The Excitement for Book 2 of The Legend of Korra Has Diminished – When Will it Return?

Book 2 of The Legend of Korra just doesn’t have the same ring to it anymore. Just 9 months ago, if someone had mentioned Book 2, I would have broken down in excitement. If someone mentioned Book 2 now, all I could think about is how it’s been tainted. How Nickelodeon has practically neglected it. How we just can’t seem to scrape out a simple trailer. And most importantly, how the offline fandom doesn’t even know Book 2 exists.

The excitement I once had for Book 2 is beginning to diminish, and I’d be surprised if there’s anyone in the fandom who’s as excited for Book 2 now as they were 9 months ago. It’s not really a bad thing; it’s something that should be expected. It’s just how society works.

People move on to the next best thing at a rapid pace. I remember watching The Hunger Games a little while back and immediately being so anxious for the second part. A few weeks later, I forgot about The Hunger Games and I wasn’t nearly as excited for the sequel as I was directly after I watched the movie. I’d still watch the Hunger Games sequel; I’m not saying I don’t care for it anymore. But the excitement I once had for the series is no longer there because it’s been so long since I saw the first film.

It’s human nature.

So in short, no, I’m not that excited for Book 2 anymore. That doesn’t mean I don’t want to see it. It just means that I’ve been detached from the Avatar World for so long that I’ve almost forgot how great it was. So if you’re feeling the same way, don’t fret. You’re not growing out of Avatar or anything. I don’t think that’s possible.

I’d be extremely surprised if there was anyone in the fandom who is as excited for Book 2 now as they were when Book 1 ended. It’s just not realistic to expect someone to still be as excited for Book 2 after sitting stale for 9 months. The fandom needs to be rejuvenated. We need to be refueled with that excitement we once had. And I know just the trick to do that: a trailer.

We’ve been sitting here stale for 9 months now and the only news we’ve received has been leaks from Twitter and Tumblr. Nothing official. It’s almost depressing, actually.

But there’s always something to look forward too, right? You can’t live life without expectations or something to look forward to. You’d go mad. It looks like the next thing we have to look forward to is Matsuri Con, which will be this Friday. Janet Varney will reportedly be hosting a Legend of Korra Panel at the convention. I’m going to be super optimistic right now and say that I fully expect to receive a trailer.


Because if we don’t get a trailer, I’ll probably go crazy. This fandom needs to be rejuvenated. The excitement is just not there anymore. The only way for Nickelodeon to refuel that excitement is by releasing a trailer. Besides, the fact that Mike and Bryan are working on Color-Correction right now proves that the Book is almost complete. Releasing a trailer for a Book that’s nearly completed shouldn’t be much of an issue. We’ve already witnessed a handful of questionable moves from Nickelodeon; hopefully we won’t have to add Matsuri Con to that fat stack of disappointment.

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  • Sifu Mandy

    Somehow you're right. but I am still excited to the Avatar world. I employ myself everyday with something of it. Yes it's really annoying to wait but see if book 2 cames to fast book 3 is the next thing that we want exactly fast! And then book 4 and then? Then it's over! And we have nothing! So let us see that thing that is good on the fact that we have to wait!

    See April is coming and that means something! Remember what they've said. I wake every day up with that in my mind. That's somehow motivating.. :)

    Hey everyone! – Don't be so frustrated. Be sure I am the most time a person that see every bad. So it's something on my words! :)

    • kevshah95

      Thanks for commenting, Mandy.

      I'm not saying that the excitement for Book 2 is gone. I'm just saying that the excitement has died down a bit. But that's awesome that you're able to employ yourself with something out of the Avatar World every day!

  • Avatar Aang

    I agree.. to an extent. I am seriously bummed about not having anything official for the Avatar World in what? 9 months! After all those events and things that we were so sure Nickelodeon HAD to release something for Korra – nothing.

    However, I agree with what Sifu Mandy says. When Book 2 FINALLY comes, and it's all over and we've watched it all.. then what? Then we're back, thirsting for more and more until Book 3 comes, and then Book 4 and then.. nothing. Over.

    With that, I say this; take anything that is leaked, anything that even hints at Book 2 coming soon and hold on to it because before we know it, the Legend of Korra will be over and there won't be anything to thirst for.

    • Avatar Aang

      posted as Guest by mistake.

  • Avatar Aang

    I agree.. to an extent. I am seriously bummed about not having anything official for the Avatar World in what? 9 months! After all those events and things that we were so sure Nickelodeon HAD to release something for Korra – nothing.

    However, I agree with what Sifu Mandy says. When Book 2 FINALLY comes, and it's all over and we've watched it all.. then what? Then we're back, thirsting for more and more until Book 3 comes, and then Book 4 and then.. nothing. Over.

    With that, I say this; take anything that is leaked, anything that even hints at Book 2 coming soon and hold on to it because before we know it, the Legend of Korra will be over and there won't be anything to thirst for.

    • kevshah95

      Well, we won't be thirsting for Book 3 as much if Nickelodeon keeps us in the loop in terms of release date, trailer, news. They've been downright neglectful these past 9 months.

  • JB

    If they don't give some sort of official info at Matsuri Con, then it's probably going to be awhile before they'll have another opportunity to release info. Plus, we've been waiting so long already that if we have to wait much longer, people will start giving up and moving on to something else.

    I sure hope Nickelodeon knows what they're doing, because if they keep up the hype like they have been, then they'll completely screw this up.

    • kevshah95

      I agree. If Matsuri Con turns out to be another dud, I'd expect Book 2 to air towards the end of the year.

    • kylephantom4

      If they don't reveal anything at Matsuri Con, then Comic Con is our last hope, and Comic Con has yet to fail me

      • kevshah95

        @kylephantom4:disqus I stand corrected. You're right, Comic-Con would be the last hope. But it would be weird for them to discuss the same season in two consecutive Comic-Cons. I don't think they've ever done that.

  • kylephantom4

    God, 9 months. Its sad, we waited far too long. I just hope they are also working on Book 3 so we dont have as much long as a wait after Book 2 ends.
    I mean, its like how last year Doctor Who wasn't on for 9 months, and I wasnt really excited for it coming back on. (After I watched it though, I was hooked). But still, Nick has to reveal some kind of confirmed information for Matsuri Con, cause if not, I feel like starting a massacre at their hq.

  • TimeRider

    I think almost any kind of official announcement for Book 2 will stimulate the Avatar Community… I am hoping for a trailer!!

  • DunbansBiggestFanFor

    I'm still excited! yes 9 months is a hell of a long time to wait. But there's the Matsuri con AND the Kids Choice Awards might even give us a glimpse of a trailer. Not to mention, The Search, Part 1 just came out. So there's plenty of stuff to look forward to. What happened to looking positively towards the future?

  • Danylyshyn

    I know for a fact that at the VERY latest is end of april is when were gonna get some word. I tweeted Janet Varney and suprisingly she replied and said she "cant say too much but april is an exciting month for avatar fans"

    Given the amount of time since season 1 finished and now, I would assume this means either the RELEASE or at least some official information. Regardless im sure within a month well know alot more then we do now :) With that being said, i HATE Nickelodeon. As an adult, I dont watch any other shows on Nick, and i notice they treat their BEST SHOW with the most DIVERSE AUDIENCE like a red headed stepchild. They should be promoting the show MORE not keeping it hidden! Avatar: ATLA and LoK were the most POPULAR SHOWS of any network of the year on their release! And thats with NO ADVERTISING. Imagine if they ADVERTISED THE STUFF?!?

  • Mike

    Nickelodeon is getting dumber and dumber everyday. All they care about is putting in new idiotic shows that people could really careless about. They need something interesting. Also, they REALLY NEED to give up on Spongebob. I really recommend not asking me why they should give up on it because I will go on a rampage.

    Although, I do agree. I was once too excited for Book 2, but it has gone away. What we need to do is send angry letters to Crapelodeon (Yes, I mean that). W e should show them at how angry we really are.

    OK, I just realized something. You know how the KCA awards are on tonight? What if they will show the trailer for Book 2 tonight? God, let's hope so! If not, we should do what I suggest we do.

    • DunbansBiggestFanFor

      Seriously…I used to love spongebob. Now its just become trash. They are milking it beyond belief. I'd be embarrassed to be a part of that show's production nowadays. It needs to DIE.

  • Nico

    Maybe a trailer at the Kid's Choice Awards tonight

    • Mike

      Doesn't look like it. Nick loves to disappoint, don't they.

  • DunbansBiggestFanFor

    I bet Bryan and Mike are pissed man. They work their asses off on this magnificent series and this is the way Nickelodeon treats them? Bunch of jerks.

    • kevshah95

      That's what I thought too, but I remember listening to an interview where they often praised Nickelodeon because they gave them so much creative freedom with the show.

      • DunbansBiggestFanFor

        you never know, its an interview. Since when would they be allowed to say negative things about the company that represents their show, right?

        • kevshah95

          That's true. If they said negative things about Nickelodeon all hell would break loose for them and the show.

  • tom tharion

    I know this may not be a huge thing according to Legend of Korra fans but a new series for Nickelodeon has show a trailer, the show Monster vs. Aliens which we got word of at the Nick Upfront, so this may mean there is a large chance that we could see a Legend of Korra Spirits trailer on its way, and if we are really, really lucky! Im excited for the Matsuri Con!!!!! We have a huge chance with Janet Varney being there, I cant wait for some news, Korra may be back in action soon!

  • Killaarr_gotti

    im hearing book 2 is going to air this fall

    • kevshah95

      Where are you hearing that?

      • Killaarr_gotti

        i read it online, bt tru say i dont believe anyfink untill its officialy confirmed , but due to the fact that korra is scheduled for the 2013/2014 slot on nickeloden , book 2 has 14 episodes thats 13 or 14 weeks so if it was to start in fall it would defo run just in to the new year for the finale . i also expect there to be no new episode one of the weeks ( like in book 1) probly the xmas week then will resume in 2014

        • Killaarr_gotti

          what we have to remember is that its schedule is for 2013 – 2014 for a fact so i fink it makes sence bt what i have posted is jus my opinion tbh i do hope i am wrong as the wait is killing me

  • Aneta

    I think the most important thing to keep in mind here is that making an animated series takes a hell of a long time. You have to consider all the different elements that go into creating an animated show: scripts, voice recordings, storyboard, sending it out to get animated, color creation, color correction, creating the foley sounds, and adding all the sounds in. Typically, it takes about 9 months for a half hour episode to be made. Albeit, they are working on multiple episodes at once but 9 months is a normal wait period.

    I also get upset when I hear nothing from Nickelodeon about the show but then I think that what if something goes wrong during the creation process and they are set back a bit? It would be unwise to set a release date until all the episodes are ready to go. Also, I'm not entirely sure how trailers for animated series come about, but what I think is, where will the trailer come from if the episodes are not completely finished? The Korra crew is already putting in hundreds of hours working on this show. Working separately on a trailer outside of the series might drain up the time that could be spent working on the series.

    Yes, I am getting impatient with the wait time but the wait time is making me appreciate this animated series even more. Think of all the dedication and hard work that goes into creating it. They are working so hard to get this out to us in a reasonable manner (for an animation). Due to all of this, I know that this time, when I watch Book 2, I will be watching it with a newfound appreciation for the creation behind it and that makes me okay with waiting a little while longer for it.

    • Killaarr_gotti

      i agree lol 100% alot of people including myself cant wait no longer bt at the end of the day we are all probably nt impressed with the news or (no news) but as soon as its ready to air we will all be forgetting half the stuff we were mad @ these things cnt be rushed patients is a virtue

  • DunbansBiggestFanFor

    Another thing that bugs me… do we have a set release date for Book 1 DVD?

  • DunbansBiggestFanFor

    Just wait, once we get that Book 2 trailer, (yes it IS coming) the excitement will be through the roof. At least it will be for me.

  • TheloveMMM

    Honestly, I think it's better that the offline fandom doesn't know book 2 exists. That way they don't have to suffer all this disappointment :( That's how I was when book 1 came out. I found out when one day I flipping channels and I saw the commercial. They'll find out eventually 😉

  • disqus_0wAzZEIFuX

    I can't say the excitement has diminished for me however I am pissed that there is no release date or even a month set for the show to air. I just want a fucking date so i can call off work, paint my fucking head with an arrow, mode out and watch the fucking show! I just want to know so i have something to look forward to seeing. I dont care if it is a month away or if its a fucking year i just want a god danmed date! I mean jesus titty fucking christ is it so fucking hard to take the stick out Nickeloden's ass and give me a mother fuckin date?

  • Jeremy

    Honestly I agree with you. The networks are pulling shows left and right, and aren't listening to their fans. If Nick wants to make more money off this show, they should really give us a trailer or something to grasp on to so we can at least know what to expect.

  • Angie Bleins

    I'm excited for Legend Of Korra Book 2 to come out. I think it will be out in April 2013 like Book 1 Air came out April 2012. I do wish they would at least put out a trailer so we could see what we have to look forward to instead of this stupid Spongebob show.

  • daniel yefru