Team Avatar Should be a Likeable Bunch in Season 3

One of my biggest issues with The Legend of Korra thus far has been the unlikability of the characters that make up Team Avatar.

More specifically, the relationship each character has with one another seems tainted and unnatural for a supposed group of friends. The odd dynamics have ruined some of the good that has come from the series.

While some may remember Book 2 for its brilliant portrayal of the Spirit World, others will remember Book 2 for its failed attempt at positive character development.

As it stands now, Korra and Mako are finished, Mako and Asami seem to have been given a spark (creating tension between Korra and Asami), and Bolin is enjoying a rare moment of success.

It’s not ludicrous to assume that Team Avatar is a mess. The social bonds between each character are no-where near where they could be. Tension and anxiety ruins the sense of friendship and honesty that should be vibrant from the group.

Change is necessary, and – fortunately – we have reason to believe that it’s coming this season. During the course of the past several months, bits of news have come in hinting at major changes within Team Avatar. Our exclusive interview with Jeremy Zuckerman delivered the last piece of the puzzle.

It looks as though Team Avatar will be a likable bunch of characters next season that emit a sense of friendship.

Team Avatar united – for real.

Back in November of last year, Mike and Bryan did an interview with the Wall Street Journal. In the interview, they talked extensively about Korra’s romantic arcs. They acknowledged the fans’ dislike of the romantic arcs and claimed that they would “leave it alone” in Book 3.

By ridding Korra’s character of romantic arcs, the writers are reducing the tension between her and Asami. They are also reducing the tension between Korra and Mako. This, in turn, eliminates a major strain in Team Avatar which will invoke less awkwardness and more friendship building.

Just to be clear, I don’t necessarily think ignoring Korra’s romantic arcs is the correct direction to head in. If the writers created a love interest for Korra who was outside of Team Avatar, there would be no strain on the group to being with.

Either way, Team Avatar loses a major distraction in Book 3 that has only ruined the likability of those involved thus far.

During Book 2’s offseason, Mike and Bryan stopped off at a Barnes & Noble in LA to answer some questions and sign some books. One fan asked the co-creators whether or not Korra and Asami would ever become friends. The co-creator’s response was promising:

“Yes, definitely! I think it’s cool because sometimes when you first meet someone you don’t get off to the best start, but then later you become really great, close friends, and that’s something you’re going to be seeing more of with Korra and Asami in the future.”

A Korra-Asami friendship will reduce much of the tension in Team Avatar. The two never really got off on the right foot, and things only got worse as the love triangle grew more complicated. Now that the love triangle will reportedly end, a Korra-Asami friendship will likely form. This will help to build an overall sense of friendship within Team Avatar.

Nuktuk – ahem – Bolin saves the day!

Aside from the struggles involving Korra, Mako and Asami, we have Bolin who hasn’t been talked about much this offseason. I thought Bolin had a very lackluster role in Book 2 until the very end, when he effectively became Nuktuk and saved the day.

Had it not been for Bolin’s final hoorah, I would have chalked up his character as a failure in Book 2. Fortunately, Bolin had a moment of success and it sounds like that success will carry into Book 3.

In our exclusive interview with Jeremy Zuckerman, the composer had some interesting insight on Bolin’s character in Book 3.

“Finally, Bolin has a theme. It’s finally emerged.”

This essentially means that Bolin will have a personality and purpose in Book 3. He’ll grow as a character and be far more than the show’s comedic angle.

Team Avatar will be different in Book 3, according to various bits of news. There will be a sense of friendship and purpose that unites the group. Just as Zuckerman confirmed in an earlier interview, The Legend of Korra will have a similar emotional feel to that of Avatar: The Last Airbender. In the end, it’s all about the characters and it looks like Book 3 will acknowledge that.

Hopefully all that was said translates to the script.

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  • Aang

    Yeah Team Avatar 2.0 should become more like the first or even better!!! Lets hope thats gonna happen!

  • QAC

    Mako and Bolin need to go.

    • Link9150

      I would like that.

    • Ariana Moreno

      so simple, yet would make the biggest difference. for the better too X)

    • Nathan

      Mako yes, Bolin no. If Bolin is good for anything its for a laugh whether it has anything to do with Korra or not. He is the show’s comic relief and a necessary one to help you forget about all the things Korra !@$#% up.

  • Link9150

    Nice article.
    What really ruined the chemistry with those guys is the romance, more precisely the “love triangle”. You see, love triangles are always a nuisance if the core of the story is not revolving around romance.

    For example, in The Amazing Spider Man 2, Mary Jane was supposed to appear and create some sort of love triangle between Peter (Spider Man) and Gwen Stacy (his girlfriend). But the director dropped the idea because he knew a love triangle would simply ruin this movie which is not revolving around romance.

    Love triangles create hate, and do we want hate between members of a “TEAM”. Of course no one wants that. It looks like Bryke finally understood that and will apply the necessary precautions to steer clear from useless romantic drama.

    Furthermore, just to come back to what I said; love triangles are only good within romantic stories. The Legend of Korra is not a romantic story, far from it. It’s called “The Legend of Korra” and not “The love life of Korra”.

    I really hope we’re done with the romance and that the new team focuses on friendship rather than romance.

    • Kyle Edgecomb

      Wrong actually about asm2, mary jane was only to be in like two scenes as peters neighbour, look it up, her role was meant to be nothing more then a cameo, director only dropped it because people would expect the focus to turn to mj, but because of the important spoiler i refuse to mention, they cut mj out to make the scene more emotional

      • Link9150

        Probably, I remember someone saying in an article that a love triangle wanted to be avoided.
        Anyways, still proves my point nonetheless.

    • Sibis

      When it came to LOK, the love triangle was a wildfire. Love Triangles don’t work unless the story is made to properly contain them.

      This was a gimmick with heavy demands on the characters and story to accommodate it.

      • Link9150

        That’s where the creators screwed up with fan service.

  • Ariana Moreno

    when the creators say that this book will be more like atla, i also really hope that they mean the team chemistry, and character development/likability. honestly, if it meant giving up an exciting plot just to have more time for character development and for more natural team chemistry going, then it would be worth it. you can’t have a good show without good characters that are well developed, lovable, and meaningful. if this show continues without so much as a hint of character development, then i don’t know what to say. i will say this: it will take a lot for me to like mako and bolin. they are annoying as hell. to those fans who like these guys, my bad, just expressing my opinion.

    bottom line, the characters (other than Korra) are doing what they shouldn’t be doing and it needs to be fixed. they are causing the opposite reaction of fans than what they should be causing. if this gets fixed, then we’re set to go.

  • Korrava

    In all honesty Korra is doing amazing without them. XD

    Anyways I’m glad that they’ll be bonding more this season. Should be something else to really look forward to.

    • Ariana Moreno

      true dat. they aren’t team avatar if they aint worth the steam off someone’s shit XD

      • Korrava


        I’m looking forward to Korra the most this season, plus she’s getting a glider. 😀

        • Ariana Moreno

          i know right? this will be awesome!! can’t wait to see how she progresses through the show and how she becomes her own legend X)

          • Korrava

            So excited to see how she handles this whole spirit-human co existing thing. Perhaps she’s going on a spiritual journey as well this season considering the Northern Air Temple, the glider. Strengthen her airbending too?

          • Ariana Moreno

            yeah i could see that being a possibility! i’m also wondering if she will continue to think a little more before she makes decisions! oh man, everything is just so exciting to think about! the development we want, the plot, the characters, everything! i just want to see what the creators are whipping up for us in the studio this time! i bet you its gonna come out in the late summer early fall. just got a feeling Xp

          • Korrava

            I have a really good feeling about Books 3 and 4.

          • Nathan

            Perhaps we will finally get to see the sub air bending trick we’ve all been waiting eagerly to see

          • Nathan

            Korra has already become a legend. She freaking opened portals on opposite ends of the planet, helped to create an evil avatar, battled him as giants outside of Republic City AND left the portals that led to all of it open for the spirits to return to their world and vise versa. Thanks to her anyone can visit the spirit world or have a spirit friend or get swallowed up whole by their front yard. If she isn’t already a legend then I’d say people need to lower their expectations of Korra

          • Ariana Moreno

            hm. interesting standpoint X) but i’m talking about when the series comes to an end. i want to see what really defines Korra as a whole. What she’s gonna be best known for and how she develops completely as a character.

    • Ifreke Umana

      To be honest when book 2 ended I thought Korra would be doing things by herself with maybe Jinora helping her.

  • Bobby

    I’m definitely looking forward to seeing a true friendship develop between Korra and Asami

  • Andy Ramirez

    While watching the second book as it aired I had an amazing experience. After rewatching the 1 book and then second, i did find a lot of problems, specially with character development and interactions. I really hope they fix this in the next bookn which I think is going to be the best.

  • Raimundo

    I can only hope what you say is true. Like you, I’m excited about the Korra-Asami friendship, as well as redemption for Bolin’s character (Book 2 didn’t do him justice at all). Overall, I’m looking forward to Book 3, but I still have yet to see anything that will make me completely ecstatic about it. Legend of Korra has been a really fun ride, but it has also been a frustrating one.
    Great article as always. :)

  • Matt Brown

    I like all of the characters. In Book 1, they were really a team. All though they each had different goals, they all looked at the main task ahead, which was taking down Amon and the Equalists. But in Book 2, the team was spread to thin and I feel like everyone was to unfocused on what was most important until the end of the season. That’s when they started to feel like Team Avatar again. The only thing that was absent was Asami since she had ONE LINE IN THE BOOK 2 FINALE!!! Anyway, super pumped for Book 3. I just want it to get here already.

    • Zuzu

      It just seems like they already have Book 3 finished and they are working on Book 4 now. I think Nickelodeon just wants to air it all at once and get the series over with. Book 3 at earliest should be late July. I just cant wait for comic con, just to see that trailer.

      • Matt Brown

        Yeah Ikr. Hopefully Book 3 arrives no later than August.

      • Zuzu

        Yeah i believe it will, studio MIR have confirmed that they have animated all of Book 3, voice acting is most likely done just a few touches. Technically speaking it can air now, but due to obvious reasons it will air no later than July.

        • Link9150

          Yep, it’s been confirmed. It’s all on Nick now.

    • Legama

      Agreed. and I have to say, why there’s not a damn fight where the whole team fights the bad guy. I mean, in Book 1 Korra and Mako fought Amon, and Asami and Bolin fought Sato. In Book 2 Asami was thrown to the toilet, and Tenzin and his brothers ran away looking for Jinora the moment the final fight began.

      • Matt Brown

        Ikr. At least Tenzin got major screen time during Book 2. Cus during the Book 1 finale, he had like, 10 lines or less. And Tenzin is my favorite character so the development that we saw from him in Book 2 was pleasing. I have Books 1,2 &3 of ATLA on DVD in the Collector’s Edition Box Set and the same for Book 1 of Korra. And I plan on rewatching all of Atla and Tlok this summer, but my friend has my Korra Book 1 dvd’s cus im letting him borrow them and he’s seen a little bit of ATLA but none of lok so im letting him experience the awesomeness that he’s been missing out on. But he hasn’t even started watching them yet and I graduate from 8th grade in like 2 and a half weeks. So when I graduate, im getting my dvds back cus I plan on rewatching both series before Book 2 comes out on dvd. And then once I have Book 2 on dvd I’ll rewatch that. And hopefully I get all of this don before Book 3 airs. But anyway… I hope that the chemistry between the mebers of Team Avatar improves during Book 3 and so far, I think thats the direction in which things are going. :-) Im super stoked for Book 3 and cant wait. OH! And May the 4th be with you.

        • Legama

          Yeah Tenzin deserves more time, its a really likable character, that somehow reminds me of Iroh.

          And your plan sounds really cool, however i will personally save the marathon until Book 4 ends. That said, summers are long so rewatching the series is a good idea, I may actually follow your steps.
          Now talking about firends, a friend of mine didn’t like the series at all, and the other loved it. Lets see if I can convice him with Book 3, I’m counting on it, he was a ATLA fan, so the chances are there. Force, Odds, Will of fire, and the 4 elements may will be with you too.

          • Matt Brown

            Lol. Awesome!

        • Nathan

          you could have left everything after the first sentence and before the last sentence of that post. I felt like I was hitting my head against a wall reading that

          • Ariana Moreno

            em, dude, haha XD don’t read it then. unless you can tell me that someone had your eyes taped open and your face forced to read all these comments. i don’t get it when people complain about what they see, or read. it’s simple. don’t read or look at these things then 😀

          • Link9150

            Hey Ari, check this out

          • Ariana Moreno

            Cool beans! :) i would guess august or september!

            hope life has been well for you too by the way ^_^

          • Ariana Moreno

            this was me when i watched this 😀

          • Link9150

            Hahaha, my exact same reaction when I saw that video as well. xD
            So now we know that it’s all on Nick. Also, I don’t remember where but I read that Varney has started to record for Book 4.

          • Ariana Moreno

            that’s awesome. i really miss korra. can’t wait to see her again :p

          • Link9150

            Same! I’ve gotten over Book 2 and am ready for Book 3. Let’s hope we get it during the Summer.

  • Zuzu

    I like how Mako and Bolins characters are heading towards. I mean Mako is now a reputable detective and Bolin is a multimillionaire now. I wonder what happens to Asami’s company? I must say the first two episodes of Korra were perfect the romance was properly developed especially with the last scene where Mako is looking towards Air Temple Island and Korra looking at the Pro bending Arena. I mean it started out amazingly, but then the fire nation attacked. OK. The romance in Book 2 was terrible and Korra’s character development at the start of Book 2 was also terrible. Even though team avatar, are now some successful bunch. There character development hasn’t been great. It’s like you read a short story but your only reading the begining and the resolution, what about the “go between” some stuff in Korra just “pops up.” Mako is heart breaker even though being a caring brother and father like towards his brother Bolin. If Bolin hadn’t done that Nuktuck thing i would’ve hated him. I mean the way he was in prison with his brother and comparing himself to him. I disliked that about him, he hasn’t really shown much “true” emotion in Book 2. Just a guy who fails at comedy.
    Now to talk about the teams success. Asami prospered because of his father. Even though he bore a hatred towards the non benders he created something revolutionary, the sato mobile, airplanes. Bolin succeeded because of Varrick. Varrick was an evil guy and wanted to make money from it, but he was better comic relief that Bolin. I mean i’m getting more interested with the other side characters like Lu and Gong, they were funny too. The tripple threats. Team avatar hasn’t been that interesting in Book 2. Hope they do in Book 3.

    • Sibis

      Book 3 starts. Bolin is broke and Ginger has moved on to someone else. He pleads with Mako to take him back.

  • Loklover

    If…. I mean WHEN Korra and Asami become friends, this will definitely put their tension between each other behind them. THANKFULLY!!

    GIRLPOWER UNITE!!!!!!! XD ohh and I guess u can add Mako and Bolin somewhere in there too 😉 haha

  • Sibis

    Mako needs his development to also include a comeuppance of at least an equal degree for all the negative effects of his decisions and actions have brought on to the others in Book 1 and 2. His friends should see him as the least trustworthy one around.

    So far the idea of friendship of Team Avatar is not consistent to all that happens. It usually a greater goal that brings them together and overshadows all the problems.

    Book 1 and Book 2 has overused the elements of deception and betrayal among the protagonist side. It’s the root of these problems. Basically Mako can’t come clean to the girl he supposedly “loves” and instead sticks his tail between his legs while making a mess on the carpet.

  • Anon

    I personally liked the romance. Korra’s older than Aang. It’s entirely unrealistic to completely leave it out of the picture for a teenage girl. The love triangle doesn’t need to be entirely forgotten as if it never happened, but as a point of growth. It’s not the same age group you guys. There was even an element of romance in atla and Korra’s Team Avatar is years older. If you want to watch the same show but with a girl, rewatch atla and picture Aang with hair. Yes the characters need some growth and the romance aspect could use a little stabilization but it’s realistic. Something the lot of you aren’t.

    • Ariana Moreno

      i personally think there is a difference between romance being realistic, and then it being out of control ruining the show, throwing characters off, and the plot. it would be different if they show the audience that korra has an interest in a guy, but not to the point of it turning into love triangle fan service….in other words, the love life of a teenager is really not that important in this series…this is about korra becoming a legend as the avatar. not her love life. that can be left for a different time.

      • Sibis

        It was not even a romance, it was a living hell for the viewers and characters since none of them were satisfied with it in the end.

        Makorra is just putting a girl who is a handful with a controlling lying backstabbing tucks his tail between his legs while making a mess guy.

        • Sibis

          Living hell in the meaning that the whole romance was an unpleasant experience which even the characters didn’t seem to enjoy fully.

  • Sibis

    Book 2 shows that Korra is just not ready for romance right now. She’s currently not capable of juggling a relationship, her own time, and Avatar duties all at once. As dating material, Korra is a handful. She can’t be with someone who is essentially going to block her like Mako did.

    Right now Korra needs to focus on improving her Avatar self given the new changes with one less hassle to eat up her patience.

    • Link9150

      Very well said. Not to mention she’s trying to manage a relationship with the one and only douchebag, Mako.

      • Sibis

        The entirety of the romance is just toxic to Korra for now. She went through trouble in Book 1 to get Mako, making her do some things that she’s not happy with like hurting Bolin and deceiving Asami.

        Then Book 2 it’s nothing more than hostility. Korra is not satisfied being with Mako and he doesn’t know how to be in a relationship.

        Korra is dealing with a full plate which is mostly a lot of negative stuff in the first half of Book 2. Her romance is making it worse for her and is now infringing on her Avatar duties. Mako is at the point where he’s telling Korra how an Avatar should act and roadblocking her.

        Book 2 at least shows the kind of man she can’t be with are hotheads, liars, and controllers.

        • Quest

          so i guess eventually she and bolin could get together? since he is not as you described.

          • Sibis

            Korra and Bolin isn’t going to work. They have a good casual relationship but will never work as a romance. Korra is a handful and Bolin is very submissive.

            On the principle of story, I just don’t like the idea of Bolin getting involved personally with Mako’s ex-girlfriends. The team dynamic is already warped and doesn’t need to be warp anymore.

            Romance is best left with characters outside of the group.

      • Aang

        Happy Birthday Link!! Have a blast! 😀

        • Link9150


      • ajames123

        Happy birthday! link!!

        • Link9150

          Thanks! But I’m curious to know how you guys found out.

  • Drace

    Ever thought that that might be intended? Maybe the characters need to struggle with each other until – like the Avengers – they learn to be a team. I think that moment has yet to come.

    • Link9150

      The problem is that it’s not. Every season is made “as if it was the last one”. Which means they knew what they were doing from the beginning.

    • Sibis

      It doesn’t work because there is no consistency in the story for it. The others should be less trusting of Mako. Mako wouldn’t be saying straight to Asami’s face that he would never do anything to hurt her.

  • Gillis Haest

    I just want to point out that Toph didn’t get off to the best start either with Team Avatar in ATLA, especially with Katara. But later on everything was allright. For a group to function well, they must get along with eachother, otherwise the group will fall apart. In book 3 will happen the same thing basically. They must get along if the group wants to succeed in taking down the villain.

    • Link9150

      Thing is, with Toph it did not create a mess within the show and was known to happen from the start. With this one, not so much. It just happened because the creators weren’t very cohesive with the show, and I don’t blame them, Nick confused them.

      • Nathan

        agreed, that being said though I think they should pair Mako and Asami up and have them do their own thing and replace them with 2 new characters, hell even if it were Korra’s cousins, I would like that better than Mako and Asami.

        • Link9150

          That is my dream as well. Sadly, many fangirls like Mako and we have to suffer through his genuine level of awfulness, but as long as Korra, Tenzin and Lin are there I can keep my eyes on the screen 😉

  • macmile

    Hey I have a question. What happened to Tenzins baby. Rohan?

    • Legama

      He’s there, he’s a baby so, nothing will happen to him. Or atleas i think so….

  • Legama

    You know, through Book 2 we discovered that Korra is actually a very capable avatar and that when the time came she could handle de situations without her team. That said, Korra does need a team, but I dont think she having a romantic arc or a boyfriend would make any difference, as it did on Aang, unless is a really powerfull one. My opinion, is that Korra should focus on restablishing strong bonds with the team, and leave love for later. With that done, plus strong character development, we could see a better version of team avatar. And please, Mike and Bryan better leave the love poligons for another time!!!

    • Sibis

      Korra is capable of doing things, it’s just that there needs to be less other characters like Unalaq, Tonraq, and Tenzin taking the lead as it was in Book 2. It needs more of Korra figuring things out rather than latching on to someone else, as the end where Korra invoke Unalaq for her portal decision.

  • Writers need to spice it up

    The romantic thing sucking is nicks fault. Had korra been planned for 4 books from the start the relationship would not have had to be rushed. It would have been hinted at till the end which is the best way to handle relationships in animated long running series. With korra being planned to originaly be one book they paired her with mako waaaaay to fast. When more books where greenlit korra and mako had to break up. The love triangle seems crazy because They had to undo what they did in book 1 to do what they wanted to do all along. that makes it seem sloppy. They cant just disregard book 1 although it was meant to be a finisher so the romance sucks. Had the triangle been hinted at and then finally confronted in the final book that would have been better. The short amount of episodes coupled with the addition of 3 more seasons sloppified everything. Aangs book 1-2-3 were planned so the relationships are more solid.

    Korra and co suffer from the creators refusal to stop hi lighting tenzin and lin and OLD characters past lineages which leave our new characters undeveloped in a time crunch based 12 episodes. The only characters I feel Like I have an understanding out of the bunch are Korra and Bolin I get them who they are and their characters. Asami and mako suck and bring nothing to the table makos character was ruined when he was made to mature after getting with korra. They wouldnt have happened till the end if the creators knew and he would have been able to have the bad boyish charming jerkish attitude he displayed when he first met korra. He has like no personality now. Asami as well has no personality and is always sidelined. Shes just kinda their. You could never say that about katara sokka toph zuko or suki. Katara nurturning motherly soft and compassionate.

    Aang carefree goofy childish but mature when the time calls for it. Sokka funny goofy tactician one liner member of the group. Toph tomboy likes to get dirty tough fearless earth bending prodigy yet vulnerable as she revealed to katara about her looks. Zuko aangsty brooding lost finding his way obsessed with destiny evil at first but an evil that is understood given his backround. Suki well trained Independent action girl. Ok korra cast time lets see if its as easy. Korra fiesty in your face headstrong has tremendous potential grows each book naive but fearless. Bolin charismatic immature in a cute way funny the youngest of the group which shows. Mako…….um yeah next lol Asami um… she can drive cars and shock people with her glove? thats what I mean like who are they? Everything I said about Aang katara sokka toph and zuko I could have told you by the end of book 2 we are going on to book flipping 3 and I still do not fully get who Mako and asami are this is just bad writing Im sorry.

    If airbender had korras artwork and animation wooo that would be amazing. Korras flawless art and animation keep me watching but the writing has yet to impress me. Also the bending is horrible. Korra has her own boxing style we get that but everyone else should be doing impressive things with bending. Like there was some impressive bending in ATLA like when they stormed the earth palace and fought those guards. When the white lotus fought the fire nation when aang when avatar state toph fighting dai li Hell even katara vs paku had special bending moves used. Zuko and azula vs aang and katara was good as well.

    The bending in korra is always so weak they just throw elements at each other in ATL they did impressive stances and moves that made you go wow. Korra is her own thing and as aang told tenzin you are not me you should not be me. Same thing with legend of korra it is not ATL and should not be. However the writers need to do better than what they have been doing im sorry they just do.
    Screw the old generational characters and focus on korra mako bolin asami and jinora in the beggining all the tenzin and lin was cool but korra and her friends need to start inheriting the main focus of the story and having there roles increased not back seated every arc. We had katara and sokka deal with never seeing there dad and having there mother killed. That deeply affected katara and her motivations as well as her love for aang. Sokka dealt with the same and having the girl he loved yue killed which made him nervous about being involved with another woman suki. We had him deal with feeling useless for not having any bending abilities he got alot of development. Toph while tough on the outside showed insecurity about her looks and expressed her frustration with her parents sheltering her and refusing to let her be her own person. Zuko omfg do I even need to explain lol damn he got development alright probably the most. Suki she wasnt even really a main cast member but she was developed more than mako and asami combined lol and she only cameoed. Azula was the antagonist and even she has more development than korras friends shes ruthless and evil but you really feel for the girl by the end.
    Aang learned to grow up his development LARGLEY came from each of his friends helping him to mature. He dealt with being the last airbender learning forgiveness and to face his problems instead of running away.

    I know im typing alot but this korra sucking sh*t can still be saved so I need to speak lol. The point is by the end the development was done katara met with her mothers killer put an end to the war learned to forgive fire nation soldiers like zuko able to return her feelings for aang learned how to waterbed got over jechts death. Sokka Learned to contribute without being a bender showed that while he was the funny guy he was also a genius as well designing submarines plans tactics leading and learning that its ok to stop being so overprotective of suki because of the yue thing. Toph got over her parents refusing to let her grow learned that she is very “beautiful” from katara taught aang to earthbend developed metal bending helped save the world. Zuko once again goes without saying to anybody who watched but in short learned to carve his own destiny and not take the one handed to him by others,

    Unless the legend of korra creators do something and fast korra bolin mako and asami will not be able to achieve that type of progress. Hell even jinora has had more development than some of them lol these writers suck im sorry. I need to come help them write that ish lol. We need more about mako and bolins childhood and that crazy firebender killing peoples parents like asamis. They broght it up like a plot point that could be adressed and let it go. With mako being a police officer now this could EASILY be adressed. Mako and asami go rougue and we see a dark side we have never seen to asami when the confrontation goes down and she shows resemblance of her crazy @$$ father and the others bring her back or something like that. I think the amon thing should have been 2 books with the plot bearing resemblance to the holocaust only with benders. I think the city should have been lost at the end of book one and korra and friends loose. With most of the skilled benders being taken and the other nations not being sure how to respond korra makobolin and asami could have built up an underground resistance group and waged a city wide battle against the equalists. The red monsoons gang could have taught korra how to blood bend during the full moon to counter amon. Hiroshi and a giant extremely big mecha bot would have fought an epic battle against mako bolin asami and general iroh as korra infiltrated amons base at midnight and faced off against him. Also since air had like nothing to do with the 1st book I would have had Book 1 Siege and Book 2 Rebellion. The city is lost to the equalist in the first one and since fire benders killed people benders would not be losing their powers they would be getting annihilated to raise the stakes. Fire nation did it dont see why equalist could not.
    Also the resolution would actually be addressed not ignored like the writters in korra did. Amon had a very valid point about non benders being oppressed and bending being used for evil and it was never addressed really at all accept having a non bending president. Hmm I might have had asami die a tragic death like jecht and keep hiroshi alive only she would have died protecting mako from a NON bending equalist attack. Leaving hiroshi devestated that his actions caused him to loose his daughter realizing he must learn to let go of his hatred. Mako would be greatly changed by asamis death since he liked her and korra which would be character development. The epic battle and murders would have taught benders to treat there skill as a gift more. The other nations would be forced to respect korra for putting down the hitler of the last airbender world. And she would have kyoshied him so suicide brother twin death thing.

    The next 2 books would have had spirits in them. Those two books would be spirit based. Jinora would be joining team avatar mako would be grieving the death of asami reformed hiroshi who had to pay the ultimate price to see the error of his ways would use his money and wealth to help team avatar anyway he could. Asami could be visited in the spirit world by guilt ridden mako Korra as tough and badass as she seems is questioning herself for KILLING amon and is being judged by the public as doing something avatar aang would have never done leaving her with her own dilema. Hmm Id have to think about what to do with bolin. We would also need a new girl to fill the void of missing asami sorry asami lovers but her dieing would have been great for plot and character growth since she doesnt add much else if left alive obviously.

    A former equalist girl who is june-esque could join trying to write the wrongs of her past though she keeps it a secret. Mako could find out leading to great tension between them or something im veering off now point is the writters need to spice this ish up somehow make us interested do something with these characters jeesh.

    • The OnionMan

      Puh. A Long Comment, but it was worth to read it. You only got lost with your explanations about the storyline, what “should have happened”.
      But i totally agree with you that the main Problem is, that the Story was basically planned for one book. That means, ermhhh 12 episodes? Don’t screw me if i’m wrong i just can’t remember…
      The Story about Amon was absolutely amazing. He was the scarriest Antagonist of the Series (ATLA and LOK) until now(for me).Firelord Ozai was a friendly fire-clown compared to him. If the Story-writers would have known that there will be 4 books to air, they could have developed the Story-line much more slower. But with 12 episodes there is not enough space for character development I think. But I’m very excited for book 3, as I can hear out of the few interviews it will be much better than the last 2 (That should not mean that they were bad :] )
      And at least: Your explanations about the character-development in ATLA compared to TLOK. I think everybody of us have watched ATLA more often than 1 time (4 times for me i think). And there has also passed much more time to think about the Story of the series and it’s characters. I bet in a few years we will all say that TLOK was a great show and it will remain in our brains as well as ATLA. Hopefully we will be argumenting here about the 3rd series of DiMartino and Konietzko 😀 and compare it with the past 2 series(even if i think they should not be compared).
      Sorry for the big letters but my pc cannot “write” in english ^.^

  • Sibis

    Korra: Asami, isn’t it funny how we both chased after the same person.
    Asami: Ha. I heard that daughters choose men similar to their fathers. My father Hiroshi was a nice man until he turned out to be a backstabber liar vindictive man. He was afraid of me finding out.
    Korra: Speaking of my father Tonraq, he lied with Tenzin to control my Avatar life by keeping me on a compound. Talk about being betrayed by your old man. He didn’t have the balls to tell me, if Uncle didn’t mention it.
    Asami: Reminds you of someone.
    Korra: Almost similar.
    Asami/Korra: Mako. *Laugh.*
    Asami: We need better father figures.
    Korra: I agree.

  • Ariana Moreno

    another thing that i am really happy about is the fact that books 3 and 4 will be done by the amazing studio mir. studio pierrot is historeh! XD

    • korosh

      Naruto fans complained about the animation quality of Studio Pierrot.

      • Ariana Moreno

        yeah i can see that. i was also a naruto fan and the art wasn’t the best. hehe sorry to say, but it’s the truth.

    • Sibis

      They should have went with Gainax. The giant fight scene between Dark Avatar and Ms. Manhattan would have been better from the company that did Neon Genesis Evangelion.

      • Ariana Moreno

        em, don’t know what you’re talking about sorry XD but i will just take your word for it. ^_^

        • Sibis

          Gainax is a studio that was involved in the anime Neon Genesis Evagelion. They do very good animation of giant fight scenes. I was just saying that Gainax should have been brought in instead of Pierrot.

          Ms. Manhattan aka giant blue Korra is a reference to Mr. Manhattan from the Watchmen.

          • Ariana Moreno

            haha oh okay then :p

          • Nico

            Yes but Pierrot didn’t animate the fight scene, Mir did.

  • Sibis

    As for Korra’s development, she really needs to make a new friend from scratch. Rather than just meeting the person through one of her other associates.

    This being a martial arts theme series, Korra could make a new friend by fighting this person. Someone who has a philosophy, belief, and conviction about the true use of bending that Korra doesn’t currently consider.

    • Sibis

      Really need to see a few more new styles of fighting before LOK ends.

      Some benders who have learned the other bending art styles then merged them to create their own unique styles. Air Bender turn evasion with Earth Bending turning. Benders who also use to hand to hand combat in addition to bending.

      Probably the only other thing is if these character develop some kind of signature/finishing move as their ultimate attack.

  • Salut les connards

    Pfff, ce site est vraiment de la merde pour petits no-life frustrés. Où sont les vrais fans bordel ?! J’en ai marre de voir des connards sans vie sociale et sans amis se défouler sur des personnages de fiction “qui ne seraient pas assez bien pour eux”. Putain, le niveau ! Prenez plus de Prozac les gars.

    A part cela, cette série, LOK, est super, bien mieux que ATLA et sa fausse petite morale de merde totalement bidon. Dommage que le fandumb ne suive vraiment pas le niveau.

    Allez, bonne bourre les connards. Et vivement que ce site crève. Je vous laisse aller voir la traduction google comme les ricains ne sont pas foutus de savoir une autre langue.

  • Sibis

    The character development is not going to be ground breaking. After Book 1 and Book 2, I’m not expecting it to be more than a minor change or something that’s just temporary which wears off before/by the end of Book 3.

    With how the past two Books were handle, they can’t devote anything major with the character development like they could in TLA.

    Team Avatar is just Korra and three fish out of water. Since Mako, Asami, and Bolin is nothing much outside of Republic City.

  • Tamare King

    I think that Korra will become more mature besides she is 18 years old. Well from book 1-2 she was 17 but books 3-4 she is 18. If any of you wonder how Lin got her scars either she was in a bad battle when aang was alive but close to passing. Maybe she got her scars when she was young playing with her mothers cables when her mother warned her not to.
    Alsoif these rumors are true about katara passing I hope that everyone cmes to her funerl
    Another guess is what if jinora got sick like kari did from digimon digital monsters s1.
    I also wont to know what happened to suki and sokka if they had kids but i wont to know where are th sandbenders and kyoshi warriors. Last question who wonts to know if The greatest Metalbender Lin bei fong invent platinum metalbending comment.

  • KorraFan7

    How come Bolin get’s a theme and Mako doesn’t. That really pisses me off T__T I want to see Mako grow as a character not just Bolin. Reading all this makes me don’t want to see Book 3. WHAT ABOUT MAKO? DAMN IT!

    • Quest


  • Sibis

    Book 2 second half feels a bit empty since this was a big world challenging battle and Korra goes in it with just so few people. None of Korra’s other teachers show up. The White Lotus is absent. Tenzin, Bumi, and Kya don’t have any people to help out.

  • Zuzu

    This isn’t much related to Book 3’s characters but more specifically i’ll be talking about the Book 3 release date. Breathcast speculates a July 1st release date, however i believe they are wrong and inaccurate in the way the writer tries to convey his/her message, as can clearly be seen in his article. I’d like to point out that Breathcast shouldn’t be taken for granted and the most reliable source for information is Bryke and Mike or Nickelodeon, currently Nickelodeon hasn’t revealed anything at all for us but i believe we will be seeing Korra Book 3 right after Comic con. The way Breathcast tried to convey there message is that they refer to the Book 3 images Bryke has posted as images “from the film adaption.” I mean the release date it speculated is great, but the reasoning behind it isn’t at all and there terminology is terrible, who’s writing this?. The problem which arises from this are fans that take what they say for granted, and this is evident throughout many twitter posts. Yes we will most likely see Book 3 in Summer or if not during Fall. But when fans start taking these terribly written Breathcast articles as factual evidence it will only upset fans more, when they don’t get what they want at the end, which is a premiere date. It will only cause a ruckus with the community, as i’ve seen with many twitter posts and such.
    As such i only make a request to fans to not take Breathcast articles as an actual fact because many of their articles relating to Korra are too biased in opinion and are not properly written, clearly the writer doesn’t know much about what he/she is trying to say and provides a vague opinion which the fandom are already familiar with. I’m not saying you should not read them, enjoy, critique like i do.

    • I know this is several days after you posted this….. but I’ve been reading through comments and this is twice you said “Bryke and Mike” the names of the show creators are Mike and BRYAN…… Bryke is a combination of their names so you’ve been sort of listing Mike twice.

      • Zuzu

        woops. xD

  • Quest

    i hope that bolin becomes more serious this season and matures a bit (becomes more badass) like sokka did in the second half of season 3 of ATLA. My hope is that he learns metalbending from Lin and becomes a more important member of team Avatar.

  • Ashes

    I have a good feeling about this season’s character relationships. I especially can’t wait for Asami and Korra to get on better terms. Such a great friendship that could unfold!:)

  • Renjick

    I’ll believe it when I see it. The cynic in me say it’s probably going to come off as awkward and laughable like their attempts in Book 2.

  • Sibis

    Legend of Korra clips with Boondocks audio.

  • avatarstinkle

    The problem is they’ve dumbed down the power and mystical feel of bending. Every chump and their brother can bend metal and lightning now. It’s become generic and underpowered. In ATAB, the fire benders were feared and ruthless, it also had a more primitive and adventurous element to it.

    Lightning bending, redirecting, healing and air bending were elite powerful moves that seperated the chumps from the pros. Now there’s not much difference in anything besides Korra.

    Look at Mako, he can bend lightning yet its shown as completely useless and underpowered. In ATAB Azula was the shit for having lighning. There’s also been no character development at all skill wise. Mako and Bolin are just “average” benders with average looks. Even their outfits are generic.

    The first season felt more like Gotham city with political squabbles and boredom. Mako was a cop, really?

    The show needs to take direction back to a more primitive, spiritual, avatar is the “savior of the land” type feel. I guess its hard when they bring 1950’s technology and cities into the equation; but avatar was much better with a more primitive feel.

    The best 2 episodes of the series was the backlog on the first avatar Wan. Plus why is there so little focus on Aang, Katara, Zuko, or even what happened following ATLAB. Zuko’s son the general which is a modern character played the smallest role as well, hes also generic and his bending seems average.

    • avatarstinkle

      oh and Korra sounds like she’s recovering from bronchitis

      • Korrava

        Uhm there is little focus on the old characters because this show is not about THEM.

    • Zuzu

      Korra is not ATLA. They are different shows. The technology present in Korra is far more technologically advance then ATLA, however there were many technologies in ATLA, like the Zeplins used by the fire nation, they also had the truck used during siege of the fire nation, day of black sun. I think you are not looking into ATLA technology, all that is being introduced is the radio, Mecha tank and some new weaponry. You saw something new in Korra, everything in Korra is new and i believe the last 2 episodes in Book 2 is a metaphor directed to the fandom. How was Book 2 not spiritual, it went in depth in terms of spirituality and so will Book 3 and 4. If you watched the short trailer and the leaked images you would’ve realised. If you want to know what happened during this phase of redevelopment in the avatar verse then i highly suggest you read the comics, because judging by what you said you haven’t.
      Bending looks a bit more realistic in Korra, that battle between Unulaq and Tarlock was pretty nice. To me Korra seemed a bit under powered because she only used the avatar state a few times for some short seconds, and you say Korra isn’t about spirituality when the finale is dedicated to Korra’s spiritual growth and how she used energy bending, which was used 10 thousand years ago.
      As stated by MDDM, by the time you see the finale of Book 4 he stated that you’ll see how Korra has spiritually grown. The spirit world will explored in in depth.
      Zuko decided to spread lighting bending, it was also a major factor in the industry in Korra, for creating satomobiles and so is metal bending. How is it a bad thing that they decided to share this new technique. And who knows energy bending in Korra, only Korra does.

      • Sibis

        The Avatar series is really about keeping the violence down. No point carrying bladed weapons and arrows that can’t hurt people. Close up fighting like punches, kicks, and throws are nearly absent. So it’s limited to Ty Lee poking fighting style.

        Writers have chose to keep the show toned down on the fighting. Otherwise, the fights would be more expansive. Combination bender and martial arts. Non-benders can put up a fight.

    • Sibis

      Actually, the downgrading of bending makes sense as this is a peace time modern era compared to the traditional war torn fighting era 50 years ago.

      There is a difference of traditional martial arts used in war vs. the peace time martial arts you can pay to learn right around the corner.

  • avatarstinkle

    Korra should dump Mako and Bolin and Asumi. Leave rebuplic city for some reason/some threat to explore the world with Tenzen. They meet interesting new characters along the way.

    fck republic city

  • Nico

    Katara will NOT die in Korra. People need to get over this rumor.

    • Derrick

      I’m definitely with you on this. Don’t know why this rumor keeps popping up. What have the creators shown us or leaked that would suggest that Katara or anyone from the main cast is going to die this season? I know that Bryke likes to pull out the emotional punches, but there is simply no evidence that suggest Katara will die. Unless there is something I haven’t seen that the creators have put out…

      • Nico

        And it said in ATLA that she would die after her 3 great-grandchild is born. That would be one of the 4 air bending kids would have to have 3 kids before she dies.

        • Derrick

          Yeah i actually forgot about that epsiode. If Aunt Wu is right, then the only way Katara will be dying is if Kya or Bumi have grown children somewhere and they have to have kids of their own as well. It just doesn’t seem likely.

  • Zuzu

    Finally some new book 3 news. Book 3 has already been animated and confirmed by Studio Mir themselves that Book 3 will air pretty soon, unless Nick wants to screw things up for it. Seriously KorraNation hasn’t resumed and Nick hasn’t given us any information, i’m fed up with Nickelodeons lack of empathy for the Korra fandom, there are so many things they could do to bring back the fandom hype. All i hope is that they don’t screw up the advertising. If they do i only wish Book 3 will be amazing and get more views on Nick then they did with Book 1, so it’ll be a smash in Nicks face. But seriously we should be expecting some form of advertising, Book 3 has already been animated and i believe that Mike and Bryke are working on Book 4. Voice acting is probably finished and maybe a few touches to the sound in Korra, other than that only thing that is probably holding Book 3 is Nickelodeon. Book 3 here we come!

  • Zuzu

    I hope we hear more tsungi horn in Book 3. xD

    • ;)

      Heh, if there were, it would probably be Iroh II playing it. Zuko was apparently very talented at playing ye tsungi horn ^-^

  • Sibis

    One little inconsistent problem is the lack of protection gear use. Korra trained on the compound using protection. While in Pro-bending she used protection. When going after the Equalist, she didn’t use protection. When Unalaq beat her, she wasn’t using protection.

    There is no reason to not wear it since it was designed specifically for benders to take those strong impacts.

  • uhm698

    I think Bolin and Korra would be good together, but I just love Mako so much especially with Korra, I don’t like him with Asami.

  • uhm698

    Wait, I don’t mean especially with Korra. It’s just I’d rather see him with Korra than Asami. Anyways I thought Bolin was a perfect match for Korra.

  • aang

    dude everything was great just stop being a picky little girl about it and enjoy the remaining episodes if you dont like it too bad go watch something else

  • Melanie R.

    According to this article, the Book 2 sets are NOW coming out on August 5th! T_T

  • Cameron Hannon

    So according to Toonzone, Studio Mir is completely done with Book 3 animation. And that they are waiting for Nickelodeon to debut it. Is this true? I have no idea how credible the writer of the blog is on this website, Alex Bean.

  • Eliminator

    Not sure if you read that already. Animation is complete! :)
    It’s mostly up to Nick now, when Korra premieres?!

  • Sibis

    The next Avatar series could do like Kenichi The Mightiest Disciple, by having 4 Master Benders who rank in a class of their own above other Master Benders. Also have a Master Non-Bender Martial Artist and a Master Weapons Martial Artist. That all live together.

    So the next Avatar wants them to train him/her and it’s hellish training,

  • macmile

    I’m surprised Kevan hasn’t made a post in so long. There has been some good info to post about.

  • Sam

    Are you doing Ok? I noticed you havent posted in more than a week

    • Kai

      I’m guessing it’s because it’s finals week at college. I hope he posts by Saturday or next week

  • Keval

    Sorry for the lack of posts. Yes, I am still alive. Finals have been very tough, but I’ll be done until Tuesday later this afternoon. I’ll post something later today.

  • Zuzu

    As a fandom we have received a lot of information, about how book 3 was already complete. It looks like Nick is stalling this on purpose, i mean why hasn’t KorraNation resumed. I’m sick of the lack of empathy Nick has on the fandom.

  • NoName999

    Yeah…. no, the Love Triangle™ IS going to be in Book 3. First of all, when Bryan said they were going to “leave it alone”, they weren’t talking about the love triangle. They were simply going to stop TALKING about the love triangle.

    As for Korra and Asami being friends, do you guys REALLY think he was going to say “No they will still not be friends lulz?”

  • JULS

    Toph and zuko good shipping

    • JULS

      who’s Lin beifongs father?? thats the question can’t wait to find out

  • Henna Patel

    Wait so Mako and Korra are not going to get back together. :(:(:(:(:(