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How to Watch Leaked Legend of Korra Season 3 Episodes with Subtitles

This past weekend, Mundo Nick (Mexico’s Nickelodeon) leaked four episodes of The Legend of Korra season 3. Episodes three, four, five and six of Book 3 were uploaded as the respective Book 2 episode. Since the episodes were on Mundo Nick, they were impossible to view outside of the Mexico area unless a proxy server was used. After a bit of struggling, I was eventually able to stream all four episodes through the use of a proxy server, but since the episodes were uploaded in Spanish, I understood very little.

When spoiling the first two episodes, I had some help understanding the dialogue from a friendly Spanish-speaker who offered me assistance VIA Twitter. For the last two episodes, I was able to write the spoilers without any help because I was able to view the episodes with English subtitles. Today, I am going to show you how to watch all four leaked episodes with English subtitles.

For this to work, you’re going to have to download several things. Don’t worry; I’ve verified that all of the download links are completely safe and malware-free.

Legend of Korra Season 3 Episode 6 ‘Old Wounds’ Spoilers

The sixth episode of The Legend of Korra’s third season, titled Old Wounds, opens with Team Avatar sitting with Su and her children for breakfast. Lin decides not to join them, leaving Korra to assume that she’s still fuming in her room after her many troubling encounters the day before. Su asserts her disappointment in Lin, explaining that she had no right to speak to Opal in the manner that she did at the end of the previous episode.

Wade and Wing enter the scene and ask Korra if she wants to play Power Disk with them. Korra rejects the offer because she doesn’t know how to metal bend. Su, surprised that Lin did not teach Korra how to metal bender, offers to teach Korra the basics of the technique herself. Korra excitedly accepts the offer and Opal attempts to push Bolin into learning the technique as well. Bolin admits that he’s a traditional guy who only likes to work with earth, so he kindly rejects the offer. Su assures Bolin that he can come to her anytime he changes his mind.

Like in the previous dining scene, Varrick suddenly appears – only this time with a new invention: a magnetic suit. Varrick activates the suit and attracts all of the metal on the table, ruining the meal for everyone. Zhu Li quickly appears to clean the mess.