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The Legend of Korra – Book 2: Spirits Blu-Ray Edition Review

About a week ago, I was lucky enough to be contacted by a Nickelodeon-affiliated marketing agency that offered me the opportunity to receive early access to The Legend of Korra – Book 2: Spirits Blu-Ray edition for reviewing purposes. I’ve already been contacted by numerous fans VIA Twitter who have offered a large sum of money for early access to the Blu-Ray edition. Unfortunately, I am not allowed to sell this copy. I’ve also been asked to upload the commentaries and special features online. Out of respect for Nickelodeon, Mike and Bryan, I will have to decline. You’ll have full access to The Legend of Korra – Book 2: Spirits Blu-Ray edition when it hits stores everywhere July 1st.

The Blu-Ray edition comes with a box-cover and includes two disks. The first disk includes the first seven episodes while the second disk includes the final seven episodes. Each disk includes audio commentary and scene bending animatics for the respective episodes – which I will get into later. The first disk is a bit light on the Featurettes, only including Kindrid Spirits: Tenzin’s Family. The second disk, however, goes heavy on the Featurettes, including Inside the Book of Spirits, The Re-telling of Korra’s Journey, and Feuding Spirits: Korra’s Family.

The main menu for each disk is identical, and rightfully so since it’s brilliantly done. What makes the menu so well-done is undoubtedly the intensity of the track playing on a loop. It really captures the mood of Book 2 quite well and urges you to dive right into the episodes. Aside from the track, scenes from the season are playing on a loop in the background. I found it interesting that all but one of the scenes shown are from the second half of the season. I suppose the strength of the season was obvious to whoever chose the scenes to feature.

High Expectations for The Legend of Korra Result in Criticism, Negativity

I’ve been generally absent from the fandom crowd for some time now, mostly due to the lack of news and partly because of my personal schedule.

Now, as I jump back into The Legend of Korra offseason world, I find myself thrust into a “dying” fandom and an alarming amount of negativity to which I was ignorant prior.

I read through Keval’s article analyzing the current status of The Legend of Korra’s fan base with a distressed, echoing call from the distant back of my mind. This call is the one measure I believe many loyal fans of the series have overlooked since the airing of Book 2: The Legend of Korra’s standard of quality.

I do NOT wish to fuel the fire of negativity, so please don’t take my article as a lecture, and instead perceive it as an assertion of opinion.

So, what do I mean by The Legend of Korra’s standard of quality? The quality standard is the degree of success we the fans expect our favorite TV shows to reach with every episode. If an episode is below the standard we set, then we will be disappointed by the content. However, if the episode ranks above the standard of quality, we will be surprised and extra excited by its content. Personally, my standard of quality for both The Legend of Korra and Avatar: The Last Airbender is at about a 9 on a scale of 10 (which is very high for a TV show), and so if an episode ranks below a 9, I’ll be a little let down (depending on how far below the standard it is), and if it ranks above a 9, I’ll be ecstatic.