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The Legend of Korra Season 3, Episode 10 ‘Long Live the Queen’ Review

Korra and Asami must survive a giant, man eating sand-shark, while Zaheer and the Red Lotus execute their latest political ploy in one of Book 3′s strongest installments yet: ‘Long Live the Queen.’ You can probably guess what I’m excited to talk about based on the first line of the review: What the heck happened to the airship captain’s hand?! Of course I’m kidding. What I really want to acknowledge is the freakin’ shark monster swimming around in the desert! All I can say is, “You’re going to need a bigger [sand-sailor],” Korra.

I’m not sure why I’ve been relating The Legend of Korra to popular movies lately, and whether it’s even worth dwelling on (save for the nostalgia in recounting those comparable silver screen flicks) has yet to be determined. However, I couldn’t help but notice how much the sand-shark storyline oozes “Jaws” with a little bit of “The Flight of the Phoenix” thrown in. Anyone else? No? Moving on…

Yes, an encounter with the great beast, who puts Moby-Dick to shame, is easily the craziest moment of Book 3 so far, but it’s also one of the season’s most visually arresting sequences. It’s difficult to design a creature that looks foreign enough to be considered “odd,” while also seeming believable in the bounds of the show’s universe, and I believe The Legend of Korra designers performed near-flawlessly regarding the sand-shark’s presence. The beast is impressively massive, and to see it fit an airship into its mouth is simply awe inspiring.

The Legend of Korra Season 3, Episode 11 ‘The Ultimatum’ Clip

It’s been less than 24 hours since “Long Live the Earth Queen” officially released and Nickelodeon has already released a clip of next week’s episode, “The Ultimatum”. This week’s episode left off on a bit of cliff-hanger: Korra learns about the Earth Queen’s demise, while Zaheer asks Mako and Bolin to relay a mysterious message to Korra. The clip released depicts a frantic Mako and Bolin attempting to find a way to get to Korra and relay Zaheer’s message. Unfortunately, the clip doesn’t reveal the actual message.

Mako and Bolin eventually deem it appropriate to capture an airship and use it to find Korra, hence the clip’s title: Airship Thieves. The two brothers initially have trouble forcing the crew off the airship, but Bolin’s quick thinking and trickery (or blatant lying) saves the day. “Hey! The Queen’s gold is on the third floor of the palace, second door on the right! You just gotta know how to talk to them, bro.”

I managed to rip this clip from Tumblr, so international readers should be able to view it. The clip is just over a minute long. Enjoy: