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The Legend of Korra Season 3, Episode 6 ‘Old Wounds’ Review

Lin undergoes a metamorphosis in the latest installment of The Legend of Korra, which continues the Lin and Su turmoil introduced last week. However, unlike last week, ‘Old Wounds’ places Lin in a deserving lead role. Writer Katie Matilla who’s written excellent, character-driven episodes for Avatar: The Last Airbender, such as ‘The Western Airtemple’ and ‘The Beach,’ has the right ingredients in ‘Old Wounds,’ but can’t seem to fully embrace the dramatic potential in Lin’s personal struggle. What we see from Lin and Su this week is worthy of high honor, but the rest of the episode drags the sisters’ storyline down with far less engaging B-plots.

Take for example the Zaheer and Korra storylines, which receive a decent amount of screen time. Both of these plots are linear in format, since Zaheer and pals are only escaping Republic City and Korra is simply learning to metal bend. The last one sounds cool, but it’s actually quite boring, especially (once again) in the wake of Lin’s own plot line. To say these subplots are bad is exaggeration because both are still entertaining, but neither deserve the attention they receive in what is ultimately Lin’s episode.

Lin is scarred mentally and physically, and the episode becomes increasingly stronger as the writer peels away her protective barriers, allowing her to relive the troublesome events of her past. It’s really grade ‘A’ stuff, from the storytelling to the voice acting (Jessie Flower as Su and Grey Delisle as Lin in the flashbacks) and I would have preferred to see the entire episode devoted to Lin and Su.

The Legend of Korra Season 3, Episode 7 ‘Original Airbenders’ Recap & Thoughts

The Air Nation is re-born thanks to Harmonic Convergence, and now it’s up Tenzin to train the future generation of Air Nomads. Unfortunately for Tenzin, he can’t seem to lead the Airbenders as well as he’d like. To make matters worse, Bumi is making Tenzin’s job much more difficult by being both disrespectful and a distraction to the Airbenders who are trying to master the element. Of course, it’s Tenzin – not the Airbenders – who is beginning to get irritated by Bumi’s antics.

Tenzin gets a call from Korra who recaps the events that unfolded in Zaofu. Tenzin tells Korra of the trouble he’s having with the future Air Nomads, and is recommended to seek advice from Bumi. “Bumi? He’s my worst student” What’s great about this particular scene is how unsurprised Korra is by that. “Yeah, but he loves to organize people. If you ask him for help, you can trick him into taking more responsibility by making him think the whole thing was his idea.”

Tenzin seeks Bumi’s advice and decides to take the ‘break ‘em down, build ‘em up’ approach. He takes on the role of a drill sergeant and treats the Airbenders in training as recruits. That means early morning wake-ups, 10 mile hikes, balancing exercises and rigorous obstacle courses. “Get back up! What’s the matter? You can’t handle it, solider?”