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Legend of Korra Book 2: Episode 3 ‘Civil War – Part 1’ Promo

Just like any good television series, Book 2’s second episode ended on a cliff hanger. Unalaq seemingly has Korra in his back pocket, but Korra is visibly uncomfortable with situation. A Civil War is amongst the two Water Tribes and Korra is right in the middle of it. Nickelodeon released a promo clip for episode 3 ‘Civil War – Part 1’ and it does a good job of showing what next week’s episode will entail: War. The 15 second clip is quick and concise, but gets right to the point.

We see a quick glimpse of Korra riding the wing of an airplane and then a glimpse of her falling head first into the ocean. The interesting part about the second glimpse is that Korra can be seen entering the Avatar State at the end. Needless to say, I think she’ll handle things just fine from then on out.

You can see the full 15 second clips of episode 3 ‘Civil War – Part 1’ below: