you.

We’re all here to have a good time. Don’t ruin that simply because you don’t understand the nature of human rights.

Another thing I’ve noticed is the constant bickering for Book 3 in general. New flash, people, we’ve only waited a little over four months. Four months!

That’s nothing. I know that may seem like a long time, but guess what: it isn’t. Complaining about a show not premiering in this state of the offseason is silly. Do you honestly want them to premiere the Book with no music? Do you want them to premiere the Book without color correcting it so everyone can b*tch and moan about how poor the animation looks? Do you want them to premiere the storyboards of the last several episodes since it takes too long for them to animate?

My assumption is that you answered no to all of those questions.

And about the lack of news, Mike and Bryan are currently working on Book 3 and Book 4 – posting Tumblr photos is not their obligation. Nickelodeon, on the other hand, honestly has better things to do than “mentioning” a show that’s months out. That may sound harsh and cruel, but it’s the nature of the business. Until we’re about two months out from the premiere, you won’t hear a thing about Korra from Nickelodeon. Nickelodeon won’t even care, either. They’ll make money off of Korra when the time is right, but for now, they have countless other shows that need their attention.

Because I know someone is going to say it, who cares if The Legend of Korra is their most “popular” show? If that’s truly the case, it should be no surprise why they’re focusing their attention on other less-popular shows.

It’s just ridiculous how impatient some people in this fandom have become. Impatience has resulted in hostility and hostility has resulted in people leaving the fandom. This fandom is dying and the only people that can stop that is you.

While talking to KorraSpirit the other day, she relayed an interesting bit of information that many fans seem to forget: at the end of the day, The Legend of Korra is a cartoon. Is it really worth it to scar online relationships with actual people over a cartoon? After all, wasn’t your purpose of joining a fandom to meet people with common interest and passion?

Every day, I see some of the most foolish arguments imaginable online. They’re not even the least bit intelligent, which is disappointing. The funny thing is that both parties genuinely believe the opposition is at fault, when in all actuality, both parties are at fault.

If you can’t be man enough to simply stop replying, you’re at fault.

At the end of the day, your opinion is your opinion. No one has the right to change that. Whether your opinion is sick, twisted or outright wrong is on you. But the fact of the matter is that you’re entitled to an opinion that no one has the right to change aside from yourself.

So, please, let’s all try to show a little patience and friendliness around this community. If you don’t want to change, that’s fine. But I can promise you that this fandom will be dead in the water if this hostility continues. If you don’t want to believe me, that’s fine. You’ll just have to see for yourself.

If you’re one of those people who constantly attacks others due to their opinion, I will gladly show you the door. If you are someone who is passionate about Avatar and wants to have a good time, I urge you to comment and restore peace and tranquility to this fandom.

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  • Link9150

    You know what’s wrong with this community, you can’t criticize anything.

    You say you don’t like a shipping or shipping in general you got a load of fans getting on your ass because apparently Korra’s love life is more important than the actual plot of the show.

    If you find flaw in something you got a load of arrogants that’ll tell you otherwise and degrade you for that.

    If you say you didn’t like a season or an episode you get a load of fans beating you for that.

    In other words, if you say something other than “The Legend of Korra is a masterpiece, yaaay!!! Go MAKORRA!” in other words; what the majority online might say, you’re getting jumped off by all corners.

    I agree with the fact that everyone’s at fault at some point, me as well. But anywhere I go, whether when I was on Facebook or Youtube or IGN or any place, you can never say anything other than “LOK = Masterpiece, Makorra FTW!!” or else you get a mob of emotional fans that take this show so much at heart like if it’s some kind of new religion sticking a fork up your ass.

    • Rasmus Heby

      That’s funny.. Everywhere I go i see the exact opposite opinion. To me it seems like the majority of the fans didn’t like season 2 as a whole and didn’t like Mako/Korra as a couple.

      I myself loved both season 1 and season 2 of LoK. It had flaws but was still really entertaining.
      I never liked any of the love stuff in LoK. When the seasons are so short it just feels like wasted time that could be spent more on the plot.

      I liked the way the love stuff was handled in TLA but that of cause was a whole other show.

      About the fandom in chaos.. I have been really impatience this time and I don’t really know why.. We waited 15 months between season 1 and 2 and only 4 months so far but somehow this wait feels different.
      I can’t really explain why I feel this way considering we have gotten a good amount of photos and even a small teaser.

      Some people just get more frustrated than others about these kind of things and the only one they can take it out on are the fans who has a different opinion than themselves.

      • Link9150

        You got people that actually criticizes Book 2 and hates Makorra… Please, TAKE ME THERE!

        • Rasmus Heby

          The IMDb board for the show used to be filled with them but that has also died out in this dry-spell which is a bummer..

    • ajames123

      Wow, Not all people are Makorra shippers…
      I am OK with all shipping. i’ve seen people who hates makorra.

      • Legama

        So you are okay with Korrasami, Bolako, Linbolin, Korrenzin, Jinako, Bolinora, Bumorra, Kyolin, Makya, Bolisami, Ikkinora, Ikkorra, Jinorra, Amorra, Eskorra, Desnasami, Esko, etc, etc. 😛

        • Loklover

          Umm… Imma be totally honest. I strongly dislike all those ships. But that’s just my opinion (: I’m not trying to be sarcastic or anything

          • KorraFan7

            I dislike all those ships too. The only ship on The Legend of Korra I like is Makorra.

        • ajames123

          Bolako…No. btw, Wtf?
          Bolisami….YES. i wants it.
          Jinorra.. No.

          Is that enough for you?

          • damnnn

            Bolinora?? WTF!!

            Jinora’s 11!

          • ajames123

            Oh.. i thought Bolinora meant Bolin + Korra..
            here i changed it!

          • damnn

            HAHA! Sorry, I thought you said you were okay with shipping Bolin and Jinora. I think Bolin+Korra is commonly referred to as Borra.

          • Legama

            Oh, I forgot Borra, but i think you approve that. 😛
            I also like the idea of Bolisami, the rest is mere random shipping XD

          • ajames123


          • Gon

            don’t forget Boeska (probably spelled it wrong)

          • Legama

            Boleska? Bolin + Eska, thats my favorite.

      • KorraFan7

        Yes. That’s true not everybody ships Makorra. That’s fine :) For me I only ship Makorra on The Legend of Korra XD But I’m ok with people not liking Makorra as long as there not a bully about it and mean to Makorra fans like me

    • KorraFan7

      I’m a big crazy Makorra fan. I hope that won’t make you mad :(

      • Gon

        me too i ship makorra
        Masami doesn’t feel right

        • KorraFan7

          Cool! 😀

          I agree. I never liked Masami. There were just too lovely dove to me. Makorra is way better. I happen to made an anti(means hate) stamp on my deviantart account. LunaStar7. I happen to have a lot of Makorra stories on there. You can read them if you like :) I’m a Makorra fanfic writer.

    • Legama

      Let me criticize your opinion right now and burn you to ashes 😛 JK
      No, really the problem can be reduced to two things: Haters an Hiperlovers. And I mean the really aggressive ones. But they are not the majority so, just ignore them.

      • Link9150

        Problem is, every time I criticize something people get mad. They can’t handle criticism. If I was trolling and just saying “Korra sucks, worst avatar” on each post I’d understand.

        But when people get butthurt because I challenge what they love they get mad and start whining. Talk about an open minded fanbase, huh?

        • Legama

          The problem is that this happens in all fandoms, all communities, on the whole internet. Is really hard to get people on a real, healthy discussion, where all points of view are respected. The deal is to maintain trolls, and extremists out of the equation and to keep the communities in peace. And be tolerant, just try to keep calm, people always bitch about everything.

  • P$G

    see the difference between my thoughts from others is that i state facts, while others live vicariously through a fictitious world. I can decipher what is reality, while you are stuck in an outside world. What I say is a factinion, and others are opinion.

  • Loklover

    Honestly, to me, Legend of Korra isn’t just a cartoon. It means A LOT more than that to me

    • KorraFan7

      The Legend of Korra means a lot to me. It’s the only show I jump up and down for XD I want The Legend of Korra back too :(

      • Loklover

        Lol! Cool beans B) haha! You know, me and my bro were arguing on which show is better. Lok or Pokemon? Of course… I’m all for Lok but Pokemon is awesome too! Haha. I wish Lok had more episodes in each season

        • KorraFan7

          LOL! I also like Pokemon too 😀 But The Legend of Korra is my favorite :)

  • Loklover

    Okay, I’m not going to lie. I want Lok now. But I get that it takes time to animate, do the music, & etc but really… Bryke can’t release a few pictures? Hahha

  • Airspeed Prime

    I get where you are coming from asking for patience and it has not been that long of a wait compared to Book 2, but there are some key points that make the situation different.
    1/ The primary reason that people are very impatient is because we have been hearing for months from official sources (Mike, Bryan, Korra Nation) that Book 3 is coming SOON. I think without those comments, which have been reiterated multiple times by Bryan, we would have expected a 8-9 month long wait as is usual for Avatar/Korra. All this talk of final stages of production and soon, + the Book 3 Netherlands clips all add together to show us that this thing should not be far off and that is not just hopeful thinking we follow production enough to know that they are nearly complete. I cannot blame any fan for getting impatient waiting for Book 3 when we have effectively been told “Not much longer now” for ages,
    2/ This wait has been worse i a few ways than that for Book 2. At least with Book 2 we had SDCC a month or so after Book 1 ended so we knew names and had a look at the new characters and had an idea of where things were going. With Book 3 we have had no official new character reveal, we simply do not know much at all about this book, some may enjoy the lack of detail, but it is different than the builf up to the last 2 books where we had this info. This is adding to fan annoyance. Teased with soon and then not given any official info, easy to see why the fandom is as it is right now.

    I agree that no one should start disrespecting anyone else just because we are all frustrated at how this offseason is going, but it is not all on us, it should not just be expected that this fandom just shuts down 100% when the show is not on and I think more should be done to make the offseason somewhat interesting. I have said it a million times at this stage, but Korra Nation should primarily be active during the offseason not the weeks prior and of airing. It is a fan focused thing and what we as a fandom need is an insight into the upcoming book as it is being made.

    It is not all bad, we have things like the Sokka and Suki free comic book day issue next month, the Korra/ATLA merch line also launches next month. The Rift Part 2 and 3 coming this year, Book 2 art book and dvd. Learn To Draw Korra book etc.

    But that does not excuse the fact that it is actively difficult to discuss/preview Book 3 without utterly baseless speculation because we know so little and it is airing “Soon” apparently. I want to be super excited for Book 3, but it is hard when so little is happening with it.

    Something has to happen soon.

    In closing I never want to see the word soon used to describe a release date ever!!!

    • PerformerFX

      “Soon” in creator/nickelodeon language means: “Sometime in the next couple of years”.

      KorraNation is dead. Fandom is dead. Korra Book 3 will air sometime this year (or maybe not) and won’t be advertised much (as always) and we all are yelling at each other because Bryan constantly writes “soon” in his posts. I think this sums it up pretty good.

      The best way to avoid the continuity of this is to just stay away from the fandom until something important has happend. That’s my plan for now.
      I have better things to do than constantly get harrased by people who know shit about me. I open my twitter and at least 5 stupid idiots reply on me about “how immature” I am. I’m simply done with this fandom.

    • ajames123

      very very true

  • Sokka

    Dear Keval, (I´m already sorry for the gram. mistakes)

    We are a group of 4-5 fans and living in Luxembourg. Actually we´re connected to the german fandom and have discussed this problem too. Well i have to say that most people in europe, as far as i know, arn´t attacking each other. They are still excited to hear news about ATLA or TLOK.

    I think this is also related to the fact, that People in the USA and UK have been waiting a lot more time yet for book 3 than we do. Because we had watched first the english version of book2 and 3-4months later the german one was published.

    So we have had something to deal with during the time we have been waiting for book 3.

    However, nice evening to you and your Team.

    If you want to keep contact to your german and luxemburgish avatar-friends you can post a message on my wall on the german Avatar.wikia. or the most easiest would be to send me an email which i would published in our wikia.
    Bye guys.

  • Josh

    I think the reason that fans are so impatient this time around is because we know that Book 3 is more than likely finished production now, we’re just waiting for Nick to air it. With Book 2 we knew that production was moving slowly, so we we’re a little more lenient. But it’s the complete opposite with now. We have been assured time and time again that Book 3 is coming “SOON” So it just frustrates me that Nick hasn’t actually done anything to show us that they are telling the truth. Even if Book 3 is still a few months away, Nick can still release either a trailer or at the very least a little teaser like they did in June of last year. I don’t care if there are two annoying little kids doing an interview, as long as Korra is involved it’s fine with me. I honestly don’t think that Nick has some master marketing plan or anything of the sort. I mean if I didn’t know any better i’d say they were just making things up as they go. (OK, that’s probably not the case since at the end of the day Nick is still a business/corporation. But it does seem like none of the employees majored in marketing when they were in college. If they even wen’t to college.) I get that it’s only been four months, but the fandom does have somewhat of a right to be angry. Bryan and Nick themselves have said that Book 3 is coming “SOON” so until I get some physical evidence of that; meaning a trailer or release date. I will continue to post my sarcastic comments on Nick’s twitter page lol. That being said I still think that Book 3 will air in May, but if we don’t get a trailer and release date by the middle of this month, it’s safe to say that it will air during the summer. Nickelodeon needs to pull their shit together and learn how to keep a fandom alive! Here’s what Bryan Konieztko said on his Tumblr on March 7th:It may be hard to believe since Book 3 hasn’t even aired yet (SOON!), but we just had the final Korra animatic meeting this afternoon for the Book 4 series finale episode.: And below is how Nickelodeon confirmed that Book 3 isn’t that far way.

    • Loklover

      Wow… I completely agree with everything you said!!! 😀

    • qaw

      As you rightly said, Nick is a CORPORATION. They are not solely responsible for keeping one fandom alive. I think that’s the problem here, people think that they are entitled to Korra because they happen to be a fan of the show. Just WAIT for it, my god. If they say soon, then it’s coming soon. Go outside (outside? You mean the outer net?), go to the mall, ride your bike, set bee hives on fire…whatever.

      Just wait. It’ll come before you know it.

      • The OnionMan

        i think its good when they are working longer on book 3. good work takes its time. or do you want a half-finished episode? better we wait 3 or 5 months longer and get a wonderful book 3 and 4 than a awful. I think the most of you know what happenes when the producers are under pressure: the Story is crap, the Animation is crap and so on – just look at the Producers of Video games, or just think of an artist: would he ever be able to make a beautiful Picture when some1 stands behind him and says: FASTER!!!FASTER!!!!!!! Would he?
        …further i hope they are connecting the 2 Story-lines of book 3 and 4 together, not like in the previous 2 books, where every book tells his own story. (on book 1 i was very disappointed that amon was stopped that fast. he was a great antagonist – such a bada$$. Sometimes i was very scared of him – with his mask and this unbelievabel power against the benders) I think there would be much more “Legend of Aang-Feeling” – the Story could grow a bit slower and there would be more time for the characters, like Bei Fong who was totally missing in book 2.

        And for shure, TLOK is not the only Show they are earning money for – just deal with it: korra will not come when you call her.

        HMM i think i will go out, ride my bike and set some bee hives on fire now 😉

        • ooooolalala

          I really hope you were kidding on that last part (which you probably were judging by that smiley face)….

          • The OnionMan

            Yes i was. Look at qsaw’s last sentence

    • DB

      It dishonorable that Nick has messed with the fandom and it is bad business for them to do so.
      If this continues and if no one give an apology to the fans, this will be a historic lesson on how to destroy a market like Netflicks did not too long ago.

  • FAS

    I think the problem of us ( myself included) , fans of Korra , is that we are becoming like the fans of Naruto. Ie average time someone criticizes something of Korra , a lot of people out insulting and that’s something that happens with Naruto fans who are totally blinded by the series, the same thing is happening with Korra , is unfortunate. But also most people who criticize Legend of Korra do so from the point of view of The Last Airbender , ie , have no real arguments to support what they say. So both sides are guilty of this debacle , as the fandom has been divided into those who go to Aang and Korra will and should be the opposite , we must be united as one. Another problem I notice is that there is great eagerness to Book 3 comes out , when to book 2 had to esparar 15 months, and so far are 4 months. It might be for the fact that Bryan Konietzko in constant occasions has said that Book 3 will premiere soon.

    Sorry for my English, it happens that I am Salvadoran and not speak the language , so I used Google Translate . Greetings …

  • garbonzo

    “Chaos isn’t a pit. Chaos is a ladder. Many who try to climb it fail and never get to try again. The fall breaks them. And some, are given a chance to climb. They refuse, they cling to the realm or the gods or love. Illusions. Only the ladder is real. The climb is all there is. ”


    Anyway, it’s not uncommon for a crowd to get unruly after they don’t get their dose of bread and entertainment (TLOK in this case). The fandom plant will turn green again once we get more Book 3 news (which hopefully will be a month or so)- until then, we just have to survive this news “drought” by finding another show to watch (GAME OF THRONES, BITCH!)->(2 references) I’m sure those fans that supposedly “left” the fandom will return at the first sniff of Book 3 news. I, personally, am not sad or disappointed at the lack of TLOK news- it’s only been a few months since Book 2 aired people, calm yo’ tits. It’s gonna come when it’s gonna come. And I think Book 3 will be the gratest f**king season in Avatar history.

    Here’s why:
    -Studio Mir animators saying Book 3 is “more gritty and emotional”
    -Jeremy Zuckerman talking about how it “has a bit more in common with Avatar: the Last Airbender,” and is “a bit more emotional”
    -And this new inside source claiming “Book 2 will be good, but Book 3 will be… something else.


    • KorraFan7

      What does gritty mean? I have no idea what that means XD Huh? Book 3 will be something else? What do they mean?

    • Alyssa


  • Sibis

    It’s very much why I quit the forums. There was to much hostility. Couldn’t post things without certain posters making an argument about it and/or taking pot shots at things other than the actual subject “Legend of Korra.”

    Talk about Masami. Agree or disagree. Just don’t turn it into a right/wrong moral argument about people of the same gender hooking up.

    • Sibis

      Talk about something like Korrasami. Agree or disagree. Just don’t turn it into a right/wrong moral argument about people of the same gender hooking up.

      • Michelle

        Even if you do have a debate on that and have opposing views, there are more respectful ways of saying you disagree than “You’re wrong, f***ing homophobe”. You could say “I respect your opinion but I disagree because…”

  • Matt Brown

    Wow! Thanx Keva I think that an article like this is really what this fandom needed… honestly! We are dying. Not only that, but we’re becoming some what savages because we are impatient, greedy, we think we know everything, we complain and bitch too much, and we expect too much. I’ve also noticed how the fandom is being over taken by utter bitterness. I cant point fingers cus I’ve had my occasional fits of rage, but never-ending have I attacked a fellow fan over their opinion. And I won’t start now! Thank you so much Keval! You’ve ultimately restored my faith in this community. Like honestly. We need more bloggers like yourself. I applaud you for this. You’re like the only ATLA/TLOK blog that I legitimately and religiously follow. And I would constantly see arguments even on this blog, which is over all well rounded and generally laid back and quite enjoyable. I applaud you, Wyatt and anyone else involved with the uphold and creation of this blog! I couldn’t ask for more!

  • qaw

    the avatar fandom is a bloody joke.

  • ajames123

    Ladies and gentle men…
    I’m about to tell you why the fandom is dying…
    And I will prove it with facts.

    Fact number one. ) Avatar Book 2, ended with a cliffhanger… a controversial cliffhanger…What will happen if spirits entered the material world? Fans are impatience to see that. as the release date is still unsure… the existing fandom is loosing interest.

    2. We already ranout of Topics to discuss… As the active fan, i can see almost completed discussing about each and every frames of the episodes. So, we now ranout of contents to discuss (as you can see… the leading 25+ avatar forums,, people are discussing same things over and over again) Top Repeating topics. include.. Sub element of airbending, Shipping discussions, what is your favorite bending). Most active members are bored of this.

    3. Dissapointing advertising by nick and creators… you know…bryan said, you dont have to wait for book 3. Still we are waiting for this…As u can see.. we didnt “wait” for book 2. after completion of book 1. But bryan and mike made fans to actually wait for book 3.. its their fault. Now we got, no release date,no trailer, no actual news, So, we are losing patience.

    4. Nick upfront.. The nearest event the people are waiting for is the nick upfront… Once they didn’t mention that. most of the fans gets disappointing… and did the obvious.. jumped to something else.

    5. Lack of new fancontent.(arts,fanfictions,comics,etc). As you can see, there is no/very few exciting new fanmade content are available on tumblr, deviantart, and other social media sites.All i can see now days the recycled contents… over and over again..) most of them are crap, no offense.!

    It is true… there are new people are entering the fandom every days..but large portion of existing people are leaving/loosing interest too..

    So, there you have it, The avatar fandom is dying.

    • KorraKorra

      Blame Nick for the dying fandom. The word “SOON” doesn’t mean many months and no sneak peak or much news. Heck how many people even know there is gonna a be a book 3. I mean there was no commercial after the finally saying BOOK 3 is coming son. Nick… WHY? Why must you slowly kill the fandom.

      • korrakorra


  • KorraFan7

    People are attacking people because of there opinion? I also been through the same damn thing. I hate people who are mean to others for there opinion. There nothing but inmature brats T__T Some girl was being very mean to me saying I suck for not liking Asami and for liking Makorra. Not everybody likes the same stuff as you. I can’t stand people like that. I hate them! I agree with you if you hate people like that too. About the fandom going crazy about Book 3. XD I am going crazy about it too but I wouldn’t call people names or something. I just want my favorite show back on T.V. I don’t like to wait for things.But some of those people need to clam down. It takes a lot of work to make a cartoon. They first got to draw/paint it on paper. Voice actors, sound, music and other stuff. As much as I want to see Book 3. I don’t yell about it like some fans do. In the meantime. I’m going to watch my The Legend of Korra Book 1 DVD 😀 And try to get the Book 1 art book. and listen to my The Legend of Korra CD :)

    • Tumas

      Get that art book as soon as possible, it’s great (though don’t expect too much additional artwork if you’ve been following Bryan and Mike’s tumblr pages). Try to get the Book 2 art book 2 too when it comes out. I’m sure it will be amazing.

      Might I also suggest you try out the comics? They’re getting better and better, and they’re a great companion to ‘Legend of Korra’.

      • KorraFan7

        You mean the Avatar The Last Airbender comics like the Search? I saw that comic at my favorite book store. I’m sorry but I pass. I more of a The Legend of Korra fan. I love LOK way better then Avatar.But if they make some The Legend of Korra comics then I’ll get them 😀

        • Tumas

          No worries, the ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ comics can be a bit divisive in content and/or execution at times, apart from the limitations of the medium itself.

          I’d also like some LoK comics too. Any story you’d like to be tackled in particular, though? I, for one, would love to see more of Amon and his past in some way or form. Or more of Aang’s children. Heck, there’s a whole world of possibilities.

          • KorraFan7

            I would like to see Korra’s past. How she got Naga. How she became to train her. I would also like to see Bolin and Mako’s past. As Mako being my 2nd favorite character on the show. I really want some more character to him. I would like to see why Tenzin and Lin liked it each other in the past and why they broke up. I really want to know how they started a couple in the past XD I would really like to see how Korra’s Mom and Dad found out she was the avatar. I would like them not to know yet in a flashback 😀 and see there faces when they found out she was the avatar. I really like Bumi and Kya a lot so I want to see flashbacks of them in teen years or like 12 years old. I don’t know why but I really want to see Desna and Eska’s Mom. I really want to see what she looks like and how she would handle her husband is dead.

  • Legama

    Im prepared to say, that LoK fandom is quite special, its soo varied, we have every kind of people imaginable over here, that’s why there so much division among people. Other than that, people is just frustrated because of the wait. But the fandom will not die, it will just become smaller, and if Book 3 does well, it will grow again. The best recommendation is to sit back, take care of other matters, watch other running series, and wait, enjoying the speculation and the talking to other people. We should really relax, and not to stress because of scumbags and assholes, and continue the good health of the community.
    But from my point of view, the fandom of this blog in particular is doing well.

  • aidan

    Great post! I agree with everything you said, I hate when people turn a simple difference of opinion into a bloodbath.

  • Sibis

    While we wait for Korra news and we know that this series will end in two seasons. Then Mike and Bryan bow out from the franchise.

    It’s up in the air if Nick will just put this all on the shelf or give someone else a shot to make the next series.

    The next series could be about an anti-social adult Avatar with a sidekick who just travels the world keeping Avatar involvement to a minimum for dire cases. Avatar has a dark past where regrettable mistakes were made.

  • Ariana Moreno

    okay. i’d like to say my thoughts please: in my opinion, debate and a little controversy is what can help keep this fandom alive and burning. debate isn’t a problem at all. it allows people to be challenged, and to really dig into why they love the things they do. it also gives others a taste of the opposing view as well. however, i think debating can go terribly wrong when people make it personal, and are continuously bullied or targeted because of the way they view something. that is where debating can get unhealthy and hostility sets in. it gets to the point where people don’t feel comfortable enough to say what they think anymore because of how others will respond. we as human beings naturally want people to see things are way, and i can relate, because i will admit that sometimes i have gotten hostile and angry with others who disagree with me or don’t see things my way. i apologize to those who i have personally attacked for their views. but on the same hand, its natural in a way i guess, for all of us because we are so passionate about our views. we just need to learn that this fandom is full of diverse people from different backgrounds with different viewpoints, and we should learn how to debate while being neutral about the fan themselves. we need to learn how to debate respectfully too. either this, or if we can’t handle debating with others in a respectful neutral way, and things get out of hand and personal, then maybe we should just live by that simple principle we learned as kids: if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all. i believe however that we can become more mature about this if we try harder. yes, like i said, i take responsibility for my actions as well. but i’m tired of people being attacked with viewpoints because others don’t like it. maybe its not just the way this lack of info is being played out, but the fandom collapsing on itself that has a lot to do with the way people are cracking and leaving the fandom. lets just all be friends people! even with different views! we are supposed to be a family.

    might i also add, that i hate when other fans that have no involvement in a debate, start cheering people on, or insulting the other view in a debate. that also makes people angry. please, this is not a diss off, or a sport, if you agree or disagree, great! but please don’t jump in to work others in the discussion up to anger. yes, i have also done this, but we need to bring it into the light that it isn’t too helpful when it gets personal.

    • Keval

      People in this fandom don’t know how to debate. That’s the issue.

      • Ariana Moreno

        Well I dont know what to say really. People who cant handle a mature debate without getting personal are in every fandom. We cant get rid of it, just make people aware of it and minimize it

      • Link9150

        It’s not that. People in this fandom take everything personally as Ariana said. When I was on Facebook and part of a group there was this girl that would upload on a regular basis, almost every 10-30 minutes Makorra pics. If you would to say once you don’t like Makorra she would break down to tears and try to convince you how it’s the best ship ever. That’s the problem with this fandom, LOK is like a religion to them rather than a form of entertainment that also has its flaws.
        The moment I challenge someone’s views they think I try to “hurt” them rather than argue back why they like a show, and the worst part is when you have other gullible commenters that would also feel “hurt” by an opposing view that is not insulting in any way, shape or form.

        • Keval

          Another problem with this fandom is that people like you attempt to challenge other people’s views. I’ve received plenty of complaints about you, Link. If someone likes Makorra, fine. Problems erupt when people like you challenge that. Let it be. Why would you try and change someone’s opinion? Who cares if they worship Makorra? Who cares if they treat LOK like a religion? If they like it, let them be. People like you, who “challenge” someone’s views, are catalyst for most of these issues.

          • Link9150

            So there’s something wrong with asking a person why they like a certain thing? Why is everyone so sensitive about a “cartoon” like you said. If I were to go arms blazing saying “FUCK YOU, YOU LIKE MAKORRA YOU PIECE OF SHIT” I’d be with you. But if I say “Why do you like Makorra, an incompatible couple that causes nothing but problems in the show” or “Book 2 doesn’t hold a candle to ATLA because of such, such and such” I’m doing something wrong?
            So I should just agree with someone that I, in fact, disagree with on a blog that is supposed to encourage discussion and debate? Also, if a person doesn’t reply, do you see me following them on every comment they post forcing them to reply?
            This is like Communist Russia with Stalin. You either agree with what he says or get shot?

          • Keval

            No, you simply agree to disagree because there’s no sense in getting into an argument with someone to change their own opinion.

          • Link9150

            I’m just sparking discussion which is the goal of a blog. How can I spark discussion if me and the commentor don’t have opposing views? If I was just trolling and insulting I’d be doing something wrong, but if I’m sparking discussion there’s nothing wrong there.

          • Ariana Moreno

            from the looks of it, sensitivity can also be a huge issue around here….:/ i mean, its a cartoon. any side that gets personal is at fault. i’m with ya on this bro.

          • Link9150

            Thanks. :)

          • Ariana Moreno

            whats the point in a blog if everyone agrees? and i don’t see a problem with Link asking people to discuss why they view things the way they do. i can see it being a problem if Link insults people personally, but if he wants to see why a commenter views the way they do, how is that a problem? like he said, it’d be different if he was on their case all day forcing replies, and such. why does everyone make people who don’t like something everyone likes, as the bad guy automatically?and if that’s not what you are doing, then it seems like it. everyone has a right to discuss, even if it means getting someone to think about why they like something. its part of a discussion topic. “why do you like this” is perfectly legitimate.

  • alan0w0p

    thank you this is exactly what ive been saying people are so impatient that why the quality of games and shows is so low yes im upset that we are in the dark but the true fan would want them to do the best they can so when that trailer does air we are blown away thats wht i love most about the atla and lok series is never knowing whats gonna happen next we all need to just give them time, watch something new and be patient i recomend sword art online

  • PurplePlatypusBear

    Yeah, this pretty much sums up the reason I stopped reading any comments at all on any Avatar articles. I think the purpose of joining an online fandom is so you can maturely debate and state your opinion, along with asking clarifying questions and meeting people who share your common interests. But people have been becoming way to high strung and angry. No show is worth getting so angry at someone’s opposing opinion that personal attacks begin. It’s kind of sad that we’ve reached this point. And not everyone’s been doing it. There is still a decent percentage of people who are being good and mature enough to not start screaming insults at someone else. I’m hoping that the group of angry people will be able to pull themselves together soon, but if not, then yeah, as Keval said, just leave. Please. Stop ruining it for the rest of us. I’m sure if you enjoy getting into those serious verbal fights, there are sites for you. But don’t do it on a Korra site. This is a show meant for people of all ages and the show’s entire audience shouldn’t need to worry about coming onto one of these blogs in fear of getting ripped apart just for stating their opinion, the original purpose of websites like this. Okay, sorry about the big rant, but there is still hope for this fandom to become a safe, welcoming place again. I don’t mean to be rude to anyone, but seriously, if you are one of those making it hard for us to enjoy being an Avatar fan, you know who you are. Please, there’s still a chance for you to change into a nicer person. Debating? Heck yeah! Go for it! But making it personal? Not cool.

  • Zuzu

    With the evidence of an almost complete book 3 from Bryan Konietzko’s tumblr it can easily be said that Book 3 is near completion or is probably completed. I truly believe that it may premiere on Bryan’s birthday, which is the release date for the Book 2 DVD. While a voice actor for TLoK says that it will premiere in September. Even though Bryan has stated that TLoK will be coming “soon” i still wouldn’t be surprised if it did premiere on September, As the word “soon” has a biased meaning, we didn’t see a trailer for the nick upfront, which Emergency Awesome speculated and so did Keval, and it was too optimistic to even see one during the KCA. As the wait for book 2 took 15 months, as said the word “soon” has a different meaning. Although we have only waited four months for book 3, I can sympathize with the frustration some or most fans are having, we’ve only seen images, and a trailer for BOOK 2 for the Northern European viewers, the Netherlands, so a trailer has been made using book 3 footage. But what i am personally disappointed about is not seeing a trailer for the least of it, or at least a few images which reveal “something” striking, it was only because of the Nickelodeon studio in Netherlands we were able to confirm that the white lotus and dragons will appear in the TLoK, Bryan or the US nick haven’t released anything striking for us to see. Nick has failed to advertise this amazing show, the sequel to Avatar, the highest rated cartoon show on IMDB for crying out loud. Nick needs to do something. For example take a look at the Game of Thrones season 4 that was properly handled by HBO, the only thing Nick do care about are new crappy shows like Cat and Sam, Legend of Korra is the best show Nick has, and it can be even better for the Fans if they started recognizing the fandom itself. If Book 3 is truly coming soon at least Nick should verify if this is true, like a trailer by Nick or a confirmation on twitter.

  • Zuzu

    I really enjoy reading other peoples opinions, “understanding the other elements…it is the combination and wisdom from all four nations that makes the avatar so powerful and it can make you powerful too…you see the techniques i’m teaching you is directly from the study of water benders themselves.”

    • ahmedumer

      let me tell you that anger will unite all the four nations(well what are the four natins here)destruction is the key to unity bit*hing makes you strong criticizing gives you power.Dont get me that wrong but you know why fans are like this now BECAUSE OF BOOK 2 hell yeah if book 2 would be great like book 1 no one would jave bit*hed.No one would have angered you all will agree with this.

      • Zuzu

        Tbh the second half of book 2 was pretty amazing!The first half was boring, and i really liked Varrick as a character

        • Zuzu

          from the episode sting onwards was great, before that wasn’t great.

          • Matt Brown


      • ahmedumer

        type fast dude

  • ahmedumer

    looks like amon has attacked the korra fans

  • Zuzu

    Amon’s conspiracy!!!!!

    • ahmedumer

      hell yeah he is making us weak

  • Zuzu

    And you can blame Nick for a bad book 2, the first only ordered 26 episode 2 seasons, but because it was so popular they ordered another two seasons!

    • ahmedumer

      well what the hell do you mean?

      • Zuzu

        read my next comment

    • Zuzu


  • Zuzu

    If Nick simply ordered 52 episodes in the beginning this shit wouldn’t have happened and we’d see a proper continuation of a story from season to season

    • Zuzu

      Like Avatar!

    • Matt Brown

      While Im perfectly fine with the new-arc-per-season idea, I agree with you. But to be honest, Im ok with there being a new arc every season, instead of the continuation per season. It worked for Avatar but I dont think it work that well for Korra. The characters seem to be the kind of characters that work for an over all arc. But that’s just my opinion. 😀

  • Zuzu

    instead of seeing a book 1 without a plot link to book 2! We’d have a smooth plot transition from book 1-4

  • Zuzu

    And Nick was pretty sexist, because they didn’t want a female as the lead protagonist!

  • Orange9746

    Every fandom has its shares of stupid ass people, really. It’s just best to ignore these types of people and not get involved.

  • AirMonkAang

    I miss the days of the Avatar: The Last Airbender fandom, mainly on sites like AvatarSpirit. Whilst a lot of people from that fandom (you can argue that the A:TLA and LOK fandom are one in the same, meh) and from the Avatar community are still around today, the atmosphere just isn’t the same.

    I miss the days when people could discuss shipping and different ideas and possible ways a certain story could go in Avatar without it turning into an argument.

    I miss the times where the Avatar fandom had mature, interesting discussions, where awesome theories were created and people actively speculated on what could happen.

    Yes, times change, but it doesn’t mean this fandom has to be reduced to bunch of of moany shits who can’t be mature enough to have a civilized discussion.

    Thank you for making this post, Keval. The fandom needs a reality check.

  • Stetson Yarde

    maybe they are simply taking their time to better supply the last two books in quicker succession for the fandom…

  • Jas

    Can I just say that Book 3 is finna be awesome.
    Book 1 was the beginning of the journey.
    Book 2 eh, we had to go through that painful but very necessary transition…only to get to an amazing Book 3!

    • Zuzu

      what’s painful about book 2? Just curious.

  • Indigo_Spirit13

    I seriously agree! I know im a little late to comment but I just have to write this. I seriously don’t understand people these days. It’s been only four months and people are already bickering about why Korra related news has been updated?! Sorry for the language, but that’s bullsh*t! As an artist, when i’m drawing I take my time to create my work of art and let all my imagination splash on it. If you want something done you have to take your time to perfect it. That’s what’s going on with production right now! They are taking their time to finish and perfect the series that we love and adore! Why rush perfection?! In the end I have faith that production will come up with even more amazing episodes and a well thought story. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was the Avatar world. Be patient people it’s going to premier this year!!!!!! Be happy about it!!!! Do what I do if you cant wait… Rewatch ALL Avatar and Korra episodes and everyone will be happy! Keval all respects to you and thank you for having the most amazing faith in the series and fandom I have ever seen!

    • Link9150

      What you said made total sense. I totally agree with you.

    • Keval

      You’re never too late to comment. Thanks for reading and providing your input :)

  • Zuzu

    Yeah it has only been 4 months, but with first hand evidence from co creator Bryan Konietzko Book 3 is probably completed by now, Just because Bryan said it’s soon doesn’t mean you need to be impatient. As stated in my earlier post “soon” has a biased meaning. And Bryan confirmed that Book 3 production was almost complete! You will get a trailer, and patience is a virtue! You will explode when you see this trailer. Cheer up guys its nothing to be angry of, Bryan could’ve posted many thousands of pictures, and he’s helping the fandom by posting pictures which don’t spoil much of the series. I assure you that Book 3 will be an amazing book in all of avatar history, and the creators are plainly trying to help us by making the series better than better.

    • Zuzu

      Just a philosophical though expecting something will take ages, i’m not saying you shouldn’t expect something but do something else in your life, maybe one day when you come back from school and you open twitter or Facebook you might see: “Legend of Korra premiere date ….. with a trailer.” Do not always expect things as waiting even a day or week might be a year to you.

      • Zuzu

        Sorry for the late post!

  • Michelle

    AGREED 100%, AMEN! This is why I left the fandom! (Well, I didn’t leave it, but I’m not as involved as I once was) I mean, really people, just calm down! AND DON’T YOU DARE SAY I DON’T GET BECAUSE I DO. SERIOUSLY, I COULDN’T WITH MY LIFE SOMETIMES BECAUSE I WAS SO OBSESSED WITH LOK. I would spend every minute of my life thinking when we were going to get more news during the last off-season. Even though it had it’s fun part, guys, it was so hard D; It took so much energy out of me and every time Nickelodeon tricked us, it hit me right in the feels >.< But this time around, I decided to not linger on LoK and try to distract myself with books, anime, REAL PEOPLE, etc. Lol, but also the drama involved in the fandom was really getting old .-. Especially with all the debates about the love-triangles, blah blah blah. It was a mess, and I needed a break. This way it's better, because when Book 3 finally does air, it won't feel like that much time has gone by! I really think we need to remember this: it IS just a cartoon. As sad as that sounds it's true. It's easy to forget when you love all the characters so much. Believe me, I've been there. We really need to get a good grip of reality and say "It's just a show and other people's feeling matter more."

  • Raphael Duffy

    I’m not asking anyone to jump ship or anything from this website but I feel like it’s worth mentioning the AV Club reviews, even if they’re not directly Korra fandom pieces. The AV Club always has intelligent and mature readers and the Korra reviews are no exception. Personally I’ve found a lot of them to be a bit too negative about Book 2 but they don’t lash out, freak out, and just go generally psycho about it.

  • Renjick

    You cast blame on both sides when any objective outsider can see it’s mostly a bunch of fanboys/girls protecting Legend of Korra from any and all criticism.

    Trying to twist the narrative just shows the game you’re playing at. There’s a reason people look at ATLA fondly, even the forum wars. Because at least the product that was being discussed and debated over was of QUALITY. Korra? Even mentioning that it falls far short of the original show can cause the fanatics to jump on you.