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Concept Art of Eska from The Legend of Korra Book 2 Released

Korra Nation is at it again with another Legend of Korra Book 2 sneak-peek. Several days ago, they released concept art of the Southern Water Tribe Palace Banquet Hall. Today, they’ve released concept art of Eska, Korra’s cousin. Korra Nation also offered a small description of her character to give fans a general idea of who she is. Most of this information has already been conveyed, but to recap, Eska is a 16 year old waterbender. She rarely shows any emotions besides boredom and shows distaste for just about everything.

Eska also has a twin brother named Desna, who’s character is very similar to his sister. I still remember back to Comic-Con 2012 when I thought both characters were girls. I suppose Bolin and I are on the same boat in that sense.

You can see the concept art of Eska below:

Book 2 of The Legend of Korra Image Shows Bolin and Eska in a Snowy Setting

It’s like Bryan Konietzko knew disappointment was going to strike the Avatar Community today. Bryan finally got back on track with his Tumblr posts and decided to post a new Book 2 picture from the latest color correction session.

In the latest image, we see Bolin and Eska, Korra’s female cousin, engaged in a conversation. The background sort of looks like Republic City, but there is snow on the ground, so the setting could just be a more modern version of the Southern Watertribe, which is expected to be the setting of the first episode.

It’s curious that Bryan posted this specific picture because I’ve been speculating for months that Eska could end up being Bolin’s weird relationship in Book 2.